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YMMV content for the Frame Arms Girls.

  • And You Thought It Would Fail: Go to any comment section for the last few episodes of the anime and be prepared to find people admitting that the series was a lot better than they expected it to be.
  • Fandom Rivalry: Unsurprisingly, the more purist side of the Shinki fandom don't like the FA Girls very much, as they feel Kotobukiya's only trying to cash in on the Shinki-sized void in the mecha musume market.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Rather than FA Girls, some people refer to them as FAGs instead. The sheer amounts of yuri fanservice in the anime has only made this moniker more prevalent.
    • Hresvelgr has enough nicknames for an entire fast food menu:
      • Hamburger for Hresvelgr, due to the difficulty of spelling or pronouncing her name.
      • Cheeseburger for Hresvelgr Ater, since she is blonde and her white suit invokes mayonnaise.
      • Hamburglar (or Big Mac) for Hresvelgr's fifth red-and-yellow colour variant, as a Mcdonald's joke.
      • Baconburger for Hresvelgr Rufus.
    • Smug Cat for Innocentia, given her smug smile.
    • Bunnylard for Baselard, given her Playboy Bunny-esque design.
    • Byakko for Baihu, as a Japanese pronunciation of her name instead of the official use of the Chinese pronunciation.
    • Humida for Charger, given what happened as per Author Avatar. Note that Humida is already an existing nickname for Fumikane Shimada.
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    • Aho for Ao, since she can be such a lovably dense doofus at times. Even the Sound Director describes her as Aho no ko.
    • Selfie Car for Zelfikar, as an amusing mishearing.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With the Busou Shinki and Megami Device fandoms, naturally, as most Shinki fans fully welcome a new sister franchise to pick the slack where Konami let them go.
    • With other Humida franchises, like Sky Girls, Strike Witches, and so on, since Humida also designed several of the FA Girls, like Gourai.
    • With the greater Gunpla and Plamo kit fandom, because FA Girl kits aren't actually that terrifying to build and the newer ones incorporate a lot of good design elements that improve articulation and/or build quality. Some of the Gunpla and 30 Minutes Missions parts are also compatible with FA Girl kits thanks to the 3mm peg system.
    • With many of the other mecha fans, as they've found out about the Cross Frame Girls and want in.
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    • Just like the Shinki fandom, they have close ties to the AZONE 1/12 Picco Neemo fandom. It got to the point where Kotobukiya acknowledged this by giving Innocentia optional narrow feet designed to be compatible with AZONE shoes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Ao, who suffered a cold, refuses to have a negi up her tailpipe. Two years later, Yōko Hikasa, who voiced Ao, would later play a character who would be on the receiving end of one and turn into a masochist in the process.
  • Les Yay: Enough of it that /u/ loves this franchise.
    • Lab Days shows us that most of the researchers working on FA Girls are ladies, and that even the Materia Twins in the lab have the same fundamental 'yuri sadist troll' personality, indicating that some female Factory Advance engineers and developers love the ladies and have projected their forbidden desires into the FA Girls they are creating - this is supported in Chapter 6 by Toda's suggestions for Jinrai to have a "Bold, Heroic" personality influencing her resulting baseline character. Fujisaki was quite accommodating of Baselard's request to have Gourai and Stylet over for a sleepover, after all, and she all but squees hard over their growing bond when they work together to help Baselard assemble her beam rifle, in addition to secretly approving of Stylet sneaking around behind her Master's back to meet up with the other FA Girls. In Chapter 5, the Materia twins are so taken with Gourai's cuteness that they try to carry her off with them.
    • Gourai has developed the tendency to kiss the other FA girls in VR battle as a form of 'shock therapy' as of episode 5 after doing it to Stylet in episode 2. Ao and Baselard clearly enjoy watching it happen from outside the VR arena, and Baselard explicitly says "Wow, this is getting really interesting!" while giggling. Keep in mind that Baselard was the one to give Gourai this idea.
    • The anime incarnation of Stylet starts developing feelings for Gourai in Episode 2, and even goes red in the face when Baselard teases her about it; after getting fainted by the kiss from Gourai, she recovers while forgetting what happened. Her body, on the other hand, subconciously remembers the kiss, and she develops a full-body blush when she focuses on Gourai's face and lips and stops short mid-challenge. On top of all that, the actual kiss scene is emphasized with romantic bubble effects and rare red lillies instead of generic white lillies and is a mouth-to-mouth kiss, further highlighting and underscoring the yuri text. Compare that to the rather chaste peck on the cheek (plus Cooldown Hug) Gourai would later give Architect in episode 5. During the Haunted School sequence in episode 6, Gourai is the first one Stylet latches onto in her fright.
    • Stylet manages to attract the attentions of the Materia Twins in episode 3, much to her dismay, as she is not keen to be their sub. Much later, in episode 10, they effectively badtouch her charging port, causing her to squeal out loudly.
    • The Materia Twins are extremely close for twins; in the anime they are never far from each other, are always seen hand-in-hand, embracing, or practically feeling each other up, and they even share a room in the bookshelf-turned-FA Girl-hostel.
      • In episode 6, even Ao is not spared their harassment after they force her to wear her yukata without Western-style undergarments and then delight in her mortified reaction.
    • Ao and Bukiko are really close friends, to the point that they never really mention any other classmates or friends, to the point that Ao basically is not shown interacting socially with her other classmates outside of gym. Ao is always thinking of Bukiko in various ways, invites her out to eat with her FA Girl-earned money, cooks for her to increase her 'Girl Power', has sleepovers with her and so on. She never mentions boys in any capacity, and even when harassed by Jinrai and Materia over the Kimono in episode 6, she never complains about 'being ruined for marriage'. Bukiko recipocrates to some degree: she takes Ao's new "job" very well, even offers Ao advice on stepping up her plamo game, builds MSG weapon kits for her, and even has photos of the two of them together up all over her room as seen in episode 6.
    • Several interesting details line up to pair off Architect and Jinrai: Jinrai set a trapdoor access to the room above hers, aka Architect's room. On top of that, they've developed a strong rapport, enough that when they witness Stylet basically hanging onto Gourai for dear life after being spooked by the school at night, Architect offers her hand to Jinrai, who accepts it with an uncharacteristic (for her hamminess) tender expression. By the last episode of the first season, they are close enough to do a duet number together during the Christmas party, and when they finally leave Ao's apartment they share a ride together.
    • Hresvelgr's obsession with Gourai. It is revealed that she, like Gourai, practices with a battle data copy of her rival regularly, admitting that it was "unsatisfying" compared to fighting the real deal. She even talks to Ao about her feelings on the matter. This feeling is even mirrored in the Hres in Lab Days, where Hres is far more interested in battling Gourai rather than her 'sister' Jinrai, and she even sneaks around the lab without permission to do so.
    • Episode 11's onsen scene is made of yuri. Stylet blushes at Gourai's entrance to the bath, and the Materia Twins express their interest in Ao's body.
  • Memetic Mutation: In addition to standard Mecha Musume memes and memes inherited from their Busou Shinki predecessors, FA Girls have a number of their own memes:
    • Bullying Stylet/Stylet is made to be bullied Explanation 
    • Stylet bullying is canon Explanation 
    • Stop posting here, Stylet Explanation 
    • Baselard is based Explanation 
    • I want to build (Insert FA Girl here) Explanation 
    • A variety of Plamo/Gunpla model kit memes on /toy/ have also been integrated smoothly into the fandom, from jokes about the tools (like the Godhand nippers that got shilled in episode 1) to jokes about thinning your paint (because a lot of posters got frustrated with people who brush paint their kits without thinning the paint sufficiently resulting in unpleasant unevenness when the coat dries) and hot-gluing (a NSFW meme about a certain other substance that resembles hot glue from a glue gun).
    • Hotglued in public Explanation 
    • LMAO 2cat Explanation 
    • Jokes about Kotobukiya making the potential FA Girl of the Frame Arms mecha Rapier into a busty drill-haired lady abound.
    • INNOCENTIA = GENNAI AO Explanation 
    • Off-colour jokes about Ao making money in questionable ways and the resulting "Ao is best jew girl" posting, thanks to her apparent greed for money, has become a thing on /a/.
  • Moe: Ao, especially with her Adorkable tendencies.
  • More Popular Spin Off: Frame Arms Girls is derived from Kotobuykiya's Frame Arms line, and the fact that Frame Arms lacks an anime or even a page on This Very Wiki when Frame Arms Girls has both should tell you everything you need to know.
  • Narm Charm: Some viewers have mentioned that they find the shameless merch-pushing Kotobukiya is doing with the anime endearing in its honesty.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Many viewers dislike the 'yuri twincest sadist troll' portrayal of the Materia Twins in the anime.
    • The Hresvelgr in the anime has acquired quite the hatedom for her abrasiveness and threatening to attack Ao, on top of all the property damage she has caused.