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The Warning is a Rock/heavy metal band from Monterrey, Mexico formed by three sisters. These sisters, from oldest to youngest are:

  • Daniela "Dany" Villareal (born 2000) - lead vocals, guitar
  • Paulina "Pau" Villareal (born 2002) - drums, vocals, piano
  • Alejandra "Ale" Villareal (born 2004) - bass guitar, piano, backing vocals

Dany and Pau discovered their love for music while attending summer camp back in 2005. After that they started getting piano lessons. Dany and Pau started playing Rock Band as children, where they got inspired to learn guitar and drums respectively. Alejandra, inspired by her sisters, eventually found her calling in playing bass guitar.


The three of them never intended to form a band, especially since they were so young, they just loved playing music.Then, at a Christmas Holiday's school festival where Dany and Pau decided to play a song together, they invited Ale to join them. They enjoyed the experience so much that they started to practice more songs together, each motivated to push themselves ever further.

They started to record these songs and uploaded them on YouTube. Over time they started gaining more follower until their cover of "Enter Sandman" blew up on social media in 2014. In 2015 they recorded their first EP 'Escape the Mind' with songs written by themselves. The EP has a mix of different styles and genres, though they learned that they enjoyed rock music the most.

In 2015 The Warning appeared as guests on TheEllenDeGeneresShow, where Ellen helped fund their crowdfunding campaing which goal it was to get enough money so that the sisters could attend a summer course at Berklee College of Music.


In march 2017 they released their first album 'XXI Century Blood', with all original songs.One and a half years later in november 2018, they released their second album "Queen of The Murder Scene", which is a bit of a concept album. It consists of an intro track, followed by four chapters each consiting of three songs. It tells the story of a girl falling in love, with the feelings not being reciprocated and the ensuing downward spiral.

Check out their official website here or their patreon here

Coming full circle, singles from both 'Escape the Mind' and 'XXI Century Blood' have been included in new Rockband Games.


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