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Videos are a great format to discuss theories and talk about opinions. They're more eye-catching than text and are often quicker to understand. In The New '10s, many channels on YouTube began popping up that were centered around discussing theories and analysis about series. Often these take the form of a polished, pre-scripted "video essay", though sometimes the analysis is presented more informally.


Fandom-specific analysis channels rarely last long as is. The creators often end up bored and broaden their videos to analyze more than just one work.

A very common format for analysis vidders, especially in fandom specific works, is to have a character avatar. The videos usually feature art of the character to the side and images of the discussed work in a box. This makes the video feel more "alive" while also avoiding Youtube copyright rules, which are triggered by video and/or audio but not still images. It's uncertain where this format began but it seems to be from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom.

A note on the vocabulary: As used here (and complying with the distinction drawn by Greg Costikyan, among many others), the term "analysis" is synonymous with "critique" and distinct from "review". A review is a subjective opinion on a piece of media intended to help its audience decide whether to buy said piece of media or not. A critique/analysis is a technical breakdown of the subject intended to explain why it mattered and/or still matters in the bigger scheme of things.


Examples by channel subject:

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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Strip Panel Naked breaks down the techniques used by comic creators, particularly in page composition.
  • ComicTropes analyzes the history of comics, their stories, their tropes, and the creators behind the comics.


  • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • Alt Shift X analyzes each episode of the show, and compares them to the books, as well as providing deeper insights and predictions to the books and the show.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Tenelle Flowers is an animator that focuses on Warriors animations. She has a series of videos called "Simmy Speaks" where she mainly discusses Warriors topics. She uses a cat fursona.
    • LZRD WZRD has a series of Warriors analysis videos. His fursona is an orange cat with a blue handkerchief around his neck.
    • Bright Guardian Akira does Warriors analysis' and has a cat fursona.

    Multiple Media 
  • Bob "Moviebob" Chipman's channel, in addition to hosting his film reviews, also hosts his video essay series Really That Good, which discusses whether well-regarded films retain their reputation. He also publishes videos on games, as the "Game Overthinker".
  • Kaptain Kristian discusses pop culture in videos that feature polished editing and Scene Transition effects.
  • LSuperSonicQ focuses his channel on lost media and Urban Legend Of Zeldas.
  • Nerdwriter1 mostly produces videos about film, but has also made videos highlighting the techniques of comedians, politicians, artists, musicians and more.
  • Shoegazer Productions has a series of videos where he discusses and analyzes lost media. He also has a series discussed Troubled Productions.
  • TB Skyen publishes videos critiquing animation, such as frame-by-frame breakdowns of Glen Keane's "Lux: Binding Light" trailer for League of Legends, the intro to ''Sonic Mania'', and the title sequence of the 2017 revival of ''DuckTales''. He also frequently discusses character design, usually involving League of Legends or Overwatch characters.
  • H.Bomberguy does analysis of video games, series, and films, as well as his political videos, where he debunks talking points by far-right video creators. There is also his Serious Lore Analysis, which combines the genre with copious amounts of Mind Screw.
  • MrBtongue's Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage mainly take critical looks at video games, most RPGs, but also occasional films and TV series. He also does Creepy, Obsessive Nerdlove on the same channel, which takes a more positive look at the featured media.
  • Lorerunner/Archengeia has the Rumination Analysis subseries where he does in-depth critique and analysis of story-based media, going into great detail on their plot structures, characters, and themes.
  • Super Eyepatch Wolf talks primarily about topics relating to anime and manga (such as the current state of Shonen Jump or the mechanics behind Junji Ito's horror manga.) but occasionally dips into talking about more broad topics like character design and fight scenes as well as about other media such as video games and professional wrestling. Many of his analyses include his own personal thoughts and feelings on the subject at hand as well.
  • Defunctland provides analysis and retrospectives for shut-down amusement parks and amusement park rides as well as defunct Puppet Shows.
  • E;R provides analysis on a variety of media, such as film, animated series, and video games. The only thing that ties them together is a consistently caustic, satirical, and ruthlessly provocative style of analysis and humor.


  • PatMac focuses on video game merchandise (especially Nintendo and Sonic plushes) analysis' and retrospectives.

    Video Games 
  • Ahoy mainly focuses on videos about Standard FPS Guns, though he also covers other gaming subjects (e.g. his series A Brief History of Graphics, and videos on specific games such as Lemmings and Doom).
  • Game Theory is perhaps one of the most popular examples out there, to the point where many would consider it a Trope Codifier of sorts. It focuses on video game related theories which employ lots of science topics as well as some plain old Wild Mass Guessing. It also has several sister series such as Culture Shock, which discusses cultural (read: Japanese) topics in gaming, Film Theory, which is essentially the same as GT except it's movie, tv show, and web video-centered and has its own channel, and The SCIENCE!, which is much more science focused (i.e. it discusses things like "how much force do the giants in Skyrim need to hit the ground with in order to send you flying to space? And what other things would happen if they did hit the ground with that much force — we mean, other than sending you to space?) and used to be on Shoddycast before migrating to Game Theory, at which point it was subjected to severe Bowdlerization.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Dr. Wily has many of Zelda theory and analysis videos.
    • Macintyre focuses on Zelda theory and analysis videos but also has videos for other Nintendo series. Macintyre occasionally does collab videos with Commonwealth Realm, another popular Zelda (and Nintendo in general) analyzer. Both helped popularize several theories, such as how the Twili are descendents of the Sheikah and how there was a Sheikah genocide prior to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
    • VortexxyGaming has done several Zelda theory videos, such as how she believes there was a failed "Hero of the Floods" prior to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Unfortunately, she died, however the channel is still up.
  • Matthewmatosis publishes lengthy video retrospectives and reviews which contain a strong focus on game design analysis.
  • Noah Caldwell-Gervais does in-depth video critiques of video games and game series, Action and Horror Video Games, as well as old-school Western RPGs. His analyses are notoriously extensive, e.g. his examination of the Neverwinter Nights series clocks in at 3+ hours. He had also branched out into the Travelogue Show genre, after his success at crowdfunding allowed him to fulfill his dream of traveling across continental US.
  • Extra Credits is one of the oldest video game analysis channels, doing short weekly videos about various aspects of video gaming, from culture and production to design and writing.
  • Mark Brown makes two different analysis series on his channel: Game Maker's Toolkit, where he examines individual games, overarching themes, and trends in gaming; and Boss Keys, where he dives deep into the design of spaces that require navigation and puzzle-solving skills- the first series, which gave it its name, was for the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda series, before later series would focus on other franchises like Metroid.
  • {Errant Signal} by Chris Franklin consists of 10-20 minute videos (often multi-parters) examining whole games, individual levels, and overarching tropes.
  • Street Fighter player Jay Rego's channel features (at the time of writing) two "Analyse This!" playlists which offer moment-by-moment analysis of high-level Street Fighter IV play.
  • Summoning Salt is a Youtuber who creates videos on the history of speedrunning. More specifically, how certain games' runs have got faster over the years through the discovery of new techniques.
  • Super Bunnyhop publishes videos with game design analysis.
  • Turbo Button is another channel analysing game design and animation.
  • VaatiVidya is one of the most well-known Dark Souls lorists out there, jokingly describing himself as a "Professional Item Description reader." He mainly does videos narrating the otherwise indecipherable lore of the characters from the Dark Souls games. He also was a major contributor to the creation of the "Giantdad" meme.
  • miiyouandmii2 is a Youtube channel that mainly focuses on the development of video games and the development of cancelled video games.
  • CrappyCaptureCard is one of the oldest examples. It is unactive now but in its heyday it featured videos discussing the history behind Super Smash Bros. moves up until Super Smash Bros Brawl.
  • This is Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage's main shtick, especially when it comes to RPGs. But it also does also dip into film and series analysis at times.
  • Gnoggin, like Game Theory, focuses on scientific analysis of specific aspects of video games, though he has sometimes put out videos on different subjects.
  • EmceeProphIt's PAHNalysis series is dedicated to "deconstructing symbolism and subtext in video games".
  • Beta 64 is a channel that analyzes the development of various video games.
  • Wrestling With Gaming revolves around retrospectives and analysis' of retro game related topics.
  • Jenovi is a channel that analyzes vaporware, different versions of retro games, and the history of gaming.
  • Youtuber Daniel Ibbertson runs the channel "Slope's Game Room" which focuses on gaming analysis' and gaming history documentaries.
  • The GVMERS channel specializes in in-depth retrospectives of old (and moderately old) games and, particularly, their development histories, pulling together multiple sources like post mortems and developer interviews to reconstruct the full story of how these games were made and what impact their development had on the released product.

    Web Videos 
  • Captain Disillusion is a YouTube channel entirely dedicated to debunking viral fake videos and conspiracy theories from the web. There's also a weird subplot about Time Travel going on, but don't worry about it.

    Western Animation 
  • For examples of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic analyses, see MLP Analysis. Some standout ones:
    • My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap is more of a comedy series, and the creator DWK would be the first to insist he's not an analyst. But his commentaries have enough genuinely interesting insight that people frequently treat him like an analyst anyway.
    • "Digibrony" started out as Friendship Is Magic analysis channel. His ponysona was a light purple unicorn stallion. Eventually he phased out the Friendship is Magic angle and switched to analyzing anime. The channel is now called Digibro.
    • Bronycurious was originally a pony analysis channel using a blue unicorn stallion ponysona. Eventually he began going by "Tommy Oliver" instead. The ponysona was also eventually phased out and the channel began discussing other media too, though My Little Pony videos still pop up.
  • Marc Hendry's Notes on Animation videos highlight techniques used in cel and stop-motion animation.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter is a review channel for animation who reviews in an alliterative manner on which ones are great animation (Admirable Animation) and which ones are horrible animations (Animated Atrocites). He also has a separate review for episodes related to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • TheRealJims is an analysis channel predominantly focused on The Simpsons. It features retrospectives on the individual seasons, analysis' on the characters, mysteries about the show, reviews, and other Simpsons related videos.

    Real Life 


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