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Awesome / Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

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  • Episode 1 (The Wyvern Arrives):
    • Leila disarming her racist commander after the latter points his gun at her. Not to mention she disarms him the moment he fires the gun, thus the shot misses her as she takes him down to the ground with her Aikido skills.
    • After all his teammates self-destruct their Knightmare Frames to destroy their enemies, Akito continues fighting on until his unit runs out of ammunition. Afterwards, when Leila has the self-destruct mechanism disabled, his eyes glow red and proceeds to go One-Man Army on the remaining enemy forces. Curb-Stomp Battle doesn't even begin to describe it as they're beaten so thoroughly by a single Knightmare Frame.
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    • Ryo, Ayano, and Yukiya's Establishing Character Moment? Blowing up some gangsters to smithereens with Ryo proceeding to kill the boss with a bullet to the head.
    • Near the end of episode. Akito, whose Knightmare was defeated thanks to a technological gap, disables Ryo's Glasgow using only a grenade launcher with a grappling hook. And he does all this without a second thought. On a smaller note, Leila once again putting her Aikido skills to use in disarming Ayano from her kodachi.

  • Episode 2 (The Wyvern Divided):
    • The battle in the second episode, where Wyvern Squad is able to give the Knights of Saint Michael the fight of their lives. Particularly, thanks to a special function in their Knightmare Frames, Akito's geass command to "to die" is shared between each of them except Leila, all of them are sharing Akito's Berserker mode in battle. Meaning we get to see the same kind of craziness shown by the former times three more people!
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    • Shin barely reacting to Ryo shooting him with an assault rifle.
      • Though when compared to Lelouch's reaction to nearly being blown away by a Knightmare's assault rifle in the original series, he still has some catching up to do. That said, he ain't far off.

  • Episode 3 (The Brightness Falls):
    • Julius Kingsley's utterly ballsy "Ark Fleet" plan. Which works. He nearly is in complete control of Euro-Britannia near the end, he's that damn good... shame about Lelouch fighting against the brainwashing at a key time which lets Shaing take advantage and usurp his position as Big Bad.
    • Suzaku and the Lancelot fighting against the Knights of Saint Michael. To say that it's a Curb-Stomp Battle would be an understatement similar to Akito's own showing in the first episode. And all of it within the enclosed space of a castle!
      • For longtime fans of the anime series, it's especially a beauty to see the Lancelot fight in 3D animation!

  • Episode 4 (Memories of Hatred):
    • The Wyvern Squad going up against Ashley and his new machine the Ahura Mazda. In fact, the battle is sort of a replica of the one from Episode 2, but in reversed. Ryo, Ayano, and Yukiya get to show off their new machines as well, but special mention goes to the latter's unit as it's a long-range sniper whose bullets can change trajectory!
      • Ashley not backing down from trying to take down Akito despite having lost his Knightmare, continuing to shoot at the Alexander with only his pistol. That guy has got balls probably made out of adamantium or something.
    • Let's not forget Leila using her geass to counter Shin's own. Not mention her talk with him and refusing to back down on her own beliefs despite her position. Not to mention that, just like Ashley, she doesn't back down when a geass compelled Akito is ordered to kill her. She doesn't even try to run, instead just standing there out of the belief that Akito won't hurt her. And she's proven right in the end.

  • Episode 5 (To Beloved Ones):
    • The entirety of the final battle between the Wyvern Squad and the Knights of Saint Michael at White Wolf Castle. Akito and Shin's battle deserves special mention, as the latter's machine pulls out a blade the equivalent of a beam saber during it! Not mention that both eventually abandon their mechs and decide to continue with an old-fashion sword fight instead.

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