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Whatever the reason (a guilty conscience, the world is simply too much to bear, self-hatred, whether reasonable or unreasonable, a belief that they're facing A Fate Worse Than Death, or simply having seen some really weird shit), a character may be driven to take their own life. This may be as little as pondering their existence or as much as holding a gun to one's head. Most times, the character will have second thoughts, or will be talked down by a friend, but in shows where Anyone Can Die, the character may go through with it. In any case, this is a powerful way to underscore the desperation of the character. In a Backstory, being Driven to Suicide can illuminate the character's Dark and Troubled Past. On desperate occasions, this can be a happy ending, but only if a majority of the viewers agree, and this is very rare.

In some cases, the reason for suicide may not be depression, but honor, as with ritual suicide. This is obviously more common in Japanese works (as in Japanese culture, traditionally suicide can be done to cleanse one's honor) than in Western ones (as in most Christian sects, suicide traditionally is a shameful act — but classical settings allow it to be presented as honourable, e.g. in Shakespeare). It was also accepted by various ancient Greek philosophies, particularly that of the Stoics, as well as the ancient Romans and Egyptians, both of whom lauded it as a dignified and timely alternative to illness, dementia, or disgrace. Some Proud Warrior Races, such as the nomadic Scythians, preferred suicide as an alternative to dying in bed, thus making this trope Older Than Feudalism. By contrast, Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, et al.) abhor suicide, believing that only God is permitted to say when a life may be ended — however, there is considerable debate over issues like euthanasia, capital punishment, and killing in war.

Sometimes this is done to deliver An Aesop about teen suicide by having Long-Lost Uncle Aesop show up in a Very Special Episode.

At the other extreme, victims of The Corruption, Compelling Voice, or other forms of compulsion may resort to this to prevent the monster they are about to become from being unleashed on the world. This may allow Dying as Yourself.

This is regularly played for laughs, despite the risk of falling into "Dude, Not Funny!" territory. Also incidentally, deliberately pushing someone into suicide is treated the same as premeditated first-degree murder in many countries. For example, grave bullying (at school or elsewhere) can, unfortunately, result in the victim going to very great lengths to escape it.

Subtrope of Murder by Suicide. Super-Trope to Leave Behind a Pistol. Sister Trope to Psychic-Assisted Suicide, Ordered to Die, Tricked to Death, and Suicidal Sadistic Choice.

See also: I Cannot Self-Terminate, Suicide by Cop, Suicide by Sea, Ate His Gun, Barefoot Suicide, Bath Suicide, Better to Die than Be Killed, Goodbye, Cruel World!, Gayngst-Induced Suicide, Suicide by Sunlight, Murder-Suicide and Mid-Suicide Regret.

Contrast Bungled Suicide and Interrupted Suicide, where the character's attempt fails or is stopped by somebody else; Happily Failed Suicide, where the character is grateful to be alive after all; Mistaken for Suicidal, where a character is mistakingly thought to be suicidal when they're not; Accidental Suicide where a character kills themself but had zero intention of doing so; and Suicide Is Painless, where the character has no reason to kill themself, but does so anyway. Also contrast Seppuku, a form of suicide usually associated with Samurai, which is done to retain honor if all other choices mean violating it. Not to be confused with Too Dumb to Live, where a character makes a decision stupid enough to unintentionally lead to their own death.

Tragically, this is an all too common occurrence in Real Life, but due to the extremely sensitive nature of this trope and the fact we'd have WAY too many cases, please do not add real life examples. noreallife

As this is a Death Trope, unmarked spoilers abound. Beware.


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  • Hyundai was forced to pull a commercial for their hydrogen fuel cell cars depicting a man attempting to take his own life by routing the exhaust pipe of his SUV into the cabin, only for him to realise that all his truck emits is nothing than water. Unsurprisingly, people are none too pleased at the idea and took umbrage at its portrayal of a sensitive subject, and there were also concerns about copycat incidents involving the ad as well.
  • In a 2015 Old Spice Commercial, Terry Crews shaves himself to death after finding out he married himself.
  • A "Stop global warming" ad shows CGI animals committing suicide. A chimp hangs himself. A polar bear jumps off the last iceberg. A kangaroo jumps in front of a train.

  • In the last painting of Marriage A-la-Mode, already ashamed of having brought about her husband's death in a duel, the Countess is broken completely by the news that Silvertongue has been hanged at Tyburn for the crime. She poisons herself with laudanum which she has bribed a dim-witted manservant (the man in the loose-fitting, incorrectly-buttoned coat) to buy for her. Since this makes what remains of the Earl's money forfeit to the state, the only money her father can get back from her dowry is from selling her wedding ring, which he is busy removing.

    Comic Strips 
  • Funky Winkerbean: The fall of 2019 brought a weeks-long Story Arc concerning Bull Bushka going through advancing symptoms of a dementia-type syndrome (which will be explained is chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE), of which he seeks treatment but his health insurer refuses to pay for. With his condition worsening (and knowing he'll eventually be rendered into a dementia-type vegetative state; he's already suffered from severe headaches that he can't get rid of) and knowing that he and his wife will be bankrupted (and worse) if he gets treatment ... Bull takes to what he decides is his only option. One night, he puts on his football helmet and goes for a drive, eventually (deliberately) driving his car through a guardrail and crashing into a deep ravine; he is killed on impact. Bull's suicide reflected research by Funky Winkerbean author Tom Bautik of athletes (most of them football) who had in real life taken their own lives due to symptoms later attributed to CTE; the storyline would be the focus of several major newspaper articles and be a feature article in the magazine Sports Illustrated.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In Bearskin, when the hero, appalling shaggy, filthy and ragged, but rich, rescues a man from financial distress, the man promises that he may marry one of his daughters. Only the youngest is willing. However, his appearance stemmed from a Deal with the Devil, and that being over, he cleans up nicely, and the older sisters are reduced to envy and commit suicide. The Devil exults to the hero that he has got two souls instead of the one.
  • In The Blue Mountains, the hero despairs of finding the princess, and goes to kill himself with the sword she left him.
  • In "The Little Mermaid", the mermaid chooses death over killing the prince and reverting to mermaid form.
  • "Sweetheart Roland" has the title character forget about his lover, the story's heroine. So she turns herself into a flower in the hopes that somebody would trample on her.
  • In The Young Slave, the heroine is so badly abused that she contemplates suicide. Fortunately, her uncle hears her lamenting her woes and saves her.
    She began to weep, and wail, and lament, telling that inanimate piece of wood the story of her travails, speaking as she would have done to a living being; and perceiving that the doll answered not, she took up the knife and sharpening it on the pumice-stone, said, 'If thou wilt not answer me, I shall kill myself, and thus will end the feast;' and the doll swelled up as a bag-pipe, and at last answered, 'Yes, I did hear thee, I am not deaf.'

  • In Goddess Creation System, after two bad breakups and a brutal public shaming, Xiaxi cuts her wrists open, bleeds out on a hospital bed and finds herself reincarnating into ancient China with a mission: Seduce a young nobleman and become a goddess or die.
  • In My Wife Is a Demon Queen, the official story of Guro Dita's death is that he was found hung in his own library. It's unclear as to whether that's what really happened, however.

  • A very tragic example of an already tragic trope from from Let Dai, in a terribly ironic fashion: Eunhyung. After much sorrow from being gang raped and becoming utterly alienated from the world at large she finally begins to recover, rumors at school and eavesdropping on the boy she likes confessing his love for her sister finally take her to the edge. Ironically, said boy then goes to correct this assertion and expresses his love to Eunhyung who no longer hears this part of the conversation. To make matters even more painful, the boy makes a public confession via a banner that he hangs at her school... only to be informed that she committed suicide the day before. A true Tear Jerker moment.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • Psyche has a track record of this trope: twice after she loses Cupid, and once after each of the last three impossible tasks Venus orders. Considering the raw deals she has got, it is hard to blame her.
    • In most versions of the story of Oedipus, Jocasta hangs herself once she realizes the man she has married is her son and her husband's killer. Oedipus, however, punishes himself in a far-more long-lasting way.
    • Subverted by Heracles in one interpretation; when Hera forbids Heracles from entering Olympus after completing his trials, he builds a pyre and sets himself on fire. What should be his suicide turns out to be his ascension however, as Zeus steps in and basically said:
      "Okay, that's enough, he has earned his godhood."
    • Heracles' third wife Deianira hangs herself in grief when she realizes that she's been tricked into poisoning his robe, which eventually leads to the hero's death.
    • Some versions of Ariadne's myth claim that she hanged herself, when she realized Theseus left her on Naxos to die.
    • When Theseus prepared to sail to Crete to battle the Minotaur, he promised his father, King Aegeus, that if he succeeded, his ship would have a white sail, but if he failed, it would have a black sail. When Theseus returned, he so depressed after abandoning Ariadne that he forgot to change it to a white sail. When Aegeus saw the black sail approaching, he assumed Theseus had been killed and killed himself by leaping off a cliff into the sea.
    • Theseus' wife Phaedra attempted to seduce Hippolytus, Theseus' son with Antiope, but he refused. In some versions, Phaedra killed herself out of shame, but got revenge by leaving a note behind claiming Hippolytus had raped her, leading Theseus to pray to Poseidon to kill him, which was granted. In other versions, Phaedra told Theseus about the rape claim, then after Hippolytus was dead, killed herself in grief because she thought Theseus would just punish him and did not want him to die.
    • In one version of the story of Arachne, Athena's intended punishment is a curse intended to teach humility and respect; it works too well, filling her with guilt and causing her to hang herself. Athena grants a small consolation by turning her into a spider.
    • One version of the story of Jason and the Argonauts says that Jason ultimately, after breaking his vow to Medea and thus losing Hera's favor and becoming broke and destitute, tried to hang himself from the stern of the Argo, only for it to break off and crush him. (And that's the compassionate ending. The crueler one says he went to it to commiserate, saying it was his only friend; then it fell on him.
    • In some versions, when Idas is killed by Pollux, his wife Marpessa killed herself out of grief.
    • Before Peleus, father of Achilles, married Thetis and had Achilles, he was married to Antigone of Phthia. Unfortunately, the wicked Queen Astydameia desired Peleus despite already being married to King Acastus. When he rejected her, she contacted Antigone and lied that Peleus had cheated on her with her daughter, Princess Sterope. Antigone believed her and hanged herself.
    • During the Trojan War, when Achilles was killed and his body recovered, Odysseus and Ajax the Great both wanted his armor, so they got the men to vote. In some versions, when Odysseus won the vote, Ajax got so upset that he immediately fell on his sword. In other versions, when Odysseus won the vote, Ajax went insane and ran around slaughtering a herd of sheep, thinking they were Odysseus and his men. The next morning, when he wakes up covered in blood, he is horrified and falls on his sword.
  • The Bible:
    • Judas hangs himself from a tree after betraying Jesus, according to Matthew's Gospel, although this is contradicted by Acts of the Apostles.
    • King Saul at the end of 1st Samuel, when he was badly wounded in the battle with the Philistines, tells his armor-bearer to slay him so that his enemies wouldn't make sport of him, but since his armor-bearer refused, Saul falls upon his own sword and dies, and so also does his armor-bearer. An Amalekite who goes around Robbing the Dead comes to King David with the personal effects of King Saul and tells the story of him having to slay Saul when he was badly wounded in battle, hoping to get a reward for the cool loot he had taken. However, the only reward the Amalekite gets is to be killed by King David himself, since according to David the Amalekite testified by his own mouth that he had killed "the Lord's anointed". It didn't help that David himself had just been at war with the Amalekites and so he was bigoted against that people anyway.
    • Ahithophel, an adviser to King David's son Absalom during the coup he staged against his own father in 2nd Samuel, kills himself after Absalom chooses to accept Hushai's advice as to what to do concerning King David over his own advice.
  • Razis from the apocryphal book of 2nd Maccabees boldly tries to kill himself in order to not be captured by Nicanor's troops, though it takes him a few more tries before he finally expires.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, seen in Kaiju Big Battel, is the result of a suicide attempt gone wrong. He eventually became a hero though.
  • Samuel Shaw tried to commit suicide in TNA when he realized Christie Hemme, whom he had been stalking, did not share his affections. This eventually lead to him being put in a padded cell.

  • There's a sort of joking, Continuity Nod version in the Big Finish Doctor Who story Caerdroia. The Doctor, dealing with an Obstructive Bureaucrat, says that he's going to go take a couple of aspirin. It was once stated that aspirin is poison to Time Lords. Without knowing that, it sounds as though he's merely, and quite reasonably, complaining of a headache, as he's just been asked to refer his question of whether anyone in the building can help him to the Rhetorical or Genuine Questions Office, but it's actually more akin to an exasperated finger-gun-to-the-head gesture.

  • After Lin Mao, the man who arranged Hua Yin's Career-Ending Injury in The Dao of the Awakened, is made to suffer the same fate, he jumps off a roof.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Marya finally cracks when she becomes guilt-ridden by all the bad things she's done and commits suicide in order to atone for her sins and be reunited with her husband Kagetsu in the afterlife.
  • Many characters in Survival of the Fittest choose to commit suicide rather than kill their classmates or allow themselves to be killed. The most memorable of these is probably River Garraty, who was the first one to kill themselves by intentionally running into a danger zone. In v3, there have been six intentional suicides; Tegan Bianco, Keiji Tanaka, Anna Grout, Bobby Jacks, Gabe McCallum and Quincy Archer. Three other characters killed themselves by accident.
    • Recently in v4, Dawne Jiang commits suicide by remaining in a dangerzone after it has been announced as such. Hermione Miller and Violetta Lindsberg also commit suicide by pulling on their collars.
      • Maria Graham attempts suicide by trying to slash her own throat with a shard of broken glass. Fortunately, one of her friends shows up just in time to stop her.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Anathema, shrouds with the dominion of Despair can drive others to suicide, even if that person was perfectly fine before.
    • If a shroud has the primary dominion of Despair, it means that their husk committed suicide.
  • One of the Deathlords in Exalted, during his first life as a Solar Exalted, was inducted into a Circle (adventuring party) to replace their lost member, who had carried the same Shard. After enduring a decade of them demonstrating why the Solars ended up being overthrown, he killed himself. Then, after spending a fair while as a brooding ghost, the rest of them managed what he saw as a Karma now he wants to destroy all life.
  • This is roughly how Cataphractoi are created in Princess: The Hopeful.
  • In the origin story for the Ravenloft setting, grieving bride Tatyana throws herself from the clifftop castle wall, rather than be turned into a vampire by her fiance's murderous brother, Strahd von Zarovich. Strahd's karmic punishment as a Darklord is to continue driving Tatyana's reincarnations to suicide (or be otherwise directly or indirectly responsible for her death) again and again as the only thing he truly wants - her - keeps slipping from his grasp.
  • For a while in Warhammer 40,000 it was possible for a Commissar of the Imperial Guard to execute himself. This was quickly patched in the Codex's FAQ.

  • Animula's backstory involves this in Little Apple Dolls. In order to avoid losing his wife, her father have her to a warlord prior to her birth. On her seventh birthday the warlord came for her. The little girl was made to live in a cage, however a fox came along and helped her. The fox told her that the warlord was going to give her milk that would turn her into a demon, so Animula was given eggs in order to protect her. It turns out the fox was really the warlords' jealous wife, who was attempting to kill the girl herself. After deciding she can never escape, the child ended up drinking both the allegedly poisonous milk and eating the bad eggs.
  • Abnormal Cyrus' original backstory in Teddy Scares, a toyline of undead teddy bears, was that his loneliness drove him to hang himself.

    Web Animation 
  • AOK Ruins Your Childhood:
    • SUPER MARIO - AFTER THE GAME ends with Mario jumping into an endless pit after he ruins his marriage with Peach.
    • Charlie Brown shoots himself at the end of PEANUTS: THE UNTOLD STORY after learning he has a traumatic brain injury from hitting his head on the ground.
    • In the first Very Off Parents short, a child worker jumps off a roof in order to escape her job.
  • Battle for Dream Island has examples that are mostly Played for Laughs, like Bubble popping herself to prove a point and Yellow Face dying on command. However, in BFB 28, it's more serious. When the Announcer returns, he takes the show from Four to run the finale, but rather then leave, Four merges with the Earth, seemingly permanently, to stay on as a "constant presence". However, one of the writers says they're fine.
    (Laughing demonically) WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'LL BE HERE FOREVER!!!
  • According to Bowser's Kingdom episode 10, Lemmy Koopa was driven to suicide because of a mediocre review of the show.
    Hal: Hmm, well let's check out this review.
    Jeff: Lemonater said it was good, but need plot and character development. It was good, but it's not the Fresh Prince.
    Hal: Little did we know that poor Lemmy idolised the Fresh Prince. He's always tried to be like Will Smith and tried his best. He was good... just not Fresh Prince good. (sighs) I miss you Lemmy... (sniff) I miss you...
    (Shot of Lemmy hanging himself)
  • General Briggs in the final chapter of Broken Saints.
  • In COPS: Skyrim. One scene has Officer Jenkins suggesting this while listening to an old woman's story during an anger management class. Played for Laughs:
    "Could somebody please draw my sword and chop my head off? I'll give you everything I own. I'm serious, how could you have not killed yourself by now, lady? That's the most depressing story I've ever heard and she hasn't even covered the teen years yet!"
  • Dorkly Originals has Shang Tsung commit suicide upon seeing that it was possible for fetuses to be made in Earthrealm in The Most Horrifying Finishing Move In Mortal Kombat.
  • In the Happy Tree Friends episode "Wishy Washy", Petunia freaks out so badly over her and her house getting dirty that she skins herself alive with a potato peeler.
  • Jerry at the end of Jerry. The rest of the series elaborates on his backstory and shows how the other characters were affected by the event.
  • In Mario Brothers, the ending has this. Mario stops running and lets the lava overtake him.
  • Germaine from Neurotically Yours attempts suicide fairly regularly. In one of earliest episodes, she stands with a gun to her head while Foamy relentlessly mocks her lack of resolution and reasons for putting the gun to her head. It's implied that she ends up shooting Foamy. "Almost Serious Suicide".
  • On The Edge:
    • The Guord Torture(sic): A client's sister committed suicide because her boss Gotoh used her after he covered for her mistake and she couldn't take it anymore. She was forced to steal the company's money for Gotoh.
    • Garrote's Chair: Miyako took her own life after being constantly blackmailed and raped by the owner of a porn site that hosted a video of her and her ex, which led to her fiancé Kentaro to seek revenge against the sleazy pig. Unfortunately, the bastard hired a delinquent to kill Kentaro, leading to his situation on the beginning.
  • Revenge Films:
    • Yuriko's older sister tried to hang herself after suffering Domestic Abuse from her husband Daisuke. She fortunately survived, and later divorced him with the help of her family.
    • Rue's first daughter took her own life six months after their last encounter; the girl begged Rue for money after her once-doting father started abusing her physically before passing away.
  • RWBY:
    • Salem was made immortal as a punishment for attempting to overthrow the gods. She tried stabbing herself with a sword but couldn't kill herself.
    • Throughout the series, the heroes constantly go through trauma and loss. While many of them eventually overcome their trauma and become better people as a result, one of them has bear a heavier burden by leading them all and eventually resorts to a form of suicide as a result. Throughout Volume 9, protagonist Ruby Rose struggles to cope with the results of her actions across the series and the deaths that happened throughout. When she is trapped in the Ever After, the stress of it all eventually causes her to lash out at her friends and abandon them. When Neopolitan attempts to get her to drink the tea made from a leaf from the Great Tree in the Ever After in order to "ascend", she uses copies of people from her life that had died in order to break her both mentally and physically. What finally causes her to drink it and "ascend" however is witnessing Neo smashing her heel on Little just as her friends arrived to watch her drink it. The final two episodes deal with the fact that her friends and teammates uncertain if the Ruby that comes back from ascension will be the same Ruby or not. Thankfully, Ruby recognizes after landing in the Blacksmith's domain that she didn't truly wish to die, comes to remember to accept herself for who she is after seeing the truth behind Summer Rose's disappearance and returns back to her friends' side with a greater certainty in herself.
  • The Stories of Sodor: In "Revenge", Robert's mother did this after her family's house was foreclosed.

  • Cracked released this article exploring the ramifications of suicide for you, and the people around you. While littered with Cracked's standard brand of humour, it does make some valid points. If you are reading this page and considering suicide, please please at least take the time to read the article first.
  • In NFL Quarterbacks On Facebook, the citizens of Cleveland, as well as Browns Fans, would kill themselves after being reminded about the Baltimore Ravens's successes following their move in 1996, especially after winning two Super Bowls.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-405 ("Telepathy Virus"). SCP-405 is a contagious effect that causes the victim to gain the power of uncontrollable Telepathy. The constant mental "noise" and resulting sleep deprivation cause most victims to attempt suicide.
    • SCP-1230 ("A Hero is Born"). SCP-1230 is a book that produces full-immersion dream worlds where the reader is the main character. These dream worlds are primarily adventure settings which are tailored to the reader's tastes and expectations and years can pass inside them even though the reader usually sleeps no longer than normal. One researcher, an avid tabletop and video game player, used SCP-1230 and fell asleep in his office for fifteen hours (which prompted a security alert); he re-awoke under medical care, immediately excused himself into the bathroom and committed suicide. When another researcher went inside the book to ask what happened, the book's consciousness (taking the form of a benign old man) tearfully informed him that the guy got completely enamoured in his fantasy world and tried to pull an I Choose to Stay, and kept it going for two centuries before the book simply could not keep the dream going any longer.
  • In Serina, this is the implied final fate of Retally, a woolly wumpo of the Tidelands herd. He attains a Pyrrhic Victory by using fire to drive away the invading thalassic gravediggers, but unfortunately, he hasn't mastered the fire, and this results in nearly the entire Tidelands herd burning to death. Retally is consumed by guilt over the deaths of his herdmates, and heads to the cold and hostile northern regions of Serinarcta, never to be seen or heard from again.
  • The Spy, from Water-Human, chose to throw himself off a cliff rather than let the Water-Human kill him. In fact, he did this mostly because he was so depressed by how people seemed to constantly die in droves while around the Water-Human.
  • Zsdav Adventures: Zig-Zagged in Kiválasztott 1 (Chosen one 1), it begins with Zsdav walking to a ledge and says this world became "too empty" for him. Freezzy tries to talk him out of it but Zsdav keeps insisitng he has to kill himself.
    Freezzy: Jump then. (Punches Zsdav and falls off the ledge)

    Web Videos 
  • The 15 Experience: A video of the events in the house was somehow spread to a (fictional) makeup vlogger named Nikki. Something about the video put her into a trance, and she slammed her head into her computer until she died as a result.
  • While Arby 'n' the Chief has been known for its exaggerated view of the online gaming world in its earlier seasons, once its final season drew to its closure, this trope was played both straight and Played for Drama:
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: Implied with Mr. Mason. In episode 26 "Mr. Mason", Jane explains what happened the night when mysterious accident number two occurred and Mr. Mason was the one who was seriously injured, and Jane says he apparently hasn't been feeling alright for some time. It's not stated explicitly, but Jane leaves a link to a suicide help web-page in her video description. However, it's probable that Mr Rochester tries to cover up something even more serious.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: In Future Trunks's timeline, Yamcha does this when he finds out Bulma got pregnant with Vegeta's baby. After being told this, Goku manages to prevent it in the main timeline by reminding Yamcha they're friends.
  • Unfortunately, the Dream SMP roleplay is set in a highly unhealthy environment for people with mental health problems, to the point that three/four characters have taken their own lives, or at least actively considered doing so.
    • By the end of Season 1, Wilbur's mental health spiral culminated in him trying to die in the explosion of Manburg in the Button Room. Even though the plan failed, due to Philza arriving in time to try to talk him down and protect him from the explosion, Wilbur still lost his third canon life after he begged his father to take it. He eventually gets brought back to life in Season 3, and by that point, although he has lost the desire to die after spending over what felt like a decade in a torturous Afterlife, his mental health is still far from stellar.
    • Throughout Tommy's Exile in Season 2, his mental health took a huge hit and he considered ending himself several times, even engaging in highly self-destructive behaviours. The most notable instance of this occurs at the end of the Exile Arc — after Dream blew up Logstedshire and barred Tommy from going into the Nether or having any visitors, Tommy built a tower hundreds of blocks into the sky, with the clear intention of jumping to his death. He ultimately didn't go through with it after realizing what Dream had been doing to him, but came very close.
    • After the Doomsday War, Ghostbur asked Tommy to bring him back to life, which basically causes a Death of Personality in Ghostbur. What makes this worse is that Ghostbur is Wilbur's spectral form, and as seen above, Wilbur himself was technically a suicide victim. This is subverted, as the first attempted resurrection of Ghostbur failed and he was Put on a Bus, and decided he doesn't want to be revived ultimately. However, this is exactly what happens when he returns to the server in Season 3 as Tommy recruits his help in attempting to sneak into Pandora's Vault to kill Dream once and for all, and Wilbur is brought Back from the Dead.
    • Into Season 4, a long history of being felt uncared for has caused Fundy to cut contact with those around him and move far away from the main part of the SMP, setting his respawn point there. While he does accept a heartfelt apology from a revived Wilbur, Fundy says to his face that he doesn't want him in his life anymore, and while Wilbur quickly grows concerned that Fundy was going down "a dangerous path" (of course he'd know), Fundy tells him to leave and throws himself into the ruined crater of L'Manburg when he doesn't.
  • In Everyman HYBRID, hidden clips in "Twenty-four months" show an alternate fate for Jeff, with him overdosing on pills depressed over the loss of his girlfriend.
  • The Final Minutes: Halfway through the first half of Zombie Plague and shortly after the Prime Minister’s death and subsequent reanimation, the Australian emergency broadcast starts urging those infected to kill themselves as to not give their bodies a chance to reanimate.
  • Freelance Astronauts: During the playing of one of the Skulltula Houses in the Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the repetition and irritating Golden Skulltula noises get to Ferr "tries" to hang himself, but the rafters aren't strong enough, so he fails.
  • In The Guild, Zaboo tries to hang himself with an ethernet code to escape his overbearing mother (no screenshot, but it happened). This ends up being the killing blow for her. Not that she actually dies, it's just in their fantasy of her as a monster...It Makes Sensein Context.
  • JonTron OD's on Advil and Absolut vodka at the end of the Hercules Games video, feeling the "12 Games of Hercules" aren't worth becoming immortal for.
    • He hangs himself in dismay in response to Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa killing themselves in a Lion King bootleg game.
    • He flops over and explodes when Birdemic makes him decide he's "had enough living for one day."
  • Life SMP: Two of the first three seasons invoke this trope with a Last Survivor Suicide:
    • In the 3rd Life SMP, Grian wins the Duel to the Death over Scar. After lamenting his hollow victory, he jumps of the cliff right behind where Scar died.
      Rendog: (dead; in the in-game chat) One more life to go…
    • In the Double Life SMP, after reuniting with Pearl, Scott blows himself up using TNT and kills both of them due to their Can't Live Without You synchronization:
      Scott: Tilly death do us part, Pearl.
      Pearl: Wait, Scott, what are you doing?
      Pearl: Scott! What are you doing?! SCOTT–
      Smajor1995 was blown up by Smajor1995
      PearlescentMoon died
  • In Noob, Dark Avenger's case was technically a Rage Quit, but it played out as his gaming avatar jumping off a cliff and a friend begging him not to jump beforehand.
  • The Nostalgia Critic takes special precautions to prevent himself from committing suicide when reviewing Batman & Robin. Even so, he still sneaks in a cyanide pill and takes it during the review. Someone promptly runs on camera and performs the Heimlich Manuver so he survives.
    • In many other reviews, after a particularly bad scene, he pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head, and goes back to reviewing three seconds later.
    • When Spoony sends Critic a copy of Reb Brown's Captain America film, Critic hangs himself rather than watch the film.
    • And during The Pebble and the Penguin, he goes to take a bath and brings his toaster with him.
    • Played for Drama in To Boldly Flee, where he admits his Death Seeker intentions to a heartbroken Film Brain. "Return was never an option."
    • Another critic on the site, Film Brain, sometimes places a gun to his head when things are getting to be too much for him. "Why is it always empty?!"
    • The Nostalgia Chick pulls a plastic bag over her head and strangles herself after being subjected to "There Must Be An Angel".
    • Todd in the Shadows has also killed himself with a grocery bag ("BedRock"). He's also beaten himself to death with a book ("Whatcha Say") and committed seppuku ("Like a G6"). He's put a (toy) gun to his head or under his chin a few times as well.
    • Linkara of Atop the Fourth Wall has attempted this both seriously when he believed he had been one of the parents of the girl who became his gun quite so seriously.
      Linkara: (sawing at wrist with gun) Why doesn't it work?!
      • Also from Atop the Fourth Wall, how Linkara defeats The Entity; he drives it mad by pointing out the pointlessness of it's very existence, then posits the question of what happens when an Outer God dies. The Entity is intrigued and self-destructs, freeing all the people it had captured.
    • In a later episode, the suicide helpline guy mocks her for using suicide helplines so much.
  • In an example very much not played for laughs, Rainer in Petscop is heavily implied to have killed himself immediately after giving Petscop to "The Family".
    Fuck you all, and fuck me as well. Check your bathroom now.
  • Played for laughs by Jack in-game in two of Rooster Teeth's Let's Plays:
    • In Vs. episode 5, while playing Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion, he allows his character, Captain Planet, to fall down a hole, after he found out his special attack ended with an explosion of rainbows and hearts.
    • In Let's Play Minecraft episode 45, he questions if they have to hop through a circle hole. Ray corrects him by saying it's a square hole. Jack hangs his characters head down and throws him into the lava pit nearby.
  • SMPLive: Played for Laughs when Connor defeats AntVenom in the arena. He announces that he can't live with himself and jumps into a pit of lava.
  • Solid jj: In "Mario Learns the Truth", Mario finds out that not only Princess Peach has been sleeping with Bowser, but that his brother and all his friends had already knew and assumed that Mario saving Peach is just part of his elaborate fantasy. Mario reacts to the news by pulling a gun at his head, but he has 99 extra lives and just revives instantly.
  • Subverted in Spaz Boys Comedy's Omegle trolling videos. Latrelle, who is one of the puppets, claimed that he would commit suicide if he didn't get an omegle girlfriend, but he never went through with it because he got one.
  • The Original Spoony One came back from the dead in the Final Fantasy X review. He was ready to kill his clone in order to get his show back. After the clone just gave up the show, Original Spoony realized that he had to review Final Fantasy X. He promptly shot himself in the head and became dead. Again.
  • Toad is driven to suicide at the end of talk my head off because he killed so many people.


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