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The Pony POV Series is a completed My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction series written by alexwarlorn (with work put in by lz0291 (including the Shining Armor Arc) and Kendell2 (known as Godzillawolf on also wrote a few scenes and many of the songs before joining lz0291 as a co-writer for the Shining Armor Arc), as well as several stories written by others in the same universe. They can be read here (first volume, Discorded Ponies) and here (second volume, Reharmonized Ponies). You can download an e-book compliation of the Reharmonized Ponies stories to date in epub or fb2 format. They also can be read at Fimfiction.Net: Discorded Ponies, Reharmonization, Pearls, Butterflies, Origins, Mind Games, Dark World/Shining Armor, 7 Dreams/Nightmares, Not The Wedding You Remember, and The Finale.

The series is divided into two parts:

  • Discorded Ponies Series: A series of fics showing the characters being corrupted by Discord from their perspective (including Trixie, who was never corrupted in the series). Nightmare Fuel abounds in all of these, especially the alternate ending "Epilogue", which takes place in a horrible Bad Future ruled by Discord.
  • Reharmonized Ponies Series: A sequel series of all original works that follow the canon version of events. Unlike the original, these have a running storyline detailing the ponies' recovery, The Reveal that Trixie is a second Element Of Magic, and Discord's eventual return for round two, once more in a series of POV stories, though some break that formula. While much happier, Nightmare Fuel still abounds.invoked

The Reharmonized Ponies Series itself has some sub-arcs:

  • Princess Gaia Arc: A continuation of the Reharmonized series, this one completely breaks Fluttershy where Discord couldn't, and in more ways than one.
  • The "Butterfly" Side Stories: The aftermath of the previous Arc and Applejack breaking the series away from canon, as told from the POV of several Ponies and non-Ponies around Ponyville.
  • "Origins": A series of stories explaining the origins of Celestia, Discord, Luna, and the end of the G3 World leading to the birth of the G4 one. Gets really dark.
  • "Mind Games": Things are coming to a head as Diamond Tiara gets closer and closer to freeing Discord. Darkness rises, and chaos might just have the last laugh...
  • Shining Armor Arc: Shining Armor's backstory and explaining where he's been during the rest of the series.
  • Wedding Arc: Included due to a poll result. The premise starts the same as the show canon, but things quickly spiral out of control, from the efforts of a much more dangerous Queen Chrysalis.
  • Finale: The eighth and apparently final arc of the main series. This in turn is divided into several sub arcs:
    • Nightmare Ponyville Arc: Featuring Rainbow Dash trying to uncover the mysteries of an altered Ponyville she finds herself in.
    • The Rumors Arc: The CMC and Button Mash have to find a way to undo Discord's endgame and the rumors he used to cause it.
    • The Last Battle Arc: It's time for a final confrontation with Discord.

There's also the Gaiden: 7 Dreams/Nightmares collection of stories, wherein Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie Pie read the journal entries of the seven main G2 ponies, covering the G2 world's change into G3, the Cosmic Retcon of G3, and the collapse of G2 society in the altered timeline through their eyes. Gets pretty dark, but each story tends to lean towards Earn Your Happy Ending territory. Another pair of Gaiden Stories are The Rise of Tirek and Majesty, which are naturally the Origins Episodes for Lord Tirek and Majesty.

All are rather deep, psychological stories with a Darker and Edgier take on the canon events. Discord is far more sinister and evil, his actions have left deep psychological scars on everypony, and there aren't any quick fixes to the damage inflicted.

What separates this fic from many of the legions of fanfictions out there is just how HUMONGOUS the fic has become. The author regularly tries to create new chapters at a normal rate so that readers aren't Left Hanging, and the fanfiction as written by him is already over 100 chapters long. And not just short chapters. Average word length can be well over 4000 words in places. In addition, the fic has a core of loyal fans who are dedicated not just to creating new original material (as seen below), but for helping contribute to the core material such as the Dreams/Nightmares section mentioned above. Put together, it's quite the story with continuity, and top notch writing standards from its many editors and creators.

A group of fans has started a project to make an audio version of the entire series, with a German-subtitled translation following right here.

Another live reading has also started by a different person and has made it to the New Family Reharmonizing chapter.

A second adaptation would later be created, this time adapting Dark World and can be found here. It was completed in early 2021.

There are also stories by other authors that have been declared in the universe by Word of God:

    Click Here for Loose Canon Recursives 

These stories are Loose Canon and it's up to the reader rather or not to consider them canon.

Several Recursive Fanfiction stories have been written in alternate universes as well. As such they are not canon to the main universe, but may be considered elsewhere in the same multiverse. The points of divergence vary, some in ancient past, some closer to modern day. Essentially, these are What If? stories.

    Click Here for AU/What-if Recursives 
  • Pony POV Series Chaos Verse: An alternate-universe story intended as part of The Multiverse
    • Shady: Line Of Fate: Another alternate-universe story by the same author. Warning, big time spoilers for the Origins Arc!
  • Seeds of Magic: Another offical Alternate Universe staring an Applejack who became the Element of Magic.
    • Part 2, dealing with Magic!Applejack's first day of school.
    • Part 3, dealing with Magic!Applejack and Twilight being sent to Ponyville for the Summer Sun Celebration and Nightmare Moon's arrival.
      • Seeds of Knowledge: The story of what Twilight was doing during the Summer Sun Celebration while AJ and the others went after the Elements of Harmony.
  • Alternate POV Series: Discord World War by KyonSylar: Another official Alternate Universe: (Author Description) "Past and Future are not carved into stone, and each decision can change all the universe. Discord is in war with the world, and this time, he is not alone. The only hope for the world is that the mane six find the second holders of the elements, so that Discord can be stopped once and for all."
  • Rough Diamonds by Zabuzaacolyte: A shocking and bold alternate course of events for the Reharmonization Series, taking place after Rarity's Reharmonization chapter, Ponyville awakens one morning to find a huge number of foals (including Applebloom and Diamond Tiara), have been kidnapped by the Diamond Dogs. But for what possible purpose? In true Pony POV series fashion, every chapter is another shocking reveal as nothing is as it seems.
  • Pony POV Series: Epilogue Alternate by Saphroneth: Another official Alternate Universe, this time to Epilogue were Cadence decides to turn the tables on Discord by turning Trixie into an Alicorn.
  • Pony POV: Friendship is Oppression: A look into the Harmony Queens timeline, as Twilight and her friends decide the only way to preserve harmony is to enforce it.
  • Looking Glass Ponies (Part 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6): A look into a world where the wish-granting spell cast at the end of G2 went off without the flaws and an alternate G3 world was made. But can it avoid being erased as well?
  • Pony POV Series Another End: Divergence: The fight with Discord in "Return of Harmony Part 2" ends differently.
  • Pony POV Series Dark World Gaiden: Sirens vs Nightmares: What if when Sunset Shimmer decided to break into Equestria while being unaware that it is the Dark World timeline? Cue the Sirens finding out from the massive negativity leaking through and breaking in. Divided into four parts.
     Round-Robin Recursives 
Recursive Fanfiction composed of contributions by the main author and fans in a role-playing/collaborative story style. After concluding the Finale Arc and retiring from writing fanfiction, alexwarlorn stated that the stories still in progress at that time will just continue without him due to their nature, simply acting as a passive host for the other writers.

Now has its own recap page. A fan rereading of the story is also in progress.

It was completed on 19 December 2018, with Alexwarlorn retiring and naming Kendell2 as the formal successor for future instalments. However, Word of God still declared it to be open season for Recursive Fanfiction that takes place after the ending.

This series of fanfics contains examples of the following tropes: