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Awesome / Aura Battler Dunbine

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  • Marvel Frozen is able to outwit Allen in the Forest of Crystals despite having a weaker Aura Battler. She uses her reflection off a crystal to make Allen fire and think he hit her. Only for her to rush out and damage his machine enough to make him retreat.
  • Any time when the Upper Earth military forces are able to fight back despite the vast disparity in military power.
    • After Europe suffers the destruction of Paris, they respond by launching nuclear missiles at the Gea Gring while in the North Sea, allowing the Guran Galan and Goraon to surprise Bishot.
    • Using modern fighter planes as remote-controlled missiles. Keep in mind that this was conjured by American military personnel who made a safer version of the trope.
      • The first use deserves special mention because it damaged the Gea Gring so badly, Shot had to call off his surprise attempt on Ceila’s life, foiling his plan entirely.
  • When Shou faced the incredibly huge and powerful Leprechaun piloted by the show's Psycho for Hire, and finally destroyed it, getting everybody rid of Jerrill's worthless existence, with one telling blow. The Hyper Leprechaun seemed to be invincible, but he did it nonetheless.
  • In the final battle of Aura Battler Dunbine, Elle, one of the leaders of the protagonists and a powerful psychic, tries to mentally disable one of Bern Bernings's ultimate attacks. She succeeds, but in retaliation Bern launches his own mental attack, despite having shown NO psychic ability before, to not only kill her, but tear off her clothes and flail her body around like a puppet in the process. Not to mention he was fighting in a mecha far away from Elle's flagship at the time.