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Because Humongous Mecha are awesome all by themselves, we had to split up the anime section of "Awesome Moments" just for them. Chicks dig giant robots, you know.

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Mecha Anime with no page

Heroic Age

  • Age and Bellcross get one at the end of the first episode, by jumping into orbit to attack the Bronze hive ship.
    • Their Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 20. Cerbios fires a black hole at the human fleet. Bellcross dives in front of the fleet and stops the gravitational distortion, by punching it. Let me repeat that. He punched a black hole.
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  • Talking about the black hole weapon, during the epic battle between four of the five Nodos (which played out, iirc, over the course of three episodes), Bellcross' punch proves ineffective against a supercharged black hole, which begins to pull him in, along with several asteroids and a small moon. So, a Crowning Moment for Cerbius? No - for Artemia and especially its alter ego Mehitak. Artemia coolly flies in and simply pulls Bellcross out. Which, considering Artemia's weakness against gravity based weapons and Mehitak's only recent emergence from a Heroic BSoD, is pretty special indeed.
  • Or how about when Bellcross kicks Lernaea through a freaking moon?
  • Getting away from the Nodos for a moment, let's not forget that Iolaous kills an entire Bronze anthill on his own during the invasion of the Bronze homeworld. Not just an ordinary anthill either, but a super-sized one that dwarfs even Bronze Battleships. How does he accomplish this in that mech of his? One automated laser drone, one teleportation, and one weak spot in the center of the planetoid. One has to wonder why he doesn't do this more often...
  • Dhianelia, of all people, gets one of these moments: early in the series, Phaetho O is bearing down on the Argonaut, and Age is busy fighting another Nodos, so he can't save them. So who stops Phaetho from destroying them? Dhianelia. By Mind Raping him. Though she gets flung into a brief Heroic BSoD because of it, this instills in Phaetho a deep fear of humanity that sticks with him for the rest of the series, despite Prome's attempts to purge it from him.

Martian Successor Nadesico

  • Ruri skirts this a lot, but she about tops herself for good when she wrests control of the Nadesico's computer from Nergal, then proceeds to hack into United Earth Forces network and lock down the entire base, trapping everyone inside, appearing on all their security screens in a silly-looking cat costume and apologizing in advance ("Please keep quiet for a short while") for good measure.
  • Subverted courtesy of Gekiganger 3. Joe coming Back from the Dead is intended to be this, but, for Akito at least, the moment falls flat.
    • But you can watch how it would have gone in some of the Nadesico-featuring Super Robot Wars games.
  • Ryoko Subaru gets one in her first appearance by doing an Out of the Inferno moment, whilst towing three mechs, tied together with a white bow so that the Nadesico know that she's friendly. The fact that she does this despite not knowing if the rest of her Amazon Brigade are alive or dead... they're alive
  • "Where else? In the box."
  • A moment towards the end of The Prince Of Darkness comes to mind, when Ryoko and her squad, plus Saburota, are beating the hell out of Hokuten's elite troops, guys who even gave the Black Selena problems. With Hikaru and Izumi ribbing Ryoko about her love live (or lack thereof) the whole time. Ryoko yells at the two of them to take the battle seriously, so they do: Less than a second later, Hokuten's squad is demolished.
  • The whole last fight between Akito and Hokuten also count. While all those girl fighting the Hokuten's elite troop, Akito and Hokuten mech stand silently. Face to face. Akito spend minute gathering a rage from what happen to him and Yurika. They charge with each other with all their might. Akito end the fight swiftly by by punch DIRECTLY AT HOKUTEN'S COCKPIT crushing his opponent Kamille Bidan style. After that, the Black Serena armor(Akito's mech) fall out, revealing his old Astevaris unit inside. Their eyes were soaking by an oil like it was crying for the revenge.

The Big O

  • The first season had the brutal and very satisfying conclusion to the fight with Big Duo. Roger, after and episode of being beaten up by the damn thing, drop kicks Big Duo into a crater, surfboards it's body to the bottom, piledrives it's head off, and rips it's chest cavity clean off with the camera angles capturing the brutality perfectly.Schwartzvald only makes it better with his Oh, Crap! reaction in the beginning, and is literally crying by the finale, which, considering he was a gloating, cocky bastard up to that point, is total karmaic justice.
  • Pretty much every second of "The Greatest Villain" is a Moment of Awesome for either R. Dorothy Wayneright or Jason Beck.
    • Mostly Beck, because he manages to create a plan that very nearly destroyed Big O, and he came closer than anyone else ever did, even the Big Bad. Had the Big O just been a mindless robot, it would have spent eternity walking along the bottom of the ocean, following that little dummy as it chanted "BIG O BIG O BIG O".
  • Norman gets his when he pulls a machine gun taller than him from nowhere in the first series, and again in "Eyewitness," when he breaks out a rocket-launching motorcycle.
  • Schwartzvald gets one after his death in series two. His mecha, Big Duo, has been refitted, rebuilt and given to Psycho for Hire Alan Gabriel, and is about to finish off the titular mecha, when Schwartzvald somehow takes control of Big Duo, appears as a ghost to inform Gabriel he isn't fit to pilot it, and suffocates the maniac with wires before flying off into the distance as (presumably) part of Big Duo. And then hitting a stagelight and exploding. Really.
    • Better still, the way Gabriel's fate is foreshadowed a few seconds before it happens. The main character's mecha always starts up by running the phrase, "Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty." Having skipped that little step in starting up Big Duo, Gabriel is surprised to see the screen in his cockpit suddenly sticking on that line; "Cast in the Name of God, Ye Guilty."
    • This is Scwarzwald's Ultimate Crowning Moment of Awesome though
  • Near the end of the series, police chief Dan Dastun is informed that the Military Police have been ordered by Alex Rosewater not to interfere in the fight between Big O and Big Fau (piloted by Rosewater). Angrily, Dastun tears his badge right off his uniform, commandeers a tank, and goes off to help Roger anyway. His attacks prove ineffective, but just before Rosewater can blast Dastun to kingdom come, he's barraged by an entire fleet of tanks, piloted by the entire Military Police force, all of whom resigned and came to help Dastun. A great day for Red Shirts indeed.
  • Roger gets one in every episode he fights another mech, but when he pulled out the Final Stage beam cannonits enough to make the viewer get up and cheer .
  • Roger and the Big O definitely deserve props for stopping a falling satellite by punching it.

Bubblegum Crisis

  • Largo's confrontation with Quincy in episode 6, where he demonstrates what he can do with the satellites. Quincy finally realizes Largo isn't human:
    QUINCY: Are you a superboomer?
    LARGO: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Largo. I am the maker of the new world.
  • Also, the introduction of Priss' new Motoslave, where, shortly after Largo's hyperboomers destroyed the old one, pays them back in full by taking two of them out all by itself before Priss even gets into it.

Overman King Gainer

  • After the Overdevil has either defeated (Gain) or turned the entire main characters into its slaves (Gainer, Cynthia. and Sara, the minor characters and army of Yapan City Units show up and start blasting the Overdevil, and Brainwash And Crazy members away.
  • Asuham Boone gets his when he gets in the boxing ring, and just destroys Gain, and captures Gain.
    • Which leads to Hughes Gouli revealing that he's a ninja and starts killing Siberian Railroad officials with shurikens while Calling Your Attacks.
  • The Students get one when they help Adette raid a Siberian Railroad train while only Sara and Gainer are actual soldiers.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Space

  • In episode 7, when Giren Zabi Nerval Colony Drops (actually, Colony Suplexes) Lelouch Leopard.
    • In the same episode, Takane gets one by saving Akiha-tachi with her hands shackled... and then tops it by slicing an asteroid in half.
  • In episode 15, Nami is kicking Akiha's butt (despite Akiha being in her QT-ARMS), ranting about how their family didn't care about her and how she hates Akiha. She tries to smash Akiha over the head with her staff-thingie... and Akiha ''catches'' it, and tells her, "Nami, shut the hell up!"
  • Imo-chan gets one in episode 21 by kamikaze-ing herself into an antimatter missile heading for Kirkwood. Also a Tear Jerker.
  • In episode 22, After Benkei decides to turn against our heroes, Tsutsuji (who was implied to have been blown out of the colony during their trip to the sun) reappears, kicks him (activating his chainsaw in Xanthippe's face), and verbally browbeats Benkei into staying on the heroes' side. Who knew henpecking could be awesome?
  • In the finale, Akiha Inazuma kicks Leopard to break him out of his possession.


  • A mention must also be given to Combat Mecha Xabungle and its infamous ICBM catch.
  • In Gravion Zwei, a trip to a hot springs resort is interrupted by a Zeravire attack. As the team scrambles to take it on, Sandman has the maids sing the transformation theme as Gravion dives down into a volcano, fights the Zeravire, throws it out of the volcano (the hard way), and finishes it off.
    • He actually preceded it... When Mizuki has been dominating a ping pong match with Alex... there comes Sandman challenging them, with just Leele as his assistant... except she's just there for formalities of a match. Sandman then goes on to completely beat them with perfect score... while calling out attack names of his strikes... using SANDALS. That episode certainly shows that even without mecha, he gets one soon, though, Sandman is beyond awesome.
  • In Zone of the Enders Dolores, I, when the Link arrived at Earth Orbital Elevator, the situation had turned grim, while the officer in charge can't do anything since he didn't get any order. Rachel explains the situation, that they had to give up most elevator structure to preserve it. While the officer still in doubt, (well, it is a several million dollar infrastructure being sacrificed in process) they decide to take matters into their hands: They wrestle their control from said officer, who can't do or say shit. Then, Rachel gives her speech:
    "If any of you wants to evacuate, go right now. BUT REMEMBER, between them and us is the life of more than 6 billions of people on Earth. If we failed, there's no more Earth we know. Now, what's your choice now?!"
    • Needless to say, all the officers choose to stay behind.
  • The end of Fight! Iczer-One, when Iczer-One and Nagisa finally synchronise with one another, and proceed to unleash massive amounts of butt-kicking. By the way, this was over twenty years before Mobile Suit Gundam 00 did the same thing.
    • Iczer-2 gets one in Iczer-3. After she utterly curbstomps Iczer-3 (with not even a Theme Music Power-Up being able to help), The Dragon Golem bombards the area and says that that makes the victory hers. Iczer-2 confronts Golem, who says that Neos only needs her, and fires a shot. Iczer-2's response? She tells Golem that she's a loser, dodges the shot, and neatly bisects her.
  • In Basquash!, we have the last scene of Episode Seven. the previous episode and a half had been focusing on MagnificentBastard James Lowe's plan to sterilize Street Bigfoot Basketball with rules, referees and lines. To make matters worse, when the fan response is a little less than lukewarm, his only notion is wanting to train them to accept and like these new rules. Cue Sela and Haruka's plan to start disrupting things by distributing scandalous pics of themselves... followed promptly by Dunk Mask, previously in a funk being torn over joining this new league to get the money he needs to make it to the moon and cure his sister and playing the game that fulfills him, showing up to completely disrupt the farce. CUE OPENING THEME AND FOUR MINUTES OF BASQUASH AT ITS ABSOLUTE FINEST. It concludes with Dunk Mask heaving a basketball filled with the diamonds offered to him by Lowe in the most outrageous rebound pattern barrage yet, bouncing every which way until it shatters the glass office that Lowe is watching from. KICK. ASS.
    • James recently had his own Moment of Awesome and Funny at the same time. After Dunk Mask gets arrested and thrown into jail (again), James realizes that he is unable to get Dan out of prison through official channels. Everyone, even those who know him well, think he's running out of ideas. What does he do? He DRESSES UP AS A HILARIOUSLY COSTUMED SUPERHERO NAMED "MISTER PERFECT" AND BUSTS JD OUT WITH A ROCKET LAUNCHER that's what he does! Awesome.
  • "My name is NOT Barius! I... I'M PAI THUNDER! AND YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!"
  • Strange as it may seem, Mayoi Neko Overrun! has something that belongs in this section. Episode 7, The Stray Cats Rode, is an episode that amounts to an Affectionate Parody of the Brave Series complete with a new Opening Theme by Yoshiki Fukuyama of JAM Project, that even follows the Rules of Super Robot Anime, right down to the Megas XLR ones.


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