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The classic line-up (L-R): Jeff Pilson, Don Dokken, George Lynch, Mick Brown
Dokken is a Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles formed in 1978. The band's name comes from the lead singer's surname, though this happened because their original name "Airborn" was already taken by another band that happened to have a record deal. They were primarily successful from 1983-87 for their albums Breaking the Chains, Tooth and Nail, Under Lock and Key and Back for the Attack. Some of their more popular songs include "Breaking the Chains," "Into the Fire," "Just Got Lucky," "In My Dreams," "The Hunter," "It's Not Love," "Burning Like a Flame," "Dream Warriors" and "Alone Again".

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Members (current):

  • Don Dokken - lead vocals, guitar occasionally (founding member)
  • "Wild" Mick Brown - drums, backing vocals (founding member)
  • Jon Levin – lead guitar (2003–present)
  • Sean McNabb - bass guitar (2006 touring, 2009–present as full member)


  • Back in the Streets (EP) (1979)
  • Breaking the Chains (1983)
  • Tooth and Nail (1984)
  • Under Lock and Key (1985)
  • Back for the Attack (1987)
  • Beast from the East (live) (1988)
  • Dysfunctional (1995, May)
  • One Live Night (1995, Nov)
  • Shadowlife (1997)
  • Erase the Slate (1999)
  • Live from the Sun (2000)
  • Long Way Home (2002)
  • Hell to Pay (2004)
  • From Conception: Live 1981 (2007)
  • Lightning Strikes Again (2008)
  • Broken Bones (2012)
  • Heaven Comes Down (2023)

"Mr. Scary" appears on Brütal Legend, former bass-player Jeff Pilson (1983-2001) has lead a mildly successful acting career note , and the band provides the name of one of Vice's unique/command-special attacks in The King of Fighters.

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Dokken to Freddy Krueger

In the music video to the Dokken song "Dream Warrior" (a tie-in song to the third Nightmare on Elm Street movie), Dokken manages to scare away Freddy with the power of music, Freddy waking with a fright as though he was having a nightmare.

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