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"I don't make these videos because I hate pop music, I do it because I LOVE pop music."

Todd Nathanson is a YouTube-based reviewer and former member of Channel Awesome, who focuses his snarking on pop music. Combines legitimate complaints with humorous observations and Shout Outs. Also, he always obscures his face in his videos.

Todd has 4 different shows:

  • Todd's Pop Song Reviews, where he reviews modern pop songs for how bad (and sometimes good) they are that makes him ask how they even became popular in the first place.
  • One Hit Wonderland: invokeda look at the careers of One-Hit Wonder artists, their one hit song and analyzes whether or not they had more musical talent than their one hit would imply.
  • Cinemadonna: a review series of the entire filmography of Madonna (now completed).
  • Trainwreckords: analyzing Creator Killerinvoked albums that removed well-known, successful artists from the popular spotlight.

He also has a podcast Song vs. Song which compares big hits from pop history.

Once a frequent "Special Guest" on Pushing Up Roses' "Let's Play Shorties". Todd also regularly appeared on Roses' Let's Plays of Edutainment PC games from the early 90s. He also had frequent cameo roles and co-writing credits on The Nostalgia Chick's early videos.

His videos can be found on his YouTube account here. His Twitter account can be found here.

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One Hit Wonderland: "Timothy"

In Todd in the Shadows' series One Hit Wonderland, he covers The Buoys' only hit, "Timothy". The song is about three guys trapped in a mine, but only two of them get rescued, as the Jim and the narrator get hungry and eat Timothy beforehand.

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