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Loverboy is a Hard Rock group from Canada who were active during The '80s, releasing their most successful albums at a time when other Arena Rock bands like Journey, Foreigner and Boston dominated the rock and roll scene in America. The original line-up included Mike Reno (lead vocal), Paul Dean (lead guitar), Scott Smith (bass guitar), Matt Frenette (drums, percussion) and Doug Johnson (keyboards).

Their first four albums (Loverboy, Get Lucky, Keep It Up and Lovin' Every Minute of It) were multi-platinum hits in America and featured songwriting and production contributions from such luminaries as Bruce Fairbairn, Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Bryan Adams and Jonathan Cain. However, in spite of their early successes, their fifth album stalled and the band broke up over personal tensions between Mike Reno and Paul Dean.

Nevertheless, Loverboy promptly got back together after performing a benefit concert with Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi, and despite the loss of Scott Smith (who was declared dead after becoming lost at sea) they've been touring and recording ever since.

Loverboy Tropes:

  • Genre Mashup: Their first big hit single and Signature Song, "Turn Me Loose", combined disco rhythms, hard rock guitars, and new wave synthesizers.
  • Non-Indicative Title: No, "Hot Girls in Love" is not some kind of anthem about how Girl on Girl Is Hot. Rather, it's about hot girls being in love with the singer.
  • Pop-Star Composer: The song "Heaven in Your Eyes" was written for Top Gun, but Doug Johnson declined to appear in the music video because he felt that the movie glorified war.
  • Power Ballad: Just like all bands in their genre, Loverboy recorded a couple of these. The aforementioned "Heaven in Your Eyes" was a reasonably popular one.