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J.B.O. is a German fun rock/metal band from Erlangen, Franconia. For quite some time a lot if not the majority of their songs made reference to their being from Erlangen (this one is probably the most "Erlangen" song they ever made) and it is still one of the first things people in Germany associate with the town. A good part of their songs are parodies of well-known rock/pop/metal/whatever songs. Or Theme Songs, like The Smurfs' one. Or Nursery Rhymes. However, just like "Weird Al" Yankovic tends to make a polka or at least a more polka-ish rendition out of (almost) everything he touches, JBO have a tendency to amp up the guitars and make the song a bit more "heavy" than the original, especially if their material used to be Schlager, Pop or some similar "soft" style of music. While their style is rather distinctive, there are a lot of songs that are not really similar to their work at all that are falsely attributed to them, even on YouTube. Basically, if it's funny and sung in German, chances are it has been falsely ascribed to JBO. Chances get higher with any mention of alcohol, drunkenness or laziness. This of course has also happened to Alber Yankovic quite a bit.


The name was supposed to mean "James Blast Orchester", parodying James Last, but is only used in the abbreviated form for legal reasons.



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