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Parachute Express was an American children's music trio that consists of three members: Stephen Michael Schwartz, Janice Hubbard, and Donald "Donny" Becker. They were formed in 1984 to perform music in various Gymboree chains around the country. A few years later, they made a deal with Walt Disney Records to be part of their "Music Box Artist" series, although they stopped a few years later and made their own record company, Trio Lane Records.They have received a lot of awards for their music, and they have been popular towards children across the world, including a few tours in China. They have disbanded in 2011 and moved on to other things, including Stephen, who still produces music to this day.


  • Shakin' It! (1984)
  • Feel the Music (1991)
  • Happy to be Here (1991)
  • Over Easy (1992)
  • Sunny Side Up (1992)
  • Friends, Forever, Friends (1996)
  • Who's Got a Hug? (1997)
  • Dr. Looney's Remedy (1998)
  • Don't Blink! (2005)

Music Videos

  • Parachute Express: Live in Concert (1989)
  • Parachute Express: Come Sing with Us (1995)