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ComicTropes is a YouTube channel that discuss Comic Books and Newspaper Comics. There is a focus on DC Comics and Marvel Comics but there are also videos on indie publishers, smaller publishers, currently nonexistent publishers, and international comics.

ComicTropes' videos vary, with some being analysis videos, some being review videos, and others just being art videos. Most of the videos discuss tropes that each comic, or comic book creator, commonly uses in their work.

ComicTropes provides examples of:

  • Analysis Channel: The comic analyzes various things about comics, including the writer's and history behind the comics.
  • Catchphrase: Chris starts most episodes with some variant of "Oh hi, didn't see you there!" or "Oh hi, you caught me (doing something relevant to the episode's comic)".
    • His ending catchphrase is "And until next time, keep reading comics!"
  • Cosplay:
    • Some cosplay gags are involved in the videos. For example, dressing up as different characters for skits.
    • There's a video on the history of cosplay.
  • Drinking Game: Most of the time a trope results in one swig of alcohol. There are a few videos without this rule, such as the Stan Lee video where one trope equaled one mile to walk.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: The early videos were more focused on specifically discussing comic book tropes, pointing out the specific tropes of a work or author. They also sometimes involved drinking games based on the tropes. However, this aspect was eventually fazed so that now videos focus on specific comic-related topics that don't emphasize specific tropes as much and provided more information on said topic.
  • Hidden Depths: Chris seems to just be a friendly comic book analyst on the surface...which would make it hard to believe that he's a retired superhero himself!
    • He's also mentioned his struggles with depression a couple of times.
  • Retired Badass: He used to be the real life superhero Omega, and has actual combat training. He's currently retired although he mentioned he keeps exercising.