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Recap / Frame Arms Girls

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Have at ye some synopses for the chapters and episodes of Frame Arms Girls.

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    Frame Arms Girls TV Anime Series Episodes 
FA Girl anime episodes tend to be split into two distinct halves.

Episode 1

  • "Gourai" - Ao receives Gourai and gets used to living with her.
  • "Stylet and Baselard" - Stylet and Baselard turn up. Stylet battles Gourai - Gourai wins.

Episode 2

  • "Can a Sty-ko who Can't Fly be Called 'Sty-ko'?" - Stylet seemingly has the blues due to her loss to Gourai in episode 1. Baselard and Gourai try to help her recover from her depression. Ao discovers that she had accidentally broken one of Stylet's wings by stepping on it one night, but it is resolved by repairing it model kit style.
  • "We're Gonna Clean!" - Ao gets her old Roomba out. Baselard discovers and reads Ao's Secret Diary full of poetry and the three FA Girls have a laugh at the narm, accidentally recording their reading session on the Roomba. Baselard and Gourai battle - Gourai wins because all the dust the Roomba kicked up interferes with Baselard's aim and makes her curving beam rifle shots miss.

Episode 3

  • "Let's Go to School" - Baselard sneaks after Ao when she heads to School, with Gourai and Stylet trying to stop her from troubling Ao. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "Here Come the Materia Sisters" - The Materia Twins arrive at Ao's home. They promptly begin creeping on Stylet and challenge her and Gourai to a battle. Gourai wins after Ao uploads a Revolving Buster Cannon MSG Kit weapon to Gourai mid-match.

Episode 4

  • "Jinrai has Arrived" - Jinrai arrives at Ao's apartment while they are planning summer vacation and challenges Gourai to spar. Gourai defeats her with the Violence Ram MSG kit assault cannon.
  • "Redecorating is Fun" - Ao redecorates after being frustrated by her apartment getting filled with random things and becoming a mess. The Bookshelf begins to become the FA Girl Hostel. The Materia Twins spend so much on materials they burn through Ao's paycheck, much to her consternation and understandable anger.

Episode 5

  • "The Architect is Activated" - Architect turns up as 'guest' inside a VR arena match, turning a sparring contest between Gourai and Jinrai into a fierce battle. Gourai and Jinrai defeat her by resorting to a Fastball Special. At the end of the episode, Architect is delivered to Ao's apartment.
  • "The Errand Race" - The girls hold a race to buy more vinegar for Ao's cooking, as she wants to cook something nice to thank Bukiko for repairing/modifying her old Sharp Roomba. Architect wins the race.

Episode 6

  • "Fireworks Festival of Feelings" - Ao wants to take the girls to watch the fireworks display at the Summer Festival, but Jinrai accidentally almost spoils the evening after she enforces proper dress code on Ao's yukata.
  • "Let's Go to School 2" - Ao has a sleepover at Bukiko's home. The girls head to her school to retrieve her homework notebook.

Episode 7:

  • "vs. Hresvelgr" - The girls have a game of hide-and-seek interrupted by Hresvelgr, who proceeds to shatter Gourai's on-screen winstreak with a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • "First Tale of the F.A. Girls" - Bukiko tells Ao about the manufacturing process for the components that go into making Frame Arms Girls. Gourai wants upgrades. The episode ends with Ao facing a sudden influx of deliveries from Factory Advance.

Episode 8:

  • "A Call to Action" - Gourai defeats Architect running a simulation of Hresvelgr as practice with her new KAI upgrade. The girls hold a small pep rally.
  • "Autumn Beckons" - Ao and Gourai go out for a bit. Ao reminisces about her childhood and discovers something from back then is still around.

Episode 9:

  • "Oh, I have a cold" - Ao falls ill and the Girls try to help her to recover.
  • "Together tomorrow too" - Ao has a fever dream in which she imagines the Girls as humans.

Episode 10

  • "Hot Pot Day" - Ao fixes a hot pot dish, with advice and help from the girls.
  • "Battle! Battle! Battle!" - Hresvelgr fights Gourai again. The match is interrupted by a power outage.

Episode 11

  • "What Lies Behind That Emotion" - Ao speaks to Hresvelgr about her desire to battle. Hres gets an upgrade.
  • "A Public Bath? A Battle!?" - Ao, Bukiko, and the girls head to the onsen. Baselard and Architect modify the Session Base software to add the onsen scenario. Post credits - Hresvelgr Ater appears and challenges Gourai. Ater's upgrade causes her to go berserk.

Episode 12 (End of Season)

  • "Last Battle" - Gourai eventually defeats Hres Ater and knocks her out of her berserk mode.
  • "That which I give to You" - The girls hold a celebration, before everyone except Gourai leaves to find new caretakers. Gourai offers to take on Ao's family name. In the stinger, Innocentia wakes up, foreshadowing Season 2


    Frame Arms Girls Lab Days Chapters 

Chapter 1

Gourai is activated for the first time by Yamada and fawned over by Toda-chan. Hresvelgr spots her after defeating Stylet and challenges her to a quick duel.

Chapter 2

Hresvelgr delivers a swift Curb-Stomp Battle to Gourai, then falls asleep from low battery exhaustion. Gourai makes friends with Stylet.

Chapter 3

Stylet drags Gourai over to meet Baselard and the three have a sleepover. Baselard spooks Stylet with a ghost story and stealthily plants a sticker on her jetpack which is not discovered until the next day.

Chapter 4

Baselard invites Stylet and Gourai over and they team up to build one of Baselard's beam rifles from its plamo kit runners, doing better than Fujisaki anticipated. The Materia Sisters spy on them and make plans to play with them.

Chapter 5

Gourai is granted more freedom to explore the lab floor. She encounters the Materia Twins for the first time, and they are immediately taken with her cuteness. The Chapter ends with a meeting where the researchers are told to take their developments to the next level, while the Twins looks like they plan to enjoy recharging Stylet and Baselard.

Chapter 6

Stylet begins the chapter recounting to Gourai how she did not appreciate the charging session the Materia Twins gave her, while Baselard is surprisingly unruffled. Gourai returns to the lab, where Yamada activates Jinrai, whose rather hammy and chuuni nature makes her reflect that maybe Toda's suggestions for the new girl's baseline personality were a bit much. Jinrai proceeds to get hooked onto Samurai Drama shows on TV, Baselard shows off her little castle made of stationery and boxes and candy, and Hresvelgr is demonstrated to be naughty enough that unlike the other girls she has not being granted permission to explore the lab more freely.

Chapter 7

Baselard and Stylet spend time with Architect in the VR systems. Architect is shown to have grown from the Admin-level AI that governs the Factory Advance Lab, as the original AI was outfitted with an early version of the AS-style AI heuristics then granted the full mental presence of the FA Girl systems after the Materia twins were created. Baselard develops a fond friendship with Architect and eventually lets the researchers know that Architect was getting lonely inside the mainframe without a body of her own, eventually spurring them to give her a body.

Meanwhile Hresvelgr's developer manages to get permission for access to what can only be either the Ater or Rufus nanomachine augment(s) to upgrade Hres.

Chapter 8

The girls take part in a small in-house tournament held by the researchers. Baselard resorts to trickery and cheesy tactics, like tricking Gourai into stepping out of the ring and getting disqualified for a ring-out, and showering Stylet with stickers. Jinrai ultimately wins due to her frustration at not facing serious opponents all the way until the finals, as Architect accidentally got herself disqualified for cheating with her Admin-level powers to spawn a sheep plushie as an airbag, and the Materia sisters deliberately throw the match due to disinterest in fighting.

Her prize? A cute dress made by Fujisaki. It turns out the Materia sisters rigged the draft order for the match-ups in order to manipulate Jinrai into winning.

Chapter 9

Hresvelgr gets her signature Beryl Smasher from her engineers and discovers that Gourai lost in the in-house tournament.