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"I would die if I don't bathe twice a day."
Ponzu, O-Parts Hunter

A character (most likely female) that seems to enjoy baths and showers a lot and is often shown bathing more frequently than any of the other characters. Like a Neat Freak, she is usually the first to mention the need to bathe when she is filthy. A few of these people are so into bathing that they have no problem bathing in an Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub and won't mind that people can see them bathing naked. It is also common that many bathing beauties qualify as Ms. Fanservice.

In anime it's an extremely common fanservice addition to have women be very happy about their bath and utter more or less orgasmic sighs, moans, and words like "lovely" or "this feels so good".

A stock scene of the Hot Springs Episode. See also Furo Scene, Outdoor Bath Peeping, and Shower Scene. Sexy Silhouette can apply if the beauty is hidden behind a shower curtain.

In order to qualify for this trope, the woman must seem to love bathing a lot, have lots of bathing scenes or have some sort of significant or iconic bathing scene.


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  • One of the best-remembered adverts for the Cadbury's Flake Bar involved a woman in a bath with lots of Censor Suds. She was eating a Flake bar.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Banana no Nana, Mizukami Haruko literally will die if she doesn't bathe for at least 20 hours a day. Because of this she basically lives in a mobile bathtub.
  • Berserk makes Casca out to be one by giving her several bathing scenes, especially post-Eclipse. She seems to thoroughly enjoy bathing every time.
  • As the Healing Vat on her world foxus on fuction rather than comfort, the title character of Birdy the Mighty grows to enjoy baths during her stay on Earth.
  • In the Black Cat manga Rinslet gets a fair number of shower scenes. In one story she showers in Sven's hotel room and complains about the lack of hot water.
  • Liang Qi from Canaan loves and adores her hot baths, though nowhere as much as her bloodshed and her "Oneesama".
  • Mikiri in Change 123, which is sometimes combined with the Innocent Fanservice Girl trope.
  • Charady from the series of shorts titled Charady's Daily Joke is seen bathing the entire time in a majority of the episodes and the opening sequence. She is also seen just outside of the bathtub in the promotional poster.
  • Clare from Claymore was shown to have a habit of taking a bath after every mission in an attempt to wash off the smell of yoma blood.
  • Kallen of Code Geass and her shower scenes are very... "famous" in fandom.
  • Honey Kisaragi of Cutey Honey is seen having bubble baths in the opening credits to the original series and New Cutey Honey. In the second book of the manga, she has a total of four bath scenes in that one volume. The first-live action movie even starts with her bathing.
  • Lucy from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners takes an ice bath naked whenever she needs to connect to cyberspace. This is justified as netrunners can overheat while connected and thus need cooling solutions such as ice baths to regulate their temperature, although it's mentioned there are cooling suits that can do that without needing to strip and she just doesn't like using them.
  • Mariko from Dear Brother tells Nanako during their Bath Tub Bonding scene that she adores bathing and can stay up to an hour in the tub.
  • Mitsuri Kanroji from "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" has a very short hot spring bath in the manga. The scene gained a lot of notoriety during the wait for the third season of the anime, there was a huge concern by some fans of this upcoming bath scene and it lead to debates online on whether they should keep or remove the bath scenes with some people trying to demand on social media that they skip it. The anime adaptation did not skip the scene and its reputation led to copious amounts of fanart and rule 34 online based off of Mitsuri Kanoroji's bath scene.
  • Despite their name, the Dirty Pair Kei and Yuri do have quite a lot of bath and shower scenes throughout their anime adaptations, with their longest and most well known being in the movie Project Eden where they completely put their mission on hold to clean up and soak in old abandoned bathtubs in a dangerous area and they end up paying for it when they get attacked by monsters lurking the area and are forced to retreat and continue the rest of the movie wearing makeshift outfits out of towels.
  • Shizuka from Doraemon seems to spend much of her free time bathing. And almost every time she gets in the bath, Nobita, Suneo or Gian ends up accidentally walking in thanks to Doraemon's gadgets. She is considered one of the most iconic bathing enthusiasts in anime and manga.
  • Bulma from the Dragon Ball series enjoys taking bubble baths and has a very popular shower scene in the sixth episode of the original Dragon Ball. They call back to this in Dragon Ball Z by giving her another bubble bath scene while she is hiding out in a capsule house on Namek. While she doesn't get any bathing scenes in Dragon Ball Super, there's a few scenes of her wearing a towel.
  • Rebecca and Homura from EDENS ZERO have frequent bathing scenes in the ship's bath known as the Spa of Eden which helps develop ether powers giving a plot reason for their many baths.
    • Holy who is modeled off of Reina from ''Rave Master" is given three bathing scenes within' the first five chapters of her proper introduction into the story post time skip.
  • Mari Yumenokata of Elf Princess Rane bathes in all 2 episodes and was mentioned that she loves baths.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • Lucy Heartfilia typically has a bath scene at least once in almost every story arc while wearing her Modesty Towel in the bathtub for the anime version.
    • Erza Scarlet as well, she has a history of forcing Natsu and Gray to take baths with her since childhood and makes sure they keep up on their hygiene and still has no qualms about bathing with them in adulthood as well. She has also been seen attempting to indulge in Lucy's bath when she isn't around in episode 29 and during the Grand Magic Games arcs immediately indulges in a luxurious bubble bath when checking into their team's hotel room when she said she was going to inspect it.
    • Brandish forces Lucy to take a bath with her in a three-chapter long bathtub scene. In 100 Years Quest, she shows that her size manipulating magic is very useful in making bathtime more enjoyable.
  • A rare male example: Haruka from Free! loves water so much that he takes baths every day and just sits in them. In the first episode, Makoto walked into his bathroom to find him bathing. Haruka then proceeds to get out of the a swimsuit.
  • Furo Girl! is about a woman named Sayoko Oyumino who pretty much only cares about taking baths and that's about what you get.
  • Rei Kuki of Genji Tsuushin Agedama takes a bubble bath during the shows first ending credits theme. She has bubble baths quite a few times throughout the show as well.
  • Rushuna Tendo from Grenadier is shown to have a weakness of loving baths and is seen bathing in almost every episode.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • Most episodes of Hidamari Sketch end with a scene of Yuno in her bathtub reminiscing about the episode's events.
  • Kagome Higurashi in Inuyasha always has to resort to bathing in lakes and hot springs while she is in the feudal era (sometimes Skinny Dipping, sometimes not) and is usually seen having a hot bath every time she comes back to the modern age.
  • A hobby of Lisa Lisa from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency is "taking baths" as said in her bios and implied by her Bathtub Scene which is in a nice fancy Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub on her balcony.
  • Saga Bergman is shown taking a bath in 23 out of 24 episodes of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, as well as the intro credits and the eye-catch. Her fairies Sugar, Pepper & Salt can also qualify since they take baths with her in most of the scenes.
  • Almost every episode of Miss Machiko has the main character in the bath or at least the shower.
  • Elpeo Puru of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ has a love for baths that it can even be shown to annoy the other characters when she gets desperate to have them.
  • Lila and any of the other Humaritts from Najica Blitz Tactics qualify, since they gain energy from taking baths in tubs of special pink liquid.
  • Ponzu of O-Parts Hunter, since she says that she bathes at least twice a day in an Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub. The quote above says a lot.
  • One Piece has quite a few.
    • Nami, for one, since she has the most bathing scenes and a few of them being memorable. Though one counted as Fan Disservice since Absalom attacked her in the bath.
    • Kalifa can be considered due to the theme of her devil fruit powers, which are creating bubbles. She has a bubble bath scene to taunt Nami in battle since water weakens Devil Fruit users.
    • Boa Hancock has a significant bath scene where Luffy crashes through her roof and accidentally catches a glimpse of the tattoo on her back... the brand given to the slaves of the World Nobles.
    • Nico Robin has some bath scenes like the time she bathes with Momonosuke and with Nami and Shinobu in the Wano mixed bath.
    • Honey Queen from the second film was first introduced bathing in a giant bathtub on the top of her ship.
  • Urt from Outlaw Star, since she lives on a hot spring planet and bathes twice in the one episode that features her.
  • The two female leads to Please Twins!, Karen and Miina. Every single episode has one or both of them taking a bath.
  • Most of the main characters of Ranma ½ qualify, since most of them have a curse that involves them having to take hot baths for them to restore themselves to their original form.
  • Ellie from "Rave Master" takes frequent baths throughout the series with Plue who deflates during them. Even In the past when she was Resha Valentine", she has stated that she loves bathing. While she doesn't bathe nearly as much as Hiro Mashima's main female leads from his later series Fairy Tail" and "EDENS ZERO", she is the basis for both Lucy and Rebecca and their love for bathing is much more emphasized. In the Mashima Hero's crossover special chapter, she indulges with the both of them on a hot spring touring adventure with them.
    • On a profile of Reina, one of her favorite hobbies is "listening to music in the bath" but sadly Reina did not have any bath scenes in the series. Holy from "EDENS ZERO" is modeled off of her and even shares the same real name as her is however seen indulging in baths frequently during her introduction chapters.
  • Kaoru Kamiya from Rurouni Kenshin. Considering that she's a dojo owner who constantly practices, it's more justified than other cases.
  • Another rare male example in Gemini Saga of Saint Seiya, as he has at least one bathing scene in every adaptation he appears in. In fact, his bathing scene in the Sanctuary arc is one of his most well-known appearances, in part due to the usual reaction.
  • Blair's most memorable scene in Soul Eater was her bubble bath in the first episode. She has another scene in episode 4 and episode 12. Blair liking baths is ironic since her true form is a cat, and cats supposedly hate water.
  • Sweet Blue Flowers has the pivotal scene in which Akira openly admires a bathing Fumi, which turns out to be a crucial moment in their relationship.
  • Asuna in Sword Art Online. Notably in the first Progressive movie, as soon as Kirito tells her there's a bath where he's staying, she immediately agrees to go with him, and she's overjoyed. She also has a bath scene in Ordinal Scale.
  • Time Stop Hero: Lovisa has three bathing scenes in the arc that introduces her. In the first and third, she has servant girls towel her off and dress her. In the second, she just leisurely soaks in a tub.
  • Lady Elsaria Rahnclave from Übel Blatt, enjoys baths wherever she goes. And she is not even shy about who she is bathing with. She even has an Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub on her airship bridge.
  • Akiko Aoshika from Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest is seen more than once taking showers. Then again, considering the Crapsack World she lives in, no wonder she does so.
  • Doronjo, the villainess of Yatterman, is often seen taking baths and showers on many occasions, even in the live-action film.
    • Generally all the villainesses of Time Bokan franchise love taking baths or showers (like part of their Ms. Fanservice status). Mujo from Zenderman does this the in ending credits and Yan-Yan from Itadakiman does in the opening credits. The 26th episode of the 2008 Yatterman has a callback to this trope when Doronjo, Marjo from the original Time Bokan, and Atashi from Rescueman all try to fight over the same bathtub.
    • Again from Zenderman. In the last episode, Muujo and her minions end up transporting into ancient Egypt in the bathroom of Cleopatra VII Philopator while she was having a bath in her big bathing pool.
  • Colonel Felme of Zoids: Genesis loves having bubble baths so much that she has conversations with some of the male characters while she is seen relaxing in them and shows no discomfort of them seeing her.

    Comic Books 
  • Black Cat: Felicia Hardy seems to love to bathe, calling herself a "shower junkie" and having had many shower and bathtub scenes over the years (she has even shown having a milk bath once).
  • Ashyara, the main heroine of Blade Devil is shown to regularly enjoy bathing in the nude while out in the wilderness. In fact, one of the very first scenes in the first chapter is a full page shot of her taking a dip in a Waterfall Shower before heading into town.
  • Top Cow's Tomb Raider comic has Lara Croft love doing this when she would get a chance. In almost every different story has Lara bathes at least once. She would usually bathe in nearby lakes wearing only her bra and panties. In one case, Lara is held at gunpoint as she bathed in a nearby lake.
  • Zatanna is shown to enjoy or talk about baths a lot and has had a number of Bathtub or Shower Scenes. It's something of a Running Gag that she keeps getting interrupted during them, though given she can dry and clothe herself in an instant with her magic, it's much less of a bother to her than to most people.
    • In Zatanna: Everyday Magic, Zatanna spends most of the story talking about wanting to relax in a bath after her long tour, but she keeps getting interrupted. Even when she does get a Bathtub Scene, she herself ends up interrupting when she gets a "Eureka!" Moment in the middle of it and has to leave in a hurry.
    • In Zatanna (2010), Zatanna's ideal relaxing activity is a "bubble bath and a glass of Merlot". And taking a bath is exactly what she does after her first fight with Brother Night's gang. When she gets to New Vegas, she also longs for a shower, but keeps getting interrupted by either her cousin or the villains.

    Fan Works 
  • Earth-27
    • Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) frequently expresses a desire to bathe or shower, usually after patrolling.
    • Lilith has no problem bathing in a tub of her private suite and talk to Gadreel and Adam while they're there.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A blonde from a scene at the beginning of Doomsday has a shotgun. You only see her naked in the bathtub.
  • The Fearless Vampire Killers: One of the defining aspects of Sarah's personality is her obsession with taking baths: believing that it is good for your health and should be indulged in at least once a day. The first time Alfred sees her in the inn, she is in the bath, and when he finds her in Count von Krolock's castle, she is taking another bath.
  • The Horror of Party Beach features plenty of sexy gals dancing around in baggy 1960s bikinis early on, and also "treats" us to this So Bad, It's Good joke:
    Bikini Girl: Hey there, Charlie! Do you like bathing beauties?
    Charlie: I dunno, I never bathed one!
  • In House on Bare Mountain, all of the students at Granny Good's School for Good Girls love taking showers: a facet of school life that is lovingly portrayed multiple times over the course of the film.
  • In Ophelia, Ophelia is shown to have a love of swimming in the river, which is ironic considering her tragic drowning. Hamlet and Horatio happen upon her while she's swimming and Hamlet is instantly smitten with her. Ophelia and Hamlet later bring up the myth of Artemis and Acteon, with Hamlet subtly comparing her to the goddess.
  • Welcome Home (2018): The heroine Cassie has several Shower Scenes throughout the movie, two in the first 30 minutes.

  • In Amagi Brilliant Park, Sento Isuzu often bathes up to three times a day and says she feels like she's dying if she doesn't. This is because she has Kappa ancestry. She has to keep her body from drying out.
  • Aladdin: When the princess goes to bathe, the entire town is required to remain indoors with the windows shuttered on pain of death. Aladdin, naturally, uses his genie to catch a glimpse of her and falls in love.
  • Prince Alannon from A Brother's Price would likely qualify for this if he appeared in the main narrative. He was abducted by his future wives wearing nothing but a silk bathing gown and got them to build him a bathhouse on their farm.
  • In A Certain Magical Index, Laura Stuart loves bathing so much that she has a room with a ridiculous number of bathtubs, and she'll often bathe while having important discussions.
  • A favourite fanservice staple for High School D×D is to have the ladies take a bunch of baths and showers, Rias Gremory especially gets these like in her introductory scenes.
  • The Captain of the Space Ark in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who is running the ship from the Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub on the bridge. (More a case of Fan Disservice, however.)
  • Inglis Eucus, the protagonist of Reborn to Master the Blade, is oftentimes portrayed as bathing and having her figure and looks admired in-universe by her cousin, Rafinha, or their other female friends. There's oftentimes Skinship Grope to go with it, too.
  • In Shakugan no Shana, Shana doesn't need to bathe at all. She just spends an hour or so every day soaking in hot water because she enjoys it.

    Live-Action TV 

  • In the music video for I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That), which reinterprets the "Beauty and the Beast" story, the Beauty character is introduced while taking a bath in a pool in the forest, and later she is seen in a bathtub in the Beast's mansion.

    Myths & Religion 
  • In the Books of Samuel, King David is on the rooftop of his palace, and happens to catch a beautiful young woman by the name of Bathsheba taking an open-air bath. (According to some interpretations, this was a ritual bath to "purify" her after menstruation.) He watches her intently while she bathes, most likely with no idea that she's being watched. He finds out who she is: the wife of one of his best soldiers, Uriah, who happens to be off fighting in a war...and summons Bathsheba to the palace for sex. She becomes pregnant, and King David's response is to try and get Uriah to come home and have sex with her (something explicitly forbidden under the law). And when Uriah refuses, he has Uriah sent to the front lines, where he is killed in battle...and then marries Bathsheba, passing it off as an Honorable Marriage Proposal, which gets him a pretty intense What the Hell, Hero? from his advisor, Nathan. Notably, no moral commentary is made on Bathsheba's acceptance of David's summons, or even on her going along with his plan to pass off her baby as Uriah's, indicating that she went along with it because she was afraid, not because she was amoral. Which would have been a pretty radical notion, in the days when the prevailing view on female sexuality was that All Women Are Lustful.
  • Greek goddesses and nymphs seem prone to this, with nasty consequences for any poor schmuck who happened to be in the same area. Artemis turned the hunter Acteon into a stag, who was promptly chased down and eaten by his hounds for ogling her (depending on the version, it was either well-deserved revenge on a pervert or a prime example of Jerkass Gods punishing a guy who picked the worst possible time to be thirsty-for a drink of water).

    Video Games 
  • Bayonetta 3: Queen Buttefly invokes this during the fight against Arch-Pyrocumulus, what with her reclining in the clouds like in Censor Suds, blowing bubbles at enemies as her form of attack and her pre-battle animations even looking like she's rinsing her arms and legs, complete with water.
  • In Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, one of the rooms in the Arena area has a fountain where a Succubus and a hidden Lilith are. If you look carefully, you'll see a rubber ducky in the water as well, which implies they've been bathing.
  • In Darkstalkers, Felicia is seen taking a well-deserved bubble bath in her ending after achieving stardom.
  • In Final Fantasy VII, there is a house in the town Costa del Sol, where a woman is taking a bath. She is in there for the entire game. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, two of Tifa's most frequently-repeated post-battle victory quotes are "Worked up a good sweat!" and "Would kill for a shower."
  • Fire Emblem:
  • God of War II has a pair of gorgeous topless women in a bathhouse when Kratos literally crashes into it and it's possible to have an Optional Sexual Encounter with them.
  • The ghost Petunia in Luigi's Mansion fits this trope, even though she is not a beauty.
  • Florzon from the Capcom game One Piece Mansion is a tenant you can get who just takes a bath the whole time.
  • Miyabi from Senran Kagura has bathing listed as her hobby, and there are several images of her bathing which take the beauty part to the extreme.
  • Capcom officially listed bathing as one of Rose's interests in the Street Fighter series. She is shown having a bath in her ending in Street Fighter Alpha 2. She is also seen having a bubble bath in the Capcom Gals Anthology manga, and mentions that she would like a bubble bath in one of her winning quotes in Super Street Fighter IV.
  • Sam in Until Dawn definitely counts. The masked psycho who interrupts proceedings, on the other hand...

    Web Comics 
  • Felicia, Sorceress of Katara has bathing scenes in many of her various comics and short stories. In one she pulls a tub, and hot water, out of her Bag of Holding. She also likes using baths to apply her Magikdust.
  • The Monyan girls from Furry Fight Chronicles work at a soapland, so they are always dressed in bathrobes to invoke this image.
  • Oglaf lampshades this in a strip (NSFW) contrasting "erotic bathing" with just regular bathing.
  • Christmas Snow from Shadowgirls loves water. There's a reason for this.

    Western Animation