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from Left to Right: Ethan, Tiffany, Sal & Ben
ComicPOP is a comic book channel hosted by Sal and his co-host Ben, Ethan, and Tiffany.Originally started as TV Little House around 6 years ago, and eventually changed its name to ComicPOP. The channel deals mostly with comic book culture, offering reviews, discussions about comic book movies and more.Currently, the channel consist of 4 stable shows:

  • Back Issues: Their flagship show, where Sal (a self-described old comic book-nerd)and sometimes Tiffany, try to explain in a conversational way a storyline or particular comic-either from Marvel, DC or other publisher-to his guest (mostly Ben and Ethan)

  • Off the Rack: Their show where they read and recommend new comics to their audience.

  • GBU - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: where they sit down and comment on 3 different comic books selected from Sal's collection. Usually, there is a thematic link between their choices, and then they try to decide which one is the Good, the Bad and The Ugly

  • Elseworlds Exchange: the podcast where Sal and a co-host live chat about all things comics and geek culture

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''This web series provides examples of:

  • Butt-Monkey: All of them get this to some degree depending on the episode.
  • Deadpan Snarker: All four of them engage in this frequently.
  • Four-Man Band: Sal could qualify as the Only Sane Man, Tiff as The Smart Guy, Ben as Casanova Wannabe and Ethan as the Butt-Monkey; certainly, each one could carry these titles depending on the video
  • Halloween Episode: Unsurprisingly the first one was of Batman the Long Halloween later Halloween episodes would feature titles such as Blackest Night.
  • Happily Married: Sal and Tiffany.
  • Joke and Receive: In general this tends to happen with Ben a lot. One of the most notable examples is during the Marvel Knights Spider-Man episode when Electro visits a hooker who can change her form to match anyone Ben jokes that Electro wants her to be Spider-Man so he can finally F*** Spider-Man...and Sal points out that's exactly what Electro wanted.
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  • Worst. Whatever. Ever!: Sal deems One More Day as the worst Spider-Man Story ever made.

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