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  • Any time a group of Tactical Surface Fighters mobilise to take on the BETA, it is guaranteed to be a crowning moment of awesome.
  • Episode 5. Yui soloes Argos Flight, easily disabling Tarisa, VG and Stella, and then duels Yuuya, who has an epiphany and manages to disarm her.
  • From Episode 9, The deployment of the Type-99 Electomagnetic Induction Launcher, aka the railgun autocannon. In one minute, Yuuya combines More Dakka with large caliber shells, and singlehandedly wipes out every BETA that's making the landing. There's no dust to settle, but a red mist, created from vaporised BETA.
    • Latrova notes that he's set a new world record for the most BETA killed by a single pilot on their first sortie - somewhere around three thousand BETA.
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  • From Episode 15, the sheer appearance of the American Raptor TSF in the final scene of that episode. It just awesome.
  • From Episode 16, the entire Argos Flight versus Beo Feng Flight fight scene is awesome.
    • Yuuya versus the Ace Pilot Cui from Bao Feng Flight in close range combat with swords. Yuuya wins because he can swing his blade faster due to the difference in the center of gravity for the blades of the TSF's.
  • Episode 22 is full of badass, from Yuuya soloing the RLF F-16s and forcing them to run out of ammo, to Inia's Big Damn Heroes entrance, to the rest of the team showing up to back him up.
  • Episode 23 was also full of awesome from everyone, particularly Yui punching TSFs to death with her Takemi's bare hands, but the spotlight was definitely stolen by Leon and Sharon's Raptors, who show up outta nowhere and utterly rape the RLF MiG-29s.
  • And in the final episode, Yui and Yuuya do what no one else has been able to do: go up against the Scarlet Twins, and match them. In damaged TSFs. One on one. And live. Yuuya gets bonus points for actually managing to calm down the Scarlet Twins and survive, when Sandek was expecting him to die.

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