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Climate Town is a YouTube channel run by Rollie Williams which produces humorous deadpan educational videos on topics related to climate change. The channel can be found here.

The channel also has a related Patreon account where supporters can access additional videos and livestreams, some of which is additional satire and some of which is behind the scenes information and other related content.


  • AstroTurf: "It’s Time To Break Up With Our Gas Stoves" and "The Troll Army of Big Oil" talk about the oil and natural gas industries creating webpages with testimonials from entirely made up people with stock photos supporting them and paying influences to talk about their products as if they just love them.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: Rollie saying the word "Fuck" tends to be bleeped in a manner that does nothing to disguise the word, such as in "It’s Time To Break Up With Our Gas Stoves" where he sarcastically starts saying "Oh boy do I love my gas stove, fu-*bleep*-k".
  • Brick Joke: "What Your Bank Really Does With Your Money" starts with a Toy Story joke, and then he seems to move on from Toy Story for the rest of the video only for the final segment to startlingly start with:
    Rollie: What we've got to do is turn the act of lending to fossil fuel companies into a PR nightmare. And not the kind of nightmare where it's like, "oh my teeth are falling out" we're talking about the "oh my toys are alive and they want to murder me" kind of nightmare.
    Woody: We toys can see eeeeeverything
    Sid: *screams*
  • Comical Overreacting: "2 Minutes Of Fact-Checkable Climate Change Facts For Skeptics" starts with Rollie opening a macbook to see what the internet has to say about climate change, then acting shocked and throwing it in a lake "accidentally" at all the clamoring discordant voices arguing about climate change that start up when he opens it. The credits run over him wading in the lake trying to fish the laptop back out.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: The oil industry and coal mining companies' corruption and abuse of their workers and ability to pay off government officials and produce misinformation to ensure the public doesn't pay too closely to their true actions is brought up on several occasions.
  • Dead Person Impersonation: In "The Troll Army of Big Oil" a real life example of an oil corporation impersonating dead people to write to politicians to try and prevent legislation from passing is discussed.
  • Every Episode Ending: Rollie eventually started adding a post-credits clip of Al Gore denying he'd ever smoked marijuana to their videos.
  • Finger Gun: After introducing himself as "unconventionally unattractive and a climate science and policy master's degree recipient" Rollie makes finger guns and unenthusiastically pretends to be shooting up the ceiling in celebration.
  • Global Warming: Climate Town is mostly satire on the human factors causing dramatic climate change and changes in human behavior, mostly the behavior of politicians and greedy corporations, that needs to change to keep the world a decent place to live.
  • Greenwashed Villainy: "What Your Bank Really Does With Your Money": Discusses a number of large banks' greenwashing PR releases while the banks themselves are funding the very fossil fuel expansion projects and other climate harming projects that the scientists they're quoting and referencing have warned against.
  • Grumpy Old Man: In "The Troll Army of Big Oil" Rollie recommends that viewers who actually care about emissions, bike lanes, transit and other such things ought to actually show up to town hall meetings and such, since those meetings are currently dominated by a bunch of older folks with a strong "get off my lawn" mentality.
  • Made of Explodium: "The Troll Army of Big Oil" discusses the fact that much of Los Angeles was built on top of abandoned oil fields leading to several fires and the explosion of a Ross.
  • Multi-Part Episode: The collaboration with Not Just Bikes discussing infrastructure takes place over two videos, with each channel hosting one.
  • Not in My Backyard!: The issues faced by transit, affordable housing and other projects which could help make places less car dependent, more efficient and better for the environment as a whole are mentioned on multiple occasions to include people trying to fight allowing such things near their neighborhoods, with viewers encouraged to attend local meetings to voice their support so that the naysayers are not the most heard and represented viewpoint.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: "What Your Bank Really Does With Your Money": While talking about how banks fund the fossil fuel industry while claiming to be working at being good for the environment Rollie points out one (French) bank that does not to invest bankers money in fossil fuels and proceeds to finish the segment in a comically bad French accent that slips into a British accent by the end.
  • Parody: "It's Time To Let Coal Die" starts with a Weekend at Bernie's parody, comparing lugging around a corpse and pretending it's alive to trying to keep the coal industry alive by propping up the failing companies with taxpayer money instead of helping the miners get new jobs in actual renewables.
  • Please Subscribe to Our Channel: The youtube videos end with Rollie telling viewers that if they'd like to support the channel they can like the video, subscribe to the channel and/or become a patreon.
  • Saying Sound Effects Out Loud: In the introduction to "It’s Time To Break Up With Our Gas Stoves" Rollie makes finger guns and says, "Pew pew, peew" as digital effects are added to make it look like he's shooting lasers from his fingers.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Dracula: In "2 Minutes Of Fact-Checkable Climate Change Facts For Skeptics" Rollie quickly calls Ted Cruz Dracula while discussing various people and factions that have admitted climate change is real and harming people and the economy, even if most of the groups did so quietly and have spent years and billions denying climate change and spreading misinformation about it.
    • Rollie mentions that the Looney Tunes pronunciation of the word despicable has really taken the wind out of the sails for the word in American culture.
    • Attack of the Clones: In "2 Minutes Of Fact-Checkable Climate Change Facts For Skeptics" when saying that all economist groups agree and admit that climate change is negatively impacting the American economy he quickly mentions some affiliated groups and little pictured pop up quickly in the corner representing said groups. Conservatives are depicted with a shot of Palpatine.
    • Super Mario Bros.: In "2 Minutes Of Fact-Checkable Climate Change Facts For Skeptics" when liberal allinged economists are mentioned a picture of Mario cheerfully giving a thumbs up flashes in the corner as a sarcastic illustration of them.
    • The Flintstones: In "The News Media Is Selling You Out" when talking about the outrage that led to strict regulations for the tobacco industry Rollie mentions that they were caught marketing their product to children, and shows a quick clip of Fred Flintstone talking up a cigarette brand.
    • The Incredible Hulk: "Fast Fashion Is Hot Garbage": When comparing Germany's vague legislation calling for companies to stop using child labor and be held somewhat accountable for human rights violations in the factories making their products regardless of what country they're in and the USA's complete lack of any regulation on companies funding overseas atrocities Rollie says the German laws are like Hulk by comparison.
    • Toy Story: "What Your Bank Really Does With Your Money" starts by presenting a darkly humorous allusion comparing your toys going out and having adventures when you're not looking to your bank investing your money in the fossil fuel industry expansion and carry out oppression of native peoples by kicking them off their lands and getting them arrested and assaulted for standing up for their treaty given rights.
  • Totally Radical: One of the natural gas advertisements is an incredibly awkward and long commercial with young adults rapping about natural gas in an attempt to make young people like and fight for natural gas.
  • Yellow Peril: While showing clips of some of the bizarre advertisements the natural gas industry has put out over the years he shows one where a man pulls aside the shower curtain to show an evil Fu Manchu stereotype in the shower, in an add attempting to villainize the electric utility company.
  • YouTuber Apology Parody: "The Troll Army of Big Oil" starts out like a very sarcastic apology video, and though the premise doesn't last long it's brought up as a gag throughout.