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  • =3: Reviewed the latest Viral Videos. Retired.
  • The 8-Bit Guy
  • 10 Things Webkinz Do: Sketch comedy series starring Webkinz plushies.
  • 3kliksphilip: Group of channels under one name hosted by Philip Dyer. 3kliksphilip analyses CS:GO, 2kliksphilip analyses real life, and kliksphilip has assorted content.












  • Laci Green, host of the show Sex+ and a popular sex educator. Similar to one-woman sketch comedy.
  • Lasagna Cat
  • Laura Lee: make-up guru and (in)famous for her rubbish apology video.
  • LDShadowLady: A Let's Player famous for playing Minecraft.
  • LegalEagle: A lawyer who makes videos about laws portrayed in media.
  • Lele Pons: Originally the most viewed creator from Vine. Known for her comedic videos.
  • Lia Marie Johnson: Mostly makes original songs plus the occasional comedy sketches.
  • Life of Luxury
  • LilyPichu
  • Lindsay Ellis started her YouTube career as the Nostalgia Chick, the Distaff Counterpart of The Nostalgia Critic, but she distanced herself from that show (seeing it as an Old Shame) and runs her own channel now with more serious film analyses.
  • Lindsey Stirling: Violinist and dancer who does musical content and collaborations in her channel.
  • LittleKuriboh
  • lonelygirl15, which gained massive media recognition for being one of the first scripted web series to reach a mass audience (the first ever web series with an ongoing plot and real, professional actors was The Spot, which debuted in 1995). It codified most of the tropes seen in later vlog-driven series. It initially being mistaken for an actual, non-fiction vlog also earned it publicity early on.
  • Logan Paul: Popular creator originally from Vine. Known for his energetic vlogs, prank videos and various scandals. Also has a popular podcast and a boxing career.
  • Lock Picking Lawyer, Picks locks and shows history of old historical locks.
  • Low Tier God: An infamous videogame player, mostly associated with fighting games, who celebrates himself for rage quitting on the justification that every player online is bad except himself, believing that humans are a failed creation made by god-like aliens, claiming that he is a living deity and "perfect specimen" based on his looks and beliefs, and banning anyone who disagrees with his actions or views while giving detailed descriptions about sexual encounters with their mother—amongst many other things.
  • LS Mark
  • Lucas
  • Luisjefe1
  • Lutheran Satire: "Teaching the faith by making fun of stuff."










  • VGMyths
  • VShojo
  • Vlogbrothers: Hank Green and John Green started a vlogging project:
    • Mental Floss (yes, based on that Mental Floss - John wrote for them for his first job), in which the brothers talk about trivia.
    • Hank's Channel: Hank's own personal channel where he posts anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.
    • The Miracle of Swindon Town, in which John plays the Fifa series while talking about stuff and making up backstories for his players.
  • The Virtual Reality Show: A show about various virtual reality topics all while being filmed in VR.