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Ponies and Dragons is an ongoing Round Robin My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic series by Alex Warlorn (of Pony POV Series fame). It comprises numerous "sessions", split up into separate vignettes, about the show's cast playing various tabletop games. Things tend to get a little more epic than a simple board game night, though.

It is unconnected canonically with any of the author's other series.


It can be found here or here.

As of September 2019, it is 97 chapters long and still ongoing.

Ponies and Dragons providess examples of:

  • Abusive Parents:
    • Human!Rabia is an awful human being to the point her children (with Ira as the sole exception) seem all too happy she's in prison. She apparently tried to force Sombra not to marry Hope as well, and still treats her daughter-in-law like crap.
    • Human!Storm King is the human Tempest Shadow's legal guardian. While details are sparse, he's a morally bankrupt Loan Shark and doesn't seem to be all that concerned by her missing right arm from the elbow down.
  • Allegedly Free Game: A number of games made by the company the human version of Sombra runs are apparently this. Though to be fair, Sombra's not quite a Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • All of Them: Apparently during the events of the season 6 finale, Sunburst was left keeping the Changelings impersonating the royal family of the Empire busy without exposing himself. When asked how many ways he had to come up with to do this, this trope is his response.
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  • Always Chaotic Evil: Subverted big time with the Changelings. While evil ones do exist, including Chrysalis, they're largely no more evil than ponies. Queen Supia is, while vicious at times, benevolent, Queen Cicada's hive just hangs out underground feeding on ambient love for 17 years before emerging to throw a gigantic party, and their Mother Goddess Empress Rosedust/Blackrose is a sweetheart (so long as you're not Discord). And of course there's the canon example of Thorax.
  • Always Someone Better: The giants learn this the hard way, when Flurry Heart makes them all the size of toys during their outrage-fueled siege of the Crystal Empire.
    • The Changeling Emperor is reminded that Discord is not to be trifled with, and that if Princess Luna can't look into your dreams, then she isn't trying.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Human!Tempest Shadow lost her right arm below the elbow in a bear attack.
  • Amoral Attorney: It turns out that Human Tirek is one, and owns a law firm called Tartarus & Co. Notably, he's one of the very few people who actually like the human version of Rabia...which didn't stop him from stabbing her in the back the moment it benefited him.
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  • Army of Thieves and Whores: The explanation for how Chrysalis managed to pull off the events of "Guardians of Harmony" after losing her hive to Thorax: she managed to get a large portion of the Winter Court (where all the worst of Changeling society, including her, are banished to for various horrible crimes) to join her in her attack.
  • Artificial Limbs: Human!Tempest Shadow has an artificial right arm from the elbow down after losing it to a bear attack.
  • "Ass" in Ambassador: Garble of all dragons gets officially sent to Ponyville by Ember as a diplomat. Unofficially, she just wants someone else to deal with him for a while.
  • Ass Kicks You: Applejack's giant pony warrior character in March of the Giants slips on some ice and lands her flank on an evil baron, flattening him instantly to everypony's amusement. AJ even gets a nice quip immediately afterward.
    • Gizmo mentions a newspaper joking about Queen Tiamat accidentally sitting on a city she'd gotten for her birthday. It's unclear whether this actually happened, or was just made up by the paper.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: The Mane Six all play as giant equines in March of the Giants. Their characters even have a rampage through an evil pony baron's castle, literally crushing any opposition from the tiny Mooks with some lucky dice rolls. (And one NOT so lucky roll on Applejack's part, that leads to a Karmic Death for said evil baron via Ass Kicks You.)
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders (and some friends) get in on the action with a game of "King of Manehatten", where they play various Kaiju battling to conquer the city.note . And later, a REAL instance of this, with a titanic, hornet-like Changeling Queen named Supia...who scares the bejesus out of Chrysalis, who banned the game in her Hive in a fit of petty rage. It turns out later that Supia is her sister and her mother can grow gigantic at will as well.
    • The Wonderbolts play a Monsterpocalypse-like game, while musing over how Humongous Mecha ARE somewhat practical for fighting giant monsters.
    • Then there was the time where there was a fight for Spike's love between a greed-grown Ember, Mina, and Rarity (who had been turned into a dragon).
    • Not so much "Attack", but both Ember and Mina have grown up to be titanic dragonessses in the "Game of Dragons" arc, set a thousand years in the future.
      • Though in Ember's case, there are some hints that she's been in a few fights since she reached her current size/age...
    • The human versions of Rainbow Dash and Gilda think they can do this in "World of Horsecraft" by exploiting a glitch in a growth potion item. Their characters do become giant-sized, but move painfully slowly, and harmlessly clip through some low-level players they try to step on.
    • Gerulf, a gigantic "Grand Griffon" the size of an airship, has now joined the party as of 28.2.
    • In 33.7, we're introduced to a whole new cast of Royal Giants, including the abosolutely huge Seismos; who's pretty much a giant pony-Spartan. The group later lays siege to the Crystal Empire due to some...unflattering stereotypes of giants Shining and his buddies put in the March of the Giants module.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Discord helps Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack out with understanding "Guys' Night" by turning them into handsome stallions. It's just annoying at first. Then Dash arrives and jokingly hits on them. And Discord uses his Infinity Die again, which summons a 'wandering monster'. Sweetcream Scoops.
    • Then in a later chapter, Big Mac, Spike, and Shining Armor get turned into mares by Discord for "Girls' Night". Discord even turns himself female, proclaiming himself to be Eris.
  • A Winner Is You: Parodied by human Fleet Foot when preparing for her turn in the ring against the other girls who find human Big Mac attractive.
  • Badass Adorable: Flurry Heart, who was causing Chrysalis trouble before being born. After being born, she's beaten up two Changeling infiltrators. Of course, this makes things hard on most babysitters.
  • Badly Battered Babysitter: First Trixie and then the Dazzlings get 'rewarded' with a chance to babysit Flurry Heart. It ends very badly both times.
  • Baleful Polymorph:
    • Happens to Garble several times, usually thanks to Discord's magic and Garble's big mouth.
    • Subverted with a game show that happens: while the losers all get transformed into things, it's temporary, they agreed in advanced, and have some say over what they get turned into.
  • Benevolent A.I.: The Equestria Girls version of Screwball is an anti-hacker program that human Discord made...and accidentally made become self aware while messing around in a bout of sheer boredom. Given her base programming is to protect World of Horsecraft from hackers and she's generally friendly, she's this trope. She's even the only reason that Dra-Gon is actually defeatable, though she wasn't aware of what she was doing, only that the game was blatantly unfair and needed a rebalance. She later saves an AI Pinkie Pie copy Sci-Twi made from a repeat of the Mirror Pool incident and is simply overjoyed to have another sapient AI to be friends with. However, she helps Wallflower against Sunset because she's a living thing and thus, unlike normal computer programs, vulnerable to the Memory Stone and thus capable of being manipulated by her.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Discord is this for Empress Blackrose and one of the few things that can genuinely enrage her because she's the Hearts and Hooves Day Princess and he was the one who orchestrated the whole thing, resulting in her and her subjects being cursed to become the Changelings in the first place. She's been spending thousands of years planning to take her revenge, and Discord's reaction implies she very well could, but ultimately relents due to being assured he'd reformed.
    • Actually managing to hurt him is one for Dra-Gon.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Queen Supia is pretty nice and benevolent, but her speech to Chrysalis implies ticking her off is a bad idea.
    • Chrysalis and Supia's mother, Empress Blackrose, is kind and sweet, but is the Changelings' Mother Goddess and thus extremely powerful. Chrysalis implies her 'Game Face' is far more terrifying than her already frightening looks. When genuinely angry, she scares Discord in part because she'd been preparing for thousands of years to get revenge on him for what he did to her, but relents due to his redemption.
    • Fluttershy's TFOS character, the shapeshifter Mane Agery, is easily one of the most overpowered in the group, largely because she has free rein to turn into any species from her homeworld (all of which are Lovecraftian monstrosities). The only reason Twilight lets her get away with it is because... she's Fluttershy.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Apparently, Celestia and Luna have to deal with a parade of these who think they can beat them every time major threat manages to beat them, normally without any clue how said major threat managed to pull it off in the first place. As the two are still Physical Gods, they're more than capable of handling themselves. They let Discord handle the next set of them after he got petrified during the Storm King invasion.
  • Black Sheep: Chrysalis seems to be this, as her mother is disappointed in her evil ways and she states all her siblings besides Queen Supia would try to kill her if they were in the same room for five minutes.
  • Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: Garble makes this in an effort to win a chili-eating contest that he put together as a scam to put a new hoard together. The stuff makes Grubber breathe fire and sends him to the hospital, causes the caged Intellect Devourers and Poncererak the Demilich to beg for mercy just from the smell, has to be served in bowls made from the same material as space shuttle re-entry tiles — and he still loses.
  • Born Lucky: Clover, as in Tales. During the joint O&O/D&D game, despite her indecisiveness personality making her character a complete mismatch, she gets max starting stats out of pure luck of the dice roll. She then consistently gets the best gear Shining Armor had on his loot table.
  • Boss Rush: The Chrysalis boss fight in "World of Hoofcraft" turns out to include one of these.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Shining Armor almost says the trope name word for word about Discord arranging a O&O game with ponies from another universe being almost causal for them by this point.
  • Butt-Monkey:
    • The Doctor is still paying off his karmic debt after running a shameless GMPC. Vinyl Scratch in particular takes pleasure in giving him a hard time.
    • Garble became this after getting assigned to Princess Twilight as 'official Dragonlands ambassador'.
  • Canon Immigrant: Due to the Round Robin nature of the story, several characters are brought in from other fiction. This includes several characters from the Pony POV Series (both canon and Loose Canon) despite not being set in the same universe, Chrysalis' daughters, and her mother.
  • Card-Carrying Villain:
    • Chrysalis is very much this, even singing a version of "I'm the Bad Guy" to Starlight when Starlight tries to reform her.
    • There's also Hydia, who is used as the Big Bad for an RPG. 8-Bit's lawyer visited the real Hydia (in Tartarus where she's stuck in a cocoon and unable to harm anyone in the Sugar Bowl around her) to get her permission, and her response is that she's fine with it so long as she's 'irredeemably evil' in the game.
    • Mina the dragon strongly disagrees with this, and insists that properly written villains need motivations that make sense.
  • Catapult Nightmare: Shining suffers one induced by Cadence's Wacky Cravings, where Cadence tries to EAT Spike. He's appropriately horrified.
  • Character Development: A surprising amount for this kind of story:
    • Twilight goes from going nuts every time her game goes off course (see Derailing below), to learning to roll with it.
    • Starlight Glimmer learns to lighten up a bit, and balance out sharing her beliefs with those she knows would take offense.
    • Instead of freaking out (externally anyway) like she did in canon, Trixie is considerably more courageous and motivated during the events of the season 6 finale, as she's already close friends with them.
  • The Chessmaster: Several characters qualify.
    • Twilight is one, both figuratively and literally. Thanks to her keen and organized mind, she can counter her opponent's every move simply by working out the possible outcomes of every move.
    • Trixie works in a different way, having mastered the ability to think outside the box. She relies on unexpected gambits, loophole abuse, dirty tricks, and even manipulating her opponents, as well as cheating if she can get away with it.
  • Color Failure: While playing an Animania game enhanced by Discord's power, Rarity (who's a swan at the time, but dyed pink by tomato juice) gets hit by Zephyr Breeze's (who's currently a Pepe Le Pew style Smelly Skunk) stench. This is her reaction, in reference to when the same thing happened to a dog in Pepe's cartoons.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: After the events of The Movie, Grubber's punishment for using foals as pony rides until they were exhausted (among other things) is to have to do whatever the foals want. The alternative was the wrath of their mothers so he takes it. Button Mash's punishment of choice? Playing and finishing Phantoms n' Ghouls.
  • Creator Breakdown: An In-Universe example with Button Mash. He creates some steam-powered mech-suits for a Skies of Equestria campaign, but when he finds out about Twilight's dislike of Game Breakers off-screen, he tearfully apologizes to her for "wrecking" the game and runs off in tears. Thankfully, Twilight convinces him otherwise.
  • Crisis Crossover: Played for Laughs: three Discords from Alternate Universes bring the Prime Mane Seven, Gilda, Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, and the Sirens and their Nightmare Moon twins (though they've ultimately defeated Nightmare Moon) and Mirror Universe counterparts to a room outside reality for the grand purpose of...a multiversal gaming tournament.
  • Crossover: Discord summons the Tales 7 for a game in the Interdimensional Game Room.
  • Cuddle Bug: Chrysalis describes her mother, Empress Blackrose, as 'a hugger'. The first thing she does upon being introduced into the story is to give Chrysalis a motherly bear hug. Later, when introduced to King Thorax, she does the same thing due to Cuteness Proximity.
  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: The Flim Flam Brothers manage to replicate the World Mirror by capturing one of the rifts Midnight Sparkle opened...and use it to con the Yaks in a team up with their human selves. Twilight is dumbfounded two ponies so brilliant would waste their time on scamming others.
  • Dark Is Not Evil:
    • Turns out Chrysalis is an exception when it comes to Changeling Queens, as both her mother and sisters are much more benevolent than she is.
    • Fluttershy's character in Teenagers from Outer Space can turn into Eldritch Abominations, but...well, she's still FLUTTERSHY.
  • De-Power: After they manage to regain their power and nearly destroy the world, Sunset has herself, both Twilights, and Pony!Starlight turn them into normal sea ponies and strip them of what magic they had in the EG World, turning them into normal girls for all intents and purposes.
  • Derailing / Off the Rails: The storylines and themes of some games...aren't always followed to the letter, much to the resident Game Master's annoyance/humiliation. And it's always done firmly within the game's own rules, without cheating!
    • Shining Armor's XCOM -like alien war RPG? The girls basically throw the hard military themes out the window and convert the aliens with Equestrian pop culture! Poor Shining was left face-down on the table by the end.
    • Later, Twilight GMs a Steampunk Sky-Pirate RPG in a balkanized Equestria, ready for a swashbuckling adventure...only for Rarity to hijack the storyline, ultimately kicking off a magical Renaissance and becoming Queen of a reunited Equestria. (Effectively destroying the game's technology-dominated setting, AND snuffing out its entire backstory.) Twilight was NOT amused.
    • And THEN we have Twilight (visiting the Equestria Girls world), utterly demolishing a squad of human soldier characters, led by Human!Shining Armor, with fantasy a game all about Muggles Do It Better, no less!
    • The Crusaders call in Button Mash to do this while playing War Horse 40 Carrots. He manages to purify the corrupted Mane Six and blow up the Eldritch Abomination that corrupted them, all within the game's rules. Gable flips the table and storms out in a Rage Quit.
  • Did Not Think This Through : Discord brings multiple monsters out of game world to the real one, all without ever thinking through the consequences of doing so or how dangerous they might be.
    • Nor did he learn his lesson. In later chapters, he summons some cryptids from Earth like Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster to play Crystals and Rainbows with him and Fluttershy; and then he summons a AD&D Werevixen who almost conquers the town!
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: The Humane Cast and company manage to defeat Dra-Gon, an Expy of Dagon the Sirens summoned. Literally, given the same harmonic energy Alicorn they summoned to beat the Sirens punches him into the sun.
  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?:
    • Queen Chrysalis is a regular player in the Mane Six and company's games until the events of the Season Six finale.
    • Chrysalis' mother, the Changeling's Mother Goddess Empress Blackrose/Rosedust, also drops in for a few games. Much to her daughter's annoyance.
    • Discord frequently plays, though is rarely the GM for obvious reasons.
    • During her pregnancy with Flurry Heart, Cadence requests a game with Chrysalis and Sombra (despite Sombra being dead). An alternate, reformed version of him ends up attending.
    • The Mother's Day O&O game Shining Armor and Cadence set up in the Empire eventually comes to include Queen Chrysalis, Queen Supia, and Empress Blackrose on one team and Queen Tiamat, Ex-Dragon Lord Torch, and Master Babylon as another.
    • Another Changeling Queen, Cicada, plays with the mane six...while she and her hive emerge from their 17 years feeding off ambient love to throw a massive party.
    • Empress Blackrose/Rosedust shows up again to play a game with the Cutie Mark Crusaders...and a cutaway to Appleoosa reveals a mysterious stallion heavily implied to be the King/Emperor/Father of all Changelings playing poker with the locals.
  • Diplomatic Impunity: Chrysalis has diplomatic immunity due to being queen of a sovereign kingdom, so long as she doesn't do anything too evil. Doesn't stop her from abusing it. She loses it following the events of the season 6 finale, both because of what she attempted and because Thorax overthrew her, so her 'kingdom' consists of a handful of changelings and her children.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Thorax is unaware of how powerful he's become since becoming a cured Changeling King. He's just himself while both courts are in awe of how powerful he appears to them. He's put in a test of strength against a Changeling King renowned for his Nigh Invulnerable armor. He ends up blowing said king across Blackrose's kingdom and knocking him unconscious with several cracks in his armor. Thorax is as shocked as anyone else.
  • Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend: In the game run by Dr. Hooves, Rose is a goddess in the game's lore. Derpy insists her character keeps glaring at a statue of her.
  • Easily Forgiven: Chrysalis expects this to be the case between her and Cadence following her endgame from the season six finale. Cadence's response is to fire a bazooka at her and no one is willing to play with her anymore.
  • Epic Fail: Trixie and the Cutie Mark Crusaders tend to suffer these in their games. Very often.
    • A flash-forward in one chapter reveals that even after a thousand years, PRINCESS Applejack STILL can't play majhong.
    • Trixie suffers a long string of these when trying to take down a villain called Archduke Villainous Vile. Her gradual breakdown and increasingly insane tactics need to be seen to be believed.
    • The Mane Six's attempt to stop Zephyr Breeze from chasing Rainbow in Animania (the former playing the part of Pepé Le Pew and the latter Penelope, species included) ends this way. Zephyr's stench knocks Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight out and incapacitates Rarity, all without Zephyr ever even realizing they're trying to stop him.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In Chapter 31, Chrysalis of all beings anounces she'll leave the table if they use one particular demon lord in the game; one that represents abusing and killing children. When the Mane Six point out that she nearly killed their little sisters, Chrysalis sniffs and says that was 'politics' and not simply for sick laughs.
    • Later, the Mean Six are disgusted by F.A.T.A.L, burning the board game within five minutes of trying to play it.
  • Everyone Has Standards:
    • Human Sombra wants to make money running his gaming company, but even he didn't like his mother's way of doing things who ran the company before him (and made tortuously dark and sadistic games). Also, when Human Kabuto, Decepticolt, Goldcap, and Zappityhoof try to convince him to put an extremely dark mechanic into World of Horsecraft (with a hefty price tag), which is intended to be a light hearted game, he fires them and kicks them out of the building.
    • During the Storm King's invasion, he offered a reward for anyone who handed the writer of a very grimdark game over to him for execution, one based on a story where the Mane Six become Chaos Demons. Its writer, Garble, immediately went into hiding.
  • Eviler Than Thou: Chrysalis' reaction to Starlight calling her old self evil is to mock her and sing 'I'm the Bad Guy', pointing out Chrysalis is a monstrous conqueror who's destroyed kingdoms.
  • Evil Is Easy: Human Discord's expansion for World Of Horsecraft with himself as the Big Bad has this for the 'Discorded' path. Given it's DISCORD (even his less evil human self) and said path is based of the No Mercy Run of Undertale, can you guess how it turns out?
  • Evil Matriarch: Human Rabia, who's one of the few human versions of Equestrian villains to be every bit the monster of her Equestrian counterpart, only lacking in sheer power to actually match. So much so Sombra helped lock her up in prison and Ira seems to be the only one of his siblings who holds it against him. Her World of Horsecraft self is naturrally thee same.
  • Expansion Pack: World of Horsecraft has had two so far with a third coming up:
    • Reins of Chaos, which introduced a storyline with Discord as the Big Bad and also introduced Griffins and Zebras as playable classes.
    • Wrath of the Crystal King, which introduced King Sombra's storyline, as well as Yaks and Crystal Wolves as playable characters.
    • The latest expansion is Ascension, which has Tirek as the Big Bad with a large number of G1 villains as his minions. It also adds Deer, Dragons, and Thestrals to the game as well as their starting locations.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: During the Teenagers from Outer Space game, Applejack tried playing the strict and authoritative class president with the job of keeping the others in check and obeying the school rules. Predictably, it didn't work, and since she gets dragged along on their hijinks all the time instead, she spends just as much time in detention.
  • Fainting: Rarity, as in canon, does this quite a bit.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Besides all the Equestrian versions of real tabletop games, we also get Queen Supia's "Neighponese" origins, and a reference to the Ancient Grome-flavored Tarus Peninsula; whose giant inhabitants sport togas and bronze hoplite armor.
  • Freak Out: The human world Ember (Gilda's pet dog) has a minor one after being made sapient and being very confused by everything she's experiencing, including seeing red and green for the first time.
  • Foreshadowing: Twilight complains about hearing dramatic music during the three way light saber duel with Starlight, Sunset, and Trixie... then it turns out the sirens were singing in her closet.
  • Furry Confusion: When Rainbow Dash first sees a picture of a panda, she remarks that Fluttershy would love to have one as a pet. Trixie points out that they're actually civilized and sophisticated people, and not considered to be animals.
  • Fusion Dance: Discord and an alternate universe version of Accord (who's the dominant personality and Lawful Good by his own admission) perform the Trope Namer to become Disaccord, Spirit of be joint game master of an O&O game for their universes' mane sixes.
  • Gentle Giant:
    • Queen Supia, apart from her (rather terrifying) "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Chrysalis, is quite benevolent and pleasant...and also a Kaiju-sized Changeling Queen. That said, her aforementioned speech hints that Supia is NOT some-ling to mess with if one values their neck...
      • It's later revealed that Supia has two daughters, who are also of whom is a cheerful lawyer and advertises herself as the "literally biggest lawyer on the planet". The other daughter is far more serious-minded, but Word of God is that both inherited their mother's benevolence.
    • Whimsy Weatherbe appears during one session, now an adult and so massive she has to play through the window by flicking the dice with the tip of her claw. She's still a nice dragon and a friend of Mina's.
  • Gilligan Cut: Done rather frequently. Some examples:
    • The Mane 6 are talking about what they'd do if they became Alicorns and princesses. Applejack says that they'd never catch her becoming a Princess.
    1000 Years Later (of course)
    "Princess Pinkie Pie (Thalia), Princess Fluttershy (Gaia), Princess Rarity (Lucia), Princess Twilight (Amicitia), Princess Rainbow Dash (Fidelitas), all stood grinning at Princess Applejack (Vertias). It was so silent you could hear a pin drop."
    Princess Applejack (Veritas): Shut it!
    • In another segment, the Mane 6 are going through an enchanted comic run based off of the Pony Rangers, and Spike has ended up as the robotic assistant character primarily for comic relief.
    Spike: I'm beginning to wonder if I ticked off the guy who makes these things years ago and he's been getting his revenge on me ever since by subtly altering the spell on every issue so that whenever it detects me entering one it always gives me the least heroic role.
    (cut to the comic shop owner viewing their progress on a screen)
    Comic Shop Owner: Aw, crud, he's on to me.
    Shining Armor: "Whatever comes after once they're out of Cadence, can't be worse than this..."
    (cut to Derpy on a visit to the Crystal Empire, as she makes a storm cloud rumble ominously)
  • GMPC:
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Many instances of this. Chrysalis gaming with Shining and Cadence (until she gets herself banned); Cabelleron joining Daring Do and the Mane Six for a game...even Pinkie Pie and Scorpan playing with Tirek (Not that he had much of a choice, but still...)!
  • Green Around the Gills: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight all have this reaction to getting a nose full of Zephyr Breeze while he's currently a Pepé Le Pew style skunk during their Discord enhanced Animania game, in reference to the exaggerated reactions to his stench in his cartoons. It later happens to a dragon.
  • Happily Married: Human Sombra and Radiant Hope are married sweethearts and very happy together. In fact, it seems a major difference between Human Sombra and his pony self is he chose life with his love over obeying his Evil Matriarch.
  • Heel–Face Brainwashing: Having her cutie mark taken by Starlight actually made Suri nicer than before. Overlaps with Split Personality below.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Spoiled Rich ends up having one after discovering Diamond Tiara put a ton of work into a homemade RPG she'd just verbally torn apart...and made a thinly veiled Expy of her the Big Bad, causing her to finally realize how Diamond really sees her.
  • Heroic BSoD: After Rainbow Dash has to hear Glimmer talk about how she did things "equally" in games (all four of her characters were the same party class when she played the first Last Fantasy game), she calls her out for being one note. Starlight defends that so is Discord, but RD retorts that "at least Discord is FUNNY!" This causes Starlight to burst into tears and run to her room, hiding under her blankets and declaring it to be "New Our Town". Twilight steps inside her room, and talks Starlight through things, like how RD still suffers from the experience of losing her cutie mark and that Glimmer doesn't need to give up, nor never speak of her beliefs ever to get along with others. She then hugs her through the blankets.
  • Hidden Depths:
    • Trixie turns out to be a master mahjong player, having learned while traveling Chineigh as a filly, earning the nickname Kokushi Muso (thirteen orphans, a very difficult claw to get). She learned from dragons, one of which is Mina's grandfather Master Babylon, an ancient and gigantic dragon who seems to rival Torch in status. Trixie calls him uncle. Twilight is naturally shocked to learn this.
    • Applejack, as well as her siblings, has a natural affinity for numbers and can do advanced math in her head. She also at one point sets up a freeform game based on Jungian psychology.
  • Hold the Line: Shining Armor attacks Tempest Shadow during the Storm King's invasion of Canterlot and fights her. As it turns out, he wasn't intending to actually beat her (though he would have had reinforcements not shown up and wouldn't have been upset at that outcome), but to hold her off long enough for his friends to arrange a mass teleport to get Flurry Heart and as many civilians as they could out of Canterlot.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Rarity is appalled when Gilda's rendition of the Awesomeoids ends with 'Buy our action figures!', saying such a thing is "shameful".
    Pinkie Pie: "Shh! You want to get us cancelled?!"
    • The Royal Giants' moral outrage over a stereotype-laden giant villain in March of the Giants is rather ironic, considering most of them (especially Seismos) actually HAVE gone on rampages and eaten smaller beings. Shining Armor rather bluntly lampshades this.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: When Applejack's giant pony warrior character in "March of the Giants" slips on some ice and ends up sitting on an evil pony baron, squishing him flat, she has this remark:
    "Well, at least that's one bad guy who'll never be a pain in the rear again!"
    • Doubles as a Bond One-Liner.
    • In another segment, Silver Spoon is playing a session as a Bard with some of the other fillies and colts, and when she sings to distract some monsters, the monsters beat up her character because they're extremely sensitive to loud noise.
      Silver Spoon: I guess that makes me a... spoony bard!
      Scootaloo: ...You made your character a Bard solely so you could make that joke at some point, didn't you?
      Silver Spoon: Yep!
  • Inherently Funny Words: Rainbow Dash and Patch feel this way about the other universe's term for Cutie Marks (the Tales cast call them Rump Designs, which was what Hasbro called them from G1 to G3) to the point of rolling on the floor laughing.
  • Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!: The human world Screwball is an anti-hacker program human Discord created. Discord somehow ended up causing her to become self-aware while screwing around in a fit of sheer boredom.
  • I Think You Broke Him: Diamond Tiara manages to logical pick apart one of Twilight's settings. This is the result.
    Apple Bloom: Ah think she crashed Princess Twilight.
  • It's Personal: Empress Blackrose is not fond of Discord, to the point he's her Berserk Button. This is because she was the Hearts and Hooves Day Princess and Discord caused that incident, resulting in her and her people being cursed into the Changelings. While she has yet to forgive him, she at least tolerates him due to his redemption, but makes it very clear if he steps out of line, she wouldn't hesitate to try and kill him.
  • I Warned You: Ponythulhu does the 'I told you so' version when Dra-Gon (still blackened, sizzling, and on fire from being punched into the sun) arrives back at their law firm, presumably about his attempt to Take Over the World.
  • The Jeeves: Prince Blueblood's personal valet, Sleeves. Other than the ability to vanish into the background and reappear when he's needed, his full set of highly-priced capabilities have yet to be shown.
  • Killer Game Master: Poor Wallflower has the misfortune of running into one, and the Memory Stone merely reveals him as such. She ends up decking him in the end.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Human Sombra's mother Rabia. While she's currently in prison and thus can't be an active antagonist, she's not only genuinely evil but the tone becomes pretty dark whenever she is mentioned.
  • Knocking on Heathens' Door: Pipsqueak and Buttons show up at Octavia and Vinyl's shared house at the same time, both asking if they've heard the good news of Princess Luna/Equality.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Rainbow Dash is prone to this, predictably. Her TFOS character in particular takes advantage of the game's "no death" rule to ignore any fatal consequences... with the result that she gets knocked out a lot instead.
  • Left Hanging: There are a few arcs/sections that seem to end on a cliffhanger, but aren't picked up on. Thankfully it's not a big deal with the additions being largely self-contained, and the loose continuity.
  • Lighter and Softer: Crystals and Rainbows Generations 3.5 is this In-Universe. Its saccharine nature makes it a handy recovery tool for the Mane Six after they have to endure a series of depressing "Grimdark" games, the biggest offenders being War Horse 40 Carrots and FATAL.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son:
    • Rarity's canonical example with her folks is still at play.
    • Chrysalis' mother Empress Blackrose is a kind, friendly Changeling and Cuddle Bug in sharp contrast to her sociopathic daughter.
    • It turns out Rainbow Dash's mother is G3 Rainbow Dash. Rarity wonders if somehow she and Rainbow were swapped at birth.
  • Literal Split Personality: Buttons and Suri Polomare become this after they use the Mirror Pool. However, they can still feel each other's pain, and Twilight is not at all happy about them/her pulling this stunt.
    • Synchronization: Button and Suri having forms separate from each other, but still able to feel each other's pain implies they aren't two separate beings, but still two sides of the same pony.
  • Loan Shark: The human version of the Storm King is a particularly nasty one and Human Sombra even calls him such.
  • Me's a Crowd: Discord decides to play a game with Fluttershy by creating bodies for her many personas. Discord does it to Zephyr to to play "Arcana: the Convergance", and combine they decidedly don't go according to plan.
  • Metronomic Man Mashing: Done by Flurry Heart to a Changeling attempting to kidnap her, thanks to her Earth Pony aspect. She does it to Trixie when the showmare babysat her, and then a third time to a Changeling who tried to assassinate Thorax.
  • Mirror Match: When three Discords bring their universes together for a multiversal gaming tournament, the Sirens from the Nightmare Moon Wins timeline, who still have their powers, try to cast a spell on the group, only for their Mirror Universe counterparts, the Muse Sisters, step in to counter them. Because they have the exact same power set, they simply stop fighting when it becomes apparent their attacks simply cancel each other out.
  • Mirror Universe:
    • The Reflections universe appears a few times.
    • A different mirror universe is later shown where the inversion is along the Lawful/Chaotic spectrum. For example, Discord is the prime personality in the main universe with Accord being his split personality, while his Mirror Universe counterpart has Accord as his prime personality with Discord as his split personality. The prime mane six use the Elements of Harmony/Rainbow Powers while their counterparts use the Elements of Chaos/Stormbow Powers. Comically enough, Fluttershy is identical because she was already Neutral Good to begin with.
  • Mistaken for Racist: Happens to the Mane Six, especially poor Rarity, quite often. She almost gets sued over it by a Diamond Dog lawyer at one point, and the Changelings have been offended by their depiction as horrid remorseless monsters. They got even by developing a line of game modules where you save hapless little Changelings from the "evil" Mane Six.
  • Mook–Face Turn: While "Face Turn" is debatable, it's revealed that Chrysalis actually sent some of her changelings to Our Town to scope it out, but they returned equalized, saying how all Changelings should be equal. Chrysalis wouldn't let them out of a set of cocoons until they gave up on those ideas... She'd never let herself be equal to her subjects.
  • Moon Logic Puzzle: Twilight faces one of these in a point and click adventure game... and the ending is the most trolling, Shoot the Shaggy Dog ending you can imagine. Not really surprising that she torches her computer almost immediately.
  • More Than Mind Control: It turns out the Sirens were using the natural Heart Song nature of Equestria to nudge the groups along in order to feed themselves—via Ominous Latin Chanting, no less!—since they no longer can use their magic to feed.
  • Munchkin: Gilda's character in Teenagers from Outer Space is a cross between the Lavos and the Inhumanoids (she even sings a version of their theme song). However, Twilight handles her surprising well, even having Trixie's character (a sun in pony form) have a brawl with Gilda's when the latter first appears.
    • This becomes more obvious when Gilda is put on the spot when Twilight politely asks for the name of Gilda's character. Her response?
      "Uh... Gilzillathulu?"
    • Ironically, since Gilda bothered to explain what her character LOOKED LIKE, Twilight realized she hadn't done so with the other players all this time.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
    • In a meta sense. Who knew the cast of FiM just relaxing with some board games could be so darn entertaining?
    • In-universe, there is a Go played by (Ex-) Dragon Lord Scorch and Master Babylon—two dragons the size of small mountains, who use huge boulders as game pieces. Their casual game and friendly trash-talk is treated like an tense standoff/battle by a crowd of smaller dragons watching them.
    • Gilda becomes the griffon equivalent of an Alicorn in a flash-forward to a thousand years in the future...for making a strawberry-topped cheesecake for the gods of Griffonkind as proof of her worthiness. She even wears her chef outfit like holy/royal regalia.
    • Three Discords invoking a Crisis Crossover between three separate have a gaming tournament.
    • The short hacker Story Arc ends with the hacker actually Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Gold Cap hacking an overpowered GMPC into World Of Horsecraft and going on a Player Killing rampage. The Crystalsoft crew treat this with all the seriousness of a spy movie, and it ends with the Humane Seven getting together an army or players to defeat them in a Big Badass Battle Sequence.
  • Mundane Utility:
    • Discord and several of his alternate universe selves made a interdimensional room between play games between alternate versions of the mane six in.
    • Discord and Accord (who's from a universe where he and Discord's roles were reversed and he's the dominant personality) perform a Fusion Dance into be joint game master for an O&O game.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse:
    • Or at least Brutally Beat Up The Hypotenuse. Cheerilee, Marble Pie, Tealove, Sweetcream Scoops, Fleet Foot, and Princess Luna all engage in a massive melee for who has the right to be Big Mac's mare friend.
    • Mina of Dragon Town, Dragon Lord Ember, and Rarity (using a polymorph spell to become a dragon herself) begin a three way tug of war in greed growth giant forms to fight over poor Spike.
    • A non-romantic version happens at the same time with Trixie, Starlight, and Sunset engage in a three way lightsaber duel (pilfered from Shining Armor's collection) over who has the right to be Twilight's apprentice.
    • An in-universe version of Yandere Simulator is eventually introduced.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Crystals and Rainbows 3.5 is basically the G3 My Little Pony series as a game. A human world video game is also based off of it.
    • Rainbow Dash's mother is G3 Rainbow Dash, called Rainbow Dash Sr.
  • No Antagonist:
    • Chrysalis tries to be the villain at times, but ultimately is more of a nuisance. Well, if she pulled off something evil, then she'd get banned from game night... Which is exactly what happens when she does launch her endgame from the show.
    • The Sirens also make an effort, but due to having lost their powers, they're not capable of doing much most of the time. They eventually manage to become a threat again, however. Their Nightmare Moon Wins timeline counterparts also make an attempt because they still have their powers, but their Mirror Universe counterparts, the Muse Sisters, shut that down before it can go anywhere.
    • A hacker starts causing trouble in Crystalsoft's games, being about the closest thing to an antagonist the story has had. It turns out it's Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Gold Cap seeking revenge for being fired.
    • Averted for The Storm King who manages to be a legit threat during the events of The Movie.
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: Trixie believes that this applied to Mahjong. Applejack does not agree.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: This is the mane six's response to FATAL and Warhorse 40 Carrots. Given that the girls themselves and their friends and family are all put in the starring roles of both games (the first being an insanely sexist role playing game, and the other being...Warhammer with ponies.) The first one they just throw in the garbage. (An act repeated by Shining Armor's friends when they get a hold of it). And the second one they burn.... twice... Then it comes back a third time, though the creator claims he reworked the narrative to be less depressing.
  • Non-Idle Rich: The human world version of Empress Blackrose is the founder of a massive company, but made her children work for a living rather than just live off their wealth.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: The Sirens manage to regain their power, stronger than before, becoming serious threats once again.
  • Official Couple: As of session 23.6, Starlight and Sunburst.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting: Twilight hears this during the epic fight between Trixie, Starlight and Sunset over who gets to be her student. It's soon revealed that the Sirens were using it as aHeart Song to get everypony a little bit more crazy over what they already wanted.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Session 40.9 reveals one such embarrassment for Supia—she apparently went on some attempted conquests of her own back in the day, only to be routinely bested by a Diamond Dog admiral and his fleet of armored turtle ships. She even got shot in the rump by a full broadside of cannonballs!
    • Applejack thinks this will happen to her character in March of the Giants, after a bungled saving roll causes an Ass Kicks You demise for an evil baron and his knights.
  • Our Werebeasts Are Different:
    • In one game, Rainbow Dash pours Werebear blood into the water supply of a group of Orc. As Werebears are Neutral Good by nature, this forces them to help ponies. Unfortunately, someone also poured Werewolf blood into a town's water supply, so now they have those to deal with.
    • A game with the Crystal Prep group ends up having werecars as the villains.
    • Discord releases an O&O Werevixen into the real world, and it results in her going on a rampage, brainwashing and turning stallions and foals respectively. Discord's plan for fighting her involves turning Rarity into a Mirror Universe Werevixen, who is Chaotic Good to fight the Werevixen. When that's not enough, he turns Twilight into a Wereowl, Applejack into a Weredog, Pinkie Pie into a Weremonkey, Rainbow Dash into a Mirror Universe Werecheetah, and Fluttershy into a Wereskunk. This doesn't actually solve the problem, so they have Zecora cure them.
  • Override Command: Turns out the Enchanted Comics actually have one to end the story at any point. Spike just never looked at the page it was on the first time to realize it. Because they actually know it now, the comics become a common game for the group.
  • Papa Wolf: During the Storm King's invasion, Shining Armor fights Tempest Shadow and manages to nearly beat her before having to fall back because reinforcements are coming. Turns out he did it to prevent her from finding Flurry Heart before he and his friends could arrange a mass teleport to get her and as many other civilians as they could out of Canterlot.
  • Persona Non Grata: Empress Blackrose banishes Chrysalis from her and her other daughters' lands following the events of the season 6 finale. Several other countries also make it clear Chrysalis is not welcome there as well.
  • Pint Sized Power House: Flurry Heart was causing Chrysalis trouble before she was born due to this trope.
  • Physical God: Several are mentioned besides the Alicorns, including Queen Tiamat, the Griffon god Boreas, and Chrysalis' mother, Empress Blackrose/Rosedust.
  • Player Archetypes:
    • Tirek manages to be a Power Gamer in Crystals and Rainbows Generation 3.5 (A game based off of MLP Generation 3)! This was supposed to be therapy to get Tirek to learn to be nice with Pinkie Pie as the game master, but Tirek manages to (WITHOUT cheating) turn the it into a power gaming experience! Pinkie Pie begins to suffer more than Tirek at these sessions. Pinkie Pie eventually calls in Scorpan to try and balance them out, but Tirek proves how determined he is by bouncing back from being forced to play with his "back stabbing" brother.
  • Please Keep Your Hat On: Haust, the Stallion in Yellow and Discord's cousin, who keeps this with his canon self. Even his equally eldritch family can't help but scream upon seeing his true face!
  • Rage Quit: Smolder gets so fed up with the rest of her group ruining her plans as the GM of an O&O game that she drops dragons immune to everything but magic (which they don't have) on them to kill their party. Shining calls her on it, especially given she wasn't actually doing a bad job otherwise.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The cast's characters in Teenagers from Outer Space, so very much:
  • Reality-Breaking Paradox: While in an Enchanted Comic, Scootaloo wonders what would happen if One Punch Mare (who can beat anyone in one punch if she wants to) punches The Tick (who is so Nigh Invulnerable that he can survive a black hole), so Diamond (who's playing the former) and Silver (who's playing the latter) decide to try it. Apparently it causes the universe to implode from the paradox.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Chrysalis launches her endgame from the season 6 finale. In addition to what happened to her in canon, she's no longer welcome at the gaming table and her diplomatic immunity is revoked. Her attempts to seek political asylum due to being overthrown by Thorax also don't go well, as her actions mean the default reaction is "You made your bed, now lay in it." Lastly, her mother banishes her from her and her other daughter's lands.
    • Chrysalis in one segment has banned "King of Manehatten" (a popular in-universe board game) from her Hive due to one of its Kaiju characters being a hornet-like Changeling Queen—i.e., not her; something she finds personally offensive since SHE isn't held up as a monster like she wants. Chrysalis soon gets a visit from Queen Supia, a titanic Changeling Queen resembling a Japanese giant hornet, and Supia is not amused with Chrysalis' behavior:
      Queen Supia: (Her voice a demonic, buzzing hiss) "...And then I learned of your tantrum over the game. Sending some of your soldiers to harass the poor developers just for NOT making YOU their monster? Do you even KNOW size-shifting spells? Have YOU ever caused a tsunami with just the force of your wings? Have YOU ever crushed a mad daimyo's army LITERALLY underhoof?" (Licks at her mandibles) Do YOU know what kappas taste like when you swallow them whole by the dozens?!"
    • Chrysalis immediately agrees to revoke the ban, and is left with a paralyzing phobia of anything wasp-like.
    • The human versions of Gilda and Rainbow Dash find an exploit in "World of Horsecraft" that allows a growth potion item's effects to exponentially increase if multiple potions are used at once...and it works! Their characters get big enough to tower over the map, much to the pair's delight. EG!Gilda decides to step on some stunned low-level players...only to find that the game wasn't meant to handle player characters being that big. Her character moves at a snail's pace, and her foot harmlessly clips through her would-be victim. EG!Rainbow suffers the same effect, and their glitch-fueled "rampage" becomes a laughingstock for everyone else on the server.
    • The hacker (Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Gold Cap) from their short Story Arc decided to hack a major company's systems repeatedly and run amok. This results in them being arrested and facing up to 20 years in prison.
    • Ember the Dog is a sapient dog, but she's only been sapient for a short time and unlike Dog!Spike doesn't have a supersmart owner to learn from. When she builds a house in "Crystals and Rainbows" it is naturally a complete mess.
    • Discord summons the Tales 7 for a game. Being normal teenagers from a world without magic, all of them but Patch are terrified by the situation until Twilight calms them down.
  • Reincarnation: Pinkie Pie drops hints that Twilight is the reincarnation of Minty from G3. Early on, after having her campaign derailed a little TOO much, Pinkie Pie puts her through some Lighter and Softer therapy via Crystals and Rainbows 3.5 where she regresses to her past life. The Mane Six later use the game from whenever any of the games they try out turn out to be too depressing.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Starlight and Sunburst become a couple in part 23.6.
  • The Remnant: As it turns out Suri Polomare is this for the Equalized Ponies. Before her reformation, Starlight Glimmer equalized Suri when she tried to steal her wallet after Starlight bought her food at a diner. But her brainwashed self is so NICE, that the doctors mistake her normal personality for the fake persona.
  • Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Smolder ends up doing this during an O&O game, dropping multiple dragons that are immune to anything but magic on the group in a Rage Quit because they'd been more or less trying to ruin what she'd been trying to do. Shining Armor, the teacher of the tabletop gaming class at the School of Friendship, chastises her for doing so. He notes, however, she was actually a good GM for most of it, if a little rough around the edges (which is to be expected, as it was her first time playing).
  • Running Gag: Trixie and the Cuitie Mark Crusaders suffering some sort of disaster during their games, due to everything from bad dice rolls to making ill-advised moves.
    • How epic are these fails? Trixie once caused the end of the world in-game with an overcharged spell during the Final Boss. Everypony present was shocked beyond words.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:
    • When Twilight and Co. find out about the ending of "The Darkest Dungeon", they promptly quit the game for good.
    • Shining Armor pulls one and runs off to Ponyville for a while when Cadence's Wacky Cravings inspire her to run horrible games with her archenemies.
    • Cinch, who after being forced to quietly leave her post by Cadence and Shining Armor or have her blackmailing Sci-Twi and enabling her being bullied, goes to work at Crystalsoft...and then the Sirens' Evil Plan happens. Fed up with the magical stuff, she promptly runs for it and flees to Mexico.
  • Screen Name: Everyone has one on World of Horsecraft:
    • PurplePup is dog Spike
    • FaithfulStudent is human Twilight
    • BBBFF is human Shining Armor
    • Crystal_Prince is Pony Shining Armor
    • RisingSun is Sunset Shimmer
    • D@r1ng-d0 is Rainbow Dash
    • REAL_Princess is pony Twilight Sparkle
    • Honest Apple is Applejack.
    • Flutter Nice is human Fluttershy.
    • Orchard Blossom is Big Mac.
    • I'm A Banana is the Equestrian Discord.
    • Fairest of Them All is pony Chrysalis (Discord having tricked her into playing with him).
    • Dark Lord of All is the Equestrian Tirek (Discord tricked him into playing with him).
    • Luna, the Equestrian one, is Moonlight.
    • Wild_Muzac is Lemon Zest's.
    • Ultimate_Princess was the hacker's for their hacked, overpowered character.
    • Glimglam99 is Human Starlight Glimmer, but she uses Equal Rites in World of Horsecraft.
    • Readinginthesun is Human Sunburst.
    • R0xx-star-queen is Human Gilda.
    • Pink Sugar Explosion is Pinkie Pie.
    • Blackest_Flame is Garble.
    • Noneofyourbusiness! is equestrian Gilda (she didn't understand what the character creation was asking her at the time).
    • Rarity is Rarity.
  • Self-Deprecation:
    • Alex Warlorn has posted a couple of sessions poking fun at his own Pony POV Series.
    • Human Discord (a game developer) made himself the Big Bad of an expansion of World of Horsecraft, and the Earn Your Bad Ending route ends with the heroes killing Discord and usurping him. The Equestrian Discord is not amused when he finds out, but says Touché when he finds out it was done by himself.
  • Serious Business: A rare justified example in the "A Game of Dragons" arc. A thousand years in the future, Dragon Lord Ember has unified most of dragon-kind under her rule, and meets with Mina of Dragon Town for a session of any sort of game: tabletops, video games, gambling; anything. The stakes? Dragon Town's independence. It's made clear that this is the only practical way to settle things without a destructive dragon battle; and Mina losing would send a VERY clear message to any dragons who don't want to live under Ember's rule.
  • Shipper on Deck: Cadance sends Sunburst on a 3-week vacation to Ponyville so that she can ship him and Starlight together.
    Twilight: (thinking) Damn it, Cadance, not again.
  • Shout-Out: Many of the games are this for various series.
  • Silent Snarker: Vinyl Scratch, most definitely.
  • Simulation Game: The human world's version of 'Rainbows and Crystals' is a life sim (in the world of magical ponies of course) with exploration, construction elements, and RPG elements.
  • Sixth Ranger: Starlight Glimmer, as in canon. In several games, her character is this for the group.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: Human!Big Mac says this in response to Human!AJ's question about so many girls being interested in him.
  • Something Completely Different: The entries from the latter half of Chapters 66 to the former half of 69 are a loose adaptation of the 2017 movie instead of the usual fare.
  • Split Personality: Suri Polomare develops this after she has her cutie mark restored, since unlike the other equalized ponies, she had a chance to define herself without Starlight lording over her. Her equalized personality starts calling herself Buttons (which turns out to be Suri's birth name, further complicating things). The two DO NOT like each other.
  • Smelly Skunk:
    • When the group plays a Looney Tunes style game with Discord making it real, Zephyr Breeze and Fluttershy end up being skunks. Unfortunately for Rainbow Dash, Zephyr Breeze is the 'stinky 24/7' Pepé Le Pew style skunk and she's playing the part of Penelope Pussycat (and unfortunately for the mane six, who have about as much success as anyone else in the cartoons who tried to interfere with Pepe's chase when they try). Fluttershy is of the 'only stinks when she's startled' type, which unfortunately for the Mane Six, happens rather promptly.
    • One is living in human Gilda's junkyard, which has been giving her trouble and sprayed the Equestria Girls version of Ember (Gilda's dog) multiple times. Fluttershy gets it out and it ends up spraying the EG Garble and his crew.
    • When he needs Werebeasts to fight a Werevixen and her army, Discord turns Fluttershy into a Wereskunk, and she ends up spraying several Werevixen converts and brainwashed slaves when startled. Discord forgot to write 'Wereskunk spray is cured when they're cured' into his homebrew, so they're still skunked afterwards, and Discord is forced to clean them all off by hand as punishment for causing the whole mess.
    • During their crossover game, Bright Eyes's Druid gets a skunk to help them deal with an encampment of Orcs while Fluttershy's Druid shapeshifts into another one. The resulting trap gets the whole encampment sprayed and weakens them enough for the party to take out.
  • Spanner in the Works: EG Screwball (a sapient anti-hacker/balance checking AI Human Discord created and accidentally caused to become self-aware) is one of the main reasons Adagio's plan doesn't go one hundred percent perfect, as she tampers with the game being used to give the heroes a fighting chance (though doesn't understand it's more than a game). Justified, as only Discord is aware of Screwball being a sapient AI.
  • Spot the Impostor: A visiting delegation of Diamond Wolves engage in an town-wide version of this as a game, when one of their agents constantly disguises themselves as one of the Mane Six (without permission, or even telling them until the "game" has already started). The agent finally gets cornered in their dreams by Princess Luna...and promptly swears servanthood to Rarity as the result of her being the 'winner' of the game. This becomes a Running Gag with them.
  • Stronger Sibling: Queen Supia turns out to be Chrysalis' elder sister, and is a powerful Kaiju (due to her father apparently making a Deal with the Devil with some Yokai. Of course unlike Chrysalis, Supia is benevolent.
  • Super-Strong Child: Flurry Heart, due to being an Alicorn and thus having Earth Pony abilities.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Fairly uncommon in most games since Twilight can be a stickler for rules, but happens a lot in the TFOS game. Twilight is running that game in no small part to "indulge her inner Pinkie" and have an excuse to play loose with the rules.
  • Swiss Cheese Security: Twilight comes to this realization regarding the Mirror Portal, after BUTTON MASH manages to sneak into the Human World.
  • Take That!:
    • A gypsy mare curses Shining Armor to give his firstborn foal a stupid name. Sometime later, cue the birth of Flurry Heart.
    • When Twilight first brings out Skies of Equestria,note  Rarity wonders if a setting all about machines and technology will be a sore spot for Applejack. AJ finds this ridiculous, saying that just because she's a traditionalist does NOT make her a tech-hating Luddite.
  • Tempting Fate:
    • Done intentionally by Applebloom after a game of King of Manehatten. She wonders aloud how long it will take for Discord to turn her and her friends into real Kaiju to reenact the rampages in the game...then she looks around the room, as if waiting for something to happen.
      Applebloom: "Huh. That usually works."
    • The CMCs also did this when they thought their bad luck with board games was over, and decided to play 'fill the barn' at an actual barn... it ends as well as you expect.
    • Shining comments, after a nightmare resulting from Cadence's pregnancy, that his child can't be any more trouble out than she is now. Flurry Heart is a handfill either way.
    • In Chapter 70, the mares celebrate Nightmare Night by watching horror movies Sunset sent from the EQG world in the tradition of Halloween. After getting understandably unnerved by a scene where a giant spider goes after horses in a corral, they decided to watch another film to get their mind off that scene. However, it's safe to say Sunset didn't translate the titles before sending the films to them. The chosen film's title? International Cuisine — 'Viande de Cheval'note 
      Ten minutes later the DVD was trampled underhoof, Fluttershy was in a faint, Dash looked to be in shock, Applejack was trying to revive Rarity (who sprang away screaming to wash her mouth out), Tempest and Starlight had both turned green and raced off to find a bucket to puke into, Pinkie's eyes were swirling as she moaned something about 'that lousy fanfic again', and Twilight was busily writing a note to Sunset.

      "...And once again, Sunset, before sending us these things, make sure you read the title!"
  • There Are No Therapists: Subverted, MOST of Equestria got professional help when Discord struck... but Gilda, having moved to Griffinstone, never got any help, and so was still suffering from PTSD from Discord making her as smart as a wild animal and letting her try to eat her ponies (her natural prey). When Gilda begins to have nightmares, and Discord then tries to get chummy by placing a paw on her shoulder, Gilda freaks out and suffers a flash back and claws him across the face. Discord finally takes the hint, later apologizing to Gilda, who has by now gotten professional help.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill:
    • Starlight Glimmer dropped Suri Polomare's cutie mark jar in the middle of the ocean, rather than put it in the vault at Our Town.
    • Almost said word-for-word by Gilda, after she pulls an insanely violent and brutal assault on the heads an evil government in a game about rebellion. She even remarks that her plan was tame by griffon standards, and that some griffons she knows from back home would have gone even further over the top.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Chrysalis' daughter Imago throws a temper tantrum when Thorax overthrows her mother...because she was 'supposed' to be the one to do that.
  • The Starscream: Chrysalis' daughter Imago is constantly trying to overthrow her. Thankfully for Chrysalis, she's really bad at it. She doesn't take it well when Thorax overthrows her instead.
  • The Swear Jar: Maternity sets one up for Grubber during his punishment (being forced to do whatever Ponyville's foals tell him to do). Given he's forced to play Phantoms n' Ghouls by Button Mash, he fills up half of it in no time. Then all the way when he gets to the game's infamous trick of making you have to beat it a second time on a higher difficulty.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • Rainbow Dash has this reaction to realizing their Animania game, enhanced by Discord's magic, is going to be a Pepé Le Pew cartoon, with Zephyr Breeze as Pepe, and her as Penelope Pussycat.
    • Twilight, in the same game, has this reaction when she loses a roll and Zephyr's stench flicks the clothespin of her nose, the smell knocking her out soon after.
    • Dra-Gon has this reaction when the giant harmonic energy Alicorn the Humane Cast summoned punches him with seemingly no effect only for Adagio to reveal it's due to 'damage calculation lag.'
  • Too Dumb to Live: Discord during a round of Tomb of Horrors. His own foolishness gets his character killed so many times, that in the end he decides to conjure Acererak into the game. He didn't learn his lesson and later summons a Werefox into the real world.
  • Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth:
    • Button's personality is so overwhelmingly nice that it ends up turning Chrysalis temporarily equalized when the mane six call her in to "fix" Suri's Split Personality problem.
    • A Changeling tried to brainwash Snails. Due to his emptymindedness, it 'got lost' in his mind.
    • Discord summons six 'intellect devourers' when the Mane Six don't believe they exist. Apparently, pony thoughts are too sweet for them and it didn't go well. Applejack's dies of starvation to her annoyance, which is implied to just be Discord trolling her. They're currently trapped in Twilight's 'friendship dungeon'. Tempest Shadow and Grubber's thoughts apparently are not, however, but Tempest is able to fight them off.
    • In another chapter Garble attempts this with some homemade dragon chili to win a contest he put together (as a scam to make himself rich off the entry fees), only to fail when Princess Celestia likes his chili. Enough so that she pays off the prize money for the entire contest in gratitude.
  • Total Party Kill:
    • Happens to the Mane Six in a round of a tabletop version of Darkest Dungeon, during their fight against The Hag. They later realize they could have won, and lost only due to their own ignorance of the game mechanics.
    • Dra-Gon tries to do this, but the EG world Screwball nerfed him beforehand because of how unfair that'd be.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Zephyr Breeze suggests as much when he pitches some game remake ideas to 8-Bit and his friends; all of which have less than happy endings. They fire him out of a cannon in disgust.
  • True Final Boss: Several.
    • The World of Horsecraft's Reign of Chaos expansion has one where if enough people completed the Chaos Route, Discord goes One-Winged Angel rather than just a normal fight.
    • The Wrath of the Crystal King expansion has Rabia as the unlockable final boss, who's accessed through a side quest with Radiant Hope, replacing Sombra who's the normal Final Boss.
  • Uplifted Animal: As in canon, the human world Spike is a dog granted sapience by Equestria magic. He convinces the group to do the same to the human world Ember (Gilda's pet dog) so he can have a canine friend like him. The human world Garble (a stray dog) wants to become this, but Spike stops him from doing so.
    • Then in Chapter 80, after Dragon!Garble goes through the Mirror Gate and gets returned by Sunset and her friends and a visiting Dragon Lord Ember, stray magic does uplift Dog!Garble.
  • Villainous Breakdown:
    • As in canon, Chrysalis tries to launch her attack from the season six finale. After it fails leaving her with 13 drones and her kids living in a cave and her no longer being welcome at the gaming table, she doesn't take it well.
    • The hacker from the short hacker Story Arc (Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Gold Cap) has one when the human six and the massive army of players they assembled manage to fight back and ultimately kill their overpowered hacked World of Horsecraft character.
  • Villain Song:
    • Chrysalis sings a version of ''I'm the Bad Guy', gloating about how much worse she was than Starlight when Starlight tries to reach out to her.
    • She later sings a version of "My Lullaby" as she prepares her endgame.
    • Sonata sings Kokoro no Sukima World as her song in the Sirens' plan to regain their full power, though using autotuning.
    • Aria takes the next turn, and ironically sings Tempest Shadow's own Villain Song from The Movie, with the intent of getting a huge payoff from her human self.
    • Adagio's song is a version "I'll Put A Spell On You". As with its use in the movie, it's weaponized to get the people present to sing along with a chant to put some of the finishing touches on their endgame spell.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Rainbows and Crystals has this as one of its big draws, being a Life Simulation Game and all. The Family Castle even allows players to make families for their character with all the same options.
  • Wacky Cravings: Cadence in Session 16, due to being pregnant with Flurry Heart. It's bad enough that Shining has to organize a nationwide cooking contest in the Crystal Empire just to make enough bizarre food for her.
    • It even goes beyond food into gaming—at one point she demands an RPG session with King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis!
  • Water Source Tampering: Rainbow Dash does this to a clan of Orcs in a game with Werebear blood, turning them all into Neutral Good Werebears.
  • When He Smiles: Coffee Swirl, who is The Cynic to an extreme degree, turns out to have one time of the year he's actually happy: Hearth's Warming. Fluttershy is so happy to see him actually smiling for the first time since she met him, she tells Rainbow Dash not to ruin his fun by calling him in.
  • Who's on First?: Applejack pulls this in chapter 8, with the name of her Humongous Mecha in-game.
    AJ nodded. "Eeyup. Darn Tootin'."
    "Great! What's the name?"
    "Ah told you the name."
    Twilight blinked. "Um...No, you didn't."
  • World of Badass: Hinted at in the thousand-year flash-forwards, where Alicornhood has become a lot more common: Even Derpy has ascended; the Mane Six and Trixie are also confirmed alicorns, with Shining Armor's ascension heavily hinted at. Meanwhile, Gilda's become the griffin equivalent of an alicorn.
  • You Cannot Kill An Idea: Starlight's "equality" ideology lives on in Buttons, who (thankfully) is FAR less fanatical about convincing others of it than Starlight was pre-reformation.
  • Zany Cartoon: This is the point of Animania, complete with the only real rule being Rule of Funny.


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