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Season 1 & 2

  • Rei dispels Jadeite's attempt to freeze her alive just on willpower alone even before her sigil appears, and dishes out a Badass Boast in the process.
    Jadeite: Don't you dare, pathetic human.
    Rei: I'm not [pathetic]! I've got powers, too!
  • Usagi killing the Monster of the Week in the first two episodes, as her tiara is now depicted as not simply hitting the monster, but cutting through it.
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  • Beryl's voice actress in Crystal, whose first few lines definitely hammered home that this is a woman who has killed in her lifetime.
  • In Act 4, Usagi drives Nephrite's shadow out of Princess D with a massive blast of pure moonlight from her tiara.note 
  • Immediately after the above, when Nephrite is driven back, he doesn't flee but sticks around to observe/threaten. Then, he is immediately joined by all four Shittennou, including Jadeite who was dead by now in the manga. For the first time the senshi and the Dark Kingdom stare down their enemies, and it is possible that things are about to get serious.
  • One for each side in Act 5.
  • Again, one for each side in Act 6.
    • Zoisite soloing Sailor Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.
    • Immediately followed by Sailor Moon using a single Moon Healing Escalation to: incapacitate and nearly kill Zoisite when he shielded Beryl from it; send Beryl running for the hills with Zoisite; cure every single one of the people Zoisite had stolen energy from and the incapacitated Sailor Soldiers.
  • In Act 7, Zoisite brainwashes a crowd of civilians into searching for Sailor Moon with the intent to capture her, creating a small-scale riot. Although she's alone, afraid, and completely unsupported, Usagi transforms and confronts the mob directly, putting herself into considerable danger in order to have the chance to heal Zoisite's victims.
    • Zoisite has caught Sailor Moon off-guard and has her at his mercy, until Tuxedo Mask interrupts by punching Zoisite right in the face.
      • This is more awesome than the above makes it sound. Unlike in the first anime, where the Tuxedo Mask costume seems to be a transformation with powers, Act 7 pretty soundly implies that this Tuxedo Mask is just a man in a tux and cape. Meaning that Mamoru went up to Zoisite and decked him in the face with nothing more than his natural strength and desire to protect Usagi.
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    • Lastly, Artemis and Sailor V introduce themselves with a Big Damn Heroes moment by respectively shattering Zoisite's crystal weapon and slashing Zoisite in the stomach.
  • In Act 8, Usagi being the one to kiss Mamoru, and telling him that it's dangerous so he should get away while she and the other senshi handle fighting Kunzite.
    • Kunzite draining a large section of Tokyo just with a wave of his hand.
  • At the end of Act 9 Usagi swears never to be a tragic princess again.note 
  • In Act 10, Beryl finally shows how dangerous she is in her own right: as they regain the memories of their past lives, the Shitennou rush her to kill her... and she casually paralyzes them before wiping their memories again and brainwashing them.
    • Later, the Sailor Senshi taking on all four Shitennou head-on and winning. Especially for Sailor Moon, who did half the job alone.
    • Sailor Moon's incredibly powerful Moon Healing Escalation. This time, Sailor Moon gathers energy that she uses to launch herself into space! From there, she calls out the move and the resulting healing wave instantly reverses the effect of mass freezing over the entire city.
  • In Act 11, Rei hijacks one of Minako's moments of awesome from the manga and tops it. In the manga, when the Brainwashed and Crazy Makoto attacked Usagi Minako sent her flying with a kick. Here, Rei does it... With a backhand.
    • Minako quickly recovers as Sailor Venus when facing the brainwashed Furuhata. Who does grab the Silver Crystal... And is promptly tied up by the Venus Love-Me Chain, purified and knocked out.
    • One for Luna: after the brainwashed Tuxedo Kamen, backed by a lot of Metallia's power, curbstomps Venus, Mercury and Mars, Luna rushes him... And actually bites him. She promptly gets swatted away, but she was the first to actually hurt him.
  • Act 12:
  • Act 14:
    • Sailor Moon fights Metallia with the intent to seal it away for good. She instead annihilate it, and rebuilds the Moon Castle in the process.
    • She later restores Earth to its proper state.
  • Act 15:
    • Senshi vs. a large but unspecified number of Droids. The Droids get annihilated.
    • After that, Sailor Moon fires her Moon Princess Halation at Koan. Koan gets disintegrated. Literally.
  • Act 16:
  • Act 17
    • Chibiusa beating the high score at the Sailor V game may not seem this. Then you remember it's a combat simulator for the Sailor Soldiers, and that the high score was either Minako's or Ami's... Kinda explains why Usagi was that annoyed at that too.
    • Makoto's down with a cold, courtesy of Petz. She easily overpowers the Droid who was trying to kill her and replace her, without transforming. Then she transforms, destroys the thing bare-handed, and goes out to fight.
    • The fight between Jupiter and Petz. Petz, like her sisters, is supercharged by the Evil Black Crystal, Jupiter is weakened by her foe's virus, and yet she gives her a run for her money before losing and annihilates an horde of Droids as collateral damage.
    • Sailor Venus bitchslapping Droids into oblivion left and right? Business as usual. Sailor Moon doing the same? Well, now we know she Took a Level in Badass even in the close-combat department.
  • Act 18:
    • Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask preventing the last of the four sisters from being able to abduct Sailor Venus.
      • Calaveras was using the power of her sisters to boost her own. Given Sailor Moon arrived in time, apparently even that was barely enough to take on Venus...
    • With the power of his four knights' spirits, Tuxedo Mask gains a new attack (Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber) and blows away his share of the Droids. And Rubeus. Someone went a long road since he could only punch ineffectively a member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad...
      • Also, before whipping out the Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber he managed to save Usagi and Chibiusa (the latter of which at the time had the brooch, making both defenceless) by hitting him with the cane in the face hard enough to leave an instant bruise.
  • Act 19:
    • Mere seconds after appearing, Sailor Pluto quickly and effortlessly dispatches Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask with a single Dead Scream.
    • Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Venus tag-teaming and destroying the Boule Brothers on their own turf. In spite of their complex chemical-based attacks that nullified Sailor Moon's ability to attack them.
  • Act 20: Tuxedo Mask one-shotting Esmeraude.
  • Act 24: Demande one-shotting the brainwashed Saphir.
  • Act 25:
    • Sailor Moon holding back the fall on Earth of the planet Nemesis.
    • For the first time in forever (or at least since the fall of the Silver Millennium), Pluto leaves the Space-Time Door to fight... And her only act, her Heroic Sacrifice, instantly changes the course of the battle.
    • Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the Sailor Soldiers hitting Death Phantom/Nemesis so hard it had to feign its own death to survive.
    • Demande stopping Death Phantom's surprise attack and matching him, at least until his opponent cheats and has him be devoured by his own inner darkness.
  • Act 26: Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibimoon's combined attack disintegrating Death Phantom, and Nemesis with it.

Season 3

  • A meta one: The promo art for Season 3 shows all ten Guardians in a much improved art style that better translates the Manga designs, compared to seasons 1 and 2.
  • Another meta one: Prior to the first video clips and theme songs of Season 3 appearing online, there still was a small group of fans who expected Toei to apply heavy censorship to the relationship between Haruka and Michiru, despite it being canon in all versions of the story that includes them. (It should be noted, though, that the manga put much less emphasis on the pairing that the 90s anime did.) It turned out that Toei was well aware of what they were doing, as the first ending sequence for Season 3 was dedicated entirely to the pairing, and included deliberate shoutouts to the famous "hands scene" from from the first anime, and even to Utena (which, like Sailor Moon S, was directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara).
  • Infinity 1:
    • Haruka handily beating the Inners at a racing game. Despite it being an arcade game Haruka takes to it like a real race attracting the attention of almost everyone at the arcade, and not just the guardians, all while causing Usagi, Minako and Makoto to swoon.
    • Venus and Jupiter tag teaming the monster of the week with a Venus Wink Chain Sword to subdue it and a Jupiter Coconut Cyclone to take it out.
    • In the second part Eudial sicks on the Senshi a cat Daimon made specifically to kill them all. The Sailor Senshi instead kick its ass even before Sailor Moon wips out the Moon Spiral Heart Attack.
  • Infinity 2:
    • When Kaolinite tries to divine the nature of the danger against the Death Busters her attempt is suddenly and violently interrupted. The scene then changes to Michiru telling Haruka she was about to divine with the Deep Aqua Mirror when she caught Kaolinite's interference... And casually wiped it out.
    • Sailor Moon destroying Eudial after she had just showed off her power.
    • Sailor Moon running after Sailor Uranus... And catching up with her. Even Uranus is surprised at this one.
  • Infinity 3:
  • Infinity 4:
    • When Sailor Uranus and Neptune decide to make clear just how much the Guardian Senshi are outclassed they attack... And Neptune single-handedly force them on the defensive with a violin concerto. Sure, it's Sailor Uranus's World Shaking that knocks Sailor Moon out and forces the others to retreat, but that music had already done most of the job...
    • Ami goes super-spy in this episode when she accepts an invitation for a trial enrollment at Mugen Academy for a chance to investigate the school. Realizing that she's being monitored by a camera installed at the ceiling of the classroom she's in, she shatters the camera's lens with a thrown pen and goes on the move; she successfully locates and gets a look into the lab where the Death Busters have been making daimons before Viluy catches her, and when an assist from Haruka and Michiru gives her a chance to break free, she leaps out of the classroom window several floors above the ground, transforming into Sailor Mercury as she falls and splashing down in the swimming pool below.
    • Three words: Space Sword Blaster.
  • Infinity 5: Tellu has no-sold everything the senshi have thrown at her, even Sailor Moon's all-solving Spiral Moon Heart Attack. When she goes One-Winged Angel, all seems lost - and then a low, calm voice cuts through the tension with two words. "Dead Scream." In seconds all that's left of Tellu is a scattering of falling petals. Welcome back, Sailor Pluto, we are very happy to see you.
  • Infinity 6:
    • This is the episode where Cyprine shows off her awesomeness. In quick succession she does the following: single-handedly fights the Outers, quickly gaining the upper hand; when the Inners come to the rescue she easily brainwash everyone but Sailor Moon into getting a Inners versus Outers battle; no-sells the Moon Spiral Heart Attack; and then gets serious by splitting and getting Ptilol out.
    • In this battle the Sailor Senshi are flying. Just that.
    • When Sailor Chibi-Moon tries and separates the combatants, Jupiter fires a Sparkling Wide Pressure at her. Tuxedo Kamen shields her with his back... And, somehow, survives no worse for the wear.
    • The episode ends on a high note for the forces of good, as Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi-Moon and Tuxedo Kamen summon the Holy Grail.
  • Infinity 7:
  • Infinity 8:
    • Even after Mistress 9 awakened and took over her body, Hotaru is still resisting somehow... And freaks Mistress 9 out by simply giving a small hint she's still around.
    • Kaolinite resurrecting the Witches 5 to do her dirty work. And it works, for the most part.
    • Mamoru helping Sailor Moon resisting the Witches 5's attempt at breaking her mentally-something that had just worked with the others, including Sailor Venus.
    • The Outers coming to Sailor Moon and the Inners' rescue: Uranus's Space Sword Blaster opened a hole in Mugen Gakuen's wall of thorn long enough for them to enter, Pluto's Chronos Typhoon freed the captured Inners, and before Pluto's attack Neptune's Submarine Reflection wiped out the Witches 5.
      • Chronos Typhoon being finally animated.
  • Infinity 9:
    • Hotaru stopping Mistress 9 from completely devouring Chibiusa's soul and Silver Crystal.
    • As he assumes his Daimon form Tomoe declares he's actually an alien-human hybrid greater than any Daimon... And goes on proving it by tanking a Space Sword Blaster, an attack that, until now, had killed its targets without fail.
    • And the above just makes even more awesome the fact Super Sailor Moon still kills him.
  • Infinity 10:
    • Mamoru gets a henshin! Also, Chibi-Moon's power up to Super Sailor Chibi-Moon.
    • Hotaru, despite being still trapped inside Mistress 9 and now having her body being torn down on top of that, manages to save and return not only Chibiusa's soul and Silver Crystal, but also all of the Inners' souls which were about to be absorbed by Mistress 9. And on top of that, prevented Mistress 9 from going into her Daimon Form until she herself left the body to return the souls.
    • Sailor Chibi-Moon attacking and actually hurting the until now unstoppable Mistress 9. To make it better, Mistress 9 is now in her Daimon form... And Chibi-Moon is not in Super form yet. Even Mistress 9 didn't expect it...
  • Infinity 11: Sailor Saturn. After a full season's worth of buildup, we finally get to see the Guardian of Silence, and it is glorious. She completely curbstomps the previously unstoppable Pharaoh 90 without even trying. And then she brings down the Silence Glaive, initiating The End of the World as We Know It...
  • Infinity 12:
    • Super Sailor Moon surviving her attempted Heroic Sacrifice and coming out of Master Pharaoh 90 as Sailor Saturn launches her second attack.
    • Turns out that when Sailor Saturn started The End of the World as We Know It, she had a plan, and timed her resurrection on it:
      • Step 1: Start the attack.
      • Step 2: Drag and fling Master Pharaoh 90 back to the Tau System so that would take the brunt of the collateral damage.
      • Step 3: Have Sailor Pluto close the door so that no collateral damage will spill back to Earth, also trapping her back there.
      • Step 4: Super Sailor Moon heals the damage to Earth.
    • Super Sailor Moon saving Hotaru (who's now an infant) and giving the other Sailor Senshi their own Super forms.

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