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Hard Rock

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Hard rock is a sub-genre of rock, developing in the late 1960s on both sides of the Atlantic. In America, it was popularized by bands like Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly, while in Britain it grew out of the late 60s Blues. Generally, it's rooted in Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock. Its main definition is that it is considerably harder than conventional rock music. It is characterized by a heavy use of distorted electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, pianos, and other keyboards, making it near-indistinguishable from some of the lighter Heavy Metal bands.


That's the only definition you need, really. Hard rock doesn't have a "scene", though it was most popular back in the seventies. Nowadays, hard rock is much rarer, having been effectively replaced officially by a few similar genres. Still, there are some bands, more "retro" in focus, who could still be classified as hard rock, such as Wolfmother and The Darkness. The term 'hard rock' persists both as a catch-all term for hard-hitting music that isn't full-fledged metal, and as an umbrella term for all hard-edged rock music from Death Metal to Hardcore Punk to Grunge , so it still comes up a lot.


Bands/artists typically classified as hard rock include: