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"...You know, I think it [queer] means different things to different people, but, for me, it's about the freedom to live my gender identity and expression as well as my sexual orientation."

Sara Ramirez (or Ramírez) is a Mexican-American actor and singer. Born in Mazatlán in August 31, 1975, Ramirez moved to California as a child with her Mexican-Irish mom after her parents split. She graduated from the Juilliard school and began working on Broadway. In 2005 she won the Tony for her performance as The Lady of the Lake in Spamalot — one of her songs in the show had to have lyrics changed to reflect this as it was initially despairing a lack of Tony awards. She was also in the OBC of A Class Act and The Vagina Monologues, and appeared in the 2001 Broadway concert performance of Dreamgirls.

Because of her amazing talent and the recognition to prove it, ABC offered her a role on Grey's Anatomy, where she would become the well-loved Dr. Callie Torres in her televisual Star-Making Role. One episode of the Medical Drama features primarily Ramirez singing covers of alt pop songs. Because of Callie's Coming Out Storyline, Ramirez has been able to be a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights and was given the Ally for Equality award; she later came out as bisexual herself and continues to promote equal rights and social justice for sexual minorities and immigrants (of which she is both, and very successful).


She also provides the voice of Queen Miranda on Disney's Sofia the First and related franchises since 2012. Ramirez also shares her full name with a character in The Echo Case Files, though she definitely had it first. Speaking of her name, since it's Spanish, it's pronounced Sa-ra, not Sair-a.

When Callie moved to New York on Grey's Anatomy, she was not intended to so abruptly be Put on a Bus, but Sara reportedly asked the showrunners for some time off, taking a year away from acting but still appearing on public platforms and singing. Her return came in late 2017 with the recurring character of Kat on season 4 of Madam Secretary, who similarly took time away from her field before a triumphant return, with Sara getting And Starring credit for the season.


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