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La psicosis masiva, es menester que sea Rock...
Pappo (real name Norberto Napolitano, 1950-2005) was a musician from Argentina.

He has been in several rock bands. After being a member of Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Gatos he started a solo career, named "Pappo's Blues". He also worked with Spinetta and with Billy Bond y La Pesada. He broke up Pappo's Blues and started a new band, Aeroblues, but it was short-lived and he returned to his solo career.

In the 1980s he created Riff, the first Heavy Metal band of Argentina. There was controversy over the violence of the audience, and Riff broke up when a concert at the Ferro stadium ended with massive property damage. Riff returned in 1985, and from then on Pappo made albums with both this band and his solo career.

He died in 2005 in a motorbike accident.


Los Gatos

  • Beat Nº 1
  • Rock de la mujer perdida

Pappo's Blues

  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 1
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 2
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 3
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 4
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 5, Triángulo
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 6
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 7
  • Pappo's Blues Volumen 8, Caso cerrado
  • El auto rojo
  • El Riff
  • Blues Local
  • Pappo & Deacon Jones
  • Pappo y Amigos
  • Buscando un Amor


  • Idem

Patrulha do Espaço

  • Patrulha 85

Hoy No Es Hoy

  • Plan Diabólico

Pappo & The Widowmakers

  • Idem


  • Berserk Button: "Mi vieja" is about Pappo's love for his mother. She once went to a protest and the police attacked her, causing the singer to undergo an Unstoppable Rage.
  • Cover Version: He made a very acclaimed version of "Route 66", in Spanish.
  • Disco Sucks: He was once in an interview alongside a DJ. He voiced his dislike for his work, got enraged when the DJ tried to defend himself saying that "we're both musicians", and he told him to get an actual job.
  • Heavy Meta: "Rock & Roll Fiebre"
  • Stage Names: His real name was Norberto Napolitano. Although the name "Pappo" is his best known one, he was also known as "El Carpo".