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Such nice Christian boys.
To Hell with the devil!

Stryper is an American Christian Metal band formed in and made popular in The '80s in the Sunset Strip Hair Metal scene. Originally formed as Roxx Regime by brothers Michael Sweet on lead vocals and Robert Sweet on drums and Oz Fox on lead guitar, the band changed its name to "Stryper" when bassist Tim Gaines joined.

Stryper is best known for basically being pioneers in the mainstream popularization of Christian Rock. The band would experience a good run in 1983-1992, including two Gold records and one Platinum record. However, the band would break up in 1992 due to the rise of Grunge, which practically killed off every other hair metal band as well.

The band reformed in 2003 with Tracy Ferrie on bass.

The band's name is a reference to the New King James Version of Isaiah 53:5, "But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."Translation  "Isaiah 53:5" is often affixed to the band's logo.

  • The Yellow and Black Attack - 1984
  • Soldiers Under Command - 1985
  • The Yellow and Black Attack (Reissue) - 1986
  • To Hell with the Devil - 1986
  • In God We Trust - 1988
  • Against the Law - 1990
  • Can't Stop the Rock (Compilation) - 1991
  • 7: The Best of Stryper - 1993
  • 7 Weeks: Live in America, 2003 (Live Album) - 2004
  • Reborn - 2005
  • Extended Versions - 2006
  • The Roxx Regime Demos - 2007, a compilation album mostly consisting of songs by the band's original name.
  • Murder by Pride - 2009
  • The Covering - 2011
  • Second Coming - 2013
  • No More Hell to Pay - 2013
  • Fallen - 2015
  • God Damn Evil - 2018
  • Even The Devil Believes - 2020


  • Michael Sweet: lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
  • Oz Fox: lead guitar
  • Robert Sweet: drums
  • Perry Richardson: bass

Stryper provides examples of:

  • New Sound Album: Reborn
  • Number of the Beast: Averted with their use of "777" as a protest to the "666" imagery prevalent with metal bands. While the number 777 itself isn't actually referenced in The Bible, the number 7 is traditionally associated with divine perfection. Stryper's stage sets also include crossed out symbols of "devil" and "666" to further drive their anti-satanic point across.
  • Rearrange the Song: "In God We Trust" was remade as "I.G.W.T." for Reborn
  • Stage Names: Oz Fox, whose nickname comes from his ability to emulate the vocals of Ozzy Osbourne. His birth name is Richard Alfonso Martinez.