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Awesome Music / Eureka Seven

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Thanks to the series creator, Dai Sato, the entire soundtrack. Be prepared to feel.

  • The first opening, "DAYS" by Flow, is awesome, and it only gets better from there.
  • The second opening, "Shounen Heart", is notable for being so gosh darn happy. Then again, given that it's by HOME MADE Kazoku, this is little surprise. Bonus points for appearing in Ouendan 2 and whatever this is.
  • The third opening, "Taiyo no Mannaka he" ("To the Center of the Sun") by Bivattchee, combines Hard Rock and a gritty, shouted vocal with the series' idealistic tone. "I CAN FLY AWAY!"
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  • All four of the opening songs are awesome. Here's the final one, "Sakura" by Nirgilis. Amazing Freaking Grace indeed.
  • "Storywriter". Sounds good-ish with casual listening. Now try playing it during the battle sequences.
  • "Get It By Your Hands". Eight minutes of pure awesome.
  • DAYS has a pretty sweet remix on the movie's soundtrack.
  • "Niji" (Rainbow), the song that plays over the climax of the final episode, is basically a CMOH in song form.
  • Nirvash Type Zero is considered to be one of the most memorable songs of the show for good reason. Many liken it to a theme for Superman because of its sweeping, optimistic tone.


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