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Dressed To Kill is the third studio album by the American hard rock band KISS, which was released in 1975. It features their breakout hit, "Rock And Roll All Nite", which was made even more famous by the version on the Alive! album released that same year.


Side One
  1. "Room Service" (2:59)
  2. "Two Timer" (2:47)
  3. "Ladies In Waiting" (2:35)
  4. "Getaway" (2:43)
  5. "Rock Bottom" (3:54)

Side Two

  1. "C'mon And Love Me" (2:57)
  2. "Anything For My Baby" (2:35)
  3. "She" (4:08)
  4. "Love Her All I Can" (2:40)
  5. "Rock And Roll All Nite" (2:49)

Principal Members:

  • Peter Criss - drums, percussion, lead vocals
  • Ace Frehley - guitar, bass, vocals
  • Gene Simmons - lead vocals, bass
  • Paul Stanley - lead vocals, guitar, bass

"I want to trope and roll all nite":