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  • Session 10.0 has a great Call-Back to the first "March of the Giants" segment in the previous chapter, revealing what happened to the evil pony baron after the girls' party defeated him:
    Applejack: "Ah STILL don't know how Ah slipped on that one patch of Rarity's ice, OR bungled the Sure Footing roll... Seriously, right when we were turnin' ta leave, mah Battlerager tumbles back and ends up sittin' on the guy! Not that he didn't have it comin', but really..."
    • In 20.12, we get a flashback of that. After a second of Stunned Silence, everyone is laughing their heads off, even Fluttershy and Rarity. (Rarity laughs so hard she falls off her cushion and rolls on the floor.) And then, there's Applejack's reaction...
    Applejack: "...Shoot, didn't see THAT comin'. Mah poor Battlerager, she's NEVER gonna live this down back with her clan! Well, at least that's one bad guy who'll never be a pain in the rear again!"
  • 10.13 gives us Flurry Heart thrashing the living crap out of a Changeling trying to kidnap her. It's a PERFECT bit of karma:
    Shining Armor's eyes went wide as his little few week old daughter proceeded to lift the Changeling off the ground and slam them into the ground on the opposite side of her father...repeatedly, each time getting a loud 'oof' from the Changeling until it's disguise failed and revealed a very stunned Changeling drone, all the while the little filly crying and throwing a temper tantrum. "Ow..." the changeling whimpered. Flurry Heart gave one last slam and drove the Changeling clear through the floor to the floor below...then kept crying.'
  • In the first chapter, the girls and Discord are playing through the infamous Tomb of Horrors. Discord gets into an argument with the rest over his paladin getting killed that for some reason ends with him conjuring Acererak the Demilich to settle it.
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  • Also in the first chapter, Trixie's Epic Fail spell on a game's Final Boss...but it's NOT an Epic Fail because it doesn't work. It's an Epic Fail because it goes haywire and triggers The End of the World as We Know It in-game. Trixie is approproately stunned.
  • From Chapter 8, Applejack having some fun with naming her in-game Humongous Mecha:
    "Sounds good," said Twilight brightly. "Did you name it yet?"
    AJ nodded. "Eeyup. Darn Tootin'."
    "Great! What's the name?"
    "Ah told you the name."
    Twilight blinked. "Um...No, you didn't."
    "Ah did so."
    "So...the name of your mecha is what exactly?"
    "Darn Tootin'."
    "You named your giant robot 'What Exactly?'"
    "Darn Tootin'."
    Gilda and Trixie threw popcorn at her.
    Twilight exasperated. "That's it! I don't give a buck any more!"
    Applejack asked. "What did ya say?"
    "I don't give a buck!"
    "That's the name o' the one Apple Bloom is makin'!"
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  • Doctor Hooves tries to make his Time Lord character the outright star of a campaign module he's playing with some friends. It doesn't go well:
    Vinyl Scratch 'said' nothing. She merely waited patently until the alien space-ship was blown up along with the alien invaders in the land of Doctoria, and her werewolf/unicorn/sorceress was carrying Octavia's 'exterminated aristocrat/bard' promising Octavia she'd get her resurrected at the next temple of the goddess Rose they came to. Derpy insisted her rogue kept giving the goddess statue the stink eye.
    Vinyl Scratch's horn glowed, displaying a picture of her character and Doctor Hooves' PC GM. And the former running the latter through with her horn.
    "You-YOU WHAT? Well, he just regenerates even more good looking, and ginger, and-"
    Vinyl Scratch's character tied him up while was regenerating, threw him into a pocket universe travel bag, tied it up, and tossed it down a well.
    Doctor Whooves just started for five minutes before saying, "Uh, would somepony else like to Dungeon Master?"
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  • Cadence's Wacky Cravings give poor Shining Armor an...interesting dream in chapter 16.22:
    Cadence looked at Spike and her eyes widened at a mental image of Spike on a crystal tray, surrounded by onions and with an apple in his mouth.
    "Ohhh, Spiiiike..." Cadence smiled toothily at him. She lightly tapped her hoof against the platter at her side. "Could you get on this, please?"
    "Huh?" Spike shrugged. "Sure, okay." He hopped up on it. "Now what — YOW!"
    A few moments later the Crystal Ponies blinked to see their national hero Spike racing down the hallway, shrieking, "AHHHH! CADENCE WANTS TO EAT ME! THE FANFICCERS ARE RIGHT!"

    Shining Armor awoke with a start. He turned to see his wife, still heavy with their first foal due any time now, but for now sleeping peacefully. "Whatever comes after once they're out of Cadence, can't be worse than this," Shining Armor said.

  • A great Take That! in 15.6, to FATAL, an incredibly sexist RPG the Mane Six tossed into the garbage:
    Gaffer: "Whoever wrote this has issues—no, subscriptions!"
    ""What? No!" Twilight shook herself. "Well, it is kind of silly, but you're looking at Nightmare Librarian." Twilight flew up above the table. "Ponies who damage or let their books become overdue had best beware, or I'll make them all write 100,000 word essays on 'The Most Boring Things in Equestria'!"
  • In chapter 17, The Royal Guards and Luna panic when they discover that the pregnant Cadance has entered Celestia's private cake room. Poor Blueblood is sacrificed to start "Equestria's First Royal Princess Cake Eating Contest."
  • At one point, Sunset Shimmer visits Ponyville to play a few rounds of chess with Twilight. They end up locking themselves in Twilight's castle for a week because they've both NEVER been beaten at chess before, to the point where the EQG!Mane Six (as well as EQG!Twilight) come through the mirror too because they're worried about Sunset.
  • In Session 13.6, Queen Tiamat shows up at Shining and company's game company, upset that, while they made dragons heroic in the last game, they made the victory requirement trading your horde for your hatchling. According to Tiamat, the correct response for a dragon is 'eat the hostage taker and burn their house to the ground as a warning for anyone stupid enough to try that stunt again.' Gizmo accidentally ends up making her think the local newspaper office is responsible (to be fair, they did post an unflattering article about her), causing her to go try to incinerate it. Celestia interferes and offers to settle the issue with an ancient divine challenge by contest. In this case: Cookin' Mommy for Whinnii. Given Tiamat is a Kaiju, she has to get Mina to take the challenge for her because the controls are far too small for her.
  • In part 18, Sunburst joins the group. The following exchange promptly occurs:
    Before we do, though, I need to ask you to do something, Starlight," Sunburst said. He took a deep breath. "I want you... to punch me in the face."

    "WHAT!?" Everypony in the room shouted.

    "Why? Why would I do that?" Starlight asked, frowning.

    "Well, I DID kind of abandon you immediately after getting my cutie mark, never bothered to contact you during all that time, and in a roundabout way, I guess you could kind of say I'm partially responsible for you pretty much losing it..." Sunburst replied. "So come on. Hit me with your best shot! Fire away!"

    "No, I can't do that! I mean, maybe if this was BEFORE all that's happened I'd be more than willing but..." Starlight trailed off.

    "Come on, just hit me!" Sunburst said, sounding a little bit too eager.


    "Dude..." Pinkie Pie said. "Phrasing." note 

    "...I don't get it," Spike said.

    "Okay, this lover's quarrel has certainly been entertaining..." Trixie began.
    "WE'RE NOT LOVERS!" Sunburst and Starlight both shouted, before they realized this and both blushed.

  • In part 26.5, Trixie has to babysit Flurry Heart. It goes poorly — first Trixie gets pounded against the floor by the playful filly, and then when Trixie takes her Pinkie Pie plushie away, the angry Flurry Heart 'sends her to the cornfield'...literally, Trixie is just teleported to a nearby corn farm. Fortunately Sunspot shows her the exit, conveniently located nearby.
    • And then in part 26.7, the desperate Cadance and Shining Armor get the Dazzlings in pony-form to babysit Flurry Heart. Flurry likes Sonata, and very much dislikes how badly Aria and Adagio treat her. It ends with the latter two in clown suits and cringing in terror from little Flurry... while Sonata cheerfully plays with her.
  • At one point the Equestria Girls versions of both Rainbow Dash and Gilda make it to Equestria through the magic mirror. They think they're inside a giant VR version of the game, which leads to EG!Gilda trying to push around the REAL Gilda. It ends as you would expect. Later, as both Gildas are leaving the hospital, a male griffon who tried romancing Gilda shows up and gets attracted to EG!Gilda. She returns his affections by tackling the poor guy to the floor and asking the 'other' Gilda "How do you kiss with a beak?" Her response?
  • Speaking of Human-Gilda and -Rainbow, they find an exploit in "World of Horsecraft" that allows a growth potion item's effects to exponentially increase if multiple potions are used at once...and it works! Their characters get big enough to tower over the map, much to the pair's delight. EG!Gilda decides to step on some stunned low-level players...only to find that the game can't quite handle a player character being that big--her character moves at a snail's pace, and her foot harmlessly clips through her would-be victim. EG!Rainbow suffers the same effect, and their glitch-fueled "rampage" becomes a laughingstock for everyone else on the server.
  • Everything goes nuts in Chapter 19. First several mares fight over Big Macintosh; and when Luna drops in they all jump her at once. Next Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie duel with lightsabers over which of them has the 'right' to become Twilight's apprentice. Meanwhile poor Twilight wonders where the Latin chanting is coming from, right before she relaxes with a "It can't get any worse." — which is precisely when greed-growth Ember and Mina start a fight over Spike. And then a turned into a giant dragonness Rarity joins in. Twilight probably needed some cider after that one.
  • In Chapter 32, Discord transforms Applejack, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle into handsome stallions. He then uses his Infinity Die and summons a 'wandering monster'. Sweetcream Scoops shows up and immediately starts flirting with the stallions.
  • In chapter 31:
  • In the chapter where Discord goes Accord, Sunset Shimmer gets a message from Twilight telling her that she's joined Accord and will soon be visiting her world to enlighten it as well. Sunset simply activates the 'Princess Twi's gone mad, shut the gate down' plan she made long ago.
  • In Session 52.2: Rainbow Dash sees through one of Spike's tricks in O&O and tells him to 'try harder'. So he does. The group spends the rest of the game in increasingly unfair situations, including Applejack finding out the 'sword' she picked up was actually a monster that ate all her armor and Rarity's 'bag of holding' being a 'bag of devouring' that ate all her gold.
    Applejack: Ya just hada tell'em to 'try harder' didn't ya?
  • During the Siren's return plan, Human Starlight tries to alert Human Gilda (a Crystalsoft worker) to something not being right. The following occurs.
    Gilda: Relax. I'm in Crystal Soft's QA department. If there was any shady stuff in that game, I'd definitely know about it.
    Aria Blaze: [enters "LOAD 'Shady Stuff.dll', 8, 1" on her laptop, and the interface flashes blood red fifty feet away]
  • In Chapter 70, things get crazy again.
    Frankenstag Monster: AHHH! Fire! Bad! (Knocks Spike through the wall.)
  • Trixie, Starlight, and Tempest decide to infiltrate Flim and Flam's casino to rescue Spike, Grubber, and Garble. Trixie disguises herself and Starlight as a stage magician and her assistant... and Tempest as a showmare in the usual Stripperiffic outfit. Starlight immediately has to pry Tempest's hooves from Trixie's throat.


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