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  • Holland has his in "Shout to the Top!", when he manages to take out a good portion of the Ginga by crashing his LFO straight into it and unloading his entire arsenal.
    • Speaking of Holland, he gets another one very early in the series. When a couple of punks assault Talho in "Vivid Bit", Holland pulls one of them off of her by grabbing him by the nose. When another thug tries to crush Holland and Talho with the foot of his pimped-out mech (and does crush the ring he just bought for her), Holland retaliates by running up the mech's arm, throwing the manual release for the cockpit, and then beating the crap out of the punk when the hatch opens.
    Holland: It'll be a cold day in Hell before you guys ever do anything with Talho!
  • Prior to that, the Gekko dive-bombing the Ginga with heroic music blaring in the background.
  • Dewey's moment occurs in the same episode, and firmly establishes him as a Magnificent Bastard. Magnificent enough to have his potential victory be his suicide.
  • Eureka in "Morning Glory", flying alone on a refboard towards the Beams and a vast fleet of Federal aerocarriers for Renton's sake.
  • The entire last episode, "Wish Upon a Star", is Renton's CMOA.
  • Dominic, Anemone, and TheEND get their respective CMOAs in "Ballet Mechanique".
    • Dominic free-falling out of the sky to try to save Anemone, clinging to a piece of wreckage and roaring her name at the top of his lungs. Weird for a CMOA since he's essentially helpless and yet still utterly dead-set on his goal.
    • Anemone abandoning her suicide mission and launching herself into the air to reach Dominic.
    • TheEND's dramatic Heel–Face Turn: Just when it seems like everything's over, TheEND suddenly turns white and begins moving on its own, shields Dominic and Anemone from a deadly blast, and basically redeems every evil deed it performed throughout the whole series over the course of a couple of minutes.
  • While opinion on The Movie is pretty divided, no one can really argue that the Nirvash typeZERO Spec-V fighting the Devilfish wasn't pure awesomesauce.
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  • Axel Thurston proves to be a badass of the highest order when he successfully rams an armored transport carrier with a forklift, blows his workshop up to slow down the military, then does a dash for a cliff so he can send the customized LFO board for Renton's mecha.
  • During the penultimate episode, Holland and Dewey are fighting on the bridge of the Ginga, and it looks like Dewey is about to kill Holland, until he looks out the window and gets a wonderful Oh, Crap! face as Talho and Moondoggie stab the bridge of their ship through the bridge of the Ginga, sending Dewey flying across the room.
  • Renton's recovery after getting shot in the movie definitely counts. He doesn't quite recover until after his moment of awesome, but then again, said moment of awesome involves going from being bedridden and unable to even move, to causing the Nirvash to evolve into it's final form, rescuing Eureka from an EIZO attack, and then getting into a fierce battle with and defeating Holland piloting the Devilfish. Meanwhile, throughout all this, his wound has opened back up and he's slowly bleeding to death.
  • May be relatively small compared to Renton's other awesome accomplishments, but when he faced down Dominic in Episode 13, he blackmailed him into bringing him along to get help for Eureka by stealing the energy drive and muffler from his bike when he wasn't looking, and then didn't even blink when Dominic fired a shot into the ground at his feet to scare him.
  • Talho risking getting her throat slashed to capture Ray Beams.
  • After Renton suffers a Heroic BSoD in "Substance Abuse" and runs away from Gekkostate in Episode 21, he goes back in Episode 26, takes the Nirvash to save Eureka from falling to her death, then takes out an entire military squad without lethal force. Yeah, he's back.
    • Holland tries to be a Smug Snake upon his return to Gekkostate in "Morning Glory" assuming he came begging to come back to Gekkostate. Renton instead gives him a Death Glare and a Badass Boast. Don't ever mess with Renton again, Holland Novak.
    Renton: I didn't come back. I'm not interested one bit in becoming a crew member here on the Gekko again. I'm not even here because I think that... I might benefit. I came for Eureka! I came here just to see Eureka!!!
  • Holland's own stealth duel with Charles Beams in episode 27 exhibits the badass commando sides both have alluded to but not exhibited.
  • A small moment, but Hap calling out Holland for taking his anger out on Renton was pretty cool, as well as a Pet the Dog moment for Renton (albeit, indirectly).


  • Adroc and Eureka riding Originate Zero (Nirvash) down to the surface of the Earth on top of a giant rocket.
  • The activation of the Silver Box... until it goes haywire.
  • Watching the all-out battle at the Command Cluster.
  • The fact that Adroc's epic Heroic Sacrifice is revealed to be almost identical to the way Renton forced his way into the Command Cluster.


  • Studio BONES deciding to try and make a shonen anime where love is not just a major plot point, but the central theme. And succeeding.

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