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...Ahí donde dobla el viento y se cruzan los atajos, ahí donde brinda la vida, en la esquina de mi barrio!
Vamos la renga, con huevo vaya al frente
Que te lo pide toda la gente.
Una bandera que diga "Che Guevara"
Un par de rocanroles y un porro pa' fumar.
Matar a un rati, para vengar a Walter
Y en toda la Argentina comienza el carnaval...
Cantito Popular
La Renga is a rock band from Argentina.

The band was created in 1988 and released their first album in 1991, "Esquivando charcos". It was a self-published album, and they made just 100 copies that were distributed in the concerts. The second album, "A dónde me lleva la vida", was published by Polygram, allowing for a massive distribution. It was a success, followed by the live album "Bailando en una pata". This album featured the songs of the first album, which were thus first available for the mass public. They released several more albums since then, and became a highly popular and influential band.



  • Esquivando charcos
  • A donde me lleva la vida
  • Despedazado por mil partes
  • La Renga
  • La esquina del infinito
  • Detonador de sueños
  • Truenotierra
  • Algún Rayo
  • Pesados Vestigios


  • Anti-Police Song: The "cantito popular" song calls to kill a cop to avenge Walter Bulacio.
  • Chummy Commies: Che Guevara is treated like a rock star and a Working-Class Hero
  • Drives Like Crazy: "El camino del deshielo" is about a driver who drives recklessly in the mountain, next to the cliff.
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: "La Renga" is just a black album, with Che Guevara's star.
  • Noble Savage: "Lo frágil de la locura" narrates the encounter of the singer with a native american, who talked about the suffering of his people.
  • Stopped Caring: "El Revelde" is not interested in religion, in democratic politics, in fascist politics... not even in anarchism!
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  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: "Balada Del Diablo Y La Muerte": the devil and death have met in a street, and the singer shared a cigarrete and some beers with them.

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