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Music / D-A-D (band)

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L-R - Laust Sonne, Stig Pedersen, Jesper Binzer, Jacob Binzer
'Cause you won't believe what I believe when I'm alone (Bad craziness!),
I got to tie my head to the TV'n'unplug the phone (Bad craziness!),
I had two feet on the ground now I'm almost gone (B-B-B-Bad craziness!),
'Cause you won't believe what I believe when I'm aloooone!
Bad craziness!
"Bad Craziness"

D-A-D (sometimes stylized as D.A.D. or DAD) are a Danish Hard Rock band active since 1982. Known for their lunatic personas and stage antics backed by solid musical skills and songwriting chops they've released twelve albums over a nearly forty year career.

Current Members:

  • Jesper Binzer: Lead vocals, guitar, banjo, and backing vocals. (1982-present)
  • Jacob Binzer: Lead guitar, backing vocals, kazoo, piano, and keyboards. 1982-present)
  • Stig Pedersen: Bass guitar, lead vocals and backing vocals. 1982-present)
  • Laust Sonne: Drums, backing vocals, vibraphone, keyboards, guitar, saxophone, xylophone, and bass guitar. (1999-present)


  • Band of Relatives: Type 1 - Jesper and Jacob are brothers.
  • Berserk Button: In "Jihad", the fact there is 'no fuel left for the pilgrims' is the singers:
    What? Blow me to Heaven!
  • Claymation: The music video for "Bad Craziness" features Claymation caricatures of the band.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: The subject of "Bad Craziness", who says ' won't believe, what I believe when I'm alone!'
  • Impressive Pyrotechnics: The bass player, Stig Pedersen, is well known for his use of pyrotechnics, both live and in music videos, often using sparkle fountain fireworks to send huge cascades of blazing sparks shooting out from his bass, his helmet or both.
  • Intercourse with You: "A Kiss Between The Legs" is a rather unsubtle one of these songs.
  • Lady Land: The song "Girl Nation" is about one of these, even dropping the trope title in the lyrics:
    Globetrotting to lady land,
    Back where time began.
  • The Night Owl: The protagonist of "Sleeping My Day Away" is one of these, ready to face the night after his "daymare is over".
  • Our Lawyers Advised This Trope: The band were originally called "Disneyland After Dark" after the idea that anything could happen in said amusement park once the sun went down. A polite "request" from Disney forced the band to change their name to "D-A-D" to avoid a lawsuit they were ill equipped to fight and probably couldn't have won anyway.
  • Principles Zealot: The protagonist of "Point of View" who says that he 'can't win on a compromise, I'd rather lose on my own'.
  • Signature Style: The band are known for using intro guitar solos in a lower register at the start of the song before kicking in with vocals and inserting a more conventional solo later on.

Alternative Title(s): DAD