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Still a better folk remedy than the Materia Twins' idea.

  • In episode 3 of the anime, Ao and Bukiko resort to a comedic skit retelling the fable of the Woodcutter and his Axe to distract Baselard so Gourai can stop her running all over the school.
  • Episode 4:
    • Jinrai's chunni ninja act gets rather over-the-top to the point where the girls are nonplussed and at least amused by her antics.
    • Later, Baselard ends up having to stop the Sharp Roomba from vacuuming her room after it deems her taste in decorating to be rubbish.
    • When Stylet scolds the Materia Twins, Shiro briefly pretends to go masochist for her and confuses Stylet.
    • At the end of the episode, Ao gets mad when she discovers the girls have used up all her money from the first round of payments from Frame Advance for redecorating and chases them around her table demanding they have more battles to make up for burning a hole in her wallet.
  • In episode 5, everyone except Architect meets with hilarious failure in their race to get some vinegar for Ao's cooking.
  • In episode 6, Jinrai (plus the Materia Twins) insist that Ao wear her Yukata to the Summer Festival fireworks correctly. This means that Western-style undergarments are verboten. They proceed to enforce this rather harshly with poor Ao, resorting to glue and Clothing Damage.
  • The hype/pep rally the girls hold for Gourai in celebration of her KAI upgrade in episode 8 is full of humor:
    • Baselard's chipper mood completely ruins the mood of Stylet's sword-box illusion.
    • Shiro and Kuro Materia put on a Manzai performance, but only Jinrai gets the comedy behind it. Architect finds the logic behind Manzai impossible to comprehend.
    • There is something understatedly hilarious about the sound of cash registers underscoring Ao's appreciation speech to the Girls (kaching!). Yes, she's definitely sincere about being thankful for the company of the Girls, but there's another (kaching!) reason for it.
  • Episode 9 has Ao get sick and the FA Girls try to find a way to cure her illness. It goes about as well as you'd expect. Particular mention goes to Architect's remedy, where she downloads an anti-virus program... and then shoves a hard drive (complete with a USB wire sticking out) into Ao's herb-stuffed mouth (pictured above).
  • In episode 10, the simple fact that all the FA Girls know so much about hotpot despite being unable to actually eat it, resulting in poor Ao having to finish an entire large serving by herself, is rather hilarious. Was one of their designers hungry when at the drawing board?
  • Viewers might be wondering what some of the more cheesy battle quotes the girls make when entering a VR Battle Session are from. One of the end-of-episode skits has them mention Ao's poetry journal, which Baselard managed to find and read in episode 2. Suddenly it clicks, the reason for the hilariously cheesy lines was that they were straight-up quoting Ao's poetry!
  • In the onsen during episode 11, Base livens up the bath with a sudden influx of Bonus Ducks.
  • Lab Days:
    • In chapter 3, Stylet struggles to lift Gourai and ferry her by flight to Baselard's cubicle. Shortly afterwards, she gets offended by Gourai and Baselard seemingly ignoring her in their conversation, and later still, she fails to notice Baselard planting a sticker on her jetpack, until her Master discovers it at the end of the episode.
    • Chapter 4
      • Stylet finally gets fed up of Gourai repeatedly sticking the charging cable in her back without warning and returns the favor as punishment.
      • It's a small touch, but it's amusing to see Gourai and Baselard sit hard on her beam rifle to make the parts lock together properly.
    • In Chapter 5, Gourai mistakes a small teddy bear plushie for a punching bag and starts pummeling it, much to Yamada's surprise. Toda can barely contain her laughter.
    • In Chapter 6, when Jinrai gets a little rambunctious and hammy and her chuuni comes out almost immediately after being activated, even attempting to defend herself; Yamada grumbles about how she shouldn't have taken Toda's suggestions to give Jinrai a "bold, gallant and heroic" personality so seriously.
    • Jinrai's reactions and expressions throughout Chapter 8 as she gets frustrated at the lack of worthy opponents due to Architect getting disqualified and Materia deliberately bowing out make it a slow build-up to the punchline, of her shock and embarrassment at winning a cute frilly dress out of a small in-house tournament. To put the cherry on the top, Gourai later catches her secretly admiring the dress.