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  • =3: Reviewed the latest Viral Videos. Also made music videos under "Your Favorite Martian". Retired.
  • The 8-Bit Guy
  • 3kliksphilip: Group of channels under one name hosted by Philip Dyer. 3kliksphilip analyses CS:GO, 2kliksphilip analyses real life, and kliksphilip has assorted content.








  • h3h3productions
  • H.Bomberguy: think pieces on gaming and leftist politics, the latter more humorous than the former and mostly mocking far-right content creators and debunking scientifically wrong views associated mostly with the right, like climate change denialism and Flat Earth.
  • Hitler Rants
  • hololive
  • Husky Starcraft
  • Hollywill 06 She is the creator of Brawl For Fantasy World














  • VShojo
  • Vlogbrothers: Hank Green and John Green started a vlogging project:
    • Mental Floss (yes, based on that Mental Floss - John wrote for them for his first job), in which the brothers talk about trivia.
    • Hank's Channel: Hank's own personal channel where he posts anything that doesn't fit anywhere else.
    • The Miracle of Swindon Town, in which John plays the Fifa series while talking about stuff and making up backstories for his players.
  • The Virtual Reality Show: A show about various virtual reality topics all while being filmed in VR.





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