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"It is not a game if you drink every time anything happens."

At least in North America and most of western Europe, the university system tends to lead to people having a lot of free time, communal televisions, and access to alcohol.

The audience drinking game is an ancient and much-respected system for trope identification that evolved out of these factors. In the days before resources such as this catalogue, the drinking game was the most popular and accessible means of identifying tropes and cliches.

It works like this: each regular occurrence in a show, film, etc is documented, and assigned a numeric score based on its prevalence, triteness, or perversity. During a viewing of the show, each time such a documented phenomenon occurs, players drink a number of sips of their preferred alcoholic beverage equal to the numeric score. A non-alcoholic beverage of your choice may also be substituted.

This may be used in fiction to make fun of another work, or just to have an excuse for the characters to drink. In the former case, the characters may comment that anyone actually attempting the game would quickly end up stinking drunk, passed out, or in need of medical intervention.

See JustForFun.Drinking Game for fan-based examples, or to add your own. Also see DrinkingGame.TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game for one of the most egregious examples on the interwebs. Also, visit our DrinkingGame.Fan Works if you want to end up passed-out blind drunk.

There is a similar, non-alcoholic form of this in joke Bingo boards dedicated to a certain subject (show, debate, etc), where each square represents a trope or buzzword commonly associated with that subject. There are also a lot of card-based drinking games with No Unified Ruleset (after all, the exact rules are not that important when the goal is to get drunk).

This is distinct from Drinking Contest. Drinking contests are generally about alcoholic endurance - how much one can drink before getting noticeably impaired. Drinking games are straight up about getting drunk.

In-Universe Examples Only

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  • One of Margaret Cho's routines mentions The Love Boat Drinking Game. "You pick a character at the beginning of the show, and every time that character came on screen, you would drink. You could always spot the alcoholics cause they're the ones going, 'I wanna be the ship!'".
  • One routine from Bill Bailey's Part Troll mentions "Drink Along With Dallas" - whenever someone on Dallas has a drink, you have one too. Unfortunately for Bill the first episode he saw was the oil barons ball - he ended up in casualty.

    Fan Works 
  • Fate of the Clans: It was Mikoto and Cú Chulainn playing "Never Have I Ever". Several embarrassing secrets were exposed and Mikoto was the one who ended up drunk.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • Episode 36 of has the Yu-Gi-Oh! drinking game (complete with helpful counter): Take a drink every time we mention friendship. Gets especially amusing later when the 'friendship' counter includes things like Yugi's "I take it back! Your friendship isn't worth that much!"
    • During the Third Anniversary Spectacularmathon party, Marik tries to create several drinking games for him and Bakura, only to be thwarted at every turn. First they try "every time Zombie Boy says "brains", drink." This is after Zombie boy revealed himself to be perfectly capable of talking normally. Then they try "every time Bandit Keith says "In America", drink." This is after he's revealed to be Canadian. (You really think Marik would have remembered that one...) Then, they try "every time you see an offensive stereotype, drink". Sadly for them, Shadi and those wacky Kaibacorp nazis weren't invited, British Bakura had just recently been escorted to the hospital (don't ask how Dark Bakura was there too) and Yami had just killed the gay clown. Finally, when a time bomb is sent to the party, Marik says "Every time we all explode and die, we take a-*BOOM!*
    • Bonds Beyond Time Abridged had fun with this in the credits
      Every time there's a plot hole, take a drink. Good luck. :)
      Okay, fine. Here's the real drinking game. Every time Yusei slips into a Canadian accent, take a drink. Seriously, check out 30:58. "Withoot".
  • Ultra Fast Pony's 19th episode is even named "The David Bowie Drinking Game", and the opening credits encourage the viewers to take a drink for every reference to David Bowie. Cue Rarity chanting, "Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie..."
  • In An Entry with a Bang, one of the chapters has two people discussing double heat sink manufacture, while the people around them have a drinking game around the words.
    "Well, thank you for you time. It was very informative. But why are those people shouting every time someone mentions 'heat sinks'?"
    "That's very annoying."
    "Hey, it's a drinking game. If you wanted dignity and formality and all that shit, you should have visited during business hours instead of barging into my home on our day off. Now excuse me, I need to get drunk."
  • In Aspirations, it is mentioned the Slytherins used to have a drinking game based on Ron and Hermione bickering. Snape had to ban it due to all the alcohol poisonings.
  • The Pony POV Series has this suggested for a game at Fluttercruel's Cute-Ceañera. It gets turned down on account of what happened last time Twilight got drunk, what happens when Pinkie Pie gets drunk, and what happened last time Fluttershy/Fluttercruel got drunk.
  • In X-Men fanfic Welcome to the Institute, Hank by Artemis's Liege, Logan, Hank and Scott devise a drinking game whilst grading student essays. They can take a drink whenever Jubilee misspells a word, Jean-Paul mentions "death", Bobby confuses his homonyms, Rogue attempts to invoke symbolism, and Piotr writes better prose than anyone else despite being an ESL student.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic The Numbers Don't Lie by shortskirtsandexplosions, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie get into an implausible story lie counter drinking game. The rules:
    • If the other player tells a story without the lie counter going up, take a sip.
    • If you challenge the story and get an explanation that doesn't make the counter go up, take two sips.
    • If you tell a story and your counter goes up, drain the mug.
  • In Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers: The Liveblog, in order to cope with Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, Rika makes up a drinking game that's based on the events of the fic or how the characters are acting, with the rules being added as it continues. Some of the rules:
    • Take a shot when Mako's bad cooking skills get mentioned.
    • Take a shot when the author's preference for Choujin Sentai Jetman or hatred towards the Disney-era Power Rangers is shown.
    • Take a shot when "rush" is used, and take two shots if the word's used correctly.
  • In Parallel Processing, a poster on the Citadel forums suggests one about a So Bad, It's Good Alliance movie. Another poster states the rules will kill a krogan half an hour in.
  • Chapter 36 of Pop Stars & Paternity Tests has Alya, when reporting from Paris Music Awards, suggest a drinking game based on the event. One of the suggestions is taking a shot when a fight breaks out... at the end, she wonders whether an akumatisation counts.
  • The Victors Project: After the first day of training for the 3rd Quarter Quell, Beetee is approached by Cashmere, who challenges him to a drinking game called "I Know" where they take turns revealing secrets about each other, while drinking a shot for every secret that's true. Every revealed secret leads to a drink being drowned, and they get increasingly dangerous until the very end, where Cashmere gets quite the Wham Line.
    Cashmere: I know that You're planning to break Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark out of the arena.
  • In Mintjellyfish's The 75, inspired by The Victors Project, during the First Quarter Quell, Woof gets into a drinking game with Faraday (a District 5 victor) as they watch the fights between tributes.
    a shot for Faraday when an outlier gets the first blow, a shot for Woof when a Career gets the first blow. Woof leaves the arena very, very drunk.
  • Cry for Help:
    Harry: Yea, Blaise and Theo mentioned [Draco] wasn't very popular after trying to order Flint in his first year or screaming wait until my father hears about this.
    Terence: That's putting it lightly. They made a drinking game of how many times he said that to an older year. Graham and Adrian ended up with alcohol poisoning once. Marcus of course out drank everyone and got up early to scream us onto the Quidditch pitch for training the next morning.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible sneaks up on a group of mooks who are watching the Omnidroid face down the army on TV.
    Mook: Every time they run, we take a shot.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Wild Zero DVD has a drinking game in the options menu. Turn it on and a beer icon appears whenever the game wants you to drink.
  • In New in Town the new manager drunkenly tries to explain how she's going to save the factory, and the rest of the workers take a drink at every buzzword.
  • In BASEketball, a boozing session in a local bar turns into an impromptu drinking game, with Coop, Remer, Squeak and 12-year-old liver transplant patient Joey downing shots of tequila every time a fight breaks out on Jerry Springer.
  • In Our Man In Havana, Wormold challenges Captain Segura to a game of checkers... except each piece is a mini/sampler bottle of whisky, which Wormold has been collecting for some time. (Wormold plays the Scotches, Segura the bourbons.) When you capture a piece, you have to drink it. This makes for some interesting changes in the usual strategies, which Captain Segura doesn't realize until far too late.
  • The Showgirls Updated Re-release includes a drinking game designed by the producers for their own film.
  • Happens in Scream 4, during the Stabathon night — you're supposed to take sips for cell phones getting no signal, cheap scares, people screaming "NO!"...
  • Briefly seen at the beginning of Jason Biggs vehicle Loser (2000), as one of his roommates' party habits — they drink every time a character says "Hey Ma" during The Mary Tyler Moore Show spinoff Rhoda.
  • EuroTrip features the directors playing a drinking game they designed themselves on one of the commentary tracks.
  • Another Round: The film begins with all the teens at the local Danish school playing a drinking game in which teams run around the lake while drinking a case of beer. It's apparently a town tradition.

  • In the Lisa Shearin novel Armed and Magical, two Guardians talking with Raine as she watches the local University's commencement ceremony mention that on the occasions that they aren't on duty during commencement, they show up anyway - so that they can sit at an outside table at the bar across the street from where the speeches are made, at which point they drink shots every time the archmage makes a sarcastic comment during his speech. They freely admit to getting totally hammered during these occasions.
  • America (The Book) gives a few to play while watching C-SPAN:
    • "Asshole", whereby a politician rebuts with something like "What my honorable opponent fails to realize..." in such a cadence you know he really means to imply yelling "Asshole!" at the other guy in a false display of courtesy.
    • Divide into teams amongst yourselves, the "yeas" and the "nays". As a congressional vote is being tallied, players drink each time a new "yay" or "nay" is cast for their respective side. Landslides could lead to liver failure. The other team has to drink if you can correctly identify the Vivaldi movement playing over the voting footage.
    • There's one with involving sightings of the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) caught napping, eye-rolling or wheezing on camera, with convoluted rules as to what each player must do.
  • A G-rated version in My Brother is a Superhero. Luke finds his father watching the old Flash Gordon (serial) with a bag of M&Ms, playing a game of "eat one every time Dale Arden faints." Incidentally, he ships Flash/Princess Aura.

    Live-Action TV 
  • An episode of Frasier started with Martin and his sons realizing they are all fans of Antiques Roadshow, so they then watch it together, taking shots whenever someone says "veneer". Frasier comments "Next week, we gotta pick a different word!"
  • While not an audience drinking game, one episode of Workaholics opens with Ders presenting his invention called 'booze chess', with mini alcohol bottles as chess pieces. By the time he's finished explaining, Adam has pounded most of his pieces, and drunkenly says "chessmate." Ders says they should just drink.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • Marshall invented a game Marshgammon that has a rule where anyone who answers "What?" must drink a shot.
    • Ted has a Superbowl drinking game, though as Barney puts it: "It's not a game if you drink any time anything happens." If only everybody who made a drinking game lived by those words...
    • One episode shows that morning show host Robin Scherbatsky is very popular among students in Ted's class, but only because they have a drinking game going where they take a shot every time she says "But, um..." Robin turns the game back on them by saying "but, um" numerous times, forcing the drinkers to get completely drunk and sick.
  • An episode of Saturday Night Live had fun with this, with Chris Elliott and Chris Farley playing "Hi Bob" (A drinking game invented by watchers of The Bob Newhart Show where you drink every time somebody says "Hi Bob") backstage... with Bob Newhart himself standing there. It gets worse when Bob ends up having a discussion with another cast member about said drinking game in the player's hearing. Since you can't discuss "Hi Bob" without saying "Hi Bob"...
    • In the 2008 vice presidential debate sketch, Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) indicates that she's aware that there's a drinking game of her saying the word "Maverick."
  • The Big Book of Top Gear brings you Top Gear Bingo! Phrases to watch out for: "How hard can it be?" "Oh, cock" and of course " the world."
  • The Colbert Report website provided a "decoder sheet" for one Presidential debate, somewhere between a drinking game and Debate Bingo. Drink triggers included 'McCain makes war veteran face' and anyone mentioning Main Street.
  • In Series One of Skins in Chris' episode the friends play a drinking game watching an exercise video where they have to drink every time they see a nipple, a butt crack, or a camel toe, they have to drink a shot.
  • On the 30 Rock episode "Klaus and Greta", the writing staff plays the Today Show drinking game which involves taking a shot every time they give a dumb travel tip.
  • On the Bones episode "The Body in the Bounty", the Jeffersonian gets a visit from a Bill Nye-expy named Bunsen Jude the Science Dude and Hodgins turns out to be a big fan of the show. When the titular Science Dude points out that Hodgins is a bit older than his usual audience, Hodgins reveals that back in college, he and his friends would watch the show and take a drink every time Jude said his Catchphrase—"Amazing!"
  • In one NCIS episode commentary, Michael Weatherly repeatedly pointed out when those playing at home should drink.
  • In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode riffing on the film Outlaw (of Gor), Servo suggests drinking every time the annoying sidekick says Cabot's name; according to IMDB, the name is said fifty-five times throughout the entire movie, mostly by the sidekick.
  • In an episode of Storage Wars, one of the pickers says that she and her husband have a drinking game, taking a shot for every time the auctioneer's wife says "Folks." For the rest of the episode, every time she says "folks," a little beer appears in the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Survivor: Back from the Outback had a really good one. Just prior to a commercial break, Jenna Lewis groused about Elisabeth's tears, "It's like a drinking game!" Elisabeth cries, take a drink. Jenna said she was annoyed by this, probably forgetting the fact that she was prone to crying fits herself.
  • That Mitchell and Webb Look demonstrates why this isn't always a good idea:
    David Mitchell: I can't help but feel that the company wouldn't need to seek a merger ("Wahey!") if we hadn't adopted as company policy the idea of downing a glass of rare vintage claret every time someone says "merger". ("Wahey!")
  • In the short-lived That '70s Show spinoff, That '80s Show, there was a scene where several characters were watching Dynasty, and one suggests that they all take a shot every time someone gets slapped. Later, one character says something incredibly stupid, and gets slapped for it. They all take a drink.
  • At the 2011 SAG Awards, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy discussed and displayed their Martin Scorsese Drinking Game. This then becomes a Brick Joke when Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy did it again at the Oscars, right in front of the man himself.
  • Two and a Half Men has the bar Pavlov's, named for the scientist who researched classical conditioning with his infamous dog. There's a drinking game showing the bar is aptly named. Whenever the bell at the bar is rung, everyone has to bark and take shot. When Charlie and Alan ring a doorbell later that night, they both can't help but bark.
  • A M*A*S*H episode has Hawkeye and Trapper playing checkers with full shot glasses and sake cups as the game pieces, which they down shots from as each gets captured.
  • In Sonny with a Chance, when the cast of So Random is watching Mackenzie Falls and a character says falls, they throw their drinks in the air.
  • In the Series 3 Made in Canada episode "Beaver Creek: The Movie", the characters of Show Within a Show Beaver Creek are unamused to learn that there is a drinking game based around Beaver Creek, with rules including a shot of tequila whenever Adele says "The beaver are in the creek", a Black Russian whenever Parson Hubbard says "God willing", and a B-52 when the parson tips his hat. Made worse in the cast's eyes by the fact that the drinking game was devised not by university students, but by employees of Pyramid, the company that produces Beaver Creek.
  • In one episode of Modern Family, Cam says he's created a new drinking game "Every time I'm depressed, I take a drink." Mitch tells him that game already exists, "It's called alcoholism."
  • A segment of Tosh0 had a video of a man drinking a bowl of gravy. Each audience member also had a bowl of gravy and had to drink it every time the video said, "Bowl o' Gravy!"
  • During one episode of Jeopardy!, a contestant described the rules he and his buddies had devised for "Drunk Jeopardy". DVR several episodes, then play along at home — if you give a wrong answer, drink; if you give a correct answer, everyone else drinks. Alex wondered who wound up passed out on the floor more often, the contestant or his friends.
  • In one episode of The Big Bang Theory Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, and Amy play Never Have I Ever with disastrous results.

  • Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown has one that works in series 3 episode 4 alone.
    Matthew: Any time you hear a pun, drink [...] It's also surnames only, so it's [Nick] Helm, it's [Sara] Pascoe, it's Parry, it's Crosby, it's Clark. Any time you hear the title of a Beatles song, you have to drink.
  • Simon suggests two rules for The YoGPoD podcast: every time he and Lewis mention Jaffa Cakes, you have to eat a Jaffa Cake. Every time you eat a Jaffa Cake, eat a Jaffa Cake.

  • The Brewing Network's drunk of the week award, which usually involved contestants giving their drinking resume, telling them what they act like when drunk or encouraging stupid behavior. This was dropped as a regular contest for about a year, as taking the calls and deciding a winner became a chore to do. It has been replaced by people competing for the prize by leaving funny voicemail messages while drunk.

  • Legitimate Theater Company in New York did Twelfth Night: The Drinking Game. Triggers included drinking when someone praises Olivia's beauty, whenever there's Ho Yay, when someone takes a drink onstage, and whenever there's a coded Shakespearean reference to the vagina.

    Video Games 
  • During the Alpha Protocol PAX 2010 presentation, the guys of Obsidian Entertainment have a drinking game based on the word "Choice" due to their presentation being about the aversion of (and titled) But Thou Must!. The word Choice proceeds to come up multiple times due to both the presentation itself and the guys just trying to get the others drunk.
  • In the Scottish television gaming programme Consolevania, the presenters Rab and Ryan invented the Shenmue Drinking Game, where you must take a drink every time Ryo Hazuki says 'I see', at any point in the games. In the programme it ends up with Rab pished after one drink ("fuckin' lightweight, always has been") and Ryan with his trousers down trying to get a taxi in Glasgow.
  • Ben There, Dan That! has three Britons in the authentic British pub, The Limey, in the Eagleland dimension. Their game is to down a glass whenever someone says "Come on England!". However, since the only drink they can get is low-alcohol American ale, they don't get very drunk as a result.

    Web Animation 


    Web Original 
  • Maddox has invented O'Reilly Factor Bingo. Caution: it's Maddox, so this page is about as SFW as you'd expect.
  • One of the Running Gags in Superdickery is to take a shot every time Jimmy Olsen gains superpowers or is transformed. If several different Jimmy Olsens are shown on the cover, take one shot for each of them. The game "ends" with the "Planet of a Thousand Jimmies" cover. Have fun!
  • There is a Hogan's Heroes drinking game with rules posted online in various places. Among the rules: If Schultz sees/knows nothing, drink. If he is bribed with food to see/know nothing, two drinks.
  • Drinking Games, an old series by Firefilm did this with video games.
  • Alcohollywood has nearly three-dozen movie drinking games, plus drink recipes. Example from the Starship Troopers episode:
    1) Drink anytime the interstitial announcer asks, "Would You Like to Learn More?"
    2) Drink for every brutal death (i.e. lots of gore, dismemberment, impaling)
    3) Drink every time a character says "bug"
    Finish your drink when
    Carl (Neil Patrick Harris) says, "It's afraid... IT'S AFRAID!"
  • The Wall Will Fall has a official Drinking Game now!
  • SF Debris: SF Debris had several hilarious Drinking Games mentioned in his reviews.
    • When reviewing the pilot of Game of Thrones, his drinking game has two rules: 1) "Severed head! Take a drink." 2) "Naked girl! Take a drink." Hilariously, he ends up acting drunk at the end and mixes scripts as he throws in a discussion of philosophy of The Matrix, which was the subject of SF Debris' previous review.
    • He suggests one in his review of "Spock's Brain" from Star Trek: The Original Series: Drink for every Title Drop. He is even courteous enough to inform us how many times it happens. Fifteen, if you were wondering.
    • Subverted for Star Trek: Voyager's "The 37s": Takes a drink every time Brannon Braga deems something as "ancient".
      SF Debris: It's not a drinking game, though, it's a... coping mechanism.
  • DesuDesBrigade: In Vixen's reviews of Romeo X Juliet and The Princess Bride, she did a drinking game. In Romeo x Juliet, she took a shot every time the anime deviates from the original play. In The Princess Bride, she took a shot every time a memorable line from the movie is uttered. In the latter, she's completely drunk by the end.
  • Your Logical Fallacy Is sells a card set, in which three of the cards are games. Two are modified drinking games, specifically. They are:
    • What's that fallacy? Read out the example on the bottom of a blue fallacy card. If the first person to speak correctly identifies the card, you must take a drink. If they get it wrong, everyone else must take a drink, then the next player draws a card.
    • The impaired thinking game.Lay all 24 fallacy cards out. Watch a faux news channel, political debate, etc. The first person to vocally identify a fallacy can nominate someone else to drink. Repeat until equilibrium of idiocy with what you're watching is achieved.

    Web Videos 
  • The Music Video Show did this on an episode, taking a drink for every hip-hop cliche in that episode's music video.
  • The Nostalgia Chick has started doing drinking games, beginning with the Hercules Drinking Game which includes some general rules for every Disney movie (Every time a character talks or sings about what they want) as well as movie-specific ones (Whenever the fat muse says something funny, whenever Hades flames up).
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
    • Linkara has one in his Titans #1 review for every time a full page or two page spread shows up. (Depending on what you were drinking, you could end up pretty plastered, considering just in the single comic there were 11 of them.)
    • Linkara also has one for the Batman: The Dark Knight Returns part 2 and the rules for it are the same. If you do this one try something non-alcoholic.
    • One might suggest double shots for any comic with a double spread that must be turned on the side as he loathes those so much.
    • In his 200th review special Linkara suggests in the credits that viewers take a shot every time he says something is "pointless."
    • He also thought about creating one for Rob Liefeld's artwork, but then realized that one would be dead by the second page due to alcohol poisoning.
  • Stuart Ashen provides one for the viewer in the description of his Barcode Battler review.
    "Take a shot every time I say "Right," and "...or something." Alcohol poisoning may ensue."
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
    • He played the Stephen King drinking game while reviewing It. He was definitely plastered within a half hour, it seems, which made the review even funnier. Especially when Dr. Smith came in while the Critic was full-on drunk.
      Nostalgia Critic: [while trying to shoot Dr. Smith] I'll get you. All five of you.
    • In his review of The Langoliers, the Critic takes one drink when the film mentions Maine, but he stops after that because "I don't want the hangover."
    • When reviewing The Tommyknockers, he didn't want to participate but offered the home version with beer glasses, pool toys, ball caps, and a talking Mr. Toomey (from The Langoliers) action figure.
    • He briefly does this in Raiders of the Lost Story Arc for DuckTales (1987). For every scene that is in the opening alone, take a shot. The end result? Six shots and a drunk critic.
  • Lets Player Goodbye 18000 has done a drinking game for Big the Cat in his Sonic Adventure LP for the PS3. The rules involve taking a shot for every time Big says "Froggy", every time Big does something stupid and every time a glitch occurs. Although he miscounts the first drink, he fixes it for later parts. Part 1 here!
  • Tipping Forties: For every LP the guys do words are chosen to drink on and each week a few are picked by the SA forums. Fans are encouraged to participate at home. At least for the Tales of Symphonia LP this has backfired: someone seems to be playing two hours ahead of the crew in order to pick the words used most often, such as "world" and "Cruxis."
  • Spoiler Warning:
    • This Let's Play group has an official drinking game (rules vary somewhat depending on the game). When the videos were still vimeo-based, fan-added annotations stating 'drink' would be added whenever it would be appropriate.
    • The fans have now created a spreadsheet listing all the drinking moments in the Fallout 3 season, complete with graphs indicating the blood alcohol content and the reasons for drinking. The final episode would have you take 45 drinks by itself.
  • The FanFiction Critic sometimes plays drinking games during particularly horrendous fanfiction. She's done it whilst reviewing Face The Strange.
  • They Made Me Watch This made a game out of the Barbie film cliches when reviewing Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.
  • In the Jacks Films' "Your Grammar Sucks" series,note  starting with YGS 21, Jack does a drinking game special once every ten episodes under the bro-dude persona of "Chad Broseph Huntington", where he takes a drink every time he laughs or makes a mistake reading a comment. He messes up quite a lot, as he is reading comments that are supposed to be filled with horrible grammar, not to mention that they're also usually pretty funny. One must admire the effort.
  • In Midnight Screenings, Irving shot down Jillian's suggestion for doing this every time Smurfing was done in The Smurfs movie. They would be dead in five minutes.
  • LoadingReadyRun Streams has LoadingReadyLager, The Official, but not Endorsed drinking game constructed by the fans (with some help from the crew). Given the frequency of some of the things on the list, you could very well end up with a bad case of Dead. Rules here.
  • The Black History Month Drinking Game on FusionX.
  • Tom Fawkes does a drinking game for the original Mario Party on a Twitch stream. He would drink each time that the following occured:
    • Someone lands on Chance Time, Happening, or Bowser space.
    • An opponent gets a star.
    • An opponent wins a minigame and he doesn't.
    • A control-stick spinning minigame comes up.
  • Analyst Bronies React: It turns out Thespio had been making one of the word "Reputation" during the Friendship Games video.
  • Achievement Hunter has Theater Mode, their take on Mystery Science Theater 3000, where the gang copes with watching awful movies by inventing rules to drink to. A counter pops up onscreen each time they take a drink, resulting in them getting pretty sloshed by the end.
  • ComicTropes: Most of the time, a trope results in one swig of alcohol. There are a few videos without this rule, such as the Stan Lee video where one trope equalled one mile to walk.
  • Starting with Bloodborne, Team Four Star turned their play-throughs of Souls-like RPG titles into drinking games; they take a drink every time they die, every time they defeat a unique enemy, and any time it would be funny. Surprisingly, they still manage to beat the games despite being absolutely stinking drunk.

    Western Animation 
  • Drawn Together ended (and began) an episode with the characters actually watching the show and drinking whenever someone did something gay. Naturally, everybody is completely smashed by the end.
  • Family Guy:
    Stewie: We can drink every time Ryan seethes!
    • In 'The Perfect Castaway' the guys are all playing I Never. By the end of it Quagmire has drank nearly all the beer by himself, is close to passing out and the guys are struggling to think of things that won't cause him to drink.
  • Futurama suggests this in the opening of one episode: "When you see the robot, drink!"
  • The Region 1 DVD of Home Movies includes a drinking game.
  • A classic episode of The Simpsons, "Homer At The Bat":
    Umpire: Okay, let's go over the ground rules. You can't leave first until you chug a beer. Any man scoring has to chug a beer. You have to chug a beer at the top of all odd-numbered innings. Oh, and the fourth inning is the beer inning.
    Chief Wiggum: [annoyed] Hey, we know how to play softball!
    • Another episode had Homer, Lenny, and Carl at the bar, watching the news and deciding to take a drink every time someone says the word "senator". It then shows Moe calling the news station to report two senators making out.


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