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  • =3: Reviewed the latest Viral Videos. Also made music videos under "Your Favorite Martian". Retired.
  • The 8-Bit Guy






  • Fred
  • Freddie Wong: Creating amazingly high-quality special effect videos with just amateur equipment and budgeting.





  • Kicesie does non-graphic sex education videos.











  • Vlogbrothers: Hank Green and John Green started a vlogging project:
    • Mental Floss (yes, based on that Mental Floss - John wrote for them for his first job), in which the brothers talk about trivia.
    • Hank's Channel: Hank's own personal channel where he posts anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.
    • The Miracle of Swindon Town, in which John plays the Fifa series while talking about stuff and making up backstories for his players.


  • Yotobi: Former Italian internet reviewer, currently makes a video format loosely based on freestanding comedy.
  • YouTube Rewind, YouTube's annual video series that summarizes each year in internet culture.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: Was likely the first fandubbed series to have episodes pulled off the site for copyright infringement.
  • Yuriofwind



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