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These are the characters of the Frame Arms Girls franchise.

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Frame Arms Girls Featured In The Anime/Manga

The original...
...and the upgrade.
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Narumi Kaho
The first Frame Arms Girl, and also one of the protagonists in both the anime and the Lab Days manga, Gourai is a ground-based fighter with a tank-like armor style, just like the Frame Arms model she is based on. In the anime, she does much of her standard combat with her signature shoulder-mounted cannon, and her room in the FA Girl Hostel is simple with a massive armory/locker dominating the center. In both the anime and the manga, she is given a blank-slate "Artificial-Self" program with no pre-set emotions, with the intent being to study how FA Girls can develop emotions of their own.

Kotobukiya has released seven variants for her in addition to her original form: Anime Version (no-armor), Monotone Form (white and black armor with pink, yellow, and blue interchangeable hair), Craftsmanship Form (Kotobukiya-green armor), By Jun Watanabe (white and blue armor with extensive decals and blonde hair), Type 10 Version (dark brown and green armor with brown and white interchangeable hair), Gourai Kai (upgraded armor and accessories), and Gourai Kai Final Battle Version (Kai armor and accessories in metallic golden-yellow with additional accessories).

Amusingly on the toyside front, Kotobukiya has released a chibi version of Gourai as a Cu-Poche figure, and has joined forces with BLADE and their Desktop Army lineup to produce a DTA version of Gourai, which also has a different arms dealer-styled personality from her Kotobukiya counterpart. A Hand-Sized version of Gourai was also designed using Hexa Gear Governer technology, and will be released in 3rd quarter 2019.

The second-generation Gourai KAI Version 2 was released around the start of 2019, and is basically a "completed" version of the Gourai KAI armor seen in both the anime and her Blu-Ray exclusive kit that is in her usual camo brown/green instead of the prototype white of her original KAI armor kit; it sports all the latest-generation improvements to the FA Girl chassis based on recent releases, like the introduction of more durable POM plastic joints, Innocentia's upper torso internals that allow for a firmer shoulder socket with better articulation, FM Girl Miku's hips, waist, and fuller thighs, and even comes with some of the armor pieces from her original construction, allowing you to customize her armor. Kai V2 versions of Gourai's Type 10 and anime-style Prototype Kai Armor are also in the works.

  • Arms Dealer: The Desktop Army incarnation of Gourai is a shameless shill who sells weapons to the other DTA combat robot girls.
  • Berserk Button: Hresvelgr jams hard on it in Episode 10 when she threatens to stab Ao with a chopstick shiv, then mocks Gourai and threatens to thrash her and get her and the rest of the girls separated from Ao by Factory Advance recalling them if she loses. Gourai proceeds to get angry enough to produce a crimson Battle Aura.
  • BFG: Her massive cannon-rifle (A rerelease of an older MSG Freestyle Bazooka kit that predates her), which is a modular weapon that can be configured either as a handheld cannon or a shoulder-mounted gun. In addition, some of the official photography poses her with the MSG kit for the Revolving Buster cannon, which has a body-length from muzzle to handle that is greater than her body height. She eventually gets the Revolving Buster Cannon as a gift from Ao's friend Bukiko in episode 3, and wields the Violence Ram heavy assault cannon in episode 4. The Desktop Army version of Gourai comes with one of three possible big equipment kits - One of them is based on her mainline Freestyle Bazooka, the second is based on the twin shoulder-mounted cannons and shields from her Optional Weapons Kit (sold seperately), and the other is a large belt-fed gatling gun. The second-generation Kai (Renewal) build comes with a new railgun-style cannon that has a comparable size to the Freestyle Bazooka.
  • Blade Brake: In the intro, she uses her knife to control her movement by stabbing the ground and using it as a brake.
  • Boring, but Practical: Gourai is a straightforward tanklike combatant with emphasis on her shoulder gun and Bazooka. She lacks the gimmicks of the other FA Girls, like Stylet's flight and missiles, Baselard's flight and Beam Spam, the Lightning Bruiser approach of Hresvelger, or the speedy melee-ninja that is Jinrai. However, her armor and firepower give her her own unique advantage despite the lack of flashy tricks, and her solid ammunition is reliable damage-wise.
  • Character Development: In a fashion, Ao's Gourai has learned a lot from her time spent with the girls in Ao's apartment. Her vocal patterns have changed as a result of exposure to Jinrai's ham, and she has had a bout of depression caused by her curbstomp at Hresvelgr's hands. Above all, her enjoyment of her time spent with Ao gives her the Heroic Resolve to fight Hresvelgr much more evenly in their subsequent rematches.
  • Clothing Damage: Played seriously. Her armor is battered during her fight with Hresvelgr in episode 7. She's later seen holding pieces of it when moping over her loss.
  • Drop the Hammer: In episode 5, when Architect attacks, Gourai swiftly deploys the Violence Ram in its sledgehammer-esque configuration. She also uses it to create the tornado later in the fight.
  • Expy: With her short hair, tanklike armor, and shoulder cannon, she has quite a similarity to the Busou Shinki Fort Bragg. Her eyes and hairstyle are also similar to the Murmeltier and Arnval MKI (both being designed by Humikane Shimada).
  • Fanservice Pack: Her KAI remodel, which makes her armor more streamlined and flattering to her figure and increases her bust size. Despite promotional art suggesting otherwise, however, the Blu-Ray exclusive "prototype" kit does not improve Gourai's base construction and retains all of the design flaws of the original, although the "production" version of her KAI kit does subtly improve the curves of her waist, hips, and thighs, in addition to four optional chestplates where her bust is large enough to poke through her armor in different sizes (one set moderately large, and the other set rather larger than Innocentia's), with half of them sporting a triangle-shaped armor section seperating her cleavage.
  • Heroic BSoD: She does NOT take losing to Hres in episode 7 well. Ao catches her moping.
  • Intimate Healing: Treats kisses as a form of shock therapy to shake her FA Girl sisters out of depression (Stylet) or Logic Bomb confusion (Architect) in the anime.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Her limited-edition brown/green variant ships with a katana and a wakizashi, the same as Stylet's.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Gourai gets her KAI upgrade in episode 8 of the anime, and it proves to be strong enough to fight a simulation of Hresvelgr. It was available as a kit packed in with the Blu-Ray release volume 4.
  • Mighty Glacier: Gourai is commonly treated as one of the slower but tougher FA Girls. Justified by her immensely heavy armor plate, which Stylet cannot lift with her Jetpack in Lab Days chapter 4, and Baselard can barely move with it on. Her KAI upgrade makes her even tougher, to the point where she can easily take big hits from Hresvelgr without flinching.
  • Moe Anthropomorphism: Gourai's Type 10 Version variant is based on the JSDF's Type 10 main battle tank, arguably making that variant an example of "Mecha Musume".
  • More Dakka: Her Type 10 Version variant ships with one of Little Armory's Figma-sized LMGs, which is just slightly smaller than her Freestyle Bazooka.
    • She considers this as a method of defeating Hresvelgr, with an Imagine Spot of Gourai piloting a gigantic Dendrobium Orchis-inspired mobile armornote .
    • The Desktop Army version of Gourai has three possible weapon kits, one of them being a Gatling gun.
  • No-Sell: Gourai tanks Hresvelgr's Tornado Typhoon Cyclone Slash during their battle in episode 10, the same attack that made short work of her in their first battle.
  • Oblivious to Love: Her anime incarnation has no clue that Stylet is developing feelings for her, despite some really unsubtle hints.
  • The Stoic: She is consistently shown with a subdued, neutral expression in her boxart, the anime adaptation, and in the Lab Days manga. The Gourai in Lab Days has a justification for her stoicness, as she is an experimentally modified Gourai made to test if she can develop emergent emotions. Ao's Gourai in the anime starts out rather stoic as well, but develops more emotions even though she keeps her serious stoic expression on most of the time.
  • Tranquil Fury: Battle Aura aside, when Gourai gets legitimately angry with Hres she does not shout or scream at her, her voice merely gets frostier.
  • Troll: She has a hint of being a deadpan troll that does outrageous things with a straight face in the anime adaptation. In Lab Days, she j-j-jams the charging plug into Stylet's back with little-to-no warning twice.
  • When She Smiles: The Gourai in Lab Days is normally stoic, but she reveals an incredibly lovely smile in chapter 5, much to Toda-chan's delight.

The winged chew toy...
...and the remix.
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Yu Ayase
The second FA girl, and one of the major characters in the anime and Lab Days. Her armor is modeled rather like a jet fighter. In Lab Days, she quickly becomes fast friends with Gourai and Baselard, and is one of the most emotional and expressive FA girls whose wilfullness and naughtiness also serves to speed up the rate that the girls are learning new things. In the anime adaptation, she starts out rather bratty and eager to spar with Gourai, and her room in the FA Girl Hostel has blue striped wallpaper and furniture made of corrugated cardboard. Her name is pronounced closer to "Stiletto" as in the dagger. She has three variants (Anime Version, Blue Impulse with Tamago Hikooki, and A.I.S. Color) in addition to her original form.

A Cu-Poche version of Stylet was released by Kotobukiya in late 2018, with a non-armored version following a few months later.

During February 2019, Kotobukiya announced an updated release of Stylet with her new XF-3 chassis planned for 3rd Quarter 2019, complete with the same updated kit technology as Gourai Kai V2 for improved articulation, resculpted twin tails with added articulation joints, and a new set of faceplate sculpts. A Hand-Sized variant of Stylet made using Hexa Gear Governer technology was also announced for a late 2019 release.

Lab Days shows that Stylet has a fondness for detective drama TV series.

  • Affectionate Nickname: Ao takes to calling her Sty-ko. She eventually warms up to it.
  • Allergic to Love: Well, allergic to the pervy affections of the Materia twins in the anime adaptation, at least. She shudders in distaste when the Materia sisters invite her to be their sub in a threesome at the end of episode 3.
  • BFS: The anime gives her the MSG Mega Slash Edge as a supplementary weapon, a gigantic beam sword which can become an Energy Bow.
  • Buttmonkey:
    • Her portrayl in the Lab Days manga is shaping up to portray her as such, as she loses to Hresvelgr and ends up having to console her Meister when the researcher ends up crying, and gets spooked when Baselard starts telling spooky stories one night. Gourai even j-j-jams in a charging plug to her when her back is turned without warning, although admittedly she talked about needing to recharge after struggling to carry Gourai and fly over to Baselard's room. At the end of Chapter 3, she even has a sticker planted on her jetpack stealthily by Baselard. In Chapter 4, after being completely exhausted by helping Baselard assemble one of her beam rifles from its plamo kit runners, Gourai once again j-j-jams the charging cable into her back with little prior warning. At the end of Chapter 5, Baselard and herself end up low on battery power after some sparring sessions, and at the mercy of the very interested Materia Twins holding charging cables with very thirsty expressions, which was a rather unpleasant experience to her as she recounts it at the start of chapter 6; later in that chapter, she is prevented from watching her favourite TV show because Jinrai is hogging the TV, and towards the end of the chapter, she gets caught by "bolas" made of a hair decoration and some elastic thrown by one of the Materia twins that was meant to catch Hres.
    • Her anime counterpart loses her first spar with Gourai, and gets fed up about being left with a headful of stray rice in the following episode. In addition, she gets teased a little about her trauma at losing to Gourai by Baselard and gets one-shotted by a kiss during their rematch. Then in episode 3, she becomes the favorite Chew Toy of the Materia twins as they perve on her and then smack her around during their sparring session, and in episode 5, she and Baselard get knocked out of the air by the Materia Twins and get slobbered over by goats, not to mention being used as a bat by Gourai to knock away books in episode 6. In the latter half of episode 7, Gourai briefly uses her as a punching bag due to her frustrations over losing to Hresvelgr. In episode 10, the Materia Twins effectively molest her by touching her charging port, causing her to squeal out loud.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: She gets incredibly awkward in episode 2, when she realises that she is starting to develop feelings for Gourai.
  • Chainsaw-Grip BFG: Her XF-3 kit includes a sizeable underslung beam rifle.
  • Combining Mecha: Her XF-3 kit replaces her old jetpack with a detachable, transforming mini-jet, and supplements her shoulder wings with similar small Attack Drones. They can be used separately from her armor, or combined to improve her flight ability. She's also advertised as the primary user of the Lucifer Wing Gigantic Arms, a paladin-themed robot suit.
  • Covert Pervert: When the Materia Twins bring up loaches, Stylet is the one who imagines herself surrounded by them. It does not help that the Twins proceed to tease her about her imagination running wild.
  • Cute Little Fang: Human Stylet sports one, as does her XF-3 redesign.
  • Expy: Her long twintails, aircraft-like armor design, and plethora of weapons, in addition to her limited edition white armor variant, give her a significant resemblence to the Busou Shinki Arnval MKII and the Weissritter from Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. Also from SRW OG, her headgear's horn, underarm weapon mounts, and blue coloration give her a bit of Alt Eisen Nacht's look minus the heavy armor and Pile Bunker; it is also evocative of the Gespenst. Her mid-2017 alternate red palette makes her resemble the regular Alt Eisen even more. She also has some minor similarity in hairstyle to Strarf MKI, also a Shinki.
  • Fragile Speedster: Episode 1 of the anime shows both Gourai's and Stylet's simulated health bars, and Stylet has significantly less max HP. She also gets one shotted by Gourai's smaller shoulder gun at point-blank range during their spar.
  • Gatling Good: She ships with a small but intimidating gatling gun. Outside of the VR arena it is a fully functional airsoft weapon. Her XF-3 kit makes the gatling gun larger and adds a bigger ammo drum to it.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her stock hairstyle is long twintails.
  • Jetpack: She has one that plugs into her back. It lacks the power to support more than her own weight plus her weapons, as shown when she struggles to airlift Gourai in both the anime's first season and in the Lab Days manga.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: The original Stylet ships with a katana and a wakizashi, although her XF-3 kit no longer has them. Her promotional material suggests fixing this by equipping her with the Samurai Master Sword, a high-tech katana with a multipurpose sheath.
  • Luminescent Blush: Stylet develops a full-body one after Ao repairs her wing and she thinks about Gourai's kiss from earlier in the same episode.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: Poor Stylet often gets caught up in some less-flattering fanservice such as getting Covered in Gunge (along with Baselard) from goat slobber, and being in an Imagine Spot of herself surrounded by wriggling slimy loaches. It only adds to her buttmonkey-ness.
  • Security Cling: Ao's Stylet gets freaked out by spooky happenings in episode 6. Her target of choice for latching onto is Gourai.
  • She's Got Legs: In human form, she's the second-tallest FA Girl behind Architect and most of that height is in her legs. It's true for the model kit too, which has considerably longer legs than the norm for the line. Her leg armor's sleek lines and smooth contours help to enhance this.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Even though she can't actually eat anything, Stylet loves to recommend food with tomatoes in it and is shown in some official artwork handling them.
  • Tsundere: Type A. She can be rather standoffish at times, but once she gets fond of someone, she can get surprisingly engaging. In episode 2, when she starts developing feelings for Gourai, her dere side comes out and she stutters and blushes like a shy schoolgirl. In Lab Days Chapter 8, she gets distracted by Gourai cheering her on and gets knocked out of the ring by Baselard after getting showered with stickers.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: The Stylet in Lab Days is afraid of ghost stories. Ao's Stylet inherits this fear and demonstrates it in episode 6, when she has to help retrieve Ao's homework from school at night.

The White Rabbit
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Rika Nagae
Baselard is one of the major characters in the anime, and is introduced in chapter 3 of the Lab Days manga, where she demonstrates the habit of festooning things with stickers after Fujisaki teaches her about them. Her room in the FA Girl Hostel is done haphazardly with streaks of orange and yellow paint, with lots of small items like decorative smartphone rhinestones and beads and candy, and her Base Castle planted directly in front of the lab's television in Lab Days has a similar styling. She has three variants (Anime Version, Seika Version, and Limited Color HJ Edition) in addition to her original form.

Kotobukiya has launched a Cu-Poche version of her at the end of 2017, and have scheduled a No-Armor variant for release in 2018, while Desktop Army has released their own take on Baselard, who has 4 variants of hairstyles (Full Hime Cut, shoulder-length, short, and Anime Mom Ponytail). At the end of 2020, a more anime colour-accurate, shorter version of Baselard was revealed with a planned mid-2021 release date, built upon the Megami Device-style Machineca bodytype.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Is attracted by incredibly shiny things. She ends up running around Ao's school stealing everything from hairclips to cafeteria silverware to a bathroom mirror
  • Beam Spam: Her fighting style as shown in the anime's PV trailer involves large amounts of beam rifle fire.
  • Bling of War: Her alternate promotional colour scheme introduced in mid-2017 gives her golden armor parts and weapons.
  • Characterization Marches On: The first Baselard variant only comes with expressionless faces, similar to Gourai. The anime portrays her as a Genki Girl, with the faces included in later Baselard kits (including the Baselard-based Zelfikar) following suit.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl: She's shown about to trip and fall and splash Stylet with a small dish of modelling paint in the credits sequence. In Lab Days chapter 7 she accidentally trips an intrusion alert while trying to give herself admin-level permissions.
  • Energy Weapon: Her stock weapon loadout features a number of beam rifles that can be attached to her combat rigging.
  • Expy: Her default colour scheme, hairstyle (and construction of her hairstyle's articulation joint), and Hime Cut make her one for the Busou Shinki Oorbellen. Alternatively, her goofiness, white armor and blonde hair coupled with beam cannons makes her a close ringer for Arnval MKII.
  • Genius Ditz: For all her goofiness, when she wants to do something, she can get deceptively competent and effective. Could almost be considered a Bunny-Ears Lawyer (Ha).
  • Genki Girl : Her portrayl in both the anime adaption and the Lab Days manga is very cheerful and friendly. Planned future releases for Baselard include a limited-edition smiling faceplate to reflect her cheerful smile in the anime and manga adaptations thus far.
  • Hidden Depths: Every now and then, she can have surprisingly insightful observations.
    • She correctly guesses and explains Stylet's trauma in episode 2 and tells Ao about just what exactly Architect is and how she fits in with the Materias. It comes as a shock to most of the girls.
    Ao: Base, you're actually pretty smart aren't you?
    • In episode 7, she resorts to surprising amounts of trickery to find the other girls in their game of hide and seek. First, she pinballs around the room with the Roomba in a seemingly random/pointless fashion, knocking loose several of the girls. Next, she exploits the message recording function in the Roomba to try and lure the other girls out of hiding with Ao's voice - Gourai nearly falls for it.
    • Her human form claims to be a genius, whether she is or not is still up to debate.
    • She is smart enough to work on Session bases. She helps Architect try to repair Jinrai's base in episode 10 after Ao used it as a pot stand and in the next episode works with Architect again to program the bases to encounter the random Hot Spring session and even mess with the code to give the hot spring charging abilities.
    • In Chapter 7 of Lab Days, Fujisaki's Baselard is the one who makes the human engineers and researchers realise that the Architect was lonely as a disembodied AI, spurring their conversion of her into a legit Frame Arms Girl. She's also tricky enough to try and (unsuccessfully) 'cheat' herself some admin permissions when she logs in to the lab network.
    • In Chapter 8, she resorts to trickery to get Gourai to step out of the ring and distracts Stylet with a sudden attack of stickers.
  • Hime Cut: Her hairstyle is long and straight and even.
  • In-Series Nickname: The Lab Days and anime Baselard goes by the name "Baze/Base"
  • Playboy Bunny: Her body style is modeled as such, with tights, high heels, Opera Gloves with cuffs, and her head crest functioning as her bunny ears.
  • Running Gag: After her introduction in chapter 3 of Lab Days, there are brief glimpses in various panels of stickers planted on random objects accompanied by a tiny cut-in of Baselard giving a mischievous smile and wink.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: Human Baselard is easily the shortest of the crew, to the point of being mistaken for a Elementary School Student, but she claims to be smart enough to skip grades.
  • Sleep Cute: Ao's Baselard is first found sleeping adorably and curled up in her box when she is introduced in episode one of the anime.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Base was made shorter than the other girls in both the anime and in Lab Days - her model kit is close to the same height as the others.
  • When She Smiles: Fujisaki's Baselard gives several extra-sweet smiles - once in chapter 3 when she first meets Gourai and Stylet, and once in chapter 4 when Fujisaki praises her for her teamwork and success in assembling her own beam rifle from its runners.

The black twin...
...and the white.
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Erii Yamazaki
Unlike most of the other FA girls, Materia ships with no weapons or armor, and she is one of the first FA Girls to not be modeled after an existing Frame Arms mech. The original model is Materia Kuro (black and gray bodysuit with blue hair), and two variants have been produced: Materia Shiro (white and bronze bodysuit with pink hair) and Materia Shiro Brown Skin Append (Shiro with a slightly darker skin tone). In both the anime and the manga, the Materia line is revealed to be the basis of the physical bodies of all Frame Arms Girls in development and thus the oldest produced models.

In the anime, both Kuro and Shiro are delivered to Ao's home in a single package in the second half of episode 3, and present themselves as twin sisters despite initially lacking individual names. Their room in the FA Girl Hostel is done with a split colour scheme suiting them, with luxurious materials and doll furniture that ended up costing all of Ao's first paycheck from Factory Advance.

In the Lab Days manga, Younger Materia and Elder Materia are the only FA Girls to lack a master and have free reign of the research floor of Factory Advance. During the day, they pester various researchers, while at night they patrol the floor to ensure that no FA Girl is wandering around without their master's permission. They prove to be highly competent as watchmen, a duty they even relish, and easily capture Hresvelgr in Chapter 6 despite Hres's superior abilities. They are revealed to have been spying on Gourai, Baselard, and Stylet prior to Chapter 4, and desired to play with them.

Both Materia twins have had Cu-Poche versions of their figures made by Kotobukiya and arrived on shelves in the latter half of 2017.

  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Shiro and Kuro show off their manzai skills in episode 8. Only Jinrai can really appreciate their routine.
  • Bowdlerise: Their appearance in the anime adaptation has had their thonglike 'underclothes' replaced with something with more coverage that is more like 'normal' panties.
  • Brains and Bondage: They are quite sharp, and have a strong taste for playing games of domination over the other girls.
  • Colourful Theme Naming: The twins are named Shiro and Kuro in the anime adaptation by Ao since otherwise they are both named Materia.
  • Creepy Twins: The twins in the anime adaptation play up their perviness and synchronized movements, as well as their domineering dominatrix vibes, completely creeping out Stylet. In episode 4, they confuse Stylet by briefly pretending to go masochist when she scolds them during the house cleaning. In Lab Days chapter 5, they clearly look like they plan to enjoy themselves charging up the exhausted Baselard and Stylet.
  • Double Entendre: Both sets of Twins in Lab Days and the anime use a lot of these when they speak flirtatiously.
  • Fanservice Pack: A later revision of White Materia comes with slightly darker tanned skin.
  • The Gadfly: Their behaviour seems partly aimed at getting a rise out of Stylet, and even Baselard and Ao are not spared their ribbing.
  • Expy: Their dom tendencies and their "scary smile" expressions, in addition to their skill with the Grind Circle and Beast Hunter, give them some passingly similarities with the Cute and Psycho Busou Shinki Maryceles. Both their hair colours also have significant similarity to Maryceles and her Lemuria altcolour.
  • Manipulative Bitch: The Twins collectively love to tease and dominate the other FA Girls in both the anime and Lab Days. In chapter 8 of Lab Days, they rig the matchups for an in-house tournament and deliberately get Jinrai frustrated with the lack of worthy opponents, just so she would win the grand prize of a cute dress and a miniature antique tea set, then take delight in her shock and embarassment.
  • Ms. Fanservice: The Twins in the anime adaptation are played up as being very flirtatious and pervy, complete with rose petals littering their 'transformation sequence' and an overt invitation to 'come inside their secret garden'. In episode 9, they take full advantage of their busty human forms to flaunt their hourglass figures and wear provocative clothing.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: The twins in the anime adaptation are very adept in close-quarters combat, and love to unnerve their opponents by getting uncomfortably close and flirtatious. Their touchy-feeliness creeps out Stylet.
  • Rings of Death: In the anime, Kuro is shown wielding a motorized bladed wheel from the Grind Circle MSG kit. It can split into a pair of curved sawblade swords.
  • Say It with Hearts: The twins reveal themselves at the end of Lab Days chapter 4 speaking in this fashion as they express their interest in teaching Gourai, Stylet, and Baselard every little thing
  • She's Got Legs: Their debut shots in episode 3 focus on their legs and thighs, and emphasize how slender and toned they are.
  • Single-Minded Twins: The Materia twins in the anime act this way and have one thing on their minds; pain. This also makes them uncannily synchronized and difficult to land hits on in battle.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: They both speak with a sleepy and slightly flirtatious tone, and want to crush you under their feet.
  • Twin Threesome Fantasy: Invoked and initiated by them concerning poor Stylet, as they like the sound of her screams. Stylet visibly shivers at their invitation to be their sub.
  • Whip Sword: In the anime, Shiro is shown wielding a whipsword from the Beastmaster MSG kit.

The first ninja...
...and her replacement.
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Minami Kabayama

Jinrai is an oddity in that she does not embody any of the official Frame Arms mechs. Rather, she embodies a heavily customized Gourai designed by 'Humida' Fumikane himself, and packs many weapons derived from previous MSG weapon kits. She has two variants (Indigo Version and Fresh Skin Limbs Append) in addition to her original form. Her Indigo Version is a much darker colour scheme, and is used for her appearance in the anime.

Her debut in the anime is episode 4, where she challenges Ao and Gourai to gather battle data, and her room in the FA Girl Hostel has a pseudo-Japanese Ninja Shrine look. While she has a shoulder gun based on Gourai's, her anime incarnation has not used it in her debut episode.

It is revealed in Lab Days chapter 6, after she is activated by Yamada, that the engineer Toda was the one who had a strong influence in giving Jinrai her baseline hammmy personality, and that she loves period Samurai drama shows.

Kotobukiya has planned for a Cu-Poche chibi figure of Jinrai to be released in 2018.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Her weapons are sharp enough to cut curtain cloth and Ao's clothes and her shuriken pointy enough to prick Ao.
  • Ace Custom: Given her bright fuschia standard colour scheme, Materia-style body, and massive arsenal, it's clear that she is a significant upgrade over a stock Gourai.
  • BFS: One of the weapons included in her kit is a long, slim sword.
  • Blade Enthusiast: She comes with a large array of knives and bladed weapons in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a standard combat dagger all FA girls ship with to some wickedly curved blades.
  • Blade on a Stick: She has a modular weapon handle that can fit weapons, allowing her to turn her knives into spear heads.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: her portrayal has drifted away from Gourai's simple tank-style fighting technique towards her own unique melee-oriented ninja trappings.
  • Doppleganger Attack: She breaks out the afterimage assault against Gourai during their spar in episode 4.
  • Driven to Suicide: Kind of, in episode 6 she tries to atone for spoiling Ao's evening by attempting to commit seppuku with one of her kunai. Gourai and Stylet restrain her.
  • Expy: Her personality is described in Chapter 6 by Toda to be "Bold, tomboyish, and heroic", giving her a near-identical baseline character to the Busou Shinki Centaur Proxima. Like Proxima, she has both purple/fuschia/magenta and black alternate colour schemes, and also comes loaded with a generous helping of weapons.
  • Eyepatch of Power: She sports one in the anime adaptation to further differentiate her from Gourai.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: With her rearranged Gourai armor parts and her bright magenta/fuschia colour scheme, she stands out with her slight ninja-esque look. With her darker alternate colour scheme, she looks more stealthy and has a stronger ninja styling.
  • Jidaigeki: Jinrai shows a huge fondness for the Sengoku period as part of her gratuitious ninja/samurai trappings, and she also shows a fondness for Sumo wrestling. In Lab Days Chapter 6 she is also shown to have a fondness for Samurai Drama shows on TV.
  • Large Ham: In the anime, she plays up her chuuni ninja act.
  • Mr. Imagination: She plays up the act of being a ninja to the point where she comes off as a massive chuunibyou.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: Well, girl. Her fondness for combat combines with her gallant nature to make her desire honorable combat. This also makes her frustrated at the Materia Twin's antics in chapter 8 of Lab Days when they rig a tournament to give her a shortage of good fights to manipulate her into winning.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: In a manner of speaking. "Classic" Jinrai is often treated as mildly Tsundere, while her anime-form Indigo variant is a very loud and hammy chuuni ninja.
  • Sinister Scythe: She comes with a kama and a modular weapon handle that allows her to turn it into a scythe.
  • Stock Ninja Weaponry: Jinrai's real-world kit includes a kama (plus weapon handle to make it into a scythe) and kunai-type shuriken. In the anime, she also has throwing star-type shuriken. Her Indigo variant kit comes with a hi-tech katana and a scabbard plus the throwing star shuriken.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Has a more tomboyish personality than any of the other FA Girls. This does not stop her from secretly liking the cute dress she won in a tournament in Lab Days chapter 8, despite her clear embarassment.

The Prototype
Designed by: Humikane Shimada
Voiced by: Hibiku Yamamura

Architect is modeled after the bare frame of the Frame Arms mecha (which is known as the Frame Architect), from which she gets her name. Her room in the FA Girl Hostel will feature bits and bobs the other girls share with her, including a teddy bear and a cardboard box-turned-mini-fortress, placed strategically over the trapdoor to Jinrai's room.

In the anime, Architect started out as a 'ghostly' AI opponent in the VR arena, only to be downloaded into a FA Girl chassis after her match with Gourai and Jinrai and gets sent to join them at Ao's pad. Only time will tell if the Renewal version of the Frame Architect will herald a new chassis for Architect. It is also shown that Architect's AI was the fundamental core of AI development for the girls, especially where battle data is concerned.

She has two variants (Off White Version and Gun Metallic Version) in addition to her original form. Like the Revised version of the Frame Architect that introduced several joint construction improvements for the Frame Arms mecha, the Off White Version sports the improved upper torso construction introduced by Innocentia and has more joints made of durable POM plastics.

Lab Days Chapter 7 reveals that Architect was originally meant to be an Administrator level AI who would handle the massive amount of data the FA Girls generated as they learnt and developed. Baselard discovered that she had become lonely and managed to get the researchers to make her a legit FA Girl body, in addition to spurring them to look for a human to 'parent' her as a 'master'.

  • Emotionless Girl: The most robotic of the girls in behavior, even more so than early Gourai.
  • Encyclopaedic Knowledge: She can remotely download all information on a certain subject, which allows her to explain to the girls or Ao something they don't quite understand.
  • Hidden Buxom: In that her normal appearance has no breasts to speak of, like all of the FA Girls before Baselard and Hresvelgr, but her rendition as a human in episode 9 gives her by far the largest chest of the bunch, even surpassing the adult-age Materia sisters.
  • Huge Schoolgirl: Downplayed, since she's only about half a head taller than Gourai and Ao, but she's both the tallest and most well-endowed of the FA Girls in human form.
  • Logic Bomb: She cannot handle losing to Gourai and Jinrai's nonconventional tactics and gets stuck in a logic loop. Gourai shocks her out of it with a kiss.
  • Mundane Utility: Her massive gauntlets are put to use in the anime's credit sequence for holding up model kit parts while the paint dries. In episode 5, she also uses them to hold up a large bottle of vinegar.
  • Pile Bunker: Her powered gauntlets can be swapped for these.
  • Pinocchio Syndrome: In Lab Days chapter 7, Baselard figures out that her unusual behaviour when she is by herself inside the virtual space of the Factory Advance mainframe is a symptom of her loneliness and desire to have a real body of her own, as well as the desire to have a parental figure like the other girls.
  • Power Copying: To a degree, Architect can replicate the fighting abilities of other Frame Arms Girls and MSG kit weapons inside the VR simulator. She helps Gourai train by mimicking Hresvelgr in Episode 8.
  • Power Fist: Her weapons are a massive pair of spring-loaded powered gauntlets, available separately as the MSG Impact Knuckle. In the real world, some of her owners upgrade her by replacing the hands with the even bigger ones from the MSG Heavy Weapon Unit 16, Overed Manipulator, which has tremendous amounts of articulation for all its fingers and can be further augmented with clawed fingertips or Finger Firearms.
  • Power Pincers: Her gauntlets can also be swapped for a pair of claws taken from the MSG Impact Edge.
  • Self-Duplication: Was able to copy herself within Battle Sessions. She has not demonstrated this ability ever since she got downloaded into a physical body.
  • Spock Speak: As to be expected from The Spock.
  • The Stoic: Like Gourai, much of her official artwork shows her to be rather deadpan. In the anime, she shows less emotion than Gourai.
  • Super Prototype: Thanks to her origins as an Admin-level AI in Lab Days, she has the ability to play with code inside the computer systems in ways the other FA Girls cannot, such as spawning items and changing the arena at will, and she has the permissions to release Base from quarantine after she trips an intrusion countermeasure. The Architect in the anime retains some of this Admin-tier access and can effectively consult the Factory Advance knowledge base for any information she requests, in addition to her Power Copying ability in the Battle Session arena.
  • When She Smiles: Her tender smile turns up in episode 5 and it is a smile of blushy beauty. In Lab Days, she has a sparkling and radiant smile when the researchers finally ask her if she wants a body of her own as well as a master.

The strongest warrior... her bikini armor.
...and her even more powerful form.
Designed by: E-ji Komatsu
Voiced by: Rika Abe

Hresvelgr (often abbreviated as Hres) is a powerful FA Girl who almost obsessively loves to battle. Her kit comes with a massive amount of parts for her weapons and combat armor. In the Lab Days manga, she turns up as a FA Girl eager to duel with Gourai as soon as she meets her in Chapter 1. She easily wins their first spar despite lacking armor and a fully-charged battery, though Gourai became the first FA Girl to ever inflict damage on her. It is explained that Hres was deliberately designed to push the limits of FA Girl technology and is wildly overpowered compared to other FA Girls (and she later gets upgraded even further). This makes her a valuable research subject, but unsuitable for retail distribution. In Chapter 6, it is revealed that Hres has been enough of a handful that she is not granted as much freedom to explore the Factory Advance labs as the other girls, and when she escapes to find Gourai and demand another battle the Materia twins capture her and return her to her room. In the anime, she is portrayed as an antagonist, and turns up to break Gourai's winstreak in the anime during episode 7.

Hres has six variants: Ater, Rufus, Invert, Rapid Raider, Bikini Armor, and Elemental Fairy Version. Her Ater colour scheme changes from dark purple with blue-green highlights to white with blue highlights. Ater gets her own Bikini Armor form with Summer Vacation, with grants her sunglasses, and new headpiece, a new chest piece allowing her to sit chest-to-chest with another figure, and a Beach Ball. The Rufus variant replaces the purple with blue-green highlights to Crimson with teal and purple highlights alongside a tanned skintone. Rufus gets her own variant with Rufus Agito, which gives her a repaint of the Bikini Armor in Red, Gold, and Purple, but pairs her with the Dragon Arms Agito M.S.G. which is meant to be used alongside Letitia Ryuubi. The Invert variant, based on her One-Winged Angel Invert form, replaces Ater's colors with Silver with Dark Red and Black highlights. The Rapid Raider variant gives her a bright red and yellow color scheme and is accompanied by the Gigantic Arms 06 Rapid Raider motorcycle. The Bikini Armor gives her a patterned bikini in her normal colours and an alternate hairpiece that brings her bangs forward over her eyes, plus a blushing, embarassed faceplate. A light blue version of the Bikini Armor was released as an exclusive for a BiliBili event in Shanghai. The Elemental Fairy is another Bikini Armor variant in a white outfit with the choice of Pink or Mint Green hair/accents with Pink getting an alternate hairpiece that has her bangs covering both eyes. The set also comes with pieces to make a special version of the Killer Beak M.S.G..

Hres Ater in the anime is a nanomachines based upgrade for Hres that also suppresses some of her emotions.

Kotobukiya has prepared a Cu-Poche figure of Hres to be released in 2018.

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Possibly even sharper than Jinrai's weapons - Her bladed beam rifles can cut through doors.
  • Beam Spam: Hres resorts to this to wear down Gourai.
  • BFG: The handles of Ater's scythes conceal powerful beam cannons. Regular Hres has a pair of bladed beam rifles.
  • Big Bad: Of the Anime. She's loud, brash and will do anything to keep fighting Gourai including threatening Ao and trying to get the FA-Girls recalled so she can have as many battles as she pleases. But it's there's more to it. See Not Evil, Just Misunderstood below.
  • Blood Knight: In the Lab Days manga, the Hresvelgr who first meets Gourai is extremely eager to duel her and is characterized as being all too happy to spar with the other FA Girls to the point of exhaustion, and the Materia Twins characterise her as a graceless brute. The Hresvelgr in the anime is so pumped to battle Gourai she resorts to property damage, cutting through Ao's apartment door.
  • Bokukko: She uses "Boku" as her pronoun, signifying her Blood Knight tendencies and her love for battles.
  • Boobs of Steel: In the Lab Days manga, she has the largest bust and is one of the best FA girls in combat in the lab, being strong enough to do more than half of Gourai's simulated lifebar in damage in a single strike during their spar as her first attack. Her human self rivals Architect for bust size and is portrayed as being on the tennis team.
  • Cleavage Window: Her Bikini Armor has a cutaway to draw attention there.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Hresvelgr has direct access of all battle data coming into Factory Advance, meaning she knows everything about Gourai Kai.
  • Cool Bike: The Rapid Raider that Hres RR comes with has a superstructure that allows for extensive customization, and its sides can open up to reveal compartments for stashing weapons.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After Gourai defeats Ater, she joins the others for a few days before everyone goes off to look for new masters.
  • Dynamic Entry: Hres arrives to Ao's place in the anime by cutting down her door!
  • Emotion Suppression: Ater in the anime, to the point where she's almost an Emotionless Girl, but it allows her to completely focus on fighting.
  • Expy: Her 'Ater' alternate colour scheme makes her resemble Angela Balzac, while her Rapid Raider colour scheme brings to mind Ronald McDonald or Iron Man. Meanwhile, her Bikini Armor set's alternate hairstyle brings her bangs over her eyes, which when coupled with her embarassed faceplate and her shapely figure, makes her a close ringer for Rem from Re: Zero.
  • Fanservice Pack: Her Bikini Armor places more emphasis on her shapely figure, and gives her a more appealing alternate hairstyle and blushing expression.
  • Finishing Move: Is the only one of the girls to have specific moves used solely to end battles:
    • Tornado Typhoon Cyclone Slash: Hres charges her bladed beam rifles and launches it out as a powerful Sword Beam attack.
    • Blaze Tempest Burst: Hres collects energy into the Beryl Smasher before firing it off as a energy beam.
  • Forced into Evil: Sure, Hres is a crazy Blood Knight going out of her way to battle Gourai, but it's for Factory Advance to collect data. After chatting with Ao, one of the developers upgrades her into Hresvelgr Ater, suppressing her personality and charm and turning her into a mindless data collection machine.
  • Genki Girl: Played antagonistically as a Blood Knight in the anime and manga, but in a friendlier way as humans, where she appears to be good friends with the other girls.
  • Heel–Face Turn: For the final episode.
  • Humanizing Tears: Hres Ater comes with a teary-eyed faceplate that changes her character dramatically from the regular Hresvelgr.
  • Jerkass:
    • The anime Hres takes delight in trash-talking Gourai and threatens her that Factory Advance would recall all of them from Ao if she kept losing. On top of that, her every appearance has her interrupting the fun the other girls are having just to force Gourai to fight her. This eventually frustrates the others enough that by the 12th episode they have filed a complaint about her behavior (as well as the aftereffects of the Berserk Hres Ater Incident) to Factory Advance.
    • In Lab Days, the Hresvelgr in the lab has been naughty enough that by Chapter 6, unlike most of the other girls, she still has not been granted the freedom to explore more of the lab area without supervision and she gets arrested on-screen by the Materia twins for violating curfew.
  • Large Ham: Only in battle, where Hres in constantly talking to her opponents and even goes as far as to yell the name of her finishing moves.
  • Lightning Bruiser: In Lab Days, she's fast enough to force Gourai to go on the defensive, and strong enough to 2-shot her despite her heavy armor. On top of all that, the anime reveals that Hres has more max HP in the VR Battle Sessions than Gourai (pre-Kai upgrade), who is already pretty durable herself.
  • Nanomachines: Used in episode 11 to make Hres into Hres Ater, complete with emotion suppression and Ripper Mode battle aura.
  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: For a good portion of the series, Hresvelgr is portrayed as the Big Bad but when Ao goes to visit her at Factory Advance in 11, she finds out that Hres is just looking for a friend that is her equal in strength, she'll just never admit it.
  • One-Winged Angel: During her final battle with Gourai, Ater's nanomachines force her into a red and black super form officially called Hresvelgr=Invert.
  • Purposely Overpowered: In Lab Days Chapter 8, the other researchers discuss how Hres's developers deliberately pushed the envelope with her fighting capabilities in order to showcase the true potential of the Frame Arms Girl platform, and agree amongst themselves that this made her too powerful for mundane purposes and Competitive Balance.
  • School Swimsuit: Her body is modeled with one. Ater has a white swimsuit, while Rufus has a magenta one.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: In a manner of speaking. The regular version of Hresvelgr is consistently portrayed as a peppy Blood Knight with fondness for combat, while Hres Ater, due to her alternate teary-eyed faceplate, has a less-antagonistic portrayal.
  • Sinister Scythe: One of the weapons she ships with, a MSG kit weapon. Hers is presumably a beam scythe or one with a crystalline blade, as its blade is translucent. Hres has named it the Beryl Smasher.
  • Spell My Name with an S: Some of her online listings label her as "Fleswerk" instead of Hresvelgr due to translation errors.
  • Would Hurt A Person: How Hres gets Gourai to agree to a rematch; by threatening to attack Ao.

Harbinger of the second generation...
...and more beyond.
Designed by: Humikane Shimada

Innocentia has three unique features: She ships with a smaller pair of feet made to fit 1/12 scale doll's shoes (like the ones made by AZONE) and a pair of bare feet with toes, she has a bust not plated over with armor, and she is a catgirl. Oh, and she has a really sly smug smile. She is not modelled after any existing Frame Arms mech, and is further improved over Jinrai with even more POM plastic parts replacing previously ABS joints, granting her even more durability, as well as a new design for the shoulder joint housing in her upper torso, further improving arm articulation. An alternate blue-armor version of Innocentia with a tanned skintone was released at the tail end of 2017. Desktop Army released Innocentia in 4 variants: Red (with her Materia-style black Opera Gloves and leggings), Red (with bare-skin arms and legs), Blue, and Grey.

In the anime, Innocentia is revealed at the very end of the season waking up in the stinger, with implications that she will play a major role in Season Two.

  • The Cameo: Human Innocentia appears at the end of the FA-Girl Movie, upset she didn't get to play with Gourai and the others
  • Catgirl: She comes with optional cat-ears for her hairstyle, and her ponytail(s) can be repurposed as a cat tail.
  • Cool Bike: Desktop Army Innocentia (Blue) was shown with a small bike in her promo preview pics.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Innocentia can be assembled with twintails or a sidetail with her somewhat modular head design.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Compared to other FA girls, her gimmick seems to be "cute smug barefoot catgirl with significant boobs" and exposed arms/legs.
  • She's Got Legs: Long, slim, 'exposed' skin-tone legs with bare feet moulded with toes.
  • Smug Smiler: One of her faceplates has an exceedingly smug side-glancing smirk.

The All-Purpose Assistant

While not exactly a FA Girl, Charger is a mostly-featureless humanoid charger used to recharge the FA Girls. Presumably there's a voltage transformer inside somewhere. In addition to serving as a battery, Chargers can act as storage racks for the armor parts for the FA Girls before entering battle, portable furniture, and butlers. They are often seen diligently working on things in the background or assisting the FA Girls with their armor.

Kotobukiya has designed and released kits of Charger-kun, as well as themed Cu-Poche figures of Charger in the colours of the FA Girls.

  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In the anime and Lab Days, the FA girls react in interesting ways when Charger's power cable is plugged into their back.
  • Gonk: Charger isn't exactly ugly, but its featureless, stereotypical 'boxy robot' form makes it look odd when juxtaposed with the very human-looking FA girls.
  • Mundane Utility: The Chargers often make use of their extensive jointing to fold up into convenient footholds, chairs, and even beds for the girls.
  • The Voiceless: None of the Chargers are capable of speech, or any sort of expression beyond their default neutral face.


Frame Arms Girls Not In The Anime/Manga

The White Tiger
Designed by: Yoji Shinkawa
First shown at Wonder Festival 2017, her name is Chinese for White Tiger. The FA Girl Baihu's debut quickly followed the release of the Frame Arms Baihu.
  • BFG: Her shoulder guns are long.
  • BFS: Her preview figure held a long sword with a Chinese-style hilt, and her final sword is one head shorter than her from blade tip to handle.
  • Cleavage Window: Her top and her armored collar have a space between them that emphasizes her cleavage.
  • Expy: Her helm and upper chestplate vaguely resemble Metal Gear REX's cockpit/face, and her shoulder guns add to that motif. It certainly helps that she was designed by Shinkawa, who has had a hand in Metal Gear design. Since she stands upright, she also evokes images of Sahelanthropus in its bipedal mode, and her sword vaguely resembles a HF Blade. She even has a small accessory similar to REX's radome.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Her twintails remain visible even with her helmet on.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: While the kanji for her name (白虎) is read as "Byakko," Kotobukiya officially uses the Chinese reading, Baihu.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: She has a lot of exposed skin down her back with her armor and rigging removed.
  • She's Got Legs: Her armor for her head, neck, and arms is thick and chunky, but her legs are sleek and contoured. Small ribbons on the top of her thigh-high armor/tights further draw attention to her thighs.
  • Underboobs: The way her chestplate is shaped emphasizes her bust in such a fashion.

The Sailor

Her concept art appeared at Wonfest 2017 and she was released in 4th quarter 2018; she is based on the Greifen Frame Arms mech.

  • The Cameo: Human Greifen appears at the end of the FA-Girl Movie behind Innocentia, before disappearing offscreen
  • Buxom Is Better: Her source mech's large chest-mounted 'fuel tank' translates into a significant (or at least non-trivial) bust that she wears her 'fuel tanks' over.
  • Expy: Her armor has some minor similarities to the Shinki Grapprap's power loader.
  • Hime Cut: Hers is in purple.
  • Power Fist: Her combat rigging, which resembles her source mech's arms, has large and powerful fists.
  • School Swimsuit: Her clothing resembles a cross of such with a sailor suit, which references the original Greifen's abilities as an amphibious mech.

    GaoGaiGar (Cross Frame Girl)
The Queen of Braves
Designed by: E-ji Komatsu
Announced at Wonfest 2017 and released mid-2019, she is a mecha musume/gijinka incarnation of the King of Braves himself. Cross Frame FA Girls are modeled on characters outside of Kotobukiya's in-house Frame Arms mecha. True to the King of Braves, she wears a Galeon-themed under-armor beneath her Gao Machines, and she also comes with the Dividing Driver. Her red/orange hair is faithful both to Shishioh Guy's dark red/brown locks (and his bright orange Cyborg Guy hair) and to the crimson mass of power cells that forms the massive mane of Genesic GaoGaiGar.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her white corset is high-cut enough to show her belly.
  • Cleavage Window: Her top gives her a large cutaway between her 'bra' and her collar. With her armor on, she still has a significant amount of exposed cleavage while Galeon's head effectively serves as her push-up.
  • Combining Mecha: Just like the original King of Braves himself, her armor is composed of her white Galeon-styled tights/corset and a simple helmet, plus the transformable DrillGao, StealthGao, and LinerGao used to complete her transformation into a Queen of Braves. The instructions even illustrate the steps for assembling her combined form following the exact order of transformation from the real Final Fusion sequence (reassemble her GaiGar skirt into the armored skirt for GGG, pop open DrillGao and plug in her legs, detach LinerGao and slide on the sections that form her shoulder pads, separate the mane and gauntlets from StealthGao and lock the parts on in sequence, then attach her headdress).
  • Jetpack: Her StealthGao pack has functional thrusters with option parts for open and closed vents.
  • Power Fist: Broken Magnum and Protect Shade are hers to wield, just like the original King of Braves. She has the option to use the large black mecha hands or just have her regular white hands sticking out of the gauntlets, and even has option parts for doing a Rocket Punch pose with Broken Magnum or the Buddha's Palm pose for activating Protect Shade.
  • Stripperiffic: Without her Gao Machines and Galeon-themed armor, she is basically clad in white lingerie, with the red detailing lines (shown on her painted box art) effectively turning into a very interesting lacelike pattern complete with a ribbon on her panties.
  • This Is a Drill: Well, yeah, she has DrillGao legs.
  • Transforming Mecha: Apart from Final Fusion into GGG, she also has the option parts to represent both the base Galeon form and a transformation into GaiGar.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: She has the Option Parts for clasping her hands together for performing the Hell and Heaven attack.

    Sylphy (FA-Girl X Desktop Army)
Heroine of The World Where Humans Are Gone

Announced at Megahobby Expo 2017 and released to the market in 2018 with a Striker variant chassis released a few months after initial release, a Frame Arms Girl version of Desktop Army's first figure, Sylphy. She is armed with a rifle and an arm blade, and is ever so slightly larger than the mainline Desktop Army figures, with her head and faceplate being in the same general size as other FA Girls.

  • Cat Smile: One of her faceplates sports a :3 expression with closed eyes, making it look rather self-satisfied.
  • Cute Little Fang: One of her faceplates has an open mouth which shows this.
  • Expy: Sylphy's design and looks heavily resemble Busou Shinki Maochao. Considering they were designed by BLADE, it makes sense.
  • Girlish Pigtails: One of the possible hairstyles she has, naturally, emphasizing her small, cute nature.
  • Jetpack: Hers has two sets of wings and an outboard-pointing thruster.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Compared to the other FA Girls, she is actually much closer to her original Desktop Army toy's height and is thus even shorter than Baselard.

    Miku Hatsune (Frame Music Girl)
Pop Star of the Future

Hobby Japan and Kotobukiya announced their collaboration to design and create a Frame Music Girl incarnation of the Vocaloid Miku herself, due to be released in late 2018. Her outfit in this form is modified to be more in line with the Architect/Materia paradigm of FA Girl chassis, with her hair done in the traditional Classic Miku style and her stock (unpainted) colours in her V 4 X style. Construction-wise, her chassis utilizes a mix of the torso core structure used in Desktop Army Sylphy coupled with rounder, fuller thighs based on an improvement of the Materia-style legs, and her skirt is made of several articulated segments, just like Architect's. A very pink Sakura Miku variant appeared in 2020.

  • Curtains Match the Window: both in a nice shade of cyan/teal.
  • Girlish Pigtails: As is standard for all incarnations of Miku.
  • Idol Singer: True to her character. She even comes with a microphone and speaker set instead of weapons, and she's considered a Frame Music Girl rather than a Frame Arms Girl.
  • Mega Twintails: Her twintails are long whether loose or tied up.
  • Mythology Gag: As a nod to her Loituma or Leekspin meme, her microphone in the official artwork is painted to vaguely resemble one of her leeks.
  • She's Got Legs: She has very shapely and slender legs that the gloss finish of her thigh-high tights/boots draws attention to.
  • Tron Lines: the paint apps in her promo photo suggest this, in part due to the Materia-style leggings/high-cut boots she wears.

The Pink Panther

Laetitia is a further-expanded upon revision of Innocentia, with new hairstyle options, like a small single ponytail and buns, and more expressions, like a cheerful smile and wink and a cheeky little smile with her tongue stuck out. She also has a new, smarter-looking collar instead of the traditional ruffled one worn by all the classic Architect/Materia generation FA Girls. Like Innocentia, she also has bare-skin arms and legs, complete with toes modeled on her feet. She hit retail in early 2019.

A second version, Laetitia Ryubi, is a red and gold Chinese themed repaint that also comes packaged with M.S.G. Dragon Arms Ryubi, has been planned for a end-of-1st-quarter-2020 release.

  • An Axe to Grind: The Ryuubi Dragon wings can be wielded as hand axes.
  • Anime Chinese Girl: Between her odango hair and the red/gold dragon motif of her Ryuubi variant, she gives off this vibe pretty strongly.
  • Blade on a Stick: A polearm can be assembled from the Dragon Arms parts.
  • Catgirl: She comes with optional cat-ears for her hairstyle, and her ponytail(s) can be repurposed as a cat tail.
  • Dragon Rider: Laeti Ryuubi's Dragon Arms parts can be transformed into a rideable dragon.
  • Dragons Up the Yin Yang: The Ryuubi Dragon parts transform into a red-and-gold Asian-style Dragon.
  • Fanservice Pack: One of the new optional parts added to Letizia's kit is a larger set of boobs.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Letizia has the same twin-tail options as Inno and also has her own short ponytail options.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Compared to other FA girls, her gimmick seems to be "cute smug barefoot chinese-hair-bun catgirl with very significant boobs" and exposed arms/legs.
  • She's Got Legs: Long, slim, 'exposed' skin-tone legs with bare feet moulded with toes.
  • Smug Smiler: One of her faceplates has an exceedingly smug side-glancing smirk.

The Black Rabbit

Zelfikar, being modeled after one of the Baselard Frame Arms' successor models, follows in her footsteps as a Frame Arms Girl by also becoming a bunny girl, releasing in mid-2019. Her hairstyle is a little wilder, with more articulation, and she comes with new weapons, including the sword and claw shield that her Frame Arms version had. A white ST Version of Zelfikar was given a late 2019 release, returning her to Baselard colors while changing her arsenal slightly by replacing her sword and shield with a quartet of the pistols and swords originally given to the Desktop Army version of Baselard.

  • Bayonet Ya: Her beam rifles have a bladelike segment that can flip out to be used in self-defense.
  • Beam Spam: Just like Baselard, she has four beam rifles included with her kit.
  • BFS: She has a massive sword that is nearly as long as she is tall, meant to be wielded with her combat rigging's arms.
  • Bifurcated Weapon: Zelfikar ST's new weapons, inherited from Desktop Army Baselard, can now be split into the individual pistols and swords.
  • Hime Cut: Her hair still has a similar straight cut to Baselard's, but is sectioned into four individually jointed parts at the back to allow for more natural curls.
  • Laser Blade: Her beam sword has a physical frame, with just the cutting edge expressed as a beam.
  • Playboy Bunny: Just like her 'sister' Baselard, Zelf is also a Bunny, her main differences being her dark armor and the way her headdress can be arranged to be lop-ears where Base's stand upright. She also has a ribbon around her tail as well.
  • Showgirl Skirt: Zelf's armored 'skirt' with thrusters set in it balances around her tail partially like this, and partially like low wings.

    Ludens (Cross Frame Girl)
From Sapiens to Ludens, a Hideo Kojima FA Girl
Designed by: Yoji Shinkawa
As part of the ongoing Cross Frame Girls initiative, Kotobukiya has gotten licensing from Hideo Kojima to make the Kojima Productions mascot Ludens into a cute girl. Designed by Yoji Shinkawa and sculpted by Katsuhiko Hori, she has some additional parts compatibility with the FA Girl Baihu beyond regular Frame Arms Girl inter-compatibility.

She hit the shelves in first-quarter 2020.

  • Blade on a Stick: Her flagstaff also serves as a spear.
  • BFS: Just like Baihu, she packs a sizeable sword.
  • Distaff Counterpart: To the 'normal' male Ludens, of course.
  • Latex Space Suit: Downplayed. Her underarmor is certainly quite flattering to her figure, but her main spacesuit shell is armored and padded and somewhat obscures her figure.
  • Skeleton Motif: As with the normal male Ludens, she also has the skeletal knight facemask.

    Brave Girl (Cross Frame Girl)
One of her many other suits
Designed by: E-ji Komatsu
Demonstrated alongside the release of the Brave Exkaiser kit, the Brave Girl now comes on her own, now with the compatibility to work with Koto's Brave kits''.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her white corset is high-cut enough to show her belly.
  • Cosplay: What you could call her gimmick, Koto has show Brave Girl rocking the armors for Exkaiser, Might Gaine, and J-Decker
  • Stripperiffic: Brave Girl is basically clad in white lingerie under her super robot armor, with the red detailing lines (shown on her painted box art) effectively turning into a very interesting lacelike pattern complete with a ribbon on her panties.
  • Sword Pointing: If her Brave Mech of choice comes with a sword, she is able to create the Obari Pose.

Traditional swordgirl

An adaptation of the Frame Arms mech NSG-Z0/D Magatsuki, she sports the traditionally Japanese looks of a girl trained in the art of the sword. Her armor can be cast off to reveal that she uses the Brave Girl chassis for her torso structure. Her kit was released in late 2020.

    Wonder Woman (Cross Frame Girl)
Courtesy of DC Comics

An adaptation of DC Comic's own Wonder Woman, based on an illustration by Fumikane "Humida" Shimada. She is planned for a Q1 2021 release, and is armed with a sword, a buckler, and her signature Lasso of Truth.

Most of the tropes from her own character page apply.

    Shiki Rokaku
Weapon created by the Assault Lily team from AZONE

Shiki is a collaboration between the jointed doll designers at AZONE International's Assault Lily team and Kotobukiya, and she has the transforming blade/gun weapon that the Lilies wield. The sculpt of her armor is similar to the base shell used by Stylet, and it has been modified with a custom collar, headdress, and skirt.

  • Boobs of Steel: She's even more buxom than Laetitia and wields an impressively large hybrid weapon.
  • Cool Sword: Her weapon's blade has a stylish golden edge.
  • Morph Weapon: Her transforming weapon can change forms between being a large blade and a shoulder-mounted cannon.

    Durga I
Lance-wielding lady knight

An adaptation of the Frame Arms mech NSG-Z0/E Durga I, she's styled after a blonde lady knight with somewhat curly locks. Her armor can be cast off to reveal that she uses the Brave Girl chassis for her torso structure, just like her chassis-sister Magatsuki, and that her under-armor is functionally frilly white lingerie. Her kit will be released in mid-2021.

  • Bare Your Midriff: She can remove her lower torso armor to reveal her bare, smooth belly.
  • Bifurcated Weapon: Her lance can split into two weapons, detaching the extended handle to form a mace.
  • Dual Wielding: She can split her lance and can wield both halves at the same time.
  • Princess Curls: She has luxurious, curly locks.
  • Stripperiffic: Her armor does not cover her butt whatsoever.

    Dark Magician Girl (Cross Frame) 

An adaptation of Yu-Gi-Oh's iconic Dark Magician Girl, set to release in July 2022

Other Anime/Manga Characters


Ao Gennai
Ao can't wait for payday from Factory Advance
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa
An Ordinary High-School Student from the anime, she receives Gourai in the mail one day. Stylet and Baselard soon join her. Turns out her father signed her up for a FA Girls preview/review sample program, so Factory Advance is sending her these girls. Conveniently, her raising these Frame Arms Girls and gathering battle data for Factory Advance means that they would renumerate her for such, which will save her the need to hunt for a part-time job to make a little extra money.

Based on an interview, Ao's character encounters less growth than the FA Girls because the theme of the show is about how the FA Girls develop more due to exposure to humans.

Kotobukiya has designed a statuette of her posing with an in-scale tiny Gourai figure to sit on the palm of her hand.

  • Audience Surrogate: Many fans/viewers can relate to her laziness and eagerness to take up a seemingly-effortless job that will still pay reasonably well.
  • Bathing Beauty: She ends up luxuriously lounging in her bathtub after washing up from a goat-related accident in episode 3.
  • Cuteness Proximity: She takes a very clear and vocal liking to Gourai when the FA Girl first wakes up.
  • Kimono Fanservice: She wears one to the Summer Festival fireworks. Unfortunately for her, Jinrai insists that she wear her yukata correctly, which means no Western-style panties, and she even enforces it.
  • Lazy Bum: Ao cheerfully accepts the monetized review program to get out of finding "a real job", and lets her FA Girls take over the housework alongside her old roomba. She also complains about the hassle of having to cut free and assemble Gourai's weapons and armor from their plamo kit runners. In the preview trailer, she mentions loving to sleep in on Sundays.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Subverted, she wears all sorts of clothing and often has something new every episode. The only recurring outfit she has worn is her school uniform.
  • Money Fetish: Is totally willing to keep the Materia Twins around after they bribe her with the incentive that Factory Advance would pay her even more if she were willing to take care of more FA Girls. When she gives her appreciation speech to the girls at their pep rally for Gourai Kai, the sound of cash registers underscores her speech.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Kotobukiya takes advantage of Ao's status of being the obligatory human Mistress to have her dress up to show her figure, and also subject her to traditional fanservice artwork, like bath scenes and some measure of Male Gaze.
  • Nice Girl: Apart from the incident where the Shiro and Kuro Materia blow her first paycheck from Factory Advance on decorating their room, she never gets particularly angry with the girls, and even speaks with Hres about her motivations in episode 11.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: She describes herself as such.
  • Secret Diary: She keeps one full of poetry. Gourai, Stylet, and Baselard somehow find it and have a laugh reading her poetry during episode 3, which is then recorded by her old Roomba, which apparently had voice recording features built in.
  • She's Got Legs: Some of the Male Gaze the camera is guilty of tends to show that Ao's legs are quite shapely, with generous thighs - it is accentuated by her choice of fashion in short skirts and shorts that draw attention there.
  • Trademark Favourite Food: She mentions loving Inari Sushi in the Preview Trailer.

Bukiko Kotobuki
The Company Mascot
One of Ao Gennai's friends, she is also the Kotobuki Godhands nipper's mascot girl and runs a model kit shop. She also exhibits some skill at repairing electronics, as demonstrated in episode 5 when she fixes and customizes Ao's Roomba.
  • Cute Little Fang: It shows up when she's smiling, adding to her charm.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Like a certain other Nipa-ko, her twin pigtails evoke the image of model kit nippers.
  • Otaku: She is unabashedly a plamo otaku, who can allegedly sniff out unbuilt model kits in impossible circumstances and build MSG weapon kits with legendary amounts of precision. She also collects other kits and even has a ball-jointed Smart Doll.

Yamada (Gourai/Jinrai Team)

Gourai and Jinrai's Master in the Lab Days manga. She is a kind, mild-mannered researcher who enjoys watching Gourai develop her emotions (becoming especially excited when Gourai smiles for the first time), but she has a latent competitive streak and wants to see Gourai battle Hresvelgr at full power one day. One of Yamada's hobbies is sewing miniature teddy bears, one of which Gourai mistakes as a punching bag.

Toda (Gourai/Jinrai Team)

Yamada's assistant, she is the engineer who is in charge of Gourai and Jinrai's weapons, armor, and other equipment. She's very fond of Gourai and has a bit of a big sister-ish relationship to her. Kawashima calls her by the nickname "Toppy", which Toda dislikes.

  • Cuteness Proximity: She squeals in delight when she first meets Gourai, and then again when she catches sight of Gourai's first naturally sweet smile in Chapter 5, bemoaning the lack of video recordings of her smile.
  • Moment Killer: Due to her wariness of the Materia Twins's antics, she refuses to let them have their way with Gourai.

Ootsuka (Hres Team)

Hresvelgr's Master in the Lab Days manga. She's perpetually smug and shows mild contempt toward other FA Girls because they are weaker than Hresvelgr. Naturally, none of the other research teams are particularly fond of her.

Ishizuka (Hres Team)

Ootsuka's assistant in Lab Days. She is enthusiastic about upgrading Hres and pushing her abilities to the uppermost limit, and also tends to massage Hres's ego. Although not abrasive like Ootsuka, she sees Fujisaki's decision to install an AS in Architect's program as pointless.

Kawashima (Stylet/Architect Team)

Stylet's Master in the Lab Days manga. She first appears in Chapter 1, but isn't identified by name until Chapter 5. She tries to be stern with the obnoxious Stylet, but often gives in to Stylet's requests anyway.

Kojima (Stylet/Architect Team)

Kawashima's assistant in Lab Days. She first appears in Chapter 1, but isn't identified by name until Chapter 7. She agrees to become Architect's Master after it is decided to give Architect a physical body.

Fujisaki (Base Team)

Baselard's Master in the Lab Days manga. She treats Baselard very well, but also comes up with unusual challenges for her. She also created Architect by installing a prototype AS within the template artificial intelligence program used as the basis for all other FA Girls, and insists on leaving the AS installed because it makes Architect "adorable".

Satou (Base Team)

Fujisaki's assistant in Lab Days. She's very brusque and almost never speaks, but when she tasks Baselard with assembling a new weapon, she offers to praise Baselard if she is successful.

The Chief

The unidentified and rarely seen head of Factory Advance's research division in Lab Days. She is seen briefly in Chapter 5 telling the research teams to begin the next phase of research, and is mentioned in Chapter 7 as having the authority to grant Architect a physical body.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": As of Chapter 9, she's the only character with dialogue to not have been identified by name. She's simply "The Chief".