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Dorkly is a sister site of CollegeHumor which hosts a series of sprite animations poking fun at clichés and Fridge Logic in classic video games, with emphasis on dark humor and occasional line-crossing.

Dorkly's YouTube channel can be found here.

On January 8th, 2020, IAC, CollegeHumor's parent company, pulled their funding. This resulted in the layoff of a majority of the CollegeHumor staff, including the entirety of the Dorkly crew. The future of Dorkly was uncertain for a time, but they were eventually picked up by Lowbrow Studios and able to resume content creation.


Dorkly Originals series with their own pages:

Dorkly Originals contain examples of:

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  • Sonic suffers often, dying in several of his appearances.
  • Tails, often from being ditched to being bitch slapped. Being unable to die doesn't help... at all.
  • All of Bomberman's appearances end with him either dying or suffering severe injuries. The first Power-Up mix-up video has him suffering a mental breakdown and collapsing on the floor vomiting because of how wrong an invincibility power-up feels to him.
  • Shuckle in the Pokémon shorts, especially the "Pokémon Disappointed With Their Evolutions" series. While trying to discover his evolution (not knowing that his species can't evolve), he gets his organs harvested by a Dugtrio, gets bitten on his butt by Slowbro's Shellder, accidentally kills himself drinking a potion made of evolution stones, then gets dragged to hell and tortured by Satan. Finally, Arceus gives him a reprieve by reincarnating him as a Pokémon that can become anything—a Ditto, then uses this ability to become any Pokémon to become.....a Shuckle.
  • The Extremist Was Right: In Plants vs Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten, Twin Sunflower immediately tells Peashooter to kill Wall-nut under the pretense that he's turning into a zombie, to which Peashooter and Wall-nut both object to on the grounds that plants have to stick together. As Wall-nut begins to drop hints that he is a zombie, Peashooter begrudgingly obliges, apologizing before shooting Wall-nut dead, to which Twin Sunflower commends him on for doing the right thing.
  • Fish out of Water: The video Mario vs. Green Hill Zone features Mario getting stuck in the Green Hill Zone and has a bit of trouble trying to adapt to the surroundings (such as Mario failing to kill a badnik when jumping on top of it has absolutely no effect and Mario attempting to run through one of the loops, only to end up breaking his legs when he falls after running halfway through the loop).
    • The video Mario vs. The Pokémon World, however, averts this. While Mario was a little reluctant at first, he quickly manages to get used to the Pokémon environment. The only problem is that he still doesn't know the rules of the Pokémon world, resulting in him killing a Squirtle (thinking it was some sort of Koopa) and ripping the ears and tail off a Sentret and wearing them like Raccoon Mario.
  • Flock of Wolves: In "Team Rocket Has a Rat!", it's revealed that not only is the newest recruit an undercover Officer Jenny, but the other two goons and Giovanni himself have been passing along information to the authorities. Naturally, it ends with a parody of the famous "literal rat" ending of The Departed.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: Doubles as a Continuity Nod in If Pokedex Entries Were Literal (Volume 28). When the camera pans downward during Jolteon's entry, we see that Shuckle's corpse is still pinned to a cave wall.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Played with. Kirby and an unnamed man discuss this in a coffee shop; Kirby thinks abortion only destroys a clump of cells, while the man thinks abortion destroys a human life. Kirby decides to inhale the man so he doesn't have to argue about it ... and immediately afterwards changes his stance.
    "Sometimes you need to walk a mile with someone else in your stomach."
  • Good Is Not Nice: Frank Rizzoli from If Super Mario Bros Had a Hostage Negotiator may be equipped to deal with princess kidnappings, but is quite rude and unpleasant, as evidenced by his interaction with Mario.
  • Groin Attack:
    Thor: You villain...prepare to...Ouch, my freakin' 'nads!
  • Harder Than Hard: Parodied in If Video Games had Impossible Mode and its sequel video.
    • Impossible Mode features Mega Man going up against an OC Robot Master called Spike Man in a room full of spikes and obstacles; it is implied that Mega Man doesn't even get a hit off. The man guarding the sword mistakes Link for an intruder and kills him at the start of the game. Red is offered nothing but Magikarps — the weakest mon in the game — as a possible starter. You're given an old man riding a slow scooter in Excite Bike; it can't get over the first bump and crashes. The Oregon Trail has a Cacodemon come out of nowhere and and kill you with fire balls. Mario finds a baby Yoshi only to attract the ire of its giant mother. Finally, Michael Bay shows up in a TMNT game and zaps him into a different form.
    • Impossible Mode 2 has the Ghosts pass through the walls to get to and corner Pac-Man. Cops pin Sonic when they catch him going well over the speed limit. Harvest Moon shows the Player Character being chastised for not using viable fertilizers when his entire field wasted away. RollerCoaster Tycoon has its player get sued for criminal negligence and murder for wrecking a roller coaster. Ryu uses a Kame Hame Hadouken in a minigame with a nuke as the target instead. A game of solitaire is prematurely ended when a Charizard card is found in the stack. Dr. Mario quits when he sees that the patient has cancer instead of a virus.
  • Heroic Mime: Silent protagonists are mocked in several videos. Everybody Hates Crono and Crashing the Silent Protagonist Party being standout examples.
    • In fact, one video revealed the reason why Gordon Freeman never talks: he speaks with a very shrill voice or, as his agent puts it, "sounds like Mickey Mouse raping a eunuch".
  • Heroic Sacrifice: How Daniel and Lawrence both die in "What Really Happens When Mario Destroys Castles". The former lifts a fallen steel beam off his coworker Carolyn and carries her to saftey, dying of exhaustion immediately afterwards. The latter runs to the daycare center to rescue Goomba children, and when collapsing rubble blocks the stairwell he jumps out the window to his death so his body can cushion the children's fall.
  • Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action: The True Horror of Pokémon Daycare references this, where a trainer is shocked and upset that the daycare lady let her Wailord and Fennekin breed.

  • Laugh Track: Prevalent in "Disney Channel's Kingdom Hearts," where Sora visits a world based upon the Disney Channel sitcoms.
  • Lampshade Hanging: A large number of Dorkly videos tend to do this, regarding the lack of certain logic or the overall ridiculousness that people tend to see in video games, movies, and TV shows (see Deconstructive Parody above).
  • Learned from the News: The "Vision Wants to Be in the Avengers Movie" sketch has Vision showing up on the set asking when he'll be needed. When Iron Man sheepishly tells him that he's not in the movie at all, Vision says the following:
    Vision: How about that? At least you told me personally. It would have sucked to - oh, I don't know - have seen it on Ain't It Cool News this morning. By myself.
  • The Legend of X: Parodied in "The Legend of The Legend of Zelda", where Link argues that it should be called the Legend of Link, whereas Zelda says people will remember it as the Legend of Zelda.
  • Mr. Vice Guy: If The Legend of Zelda Was Actually About Zelda ends up being about Zelda running into a Ganon who's riding his status as the only male Gerudo on booze, sex and partying, who's not threatening Hyrule — Link is — so he offers himself up as a partner in stopping Link, goes through the Zelda "pick up the item" routine and ends up being too heavy to carry and hits the floor.
    Oh, geez. Guess I have the 'Triforce of Milkshakes', huh? Seriously, though, this is a-a wake-up call; I, I am, I am, I am literally a giant pig...
  • Never My Fault: The Mario Bros. Go Halfsies, Luigi takes both fire flowers at the end because he's tired of sharing, as he keeps getting the short end of the transformations. He ignores that going halfsies was his idea both times. Admittedly, Mario picked the half that Luigi took, but neither one knew what the other would get.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: A frequent occurrence, Mario Can't Play the Warp Whistle and Sonic, Lord of the Rats being standout examples.
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: Why Kylo Ren ACTUALLY Turned To The Dark Side feels the need to point out that "animal friendship" is an actual Light Side power.
  • Not What It Looks Like: In In If Piranha Plants Got Smart, a Piranha Plant uses his new yoga technique to tear his pipe out of the earth and crush Mario to death, causing his blood to spread all over the floor. Luigi comes to start the next yoga class and steps in the blood, and Piranha Plant claims it's beet smoothie. Despite not being fooled, Luigi doesn't care that his brother was smushed due to the latter being a jerkass to the former all the time and that Mario probably has some extra lives anyway.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis:
  • Resurrective Immortality: Tails has this in Tails Can't Die, which he takes full advantage of to help Sonic and save the day. Unfortunately, It goes to the point where everybody else he knows dies while he can't.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Bit-Map Badger suffers this fate in Why Videogame Heroes Should NEVER Save The Princess. After Duchess Dot is freed by Pixel Pete, she accuses Badger of siding with her captors by intentionally giving Pete vague instructions on how to rescue her and proceeds to slit the badger's throat while he begs for his life. Given that the badger sounded disappointed to see Duchess Dot saved, and that he was wearing a Toad on his head, her accusation is probably true.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: Presumably, Mario goes to extreme measures to rescue the princess in Mario Goes Berserk.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Peach does this after Bowser kills Mario in Peach's Revenge, which overlaps with Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Robosexual: Inverted. Robo was caught using Chrono's Doppel Doll for "other" purposes.
  • Running Gag:
    • Not always present, but most crossovers involving Sonic have him appear in The Stinger, in situations where the Nintendo levels and powerups leave him better than where he started. Followed by a bemused "Huh, neat."
      • Then he gets a Golden Gun and tries to kill Robotnik with it. The bullet ricochets off of his flying machine and hits Sonic, killing him with Robotnik saying, "Huh, neat."
      • Another scenario has Silver Sonic easily killing Sonic by slicing him in half, and responds by saying, "Huh, neat."
      • After Sonic commits suicide after he witnesses his future in Power Up Mix Up 4. Tails response is "Huh, so... not neat."
      • Appears to have run its course in "If Videogames Were 22% More Realistic" a couple of badniks waiting for Sonic soon find out he isn't coming because not only is he tired of the segments taking place in Green Hill Zone, he considers "Huh, neat" to have been said so many times that it isn't special anymore.
    • EVERY time anyone pulls out a gun in a Sonic video, it will ricochet off the metallic intended target and end up killing Sonic instead.
    • A common target is the fact that Sonic kisses a human in the 2006 video game.
    • Almost every Pokémon video that focuses on new evolutions, Mega Forms or Regional Forms will end with a Shuckle eagerly waiting to see what Game Freak decided to add for him to turn into (as of Gen 7, still nothing). Other characters will either pity him or take advantage of him while he remains blissfully unaware.
  • Satchel Switcheroo: In "Banjo's Big Mix Up", Banjo is on his way to Gruntilda's lair to rescue Tooty, but is surprised to hear that Kazooie isn't responding to him. He then looks inside his backpack, only to find that Kazooie isn't there, but rather an art project by a fourth-grade boy named Timmy. He suddenly realizes that he doesn't have his real backpack. Timmy is then revealed to have Banjo's backpack with Kazooie inside it, and Kazooie frightens the children on the school bus, eventually causing the bus to crash. Meanwhile, without Kazooie to fly him over the waterfall, Banjo falls off it and dies landing on a rock below. How Banjo and Timmy switched backpacks is never shown.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: A common occurrence where the character(s) tend to get annoyed in some way by the other character(s) around them and just simply leave.
  • Seen It All: The Weatherman in If Pokedex Entries Were 100% Literal casually points out how a giant lizard (Charizard) melted a large glacier, reported 4 new volcanoes which he pinned the creation to a dog barking (Entei), and a blizzard in Alola because someone made an ice cream cone angry (Vanilluxe).
  • Self-Applied Nickname: In Robotnik's New Nickname, Robotnik starts referring to himself as "The Big Dog". However, everybody else (including his own robots) decide that Eggman is a much better nickname for him. They later end up calling him "The Egg Dog" which he decides is close enough.
  • Shield Bash: Link Didn't Get Sword. In it, Link uses nothing but the shield to defeat enemies and bosses, up to and including Ganon.
  • Smooth-Talking Talent Agent: There is a whole series about a smooth-talking agent for video game characters who does outrageous things, like separating Sonic and Tails, kicking out video game characters who are no longer popular, or even trying to convince Mario not to propose to his girlfriend, just because he can make more money with a Princess as a love interest! It can be found here.
  • Solve the Soup Cans: Resident Evil Roommate mocks Resident Evil's tendency to feature rather tedious puzzles that requires a lot of exploration (at least prior to Resident Evil 4).
  • Speech Impediment: Bowser has a stutter and needed a therapist to help treat him.
  • Stealth Sequel: If Pokémon Trainers Were Even Smarter has the same Ditto (who in turn is actually Shuckle reincarnated by Arceus) from Why Pokémon SHOULDN'T Be Disappointed By Their Evolutions.
  • The Stinger: Most of the videos have one. The length usually ranges between 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Parodied in Why Magneto Can Never Be In the MCU. Magneto exploits the obvious Logical Weakness in each Avenger's Iconic Item and even steals the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos. Subverted with Hulk, though; since he has no metal for Magneto to exploit, Magneto just invokes Sympathy for the Devil to get Hulk to spare him.
  • Sudden Morbid Monologue: "Literal Pokedex Entries": In volume 32, Gothitelle is described as being able to predict the future based on the movement of the stars, and see the lifespan of their trainers. The scene cuts to a battle between Gothitelle and Hitmonchan, where Gothitelle predicts in great and graphic detail how Hitmonchan will die.
Gothitelle: You're going to die in six months. A Solrock falls on you after accidentally falling asleep and entering Earth's atmosphere. It renders you in twain but does not kill you immediately. You spend seven hours in agony trying in vain to return your innards to their rightful place before you are dragged to a Pokecenter by a small child on a bicycle as he only has three pokeballs and is not willing to lose any of his level two Caterpie for some Pokémon he's never met before. Sadly you are beyond help by the time they process your insurance information four hours later.
Hitmonchan: I'm um, I'm just going to go now.
  • Surprise Incest: In the video If video games were 69% more realistic, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Candy Kong, and Dixie Kong are all getting ready to go out on a date before realizing that all their last names are Kong. This prompts Diddy to question if they are related, prompting them to all say the name of their grandfather, which is "Cranky Kong".
    Donkey Kong: Okay. So... Honestly, our history of incest explains a lot.
  • Surprisingly Happy Ending: "What Would Happen If Peach Got Regular-Kidnapped" is one of the few shorts to have a genuinely happy ending. Peach is rescued with no harm, Mario isn't humiliated, beaten up, or killed (which could count as a big Throw the Dog a Bone moment for him) and there isn't some horrible twist at the end that would turn this into a Downer Ending.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Enough to get its own page.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial:
    • In Meet Metal Sonic, when Robotnik says Metal Sonic may be slightly buggy because he was distracted while building it due to "girlfriend issues":
      Robotnik: Before you ask, yes, I have a real girlfriend, and nooo, she is not a robot I built that has now gone haywire.
    • In Why Ditto is the most dangerous Pokémon combines this with Ignored Vital News Reports.
      Anchorman: And in local news, humanity is fine. Dittos have not secretly invaded society, ha ha ha ha. But if they did, you'd never know!
  • Take a Third Option: In Telltale Games' Super Mario Bros.:
    [Mario used the "jump with Yoshi then get off" trick to boost him and Luigi up to a higher cliff, leaving Yoshi to fall down the side and die]
    Mario: [walking away from the cliff while whistling the Super Mario Bros. theme] Hey Luigi, are you doing okay?
    Luigi: W...Why did you let Yoshi die?
    [Mario is presented with two options: "He gave his life for us" and "I did what I had to do". Mario chooses neither]
    Mario: You see...[walks over to Luigi and slaps him] DON'T YOU EVER QUESTION ME AGAIN-A!
  • Take That!:
    • Mario Paint Torture is one towards the band Nickelback, where Mario takes occasional pauses from playing a 16-bit rendition of "How You Ride Me" to berate the player for spending forty hours composing it, and how he can't tell what song it is because all of Nickelback's songs are too similar.
    • Social Justice RPG is a jab towards online Social Justice Warriors, with the Warrior of the team hindering the group by complaining about every little thing that could be interpreted as bigotry, even going so far as to complain about the Ninja labeling the final boss as "evil" even though it's clear that the being intends to destroy all life on the planet.
    • Batman v. Superman v. Iron Man v. Captain America: Dawn of Civil War has Batman telling Superman that Man of Steel was garbage, then questions why Superman didn't save his father and why anybody would be mad at him for it. The video also takes shots at how the DC Extended Universe was doing a film about two of its heroes fighting with almost no build up, as opposed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe which built up to Iron Man and Captain America facing each other.
    • Dorkly Doesn't React Under Penalty of Law was meant to make fun of the Fine Brothers after they had announced that they were going to license their React brand, which was met with extreme backlash by many who saw it as a way for the brothers to make a profit out a genre of popular YouTube videos that they didn't even create.
    • NES Ninja Turtles Theme Song is an entire song dedicated to mercilessly insult the intense difficulty and gameplay of the original 1989 NES Ninja Turtles game.
    • Mario is too Mainstream is a jab at the more pretentious fans or developers of indie games (Braid in particular is signaled out) who go on about how their games are unique or deep when most of their mechanics or messages are already present in the more mainstream titles they dismiss.
    • The Fantastic Four's Greatest Villain - REVEALED! was pretty much just one long jab towards 20th Century Fox for their rather poorly made Marvel movies (the Fantastic Four adaptations in particular). It also throws a barb at Sony Pictures' handling of the Spider-Man films. Susan's protests that the Fox Studio Executive not sell the Fantastic Four to Warner Bros. could also qualify as a potshot.
    • Mario Responds to PETA bashes PETA following the controversy they stirred regarding the Tanooki Suit in Super Mario 3D Land. Mario is shown telling PETA that the mere thought of harming animals disgusts him deeply, all while killing his very animal-like enemies (and Yoshi) in the process.

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