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Political Programmes

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Shows about politics, whether serious or humorous. For shows about fictional governments, see Government Procedural.


Sunday Morning Talk Shows

  • Meet the Press (debuted in 1945 on radio; 1947 on television) on NBC (and rebroadcasts on MSNBC)
  • Face the Nation (1954) on CBS
  • Issues and Answers (1960 - 1981) on ABC
  • This Week (1981) on ABC (replaced Issues And Answers)
  • Late Edition (1993) on CNN
  • Fox News Sunday (1996) on Fox (and rebroadcasts on Fox News)
  • The Andrew Marr Show on the BBC
    • Sunday Politics and the Monday-Friday Daily Politics on the BBC.

Pundit Shows (Television)

Pundit Shows (Radio)

Political Satire Shows

Neutral Coverage