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The band during their 80s heyday.

"I knew right from the beginning,
That you would end up winning,
I knew right from the start,
You'd put an arrow through my heart.
—"Round and Round"

Ratt are an American Hair Metal/Hard Rock band from San Diego, California. They are best known for their 1984 hit single, "Round and Round," from their debut full-length album Out of the Cellar.

As always, you can find the basics about their career at The Other Wiki.

"The following tropes really want to lay it down, right now.":

  • Animal Motif: The rats on the album covers, in the videos, and even in the lyrics. ("This rat cage" is mentioned in "Wanted Man.")
  • The Big Guy: Robbin Crosby stood 6-foot-6 and weighed around 250 pounds in his prime. At the time of his death, he had reportedly ballooned to 400 pounds due to a pancreatic condition.
  • The Cameo/Celebrity Star:
    • Milton Berle appeared in the video for "Round and Round" since his (real life) nephewnote  was the band's manager at the time.
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    • Also, that's Tawny Kitaen (Of "Here I Go Again" video fame) on the cover of Out of the Cellar.
    • The band itself was the star in a GEICO commercial about a family complaining about a "rat problem" in the house — which turned out to be the band continually playing "Round and Round."
  • Critic-Proof: Invoked by name in the 2004 edition of The New Rolling Stone Album Guide in its review of Out of the Cellar.
  • Disappeared Dad: "Mother Blues"
  • The '80s
  • Friends with Benefits: "Round and Round"

  • From "Steel River":
"This one ratt is one to say"


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