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JORN is the solo band of one-time Yngwie Malmsteen and Masterplan vocalist Jorn Lande. His band has put out 12 studio albums, 2 of which are cover albums. His early albums were very close to Avant-Garde Metal, frequently changing in heaviness and increasingly experimental, while his later albums from 2004 on are what Jorn Lande calls "heavy rock", marrying Hard Rock, Traditional Heavy Metal and Blues Rock, with chugging, downtuned guitars, melodic, soaring vocals, and pounding drums. His backing band is frequently rotating and at one time included Jan Axel von Blomberg, aka Hellhammer on drums.


His current band includes:

  • Jorn Lande- vocals
  • Trond Holter- guitar, backing vocals
  • Thomas Bekkevold- bass guitar
  • Christian Svendsen- Drums

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