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Arya: You're fine with murdering little boys, but thieving is beneath you?
The Hound: A man's got to have a code.

Whether someone is a weirdo, villain, pervert, jerkass, geek, or just way too nice, deviant from the customs of "normal" society — one often finds that those things can only go so far. These characters find that when they're in a situation where they would cross a certain line, they don't do it. Or they get disgusted at those who do cross that line.


The standard is often moral or ethical, but could also be regarding culture, or True Art, or good taste, or good manners, or what constitutes a good meal, or even the boundaries around a fandom — basically, anything that a person or group is willing to treat as Serious Business. The point of this trope is that no matter how high or low anyone thinks the line is, they all believe that there is a line, and that those who cross it are in the wrong. Even people you wouldn't think of as having standards still tend to believe in something.

A Super Trope to:

Compare Conscience Makes You Go Back, Sudden Principled Stand. See What the Hell, Hero? when someone calls out a person's actions for violating their own standards. If someone judges other people's actions but assumes their own must be good by definition, they have Moral Myopia. If someone's standards are applied inconsistently, it's a Double Standard. If this hypocrisy is never called out in the work itself, it's Moral Dissonance. Conversely, someone's standards may be consistent but at odds with genuine morality, leading to Curious Qualms of Conscience. See also Shades of Conflict for the many variations that may occur when people with different levels of standards collide.

Someone who doesn't observe any standards may cross the Moral Event Horizon and become a Complete Monster.

This is Truth in Television, of course; just about all people do try to follow some sort of standard, and even outright sociopaths can tell (intellectually) the difference between right and wrong. Though standards may differ from time and place and individual, and people may fail to live up to their own standards, for someone to not care about any ethical or moral standards is generally a sign of a severe mental pathology. That said, No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Bakuman。, Eiji Niizuma follows his rivals' work so regularly that his refusal to read Tanto is treated as an O.O.C. Is Serious Business moment that indicates that he thinks they're not living up to their potential.
    • A Show Within a Show case becomes a plot point in and out of that universe. Mashiro and Takagi's Perfect Crime Party, a group of elementary school students who do harmless pranks called "perfect crimes", don't do anything that could cause trouble for others; they suggest that if they broke into a bank vault and left behind a note without stealing anything, the security company's reputation would suffer. In response to someone imitating PCP by breaking into a bank vault and leaving a note behind, Takagi writes a story in which Akechi, The Rival to PCP, tells some copycats that he knew it wasn't PCP because they wouldn't do anything like that, and ends with PCP themselves commenting about how not everyone can do things the way they do.
    • In the vote to serialize PCP, there are two stipulations for the votes- a "yes" vote can only be done if the voter believes PCP can compete with Nizuma's work, and if the work fails to get serialized, Mashiro and Takagi will be unable to write for Jump again. The work is about to fail 4-3, when three of the editors change their votes from "no" to "yes"- one of the more hesitant "no" voters doesn't agree with the idea of just letting Mashiro and Takagi go, and another believes that it doesn't make sense to let them go with only a 4-3 majority.
  • In Death Note, L and Near are not paragons of justice, and only take on cases that they're interested in. However, they both disapprove of what Kira is doing and the mindset behind it, with Near having an especially strong hatred of Kira's followers.
  • Dragon Ball Z: While Beerus has a Hair-Trigger Temper and is prone to destroying planets for absolutely silly reasons, there are several lines he won't cross:
    • Even he can't stand Frieza; in fact, when he first wakes up from his long sleep in Battle of Gods, he was contemplating going after him and killing him before finding out that Frieza was long dead.
    • The reason he imprisoned the Old Kai in the Z-Sword over a petty argument was because it would be improper of him to destroy the Supreme Kais' World. Also, since the Kais' lives are linked to his, killing one Supreme Kai increased the chances of him dying.
    • In Super, he is just as disgusted by Frost as everyone else after learning he was Evil All Along. When he hears that Frost is a planet broker who buys planets he ruins cheaply and then sells them for a high price after he fixes them, he sneers that's exactly what Frieza used to do.
    • In the Super manga, he doesn't like Whis comparing his job to Goku Black attempting human genocide in Future Trunks' time. Beerus destroys planets for the sake of universal balance, while he considers Goku Black little more than a lunatic who kills according to his own whims. In the anime, while Beerus never calls Goku Black a lunatic, he calls him an evil person and considers killing Zamasu on the spot just in case he turns into Black. And did so with Present!Zamasu, when the latter was going to kill Gowasu.
    • For as much of a complete Jerkass that Ro, Supreme Kai of Universe 9 is, he flat-out refuses Frieza's offer to join the Universe 9 team during the Tournament of Power in exchange for being resurrected on the grounds of Frieza being, in Ro's own words, "a complete psychopath who doesn't care if his own universe gets erased."
    • Goku is a major Big Eater, but during the King Piccolo Saga, even he is disgusted when Yajirobe cooks and eats the corpse of Cymbal after eating him. In a filler scene in the original Dragon Ball anime, he's also furious when Annin tries to offer him food while the Ox King's castle is burning.
    • While Zeno is willing to stretch the rules of the Tournament of Power to allow things he finds cool, he has his limits that he will not allow to be crossed. When Frost tries to blast Frieza after being eliminated, a clear act of cheating, Zen’o erases him on the spot and declares no attacking from outside the ring, and threatens to erase all of Universe 6 if it happens again.
  • In Gakuen Babysitters, Chairman Morinomiya, who usually demands for Ryuuichi to work hard and to keep a punctual schedule, states this about herself when posed with the option of waking him up while he's sick.
  • In Girls und Panzer, Shiho looks down on those who follow other tankery ideologies and initially dismisses Oarai's victories as flukes. However, in the movie, after Oarai defeats Shiho's alma mater Kuromorimine's tankery team, led by Shiho's elder daughter and heiress, only for Tsuji Kota to renege on his promise and order that Oarai be shut down anyway, Shiho angrily insists that there's no luck in tankery and helps arrange for a match between Oarai and the University All-Stars.
  • Highschool of the Dead: While Saya's parents suffer from Honor Before Reason, offering shelter and protection to even the civilians that actively oppose their efforts to keep Them under control, Shidou and his followers are just too evil for them to tolerate. As soon as Soichirou learns from Rei what a scumbag Shidou really is and how he flunked Rei on his Corrupt Politician father's orders, he gives Rei free reign to take revenge on him, and when Rei decides he's not worth it, he forces Shidou and his students to leave.
  • True, InuYasha is short-tempered, violent, and overall a bit of a prick, but there are plenty of lines that even he refuses to cross:
    • In the "The Tragic Love Song of Destiny" anime special, he refuses to attack Kikyo for the Shikon Jewel when she's badly injured and can't fight back, explaining to her that he doesn't "play dirty"; he even personally saves Kaede from Mistress Centipede while refusing to take her hostage for the jewel as Centipede intended to do.
    • When he fights Tōkajin, the latter demands that he eat some of the Ninmenka's fruit before their fight; given the source of the fruit, Inuyasha is quick to turn it down.
    • When he meets Shiori, he adamantly refuses to kill a fellow half-demon, let alone a little girl.
  • In Is This a Zombie?, Orito is a Casanova Wannabe who's always shamelessly hitting on girls, trying to peep on them, etc. When Ayumu gets possessed by Belphegor, he makes offensive Straw Misogynist remarks. Orito is horrified and quickly declares that he does not believe in that line of thinking.
  • In Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Ka Koubun's attempt to make King Sinbad marry Princess Kougyoku, by making it look like Sinbad had violated her, fails, because his henchmen can't stand seeing their princess crying and so sad.
  • In My Monster Secret, Yuuta Shimada is a skirt-chasing horndog of the highest order (to the point where his getting arrested and carted off by the cops is one of the manga's most enduring Running Gags). So naturally, when Shiho's "charms" don't work on him, she worries that she's losing her touch and does everything she can to seduce himnote . At the end of the chapter, after all her attempts have failed, she just straight-up asks Shimada what his deal is; he explains that he knew she had recently had a Love Confession rejected, and even he's not so scummy that he'd prey on a girl who was emotionally vulnerable. Plus, he thought she was out of his league, but when he takes Shiho's attempts at charming him as a sign that he has a chance...and she promptly shoots him down, restoring the status quo.
  • In Nana when porn actress Yuri Kousaka reveals that her real name is Asami Matsumoto, she comments, "I may be a shameless woman, but even I don't make porn flicks under my real name."
  • Naruto
    • Anyone who has ever met and spoken to Uchiha Madara pretty much hates his guts, barring his brother Izuna, his former best friend Hashirama, and his protégé Tobi. Not even Kurama can stand him, and considering the shit he's probably had to put up with over the last few centuries, that says a lot. The people that can stand him? Izuna's dead, and Hashirama, despite otherwise continuing to advocate for him at the drop of a hat, became his mortal enemy the moment Madara decided to attack Konoha, the village they built together. Even his long-time accomplice Tobi, aka Obito, reveals that he doesn't care for him all that much either.
    • There's also Sasuke himself during the early episodes. Even before he and Naruto actually become friends, he is absolutely furious at Sakura when she confides in him that she believes Naruto is such an undisciplined prankster because he had no parents to teach him how to act and promptly chews her out for it, telling her she has no idea what she's talking about. After all, he knows from personal experience that not having parents bites; because of this, Sakura has a Jerkass Realization and resolves to try to treat Naruto more kindly.
    • The Allied Shinobi Forces was a result of this. The Moon's Eye Plan incited this reaction so much that it was enough to unite the entire shinobi world, which has been in a near-constant state of war for over a century. Trying to subject free will in general seems to incite this reaction.
  • Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion is hard wired to follow orders no matter what they might be, or sacrifice everything to accomplish her mission, even if it means her own life. Especially if it means her own life. Tell her to shoot a child however and she balks. Her finding out the true horrors of the Evas? She gets a glimpse and is horrified, and it's hinted that this would be unforgivable. Wipe out the human race? If verbal reasoning doesn't work Rei takes an active hand stopping it.
  • In One Piece, the Straw Hats, for the most part, care about their members and friends more than anyone else, even the entire rest of the world, in Robin's case. However, they're typically shown to be quite upset whenever their enemies callously harm their own minions, from Sanji and Franky's shock at Rob Lucci pulling a You Have Failed Me on Nero, to Chopper saving an Enforcer from Gedatsu's attack.
    • As greedy as Nami is, she's willing to give up treasure for the sake of her friends, such as giving some of Thriller Bark's treasure to her friend Lola as a gift, or being willing to spend all the treasure to buy Caimie and set her free (unfortunately, she gets preemptively outbid).
    • Luffy's usually a nice guy who can befriend and forgive nearly anyone, up to and including former antagonists regardless of morality. However, he drew the line upon seeing Crocodile in Impel Down. He did end up releasing him, at his ally Ivankov's suggestion, but unlike all the other former enemies he meets in the arc, Luffy does not befriend or forgive him.
    • Luffy's an absolute Combat Pragmatist, taking any shot he can in a fight. But he draws the line at taking advantage of Admiral Fujitora's blindness, and calls out the targets of his own attacks to give the man a fair chance to react.
  • Ash Ketchum of Pokémon is a Friend to All Living Things. While this usually has him dishing out punishment to criminals such as Team Rocket, he'll rarely stand for other villains using or victimising them either. He has saved Jessie and James' Pokemon from being stolen several times over, despite how poetic a punishment it would be for always trying to steal his Pikachu, and was outright repulsed when the villainous Malamar brainwashed James' Inkay to attack his own master.
  • Rosario + Vampire: When Kuyou has Tsukune scheduled for Public Execution, most of the crowd is cheering for it, but one monster states that despite his hatred of humans, he still thinks having Tsukune executed just for being human is too much.
  • In Squid Girl, Sanae is a cute but slightly nutty girl with an obsessive liking to the titular protagonist, which the latter doesn't like one bit since Sanae has No Sense of Personal Space. However, for as much of a Stalker with a Crush as Sanae is, she wouldn't make a move on Squid Girl while the latter is helpless from heat stroke.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Sanosuke admits that despite his disagreements with various antagonists and rivals (ranging from Saitou, Shishio, to Anji), they were at least people he could respect. Inui Banjin on the other hand, was merely an arrogant Blood Knight.
  • Nodoka, in Saki, has repeatedly expressed that she doesn't believe in the existence of superstitions, even when her opponents make improbable draws right in front of her. In a flashback in Saki Achiga-hen, she hears her old friend Kuro telling her that because her Missing Mom told her to value the dora more, she has chosen to draw dora over completing her hand, and believes that as a result, she is more likely to draw dora tiles. Ako asks Nodoka if she's going to say her usual thing about superstitions, and Nodoka says she can't believe what Kuro is saying, but doesn't want to tell her off, either, possibly because she realizes the personal significance of it to Kuro.
  • In Sword Art Online, Akihiko Kayaba, the baddie of the first half of the first season, may have caused 4000+ people to be killed off just for his imagination, but he does have a sense of honor and keeps his own rules even if it meant losing everything. When Sugou Nobuyuki (aka Oberon) spammed his Game Master status and attempted to sexually assault Asuna in the second to last episode of Season 1, just as Kirito is about to give up, his spirit shows up to give him a Heroic Second Wind and lent his system administrator status to allow Kirito to take Oberon down.
    • In Progressive, Kibaou is a hothead whose distrust for beta testers and rivalry with Lind and his faction result in the clearers being divided into the Aincrad Liberation Squad and Dragon Knight Brigade, led by Kibaou and Lind, respectively. However, when Joe, one of Kibaou's subordinates, insists that Kibaou walk out of a tense negotiation with the DKB over who gets to do a quest, Kibaou angrily tells Joe to shut up. This, along with how Kibaou gains a measure of grudging respect for Kirito after he helps resolve the issue, shows that Kibaou isn't entirely unreasonable.

    Comic Books 
  • In Batman: White Knight, after receiving a brutal beatdown from the eponymous Dark Knight, The Joker asks him to give him a mysterious pill that will cure his madness so he can prove that he can turn Gotham City against the Caped Crusader, and that he can fix the city. Batman proceeds to force-feed him a massive amount of pills to the point the clown is unable to breathe, shocking everyone around them.
  • In Boba Fett's comic, at one point he takes out a flying Imperial concentration camp ship for free. Even the guy whose morals aren't much more sophisticated than "get paid for it" and has to be specifically told not to default to vaporizing his target won't stand for that kind of thing.
  • Deadpool thinks Bloody Mary is too crazy for his tastes.
  • ''Elfquest has the troll Flam, who joins ranks with the Elves in the "Shards" story, mostly for the loot, and because it is fun. But when a human soldier threatens to kill two children, his reaction is on the right side:
    Nobody kills brats! It is just.not.DONE!
    • Of course, his interfering saves the children involved.
  • Injustice 2: Vixen and Animal Man, fed up with poachers and people who don't give a damn about ecology, decide to perform a Face–Heel Turn and jump on Ra's bandwagon. Vixen is okay with some of the more extreme measures, like assassinating the President of the United States (mentioned in passing was pretty much a Trump Expy that had signed various executive orders that destroyed nature) and his yes-man cabinet, but the moment Ra's decides to escalate to genocidal tactics, she is pretty disturbed.
  • MAD has quite a few examples, played in various ways.
    • Averted on a list of things celebrities would never say. One of them is Adam Sandler refusing to do a scene because it's "stupid."
    • In the parody of A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, the spectators demand a stop to the robot fight when they see the apparently human main character among the contestants. Of course, the promoter sees this as an opportunity to collect even more money.
  • In Paper Girls all of the adults — good, evil, indifferent and even imaginary — scold the girls for swearing.
  • Spider-Man: J. Jonah Jameson may be a big-time Jerkass who hates Spider-Man with a passion, but there are still some lines he won't cross:
    • He stands up for human rights... because he Hates Everyone Equally! Notably one DA initially had his support because of his anti-Spider-Man campaign... then he found out that the guy was not only involved in organized crime but was also a massive racist who planned to screw over black people once he was elected. Jameson promptly turns over evidence that exposes the crooked candidate. As part of this, he's also quite commonly portrayed as being in favor of mutant rights, despite his usual antagonism towards powered individuals.
    • He is absolutely committed to truth in reporting. Despite his hatred of Spidey, Jameson has always refused to use fake images in his newspaper. And though he is always the first to accuse Spider-Man of crimes, he's also usually the first to retract his statement when he is proven wrong, at one point remarking that he believes that claiming Spidey to be a menace prevents him from actually becoming one.
    • Despite his dislike of the superhero community (which can border on outright hatred Depending on the Writer), Jameson grew up reading Captain America comic books, and Cap is frequently portrayed as the one superhero that Jameson will not launch campaigns against.
    • One Punisher / Spider-Man comic has Peter call the Bugle to ask if they're interested in pictures of a Nazi preacher named Hartmann, since he doesn't want to waste film on pictures they won't buy. JJJ instantly grabs the phone and yells at him to take pictures, claiming he hates him more than Spider-Man.
    We didn't fight WWII to put up with his brand of @%$# now!
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW): Old Hob is a major Jerkass who hates humans with a passion, but even he is disgusted when Agent Bishop murders his own father in cold blood.
  • Thunderstrike in Thor Corps #1: "There's an old cliche about not being in Kansas anymore that's too corny for even me to use!"
  • Disney Mouse and Duck Comics: Regularly used in the sub-series involving Zeke Midas "Big Bad" Wolf and his son Li'l Wolf. Zeke will proudly do anything villainous or nasty, but he never so much as lifts a hand to his son — even if he is constantly frustrated that Li'l Wolf refuses to do bad things.
    • One story has Zeke discovering a number of apparently abandoned children. He goes into a rant against parents who do that, and points out that he never abandoned his own kid.

    Comic Strips 
  • Lampooned in Bloom County, where it was combined with an Evil Lawyer Joke and a dose of Self-Deprecation on the part of the writer. The strip's resident Amoral Attorney, Steve Dallas, was thinking about changing careers, because he wanted "an easier way to make a living than getting psychopaths and rapists off the hook". (Not that he cared about who they hurt; he just wasn't all-that good at it.) Then Opus suggested that Steve try getting into cartoonist art, to which Steve replied by jabbing him in the butt with a pen and angrily shouting, "I have some scruples, dude!"
  • Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin may be quite self-centered, but even he thinks starving people are nothing to joke about.
  • In Dilbert, even a pirate with a diseased parrot refuses to be spokesperson for the unethical company Dilbert works at.
  • Garfield:
  • Wimpy from Popeye is a mooch, cowardly, selfish, and has betrayed Popeye on numerous occasions, however, he refuses to kill under any circumstances. He was also once greatly angered when he heard that someone was poaching goons.

    Fan Works 
  • In A Horse for the Force, despite being rather amoral herself, Nabiki is very disapproving of Akane cheating on Ranma and that she only stays engaged to him because she doesn't want to "lose" to Ranma's other fiances.
  • The Frozen fanfic A Marriage Of Convenience. No matter how much Elsa, Anna and Kristoff may hate Hans at first, they're utterly horrified by the abusive and sadistic manner his father and most of brothers treat him.
  • Ambience: A Fleet Symphony:
    • Damon is very lax as far as discipline is concerned, but even he draws the line at the ship girls physically coming to blows with each other.
    • Kasumi is far from a fan of Damon, but the antipathy Akebono demonstrates in chapter 280 is so great that even she thinks it's going too far.
  • In Anything Goes Game Changer an unnamed Ashikabi tries to pick up Ranma, thinking her a Sekirei. Unlike most later attempts, when she declines he accepts and moves on, thinking to himself that he's not the type to try to force himself on a woman and she's clearly not reacting to him.
  • Molestia is very much the Anything That Moves type, as well doing quite a few that don't move, but she does have a few fetishes she doesn't engage in, such as vore or necrophilia, and won't violate those who are underage.
  • Azumanga Und Panzer:
  • Unlike canon, the students taking photos of the aftermath of the Shinjuku Massacre in The Black Emperor aren't excited by all the death and destruction but instead are horrified and are documenting things to keep Britannia from sweeping it under the rug.
    • Cornelia is shown to suffer night terrors from the civilians killed because of her refusal to negotiate with terrorists. She also makes a point of personally executing any rapists under her command.
  • Kurama from Blackkat's Reverse openly admits to be a bloodthirsty monster - actually more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, but still a Humanoid Abomination without any qualms regarding threatening people to eat their corpses. He thinks Itachi is fucked up.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Anchovy doesn't think much of Miho and is desperate to win against her to prove that her school's "not a joke", but she's horrified when Miho accidentally gets shot.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series: Socrates is noted to have very few standards when it comes to pranks, one of which is serious injury (as in broken bones).
  • The Child of Love: Gendo had done plenty questionable or horrible things, but in this story he mixes Asuka's LCL with hormone-boosters so that she has sex and gets pregnant -despite of being only thirteen-. Then he modifies her foetus genetically in order to create a new Super Soldier lifeform he plans to use like a weapon as soon as Asuka gives birth... additionally, Asuka may die when she delivers her baby, who is accidentally his granddaughter, but Gendo does not care. Everyone is so disgusted and sickened with him -including his lover, his right hand and his puppet who had had helped him loyalty until then- that they turn against him. Even Rei -who had been absolutely and unconditionally faithful to him- said she rather obey Misato because she was "more human".
  • In Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion, Cornelia is mentioned by Lelouch to have personally sent her Royal Guard after a noble with 'questionable' tastes in bed partners.
  • In the Harry Potter fic Corvine even Mad-Eye Moody is disturbed by Dumbledore's growing delusions and paranoia.
  • In Entropy, Tamaki is very uncomfortable with the various fanservice in the DVD of the series they're watching as the girls are generally underage at the time.
  • In FateBlack Reflection, Soul Society may make some very morally reprehensible decisions when it comes to protecting the balance of the world, but even they are put off by the amoral, sociopathic mindset that's so common among magi. Ukitake is downright disturbed by just how many of them behave like Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
  • Fred and George Weasley back out of their relentless pranking of Malfoy in For Love of Magic despite being paid to do so, because they feel it's crossed the line into bullying and they're pranksters, not bullies.
    • Harry eventually grows into a borderline sociopath but even he finds some things abhorrent, the most notable being cognivores: creatures that devour thoughts until they leave you a vegetable. Not only is the concept horrific, but the brains that were used to make them came from homeless people who were murdered for said brains.
  • None of the Black Knights in God's Gambit like the idea of Child Soldiers. Sugiyama openly states that the underage members of the Blood of the Samurai splinter group won't be fighting in the upcoming battle and Minami would've just left the remaining members to die if not for spotting teenagers as young as fourteen among their number.
  • In The Greatest Generation, Dakota may be an incorrigible prankster with a malfunctioning filter, but in chapter ten even she realises that she might have gone too far.
  • Colonel Yang from Halo: the Art of War is an eccentric Bunny-Ears Lawyer of an engineer and lenient with Spearhead's antics, but even he thinks Serena is too nuts to be allowed Spartan augmentation, and he also had Thom-293 taken off Noble for pushing his luck too many times.
  • Everyone who hears about Genma Saotome in How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse thinks he's a total scumbag. And even Alpha Bitch Mandy thinks Kodachi is a bitch, remarking she wouldn't risk accidentally exposing Ranma as she's not willing to be an accessory to manslaughter.
    • Likewise Mandy, Carolyn, and Dominique are all horrified that Nabiki would frame Ranma for rape over the accidental destruction of some concert tickets.
  • Kage (a crossover between Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H.): While Jade is quite familiar with being a Combat Pragmatist and Guile Heroine, she is disgusted at the Guardians for framing Raythor of treason and getting him banished to the Abyss of Shadows, feeling that there are some things a hero should not do, and that doing that to someone as honor-driven as Raythor is worse than killing him.
  • Frozen fanfic Let the Storm Rage On does this frequently with Hans. He frequently lies, manipulates, cheats, and even kills for his goals, but he despises pointless cruelty and self-indulgence, either with greed or when he and Elsa are kidnapped and sexually molested by a Depraved Bisexual. He also frequently blasts the concept of Screw the Rules, I Make Them!.
  • In Loved And Lost, Twilight Sparkle is manipulated by Prince Jewelius into losing her trust and respect toward her friends, brother and Celestia in retaliation of their treatment of her in A Canterlot Wedding. She supports Jewelius as Equestria's king against her former loved ones who are now fugitives. Fortunately, despite having given up on them, she doesn't take any satisfaction out of their misfortunes, hates seeing the brother she disowned being flogged and tries to speak on his behalf, and when Celestia gives her a heartfelt apology while facing the gallows, she starts protesting against the hanging of the fallen princess. Before Twilight comes to her senses and reconciles with her former loved ones, she doesn't exactly agree with the way Jewelius seems to become obsessed with ruining their lives to the point of making the entire town of Ponyville suffer for their mistakes and doing nothing for the escaped Changeling army.
  • In The Magic of Torchwood, Jack muses that Umbridge is a rare creature because she's "a human that even Jack Harkness found so utterly repulsive [that he] would rather kiss a Weevil than even look at her"; when the rest of his team learn this, Jack notes that there are things even he wouldn't do.
  • Necessary To Win
    • Teru is a relatively cold and detached individual, but when her fellow vice-captain Erika chides Hisa for walking away from a tankery match three years ago, Teru tells Erika that certain people have parts of their pasts that they would rather not discuss, something that is very much true for Teru.
    • In spite of treating her own sister coldly, Teru is shocked to hear that Shiho is considering disowning Miho if she fails to win the semi-finals, believing that no reason Shiho has could justify doing such a thing.
  • Ned Stark Lives: Tyrion Lannister has never gotten along well with Joffrey, who he considers an incredibly selfish and violent Royal Brat who would bring the Kingdoms down along with him; even so, he is disgusted and outraged when he hears that Joffrey didn't die from his fall into the Blackwater Bay at the Fall of King's Landing, but that he was slain in single combat by Stannis Baratheon, despite being crippled and half-conscious at the time. It's one of the few things he and Cersei can agree on by that point.
  • Kaworu in Neon Metathesis Evangelion is furious over being forced to kill Lelliel while the latter is retreating. After doing so, he kills the man who ordered him to do so.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines is not a Paul-friendly fic and does not shed away from the view that the guy's an utter jerk, but even he isn't homophobic. If you're skilled, he couldn't care less what direction you swing.
    • This extends to Ash himself, even more than in canon. While he remains an all-around Nice Guy and All-Loving Hero, it's a sign of his maturity that he doesn't sit back and tolerate everything bad from other people, Paul included.
  • Cologne in Ranma: Happenstance Gone Right does not condone true mind control (the Red Thread is borderline as it made Ranma feel for Shampoo what she feels for him), and is both outraged and horrified that Shampoo and Ukyou made Ranma sign marriage certificates while under the effect of the Lady-killer Band-aid.
    • She later gives Mousse a What the Hell, Hero? for using a bomb against Ranma in a residential district, lambasting him for doing so in an area that he couldn't possibly be sure was free of non-combatants.
  • Turns out in the Danny Phantom / Beetlejuice Crossover, Say It Thrice, Betelgeuse didn't realize how young Lydia was during the events of the movie. He was not happy when he finds out what he almost did.
    • He also doesn't like Sanduleak's preferred methods of interacting with the living. Especially since he tried to drag Betelgeuse into it without telling him what he had in mind. Betelgeuse made his displeasure known quite clearly.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series
    • June the bounty hunter is quite honest that she's Only in It for the Money, much to Toph's disappointment. That said, when she realizes that the Gaang wasn't kidding about Ozai's plan to destroy the Earth Kingdom, she redoubles her efforts to find Aang, and quickly.
    • Mai notes that even the twin-fish, fish that are born in pairs, in which one eats the other by the time they're juveniles, would find Zuko and Azula's sibling relationship to be utterly dysfunctional, even by their standards.
  • Teenage Jinchuriki Shinobi:
    • Raphael smacks Michelangelo on the head everytime the latter says or does something foolish, but even the former is disgusted by how poorly Neji treats Hinata.
    • Similarly, Raph gets outraged when Itachi, while fighting Sasuke, tries to pull a Not So Different moment.
  • This Bites!:
    • Soundbite is a prankster who doesn't care a whit about being racist with the voices he gives to other animals. He does, however, have the decency to be sensitive and somber when it comes to matters involving death. Notable is his utter disgust when Vice Admiral Onigumo orders a battleship destroyed in hopes of killing Luffy.
    • Christmas brings out the best in everybody; the Baroque Works agents call a truce with the Little Garden giants (albeit at Miss Goldenweek's…insistence), Kohza and Cobra acknowledge a Christmas truce, heck, even Crocodile gets in on it by spending an extortionate amount of money to buy Robin a gift. The only one who's not shown being kinder is Doflamingo...and even he's a small step above his typical tyranny for those who know his true colors.
    • Cross himself is an adrenaline junkie that laughs in the face of near-death, but even he freaks out when he sees a ghost ship worthy of Davy Jones (complete with Soundbite-assisted theme music).
    • Cross and the Straw Hats are willing to do anything to save Merry... except agree to B.R.O.B.'s suggestion of the Ivankov treatment.
    • Boss, Manly Dugong that he is, balks at the idea of jumping into an abyss and landing on an arcing Rocketman to cross the gap to the Tower of Justice.
    • Cross normally just laughs at Luffy's stupidity... but when it transcends the Shonen genre, he completely loses it.
    • Sengoku hates Akainu and his methods and would've tossed him into Level Six of Impel Down years ago — unfortunately, the ever-growing number of pirates means that Akainu's monstrous strength is needed, much to his regret, as he admits to Tsuru and even Akainu himself.
  • Turnabout Storm:
    • For all the blatant cutesy-ness of Equestria and its inhabitants, they still consider that the pink heart-shaped Equestrian attorney badge is far too excesive in that regard.
    • Despite Trixie's Jerkass tendencies, and not being the most honest pony herself, she shows a dislike for liars that lie to save their own hide. This shows when she abandons her own witness after a very long string of lies, and later when she helps Phoenix to further expose another witness despite having already done so herself, which only serves to give an opening for Phoenix's case.
    • Turns out that Ace Swift was an invincible racer because he blackmailed the living hell out of any potential competitors so they would let him win. His assistant Sonata was OK with this... until Ace demanded one of his competitors to quit or he would cut the life support of his ailing sister. Sonata decided that this was just something too cruel to stand behind, regardless of the consequences to herself (his "murder" was an accident triggered when he was trying to kill her, even).
  • Universe Falls: Stan Pines will readily admit to having a well-deserved reputation as a greedy crook, but as seen in "Like A Comet", even he thinks Greg's old manager Marty was a money-grubbing sleazebag.
  • The Originals of The Universiad are to a man Combat Pragmatists who cheerfully advocate There Is No Kill Like Overkill, but the results of deploying a Witch during the "Starkiller" Black Star incident were so brutal that even normally The Unfettered Gideon 020 was forced to reconsider the morality of doing so.
  • In Vapors even the epic Dirty Old Man Jiraiya refuses to perve on his god-daughter Aiko. Naruto's Aiko-based Sexy no Jutsu actually disgusts him, and he cringes away from her breasts when he needs to examine a seal on her chest.
  • Wandering Pilot has Menace, who deeply cares for Shinji as a "servant". When she finds Melona mercilessly abusing his newfound Healing Factor and raping him in the process. She obliterates the slime girl without a second thought.
  • Despite planning on breaking up Harry and Wednesday so he can shag the latter in When Harry met Wednesday, Cormac McLaggen has no desire to bed the girl who wants to hook up with Harry as she's way too young and "A kid with a great rack is still a kid".
  • Where Talent Goes To Die,
    • Hoshino is a brutally honest and rude individual who says some incredibly harsh and even cruel things to his fellow classmates, be they living or dead. However, he noticeably holds back when he's dealing with someone who's about to die, as he does with the first killer between their conviction and execution.
    • Kurogane, the Ultimate Shogi Player, is extremely bitter about Miura defeating him in shogi despite her never having played before, frequently sniping at her, refusing to accept her apologies and giving her a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech. In spite of his antipathy toward Miura, Kurogane points out that he wouldn't seriously consider killing her or anyone else.
  • In XSGCOM, X-COM is considered short a few marbles by almost everyone else... so "When the guys in charge of X-COM think you’re too nuts to be on a UFO Retrieval Team, then you’ve got some serious issues."
  • In XCOM: Second Contact, the Citadel races think Humanity Is Insane, but even Udina is stunned when the former talk of cloning fertile Chryssalids.
  • In Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji, even Headmaster Osmond finds the "Deflowering Punishment" abhorrent, and only includes it in Saito and Louise's master-apprentice contract because he has to. He notes that those who set the rules regarding such contracts were disgustingly perverted even by his standards.
  • In Prodigal Son, when Astrid asks Snotlout to teach for her in the Killing Arena, he agrees on the condition that she names him better than her at being a viking, a sailor, a skilled warrior and poet. It is not until he tries to get her to say that he is the best lay does she lose her patience, break his nose and force him to tell everyone in the Great Hall that they have never slept together before more or less forcing him to honor his side of the deal.
  • In Antidote for the Poison, Red Hood is his usual brutal vigilante self who memorably shoots and beats his adopted brothers. But he's horrified when he finds some drug dealers tried to kill Tim by making him overdose on heroin, and later confesses he didn't follow his usual method of murdering the scum because ten-years-old Damian was right there and the kid didn't need to see that.
  • In Love Hina For His Own Sake Anyone from the outside seeing the antics of the Hinata tenants.
    • The headmistress of St. Clavius Academy does not have a good opinion of Seta and called him out on his uselessness at disciplining his own child and shoving the responsibility off onto her and the school. But still she feels pity for him when Sarah disowns him as a father and feels disgust for Sarah viewing her as hopeless child and vows to make her see the mistake she made.
    • Naru mother Saori admit to Naru she does not have a great relationship with her ex husband Naru father, but she tell Naru she was disgusted with the way she treated him and tell her she understand why he did not take her in.
  • In Confidence Lost, Neal immediately shoots down the possibility of impersonating the long-missing son of a billionaire. a living person is fine, a dead person is fine, but preying on a grieving family still clinging to the hope their loved one will be found safe and sound is too ruthless for him, no matter the wealth.
  • According to Luffy/Ranma in Stallion of the Line, sailing under false colorsnote  is despicable even for pirates.
  • Amazing Fantasy: Bakugou may be an enormous Jerkass who thinks nothing of belittling Izuku and destroying his self-esteem just for being Quirkless, but he certainly doesn't want to see Izuku die. When Izuku is bitten by the spider, Bakugou immediately kills it with his Quirk before rushing Izuku to the hospital.

    Films — Animation 
  • In All Dogs Go to Heaven, before Charlie starts actually caring for Anne Marie, he's indignant when she tells him that he's not that much different from Carface. He even asks if he did what Charlie did for her like telling her a story or tucking her in bed or kissing her goodnight. Earlier in the movie, the dogs at the casino even say that Charlie treats them better than Carface does.
  • In Balto, Nikki and Kaltag are eager to see Balto and Steele fight for the medicine. In spite of them helping Steele bully Balto earlier, their amusement turns to genuine concern as Steele uses very dirty moves to get the upper hand, resulting in Balto getting a nasty bite wound. They then become very shocked when Steele carelessly knocks the medicine sled down. After the fight, they and Star decide to abandon Steele and follow Balto.
  • In Coco, Imelda may be unwilling to forgive Hector for supposedly walking out on his family even after the truth is known but even she thinks that her husband doesn't deserve to have a Final Death. Indeed, it is the threat of him being erased, not the revelation that he wanted to return before being killed that convince her to help him live by retrieving the photo that Ernesto has confiscated.
  • In Felidae, Francis says this when Bluebeard comes to his house for the first time.
    Francis: Did you come back here to take a leak? Forget it. You don't piss in here anymore. I live here now, and I have my standards.
  • Frozen: Sure, while Prince Hans of the Southern Isles takes unscrupulous means in attempting to seize control of Arendelle via a coup d'etat, he despises the Duke of Weselton's constant nagging on how to deal with the Endless Winter Elsa accidentally caused. Hans really doesn't like him for that.
    • Also, the Tie-In Novel A Frozen Heart, reveals that Prince Hans does have some morals despite the novelization not attempting to impose the Draco in Leather Pants trope on him. He hates his father, the king of the Southern Isles, for being unnecessarily violent towards their subjects. The king abuses his power by taxing his subjects to absolute poverty while killing those who don't provide enough favors or criticize his rule. According to Hans, a king should be strict but fair in ruling a kingdom, not beating his subjects into total submission. Also, Hans despises eleven of his 12 older brothers and father for abusing him, their mother, and their wives.
  • Most of the population of Paris were quick to bully and attempt to flog Quasimodo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but even they were horrified when Judge Frollo ordered Esmeralda be burned at stake.
  • Despite his love for penguins, even Corporal from Penguins of Madagascar is a little miffed that Skipper, Kowalski, and Rico destroyed the North Wind's airship.
  • In The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water, Squidasaurus is appalled that the Bikini Bottomites try to sacrifice Spongebob.
    Squidasaurus: And I thought my friends were primitive.
  • In Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph doesn't like seeing Vanellope bullied by the other racers, even before they became friends and he was still peeved at her for stealing his metal, he sticks up for her.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Carrie (1976): Carrie's classmates and teachers either bullied her or ignored her plight, but almost all of them were horrified by the pig-blood prank. Tragically, Carrie was too traumatized to register this. You know the rest ...
  • Child Bride:
  • In The Dark Knight, Joker thinks he can prove this wrong, but it turns into a Double Subversion, when neither the boat of convicts, nor the boat of innocent people, go for his blackmail to have the people on one boat blow up the other, lest they both get blown up; on top of it all, the boat of convicts are the first ones to refuse to do so.
  • In The Distinguished Gentleman, a professional Con Man gets himself elected to Congress and discovers that he's small potatoes compared to the corruption that goes on in the Capitol. He then dedicates himself to exposing them.
  • Elysium: The film's entire plot is triggered because the government of the titular space station, even if a mouthpiece of a living symbol of "White Flight Syndrome" taken Up to Eleven, still is humane enough to be utterly disgusted with the idea of killing illegal immigrants that try to approach the station willy-nilly or have such a horrifying criminal as Kruger working for them, which puts them all into conflict with Homeland Security leader Delacourt, who is willing to do all of that and a hell of a lot more for the sake of "I Did What I Had to Do".
  • The Expendables don't hesitate to slaughter dozens of enemies or blow something up just to leave their mark, but when Gunnar tries to hang a captured pirate just because, as he puts it, "It's good to hang pirates." they step in to stop him.
  • I Shot Jesse James: Even though Jesse James was a notorious outlaw, most of the West thought it was low of Robert Ford to shoot him in the back in his own house and in front of his wife.
  • In Kingsman: The Secret Service, not all the celebrities, politicians and royalty approached by Valentine agree with his scheme for whatever reason. They end up locked up in his base for all their trouble. Though it also spares them from the chaos going on around the world as well as the explosive chips that were meant to save those who did buy into Valentine's plan.
  • Magnum Force: "Dirty" Harry Callahan may merrily tap-dance the line between being a Cowboy Cop and being a Rabid Cop, but he has always made sure to just shoot the crooks he hunts down and nobody else, and only when the crooks refuse to surrender in an armed confrontation. The titular Magnum Force (with their sociopathic lack of regard for collateral damage in their vigilantism, even killing fellow cops that get in the way) utterly disgust him.
  • North: North's quest to find better parents hits a lot of snags when they all have flaws, going from being too boring (the Amish) to being horrifyingly dismissing of their elders (the Eskimos) to being too damn creepy to the point they come across as borderline pedophiles (the Hawaiians).
    • Similar to the above with Mystery Science Theater 3000, this film became part of the Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List (and its review on Siskel & Ebert essentially labeled it as the movie that they hated the most out of all the ones that they had reviewed ever) because everything about it screamed "Audience-Alienating Premise":
      "I hated this movie as much as any movie we've ever reviewed in the 19 years we've been doing this show. I hated it because of the premise, which seems shockingly cold-hearted, and because this premise is being suggested to kids as children's entertainment, and because everybody in the movie was vulgar and stupid, and because the jokes weren't funny, and because most of the characters were obnoxious, and because of the phony attempt to add a little pseudo-hip philosophy with a Bruce Willis character!"
  • Mr. Curry may not like Paddington but he won't see him taxidermied (he just thought Millicent would send him back to Peru).
  • Colonel Tavington in The Patriot inspires this among his countrymen. Cornwallis can be called an honorable British General who respects both the laws of warfare and simply wants to reestablish British rule. He wants to maintain good if temporarily not peaceful relations with the colonials. However, he is still appalled at Tavington's brutal tactics and rightly faults him for the increasing resistance against the British from the American militia. Also, one of Tavington's men complains that there's no honor in burning down a church full of civilians, and is clearly reluctant to follow his orders to do so.
  • The titular race of the Predator franchise may be a bunch of ruthless killers, who hunt humans for sport, but they also consider killing a defenseless opponent dishonorable and when challenged to fight their prey in one-on-one combat, they will fight (relatively) fair. Their standard of “threat” is incredibly high, as while the first Predator seen killed anyone who was just holding a gun, another refused to kill a pregnant woman actively fighting back.
    • In Predators, the benevolent doctor and one of the few good people on the team is thoroughly disgusted by Stans's "rapin' bitches" comment. He's later revealed to have probably been faking it — he's a serial killer himself.
  • The Rocketeer: Eddie Valentine may be a hard-as-nails gangster, but not even he, or his gang, wants to work for a Nazi spy.
    Sinclair: Come on, Eddie, I'm paying you well; Does it matter who I work for?
    Valentine: It matters to me! I may not make an honest buck, but I'm 100% American... And I don't work for no two-bit Nazi!
  • In Roustabout, the other carnies are clearly disgusted when Charlie Rogers leaves Joe Lean to spend a night in jail over a missing wallet.
  • In Saving Private Ryan, the German soldier who stabbed Mellish to death in the upstairs room steps out and finds Upham crying and sobbing on the stairs. He looks down at the sight, seems to piece together that he was there the whole time and thinks he's Not Worth Killing, and then just calmly walks past him and rejoins the battle.
  • Spectre: Following the Final Battle, as James Bond has his Arch-Enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld at his mercy, Blofeld offers 007 a chance to Finish Him! when he is at Bond's mercy. But after some initial hesitation, Bond refuses, stating that he is "out of bullets", leaving Blofeld perplexed as to why 007 spared him, despite their Cain and Abel relationship. It also escapes Blofeld's mind in the fact that despite being a Professional Killer, there are certain moral boundaries even 007 will not cross, and sinking to Blofeld's level won't do much.
    • Also, while attending a meeting of SPECTRE's bigwigs, Bond was visibly disgusted at how casually they described their Sex Slave operations and the 160,000 women they've placed in that sector so far, alongside their counterfeit drug campaign in Africa and their False Flag Operations.
    • Recurring minor villain Mr. White, who had done everything from killing people in front of Bond to showcase that QUANTUM (and thus SPECTRE) has moles literally everywhere (both by forcing Vesper Lynd to become one by kidnapping her lover and later by almost getting M killed by one which was one of her own bodyguards to cause enormous ecological damage in South America by helping finance Greene Planet and had always been smug about it finally has had enough which made him quit SPECTRE, fully knowing that it would mean that Blofeld would order him to be hunted down and killed because he can't stand behind the aforementioned sex trafficking.
  • In the Spider Man Trilogys version of J. Jonah Jameson may be a Mean Boss who wants to ruin Spider Man's reputation by any means, but when Eddie Brock's incriminating photos of Spidy are revealed to be fakes, he is pissed and fires Eddie immediately.
  • Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Even she cannot stand Veruca, even telling her off twice when she gets too annoying.
  • In DISCO (2017), it is established by Rudy that people go to disco dance clubs to have fun and that no one can really dance. Later, Travis is drunkenly dancing so badly that everyone boos him off of the dance floor.
  • In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, after Kevin befriends the Pigeon Lady and has an epiphany about the bad and selfish things he's done throughout the film, he evokes this when deciding to foil Marv and Larry's robbery of charity money meant for a children's hospital:
    Kevin: You can mess with a lot of things... but you can't mess with kids on Christmas.

  • In The Adventures of Pinocchio, Pinocchio may have many faults, but he won't accept bribes. A few weasels learn this the hard way.
  • In The Little Mermaid, the Mermaid fails to win the prince's love, but can return to mermaid form if she kills him with a magic knife. She refuses (this helps her earn the chance to gain an immortal soul).
  • In Sourcery, Evil Vizier Abrim got rejected from Unseen University. They said he was mentally unstable. How do you manage to be too mentally unstable for Unseen University?
  • Recurring Discworld character Cheery Littlebottom is a dwarf who starts their version of the feminist movement—that is, actually dressing so that people can tell you're female, information which dwarves traditionally keep that sort of matter private. She still has a beard, though. I mean, she's a dwarf.
  • This idea is consistently overlooked by Safehold's Grand Inquisitor Zahspahr Clyntahn. As he piles on atrocity after atrocity in his attempts to crush the schismatic Empire of Charis, it never seems to occur to him that he's alienating the various clergymen and world leaders who should by all rights be his allies. Various characters do things like defect to Charis rather than face his telling them You Have Failed Me, or Mercy Kill enemy soldiers rather than take them alive to face the tortures of Clyntahn's Inqusition.
  • A rather dark take on this trope features in the later volumes of Harry Turtledove's Timeline-191 series. The prison camp guards are perfectly happy to keep African-Americans in a horrific, inhumane concentration camp, but lining them up and machine-gunning them in cold blood is too much; some are Driven to Suicide, others driven to drink and a few end up in asylums. This prompts the Nazi Expys to think up gas vans as an alternative that's easier for the rank and file to cope with. This is in fact based directly on what led the real Nazis to implement the gas chambers.
  • Patrick McLanahan from Dale Brown's books is a major Military Maverick, but even he finds the National Guard pilots he's scouting out in Battle Born too lax and defiant for anyone's good. At least at first.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Everyone in Hogwarts, be it Snape, Harry, or Filch, wanted Gilderoy Lockhart gone. It's believed that the only reason he got the job as DADA teacher is because no one else applied (the position is cursed — no one lasts longer than a year) besides Snape. And the only reason why the far more qualified Snape didn't get the job until the sixth book is because Dumbledore still needed him — not only for his plans against Voldemort, but also as the Potions teacher for the school.
    • It's made clear that house-elves find Happiness in Slavery, and that Dobby actually enjoying freedom is mostly because he's a weirdo (and only slightly because his original master was abusive). But even Dobby has limits; when Dumbledore offered him a high salary and weekends off, he actually negotiated for less.
    • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry invokes this on Fudge's behalf after reading an article in The Quibbler accusing him of ordering the assassinations of goblins. Where he stops specifically is the accusation that "'he's had them cooked in pies.'"
    • As teenagers, James Potter and Sirius Black were pretty antagonistic, though mainly toward Severus Snape. But Sirius's attempted Deadly Prank on Severus was far too much for James to accept, which is why James saved Severus's life (and why Severus held a grudging life debt toward James and, by extension, James's son Harry).
      • Especially when you take into account that this was due to Severus trying to find out about Lupin's condition, which royally annoyed Sirius.
    • Even Snape (who has spent the entire series hating Harry for reminding him of James and Lily) is aghast at Dumbledore's plan hingeing on Harry willingly sacrificing his life to Voldemort so the last Horcrux could be destroyed, leaving Voldemort out of lives for good.
    • According to Pottermore, Perseus Parkinson, the Minister of Magic from 1726–1733 attempted to pass a law making it illegal for Muggles and Wizards to marry. Despite the intense anti-Muggle fear going on at the time, the public (including several of the pure-blooded supremacists) agreed that banning wizard/muggle marriages was too extreme and Parkinson was promptly voted out of office.
  • There are a few in the Warcraft Expanded Universe.
    • In Tides of War, there is a double example. Anduin, a pacifist, realizes that Garrosh has gone too far and must be stopped in the wake of Theramore's destruction, but is glad that his more warlike father Varian isn't going as far as Jaina originally planned to.
    • In Of Blood and Honor, Uther is willing to have Tirion exiled for helping an orc, out of the belief that all orcs must die and partly out of the belief that Tirion disobeying an order is unforgivable. However, when Barthilas, Tirion's arrogant subordinate, starts disrespecting Tirion during his trial, Uther gives him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, saying that Tirion, who fought alongside him and saved his life, deserves more than to be "harangued by an unseasoned boy" like Barthilas.
    • In Beyond the Dark Portal, Turalyon, who has no love for the orcs (the epiphany he had in the previous book that cleared all his doubts was the realization that the orcs are not from Azeroth and not part of the Holy Light), is quite disturbed to see Alleria's obsession with killing the orcs to avenge her dead brother and all the people she lost in their invasion of her homeworld, which has resulted in a rift growing between them, and which causes him and the rest of their friends to become worried about her getting herself killed in her quest for revenge. Turalyon's also quite disturbed when he sees an orphaned boy playing with a sword and wanting to grow up and kill orcs.
  • In the Gaunt's Ghosts books, even the utterly ruthless Rawne and his like-minded inner circle disdain Meryn for his unscrupulousness. This later turns out to be well-deserved.
  • John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows series:
    • Mike Harmon is an ex-Navy SEAL who pushes the Anti-Hero needle waaaaay into the red. He fantasizes about raping and brutalizing young women, and deals with it by hiring underage prostitutes for BDSM and rough sex (followed by extravagant payment), and then finding the whoremongers behind the prostitutes and murdering them. After he's done with the prostitutes, he sometimes buys them outright. He flat-out admits that the reason he hates rapists and white slavers so much is that they torture women in a truly non-consensual way, which his conscience (barely) prevents him from doing.
    • Katya is an absolutely frigid self-serving sadist bitch, but Kurt Schwenke's use of chemical tortures on prostitutes appalls even her.
  • In Wolf Hall, Thomas Cromwell is willing to set up Kangaroo Courts for Henry VIII and uses the opportunity to really twist the knife into the late Cardinal Wolsey's enemies, but only metaphorically. For instance, while he forces Harry Percy—who once wanted to marry Anne Boleyn—to sit on her jury, he sits quietly while Harry rails because he doesn't want to be tempted into hitting a sick man. He uses the hapless Mark Smeaton as a fall guy to start the adultery proceedings but turns down the suggestion of torture because apart from it being impractical, it would feel like stomping on a dormouse. He's also the only one involved who speaks to Anne with courtesy while her own family hands her off like a garbage bag. When the judges try to insist that she can only be burnt, not beheaded, he comes close to open anger as he countermands them.
  • Edgedancer (a novella of The Stormlight Archive): There's a moment when Nale catches a street urchin in the public and executes her for stealing a fruit. Everyone present is horrified, and when Nale turns back and Lift makes a point of stealing a fruit from the same vendor, the merchant doesn't even peep.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire: Westeros is a Crapsack World, full of torture, rape, murder, horrible people who commit horrific acts because it amuses them, and scheming nobles who seek to advance their own power, uncaring of the suffering of the smallfolk. However, Sacred Hospitality is Serious Business, and when the Freys violate it and slaughter the Starks at the Red Wedding, the entire continent is sickened by it.
    • As befitting for a Crapsack World, Rape, Pillage, and Burn is fairly common, seen as a legitimate war tactic, some societies have it as a fundamental part of their culture, and Gregor Clegane's men and the Brave Companions exist pretty much solely to inflict this on enemies. However in A Feast For Crows, Rorge leads a group of men on a campaign of this that is so brutal, it manages to genuinely shock most of the continent, and quickly leads to people demanding the nobles stop those responsible.
  • In the graphic novel Laika, Georgi's fellow dog catchers are disgusted when he brutally kills a stray dog by stomping on its head. They remind him that they're only supposed to catch the dogs, not kill them, and promise to report him for cruelty when they get back.
  • Cooking With Wild Game has the Noble Savages of Forest's Edge, who consider attraction to young teenagers acceptable (as long as the older party waits 'a few years' to act on it), but are as horrified by attraction to children as a modern person would be. The protagonist is needlessly scared of them for several volumes, because he can't quite grasp that people so pragmatic and intimidating would nonetheless believe in Sacred Hospitality.
  • Nina Tanleven: In The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed, lawyer Stephen Basset winds up representing the book's villain Carla Bond during the final chapter, but is willing to stand aside and let her confess when it's clear what kind of person she is.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The 100, even the strictly controlled dystopia of the Ark is reluctant to execute children, despite Population Control being a basic necessity. It'll lock them up until eighteen and then execute them if their trial doesn't go well, and it'll use them as lab rats to determine if Earth is habitable again, but they are at least given something of a chance.
    • Councilman Kane, who wanted to kill 300 people to save life support on the Ark, wouldn't just kill them for no reason. Instead, he would attempt to do it through the law by becoming Chancellor or getting the council to approve of his plan and he wanted to do it by making it look like an accident.
    • Bellamy was willing to risk innocent lives to save himself from being punished for his attempted murder on the chancellor, but objected to his Dragon Murphy taking on Wells unless the fight was fair and also took issue with Murphy trying to execute a child, despite knowing that the child in question had murdered Wells. He also was not just protecting himself, he was also as he saw it protecting his sister, Octavia who was in prison and sent to the ground for being illegally born. And after three seasons doing all manner of truly stupid and hostile things for the sake of trying to keep his sister Octavia safe, he cuts ties with her and flat-out tells her that he hopes she dies when her Going Native character arc culminates in her turning into a warlord every bit as bad (if not a hell of a lot worse) than all other Grounder tribal chiefs that have tried to kill them so far.
  • In All in the Family, Archie Bunker is notorious for his casually racist views, but he is mortified to realize that a white supremacist Brotherhood of Funny Hats he has joined, thinking it's a social club, is in fact The Klan. He tells them off and withdraws his membership on the grounds that, since he once had a blood transfusion from a black woman, he qualifies as black.
    • In another episode, Archie and one of his friends think they are under surveillance from the FBI, and the friend goes into a rant about being a communist. Archie takes offense to calling Mike a communist.
  • America Unearthed: Scott Wolter espouses such theories as The Knights Templar coming to America in the 12th century with the Holy Grail and the existence of giants among other theories, but he scoffs at anything to do with aliens.
  • Angel: Lorne is a Nice Guy and Wide-Eyed Idealist who kept his bar Caritas open to everyone, good, evil, or morally ambiguous, believing that anyone could turn their lives around if given sufficient guidance, but he did have his limits. He mentions in one episode that he banned a group of demons because they were selling the mystical drug Orpheus, the only time he ever felt obligated to ban anyone from Caritas.
  • In one episode of The Golden Girls, Blanche's niece Lucy comes to visit, only to run off with a different man every night. This causes Blanche to express concern at how she is behaving. When Lucy mocks the idea that Blanche could criticize her for this, Blanche points out that while she dates a lot of men, she wants to be there and everyone is happy, whereas Lucy is letting herself be used because she doesn't think anyone will like her otherwise.
    • Blanche also makes it a point to never (knowingly) chase after married men (largely because her own marriage to her husband George was so special to her); if she's flirting with someone and finds out that he is married, she immediately either calls him out or walks away.
    • Rose is "the nice one" of the four women—a perpetually sunny individual and Friend to All Living Things who goes out of her way to do volunteer work and help charitable causes. She's also The Ditz, so she can be easily tricked and is very naive. However, if someone tries to hurt her friends or mess with her children or the memory of her deceased husband, she will get angry, and becomes extremely dangerous—as demonstrated when someone suggests that her boyfriend might be seeing another man, and Rose, without even trying, shatters an entire coffee cup in her grip.
  • The Big Bang Theory: A Subverted Trope instance regarding Howard Wolowitz: Howard was feeling depressed that he couldn't find a girl, so Raj and Leonard go to Las Vegas and hire a prostitute to act as a Jewish woman for him to sleep with in order to make him feel better. When talking with her, Howard excuses himself, and tells Leonard and Raj that he knows they hired a prostitute and that she wasn't actually Jewish in a tone that implied that he was angered that they did that, which likewise implied that he wouldn't have stooped that low. However, he then thanks them quietly but enthusiastically after he learns from them that they paid in full, revealing that he actually would stoop as low as to sleep with a prostitute faking her ethnicity/religion that was hired by his friends as long as she was already paid beforehand.
  • Community: Invoked Trope. The last security guard at Greendale, who is willing to tolerate the campus's safety hazards and getting paid in vouchers, quits when Dean Pelton enables Chang's insanity to avoid legal troubles, saying that it isn't funny.
    • In another episode, even Abed, himself a socially awkward dork with a potential Ambiguous Disorder, finds Annie's brother an insufferably socially awkward dork with a potential Ambiguous Disorder.
  • Defiance: A key part of the backstory. The alien vs human "Pale Wars" were the worst wars the world had ever seen, and they kept getting worse. Eventually, soldiers were ordered to continue a battle despite an entire city of civilians being caught in the crossfire. Soldiers on both sides refused to follow orders and instead focused on getting the civilians to safety. The actions of the "Defiant Few" spread across the globe, and leaders had to sue for peace because no one would fight for them any more. One of the main characters of the series is one of the Defiant Few, but he is rather dismissive of the event, saying "it was what it was." He implies a few times that he and his men did absolutely terrible things in the war, and he's not sure how to process being treated as some selfless hero for one good act.
  • Dexter:
    • Dexter is a Serial-Killer Killer who not only has a blood fetish but works in homicide forensics as a career. However, the crime scene in the episode "Seeing Red", with literal buckets of blood splashed around a hotel room, is enough to make him violently queasy and pass out. (It turns out, though, this is partly because it triggers a traumatic childhood memory.)
    • Complete Jerkass Quinn shows up at a party thrown by his ex-girlfriend, Debra Morgan, and he has some anonymous slutty girl with him. He acts drunk and stupid enough to annoy everyone at the party, but the slutty girl doesn't mind, until she finds out that she's only there to make Deborah jealous. "You brought me to your ex-girlfriend's house? Have a nice life."
  • In the opening of the Elementary episode "The Best Way Out Is Through", a couple of muggers working a subway station find that their latest would-be target has already been fatally stabbed. One of them wants to run, but the other calls 911 and waits for the police (presumably in part so that they don't get suspected of the murder).
  • On Friends, most of the gang avoid Janice like the plague for her Annoying Laugh and general annoyingness. Ross, though, dates her for an episode because he's in a down period in his life and feels he can vent to her. He takes it too far even for her, though.
    Ross: You're saying that I've become so whiny that I annoy you. Janice.
    Janice: Well, yeah.
    Ross: Oh. My. God!
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Stannis is pressured to sacrifice his daughter by Melisandre, a Red Priestess whose God demands human sacrifices in the form of fire. With his army stuck in the snow miles from his enemy and the situation getting desperate, he eventually agrees, allowing his own daughter to be burned alive in front of the entire army. The snow does thaw, but half his men desert with all the horses, leading him to be defeated in ensuing battle. Even for the jaded people of Westeros, watching their general murder his young, terrified daughter is far beyond their ability to tolerate.
    • After finding out that he declined to make off with some gold when he had the chance but rode down a peasant boy early in the series, Arya darkly observes to the Hound, "You're fine with murdering little boys, but thieving is beneath you." The Hound retorts, "Man's got to have a code." Then, at the first opportunity, he robs a kindly farmer and just shrugs off the renewed accusations of hypocrisy.
    • A city watchman refuses an order to kill an infant girl, leaving Janos Slynt to do it himself.
    • Tyrion is so disgusted by Janos Slynt's actions that he revokes his title and banishes him to the Wall, though he also has the personal motivation of getting rid of a lackey of Cersei who back-stabbed the previous Hand of the King. Tyrion, while a member of the closest thing to a "villainous" faction in this series (at least before he joins Team Daenerys), fits this trope rather than Even Evil Has Standards due to being a good person at heart.
    • Zigzagged with the hired killer Bronn, who recognizes Joffrey as a vicious sadist, is horrified by what Tywin did to Tyrion's first wife and openly shares Tyrion's disgust for Meryn Trant's mistreatment of Sansa and calls him out for brutalizing those who are weaker than him, yet also declares that his only quibble with murdering an infant girl would be his payment for doing so.
    • Maester Wolkan is visibly horrified when Ramsay drives a dagger into his father's heart, and then when he asks to send for Lady Walda and her son. Wolkan knows full well what's about to happen.
    • Jaime Lannister has several:
      • He knocks down a soldier who unceremoniously stabs Ned in the leg during his duel with the latter. When talking with his father in "You Win or You Die", he comments that this act made him spare Ned's life as killing him in this situation wouldn't be "clean."
      • He also feels contempt for rapists. So what the fuck was that in "Breaker of Chains"?
      • The reason he killed Aerys — he wanted to burn down King's Landing with wildfire.
      • Unlike his father, sister, and his son, he has no problem with homosexuality and even sympathises with them, given his own affection.
      • He defies Cersei's wishes by having Brienne find Sansa and take her to safety so that Cersei can't harm her, and gives up his sword Oathkeeper to her for that purpose.
      • The Season 6 finale implies he's horrified to see the mass murder and destruction Cersei has wreaked upon King's Landing and their own family.
    • Varys:
      • The Black Magic practiced by the Lord of Light religion disturbs him, and the thought of a follower of that religion sitting on the Iron Throne terrifies him.
      • He's visibly disturbed when Joffrey decides that he will behead Eddard Stark there and then. After all, he did do his best to help Ned when he could.
      • His opposition to Littlefinger is due in no small part to his awareness of how Littlefinger will happily watch the realm burn so long as it allows him to advance, and he is visibly disgusted by just how low Baelish will go.
      • He is visibly appalled when Joffrey announces that he plans to serve Robb Stark's severed head to Sansa at his wedding feast. Heck, not just visibly; he outright breaks his normal effete facade and insistently reminds Joffrey that Sansa is now his aunt by marriage. It isn't clear if he's appalled by how hurtful this would be to Sansa herself, or shocked that Joffrey's so bat-shit insane that he would do this in front of the entire court and not consider how bizarre this would appear to the lords of the realm (though probably both).
    • Despite his love for violence, even Robert is speechless when he learns the Mad King had been saying "Burn them all" for hours before his death.
    • Say what you will about Selyse's treatment of Shireen, but she breaks down when her daughter is burned alive and screams for her help and unsuccessfully tries to prevent it.
    • Matthos is visibly disgusted when Salladhor expresses his intent to claim Cersei as his concubine.
  • Discussed on an episode of Have I Got News for You hosted by Tom Baker, in which they mentioned that Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's sexist and lewd prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs about his granddaughter on Brand's show had offended pretty much all of Britain, regardless of political affiliation, class, race, age, religion, etc.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Barney, despite being obsessed with sex and advocating it on almost any occasion, considers it valid when one of Robin's boyfriends breaks up with her due to a bedroom thing she tried. Robin being Barney's own ex, he knows exactly what thing it is, and it's implied it even made him uncomfortable...
    • Though it's never stated outright, it is clear he is also above sleeping with underage girls.
    • While very much the "love 'em and leave 'em" type, Barney becomes visibly upset when he confronts a jilted ex-lover and can't seem to remember her, declaring he was never thought himself so base as to sleep with a woman and forget her. Somewhat subverted as the woman he was talking to was not actually the jilted ex, which is why be couldn't place her face.
  • Gotham sees Harvey Bullock go undercover at a sex club near the end of season 1—only to get creeped out by some of the fetishs being fulfilled—and then break cover and whip out his badge the minute a sex act involving a pig and a chainsaw appears on the main stage.
    • Outside of the above, it's practically a running gag for him to claim some kind of standards, only to break them.
  • Impractical Jokers: The guys will say a lot of rude and insulting stuff, but every last one of them has a hard time talking that way to women. Especially pretty women. They also often refuse to insult someone's race or weight.
  • JAG: When Admiral Chegwidden was President of the Captains Promotion Board, Commander Lindsey's name came up. When asked about his views on the man, Chegwidden stated he would not willingly have the man on his staff as he breaks too many rules. The person who asked this just stares for a moment as he personally has dealt with Harm and his unorthodox methods.
  • Justified:
    Raylan: Just 'cause I've shot the occasional person doesn't make me a thief.
  • In the Key & Peele sketch "Office Homophobe", this is the twist: the homophobe turns out to be a Straight Gay, and his objections to the Camp Gay colleague's behaviour are not out of homophobia but because he was taking it too far.
  • M*A*S*H
    • In "Abyssinia, Henry", even Frank Burns, the undisputed biggest Jerk Ass of the main cast is saddened by Col. Blake's untimely death, despite repeatedly butting heads with him in the series.
    • Captain Hawkeye Pierce is a well know Casanova, who has no problem sleeping around with every nurse stationed at The Old 4077th, despite being blatantly unprofessional and dangerous even, given the circumstances. note  But, when one of few girls he actually considers getting into a long term relationship with, seems to have a wedding ring on her finger, he is quick to distance himself from her, until he gets an explanation for that. Turns out the ring was a gift from her mother and she is not even interested in marriage. But, other complications arise that lead to them having to break up anyway.
    • Also, while Hawkeye normally relishes in giving Frank a hard time, he does cut him some slack after Margaret Houlihan breaks up with him.
    • Klinger may have pulled every con he could think of to get out of the army, and would swear to every god he knew (and some he made up!) that he was insane. But when the helicopters come with wounded that need care, he always drops the act and did his job with as much professionalism as any of the other members of the team.
  • This is used in The Munsters Sequel Series The Munsters Today in the episode "Just Another Pretty Face", which was a remake of an episode from the original series of the same name. Both the original episode and the Munsters Today remake had Herman and Lily go to a doctor to see if he can restore the human Herman to his original Frankenstein's Monster appearance. While the original episode had the doctor refuse due to not understanding the Munsters' standards of beauty, the remake had the doctor be willing to go through with the operation, but Herman and Lily back out because they are freaked out by how eager the doctor is to go through with the procedure.
  • MythBusters:
    • They do a fake-out that smacks of this trope. In a first-season episode, they trot out the "poodle in the microwave" myth as if they're going to test it, and they even show the poodle they're (supposedly) going to run the test on. Just before they're "slated" to run the test, they reveal that "there are some myths even we, on MythBusters, can't do", establishing a long-standing rule against certain animal tests (insects are fair game when it comes to experiments just as long they were bred for scientific research, like radiation).
    • During the "Baghdad Batteries" myth, the producer thought it would make for good television if Adam touched the conductors. He got electrocuted (non-lethally, though it was a very violent shock), and no one even bothered to film his reaction. This is why they enforce the Don't Try This at Home rule: people who can do this sort of stuff tend to lean towards pranking. Access to these kinds of resources can lead to fatal jokes.
    • Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage don't like each other, and they made (and still make) this pretty clear on interviews even long before the show ended. But they also believe in being professionals, and absolutely refused Discovery's proposal of taping the times when they argued with each other on set for the sake of making the show "more real" (a la "American Chopper" and similar entries on their lineup).
  • In an episode of Nip/Tuck, the show's Casanova Christian Troy hooks up with an attractive mother and daughter pair in a night club. When they go at it again the next morning, the daughter reveals that they started doing this when her mother caught her making out with her stepdad, disturbing even Christian. He eventually concludes "This is too screwed up, even for me", and throws them out of his apartment.
  • The Outpost: Marshal Withers would love nothing more than to have Talon executed for killing Toru Magmoor (even if he admits that Magmoor was an Asshole Victim, the law is the law) but he refuses to hand her over to the Prime Order. He even suggests that him executing her would be the more merciful option.
  • In Red Dwarf, Arnold Judas Rimmer is a self-centered cowardly smeghead who is so awful that a society formed of his own clones (long story) outlawed honor, charm, and bravery, and arrests his crewmates when they fail to betray each other. But when the boys face a hopeless battle with their loathsome, corrupt, morally repugnant future selves in "Out of Time", Rimmer astonishes everyone by voting to fight.
    "Better dead than smeg."
  • Revolution: In episode 11, Jason Neville decides that slaughtering groups of people with air strikes is completely unacceptable. His father does not react well to his son taking a stand.
  • Throughout the first season of The Resident, Dr. Bell is shown as an incredibly arrogant man who's hiding his hand tremors so as not to lose his prize position of chief surgeon. He's willing to blame others for his mistakes and take the credit of another's work, smug and self-centered to the extreme. However, Bell is rocked when he discovers that lover Hunter Lane is subjecting perfectly healthy patients to chemotherapy at her clinic to defraud the insurance companies while making herself look like a miracle worker. While turning her in to the FBI is mostly to save himself and the hospital, it's clear even Bell is disgusted by Lane putting hundreds of healthy patients through this trauma just to get rich.
  • RoboCop: The Series sees its version of OCP's head, the Chairman, as more moral than the other heads of OCP in the franchise. He's not really an evil man, but more often than not, he does let his greed get the better of him, rushing out products and initiatives without proper testing and willing to engage in insider trading. That said, he can be horrified when he learns about these ideas and initiatives hurting or impairing people, and is willing to call off things or pull products—even if he isn't honest as to why they're being pulled.note 
  • Chad, the male lead in Scream Queens is misogynistic, extremely lustful and perverse. He has cheated on his girlfriend Chanel with every one of her Girl Posse, Denise and Dean Munsch, although that last one, while he enjoyed it, was due to Blackmail. However when his brother dedicates his Thanksgiving speech on what he is thankful for to extreme Eastern European pornography, and how its affected local girls, Chad is left speechless and clearly embarrassed.
  • Subverted in the episode "The Scofflaw" of Seinfeld. Jerry finds out an acquaintance has been lying about having cancer for two months (doctors thought he had it, but surgery revealed he didn't).
    Jerry: What kind of person is this? There's only one other person who might be able to do something like this, and that's you.
    George: Well...
    Jerry: I don't even think you could do it.
    George: Oh, I could do it.
    Jerry: Yeah, I guess you could.
    George: [snorts] C'mon.
    • Also played straight behind the scenes: there was a script written for one episode which would be about guns (known as "The Bet" or "The Gun"). Several members of the cast and crew thought the subject would be too controversial (even if the show had previously joked about many other things that could be considered as questionable), so the episode was replaced by another one.
  • In Star Trek: Voyager, it's revealed that the Borg, Hive Minded Scary Dogmatic Aliens who want to assimilate all other sentient life, refused to assimilate the Kazon because they considered them to have no desirable characteristics whatsoever.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Ferengi are driven entirely by greed and often shown to be willing to do nearly anything for money, yet are repeatedly disturbed by humanity's past, such as irradiating their own planet via nuclear weapons.
    Quark: Humans used to be a lot worse than the Ferengi: slavery, concentration camps, interstellar wars. We have nothing in our past that approaches that kind of barbarism. You see? We're nothing like you... we're better.
  • Two and a Half Men:
    • Charlie is The Casanova, but on one occasion, he almost slept with a woman who may be his half-sister. They didn't know then, and their mothers told them barely in time. Charlie's reaction was to say he draws the line at incest, but his possible half-sister's reaction... she was willing to continue.
    • In another episode, one of Alan's patients is paying him extra because she gets sexual pleasure from his chiropractic skills. When arguing with Charlie about it, Charlie retorts that he may have done some things he wasn't proud of for the sake of sex, but he has never taken money for it (that's not to say he hasn't paid someone else money for it).
  • Will & Grace: Lionel thinks Karen is a hooker when he first meets her:
    Lionel: You don't have sex for money?
    Karen: No, I do not! For jewels, for furs, for mixed securities, like a lady! But for money? How dare you!
  • Wolf Hall ends with the execution of Anne Boleyn. Although Thomas Cromwell is the one who organized the whole thing and took satisfaction from executing the men who ridiculed the death of his master Cardinal Wolsey, he treats Anne herself with more dignity than the other characters, puts his hand supportively on his son's arm when they witness the execution, and gives Francis Bryan (who happens to be Anne's cousin) a look of disgust when he makes a crude joke at her expense.
  • Played for Laughs in an episode of Roseanne. Jackie has done something horrible and won't tell what it is, so Roseanne and Nancy share their own dark secrets, which are either unethical (Roseanne calling up a Jerry Lewis telethon and promising a large sum of money that she never intended to give, just so she could hear Lewis say her name on TV) or downright illegal (Nancy once robbed a liquor store). Jackie screams that what she did is far, far worse...she slept with Arnie, an annoying friend of Dan's. True to form, Roseanne and Nancy react in absolute horror, as this is apparently unforgivable (to the point where the three women made a pact in high school to never have sex with him because they didn't want him to "breed").

  • In The Lonely Island's "Like a Boss", Andy Samberg's character (the "boss") says it in the moment, but as the song winds up and the man giving him a performance review double-checks that in an average day, "You chop your own balls off and die," he agrees to those two things, but tries to go back on having said "something about suckin' your own dick". That ain't him.
  • Played for Laughs in Jonathan Coulton's song "Re: Your Brains," about a sentient zombie trying to convince some human survivors to give themselves up:
    All we wanna do is eat your brains!
    We're not unreasonable; I mean, no one's gonna eat your eyes.
  • Record label Nuclear Blast is no stranger to publishing blatantly antireligious songs, and had already published some spicy ones by Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir. But the company drew the line with their song "Tormentor of Christian Souls", which was apparently so bad the label refused to put the lyrics for the song in the booklet. They still published the song itself, they just refused to tell anyone what it was really saying.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Really bad storylines tend to get this reaction.
    • Case in point: Katie Vick. The brain child of the Executive VP of Television Production, Kevin Dunn, it was a terrible angle involving necrophilia, a doll dressed up as a cheerleader, and Triple H in a Kane mask. Hunter has gone on to say that it was the only time he ever questioned Vince McMahon about a storyline. After negative fan reaction, the feud between Kane and Hunter immediately ended, the entire angle was moved to Canon Discontinuity, and the only time it's ever brought up is usually to reference how terrible it was.
    • Vince Russo had a pet gimmick called "Beaver Cleavage", a hyper-sexualized version of Leave It to Beaver. He had fought tooth and nail with the rest of creative to get it on the air — after the (expected) negative fan reaction, Vince McMahon himself pulled the plug, which is what would ultimately cause Russo to jump ship to WCW.
    • Though even Russo has standards. Vinny Ru hated the TNA "Immortal" storyline, which basically amounted to nWo: Take 2. As if to indicate how bad the storyline was, it involved Jeff Hardy turning heel and Ric Flair and Hogan ignoring their decades-long feud. He knew the storyline was going to bomb, and the only reason he kept writing it was because Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff kept pressuring him to do so. All it did was prove that Hogan was still a massive Attention Whore.
    • TNA was also responsible for Claire Lynch, its answer to Katie Vick, which had wrestling's first ever pregnant crack whore. It was by far and away the nadir of AJ Styles's career, and everyone has gone on to say that the only good thing to come out of it was the formation of Bad Influence. The sad part was that this storyline was after Vince Russo's departure from the company.
  • Despite being a neutral party whose only involvement was being in the match, Leah Vaughan prevented Cherry Bomb from staking Courtney Rush through the heart, presumably because she didn't want to just step back and watch while outright murder was committed in front of her.
  • Following that Hell in a Cell match featuring Mick Foley and The Undertaker, Vince Mc Mahon personally spoke to Mick after the match and told him this: "Mick, you have no idea how much I appreciate what you just did, but I never want to see that again."
    • According to Mick's first book, the idea to start on top of the Cell and get thrown off originated as a joke, and when Mick took the idea seriously, Terry Funk thought he was crazy

     Tabletop Games  
  • Anathema: Players are required to murder as many people as possible, but even the most blood thirsty shrouds have a group of people that they're strongly adverse to killing. The penalty if you do kill a member of that group? You lose some of your will to live.
  • In BattleTech, during the opening years of the First Succession War, Jinjiro Kurita ordered the slaughter of the entire population of a planet, Nanking-Massacre-style. While the DCMS obeyed (refusal to undertake the orders was an executable offense), they had to, outside of the most fanatically loyal units, be forced and bullied into doing it. The fluff recounts numerous suicides of DCMS troops who could not live with themselves over what they were made to do.

    Video Games 
  • In the Back to the Future Telltale game, Marty takes pleasure in tormenting Biff a number of times, but even admits to himself Biff only deserves so much.
  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: If you read several entries above, you know that Yukiko Amagi is a horrible cook who tends to be unaware at just how bad her cooking is. That is, until she encountered Noel Vermillion who helped her make curry along with Platinum the Trinity and... even Yukiko realized that Noel's cooking is bad news and ran off in terror instead of having to eat it.
  • In Relius' gag reel in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Jin's incestuous obsession with Ragna (which, this being a gag reel, is driven Up to Eleven) freaks out Makoto Nanaya, herself a lesser sexual deviant who grew up with an eccentric family (if the descriptions she gives in her gag reel are any indication). Not helped by the fact that he's trying to kill Ragna's body (which she inhabits) while he's in her own.
    "Uwaaah! Geez, and I thought my family was nuts..."
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth: According to Word of God, absolutely everybody finds the Harmony-Supremacy affinity completely repulsive. Harmony-Supremacy colonies gradually replace all of their body parts with either alien-derived biological or cybernetic alternatives, until they've mutilated themselves beyond recognition as human beings. At least pure Harmony and pure Supremacy try to stick with one or the other, to say nothing of what pure Purity may think of them.
  • Danganronpa
    • In the manga, Sayaka, while trying to decide who to kill in order to graduate, decides to forgo killing Makoto, due to thinking of him as a friend.
    • Hifumi Yamada is something of a creep, but he finds some things unacceptable. Hearing that Kiyotaka apparently stole Alter Ego after sexually assaulting Celeste and blackmailing her into stealing it for him enrages Hifumi enough to kill Kiyotaka, not realizing that Kiyotaka was innocent and Celeste was using him in her own plan.
  • New Danganronpa V3,
    • While Mahiru from the second game generally finds the boys in her class annoying and gets along better with the girls, she thinks Tenko's desire for all "degenerate males" to die is going too far when the two girls meet in Talent Development Plan.
    • While Tenko herself Does Not Like Men to a degree that makes Mahiru's complaints about her male classmates' immaturity seem tame, she's horrified at the death of the first murder victim, who is male. While she gets along with the girls for the most part (except Angie, due to being jealous that Himiko spends more time with her), she initially distrusts Maki Harukawa after it turns out that Maki's the Ultimate Assassin.
    • Kirumi Tojo, the Ultimate Maid, takes her requests extremely seriously, but she also reserves the right to refuse them. If you make perverted requests of her in the "Love Across the Universe" mode, she won't be pleased- what follows is her reaction when asked to take off her clothes.
      Kirumi: I am your maid, not your slave.
    • Miu is unabashedly vulgar and perverted, but even she's disgusted by learning that Korekiyo had an incestuous relationship with his sister.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Vigil of Stendarr is a Church Militant order dedicated to hunting down and destroying supernatural threats to mortal life, including Daedra, Daedra worshipers, vampires, lycanthropes, and others. The Vigil formed in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis with the goal of preventing any similar incidents. As dedicated to exterminating monsters as they are, the Vigil found Isran to be too extreme for them and kicked him out. He would later go on to form the Dawnguard, who would turn out to be much more effective against the vampire menace (while the Vigil would be almost entirely wiped out by vampires in the Dawnguard DLC)
  • Fallout
    • Throughout the series, even the most despicable of of wasteland scourges will take issue with cannibalism. Most who catch you engaging in the practice will attack on sight, while in Fallout 4, all of your companions will disapprove of you eating your fellow man (except for Dogmeat, who is a dog and doesn't know better; and Strong, who also enjoys human flesh).
    • Fallout 3:
      • Horace Pinkerton is fairly arrogant and insufferable, and somewhat abrasive and bitter old scientist. But he's also very rightly disgusted about what he learned Dr. Braun was doing to people in vault 112...
      • Reilly, the titular leader of Reilly's Rangers, makes not attempt to hide that she and her team are mercenaries who kills for a living, but she prides herself on having some scruples about what kind of work she accepts, unlike Talon Company.
    • Fallout: New Vegas: James and Francine Garrett are regarded by some people in Freeside (especially the Followers of the Apocalypse) as little more than hopped-up crooks and drug enabler with their own establishment. They are, however, perfectly willing to supply the Followers with rehabilitatory chems and other supplies, because they actually don't want Freeside full of unsightly junkies and thugs causing trouble for the more valuable clientele. The Garretts are running a business first and foremost. Also, while The Omertas are in the same business as The Garretts, (selling drugs and alcohol, gambling, and prostitution), The Garrets try to collect debts owed to them without violence, unless necessary, allow their prostitutes a say in who they serve and don't force them into anything they don't want to do, and only outright order a hit on someone who betrayed and robbed them. The Omertas meanwhile, treat their prostitutes as little more than slaves and are so cutthroat with their debt collections, that even an NCR Ranger fears them.
    • Fallout 4: All of your potential companions will be furious at the Sole Survivor if they are sarcastic when trying to comfort Glory as she dies after helping halt the Brotherhood's raid on the Railroad HQ. (with the exception of Danse and X6-88, which is only because they are from opposing factions and couldn't be with on that mission to begin with).
  • Final Fantasy X: Wakka spends most of the game prejudiced against the Al Bhed. Nonetheless, he's deeply disturbed and angered when Seymour and the Guado invade and raze Home, the only Al Bhed settlement in Spira, in search of Yuna. Watching Rikku break down in tears pushes past any walls he had left, and he joins in on the defense.
    Wakka: "... Damn those Guado!"
  • Quite a few examples in Fire Emblem Awakening
    • Gaius is a thief who joined up with a group of Plegian soldiers intending to rob the palace, and was quite shocked to learn they had come to assassinate the exalt instead. This (plus Chrom being in possession of candy, his one weakness) can be used to recruit him.
    • Chrom does not like how Frederick helps in his B and A supports... Let's just say that embarrassing doesn't begin to describe it.
    • Henry is an Ax-Crazy Heroic Comedic Sociopath who gets off to blood and gore but even he thinks murdering dogs is just wrong (in the English version, anyway). He also doesn't like it when villains try to tell him they're Not So Different.
    • Tharja mixes this with The Only One Allowed to Torment You. She delights in cursing people, even her own child, and pretty much hates everyone around her. However, as the Mooks of the Bad Future found out, if you dare to come after her family she will go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge until she breathes her last. No one screws with her loved ones but her. On another note, she does not like Gangrel and is perfectly willing to defect to the Shepherds if talked to.
      Tharja: You thought I might be a Plegian spy? Yes, I figured as much. But you should know I never liked that dastard Gangrel. What kind of king would sacrifice his realm to suit his own twisted goals? It's a travesty he ever took the throne.
    • Gangrel might be The Caligula to a T but even he doesn't like the Grimleal. Subverted in that Gangrel turned his kingdom into a Grimleal dictatorship anyhow.
  • Fire Emblem Fates:
    • Xander may be loyal to his father Garon and do what he asks, but (unless the Avatar joins Hoshido) he would never truly harm his siblings. Even when he does fight them, he doesn't truly want them dead unless he feels they have cast aside any sort of morality or love, as he initially seems to think the Avatar has in Revelation.
    • Camilla is a princess of Nohr, the antagonist faction, something of a eager fighter in battle, saw a lot of crap in her life that left it very hard to shock her, and can casually threaten people with death or dismemberment with a smile on her face. And yet in spite all of this, even she is left stunned by Hans' brutality in Conquest, when he not only butchers Cheve's citizens and executes all the defeated Hoshidan soldiers in Chapter 13, but also has Scarlet cruelly executed off-screen in a manner so grotesque that she's lost for words.
    • Saizo's son Asugi, much like Gaius before him, is a thief with a Sweet Tooth who draws the line at murder, and cuts ties with his employer when ordered to break into a mansion and kill the owner.
      Asugi: I'll steal anything that's not nailed down. But murder - like that? Nah. Crosses a line. And there's NO way he could pay me to do that. Got my pride, I guess.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's, Phone Guy usually makes excuses to why you shouldn't fear the animatronics despite them attempting to kill you several times during your shift. He however, admits that even he is creeped out by the Puppet.
  • While Kratos God of War (PS4) is rather abrasive and unwilling to be around the Huldra brothers, he calls out Atreus when the latter asked why Brok's color is blue compared to his brother. More seriously, he is completely shocked at him when Atreus decides to insult Sindri for ranting about his brother and tells him that it's highly uncalled for as he doesn't want to make more enemies as they already have, as irritating as they are.
  • By the time Injustice 2 starts, everybody absolutely despises The Joker. Even people as vile as Brainiac, Darkseid, Grodd, Enchantress, Atrocitus, Reverse-Flash and Black Manta (and his former moll Harley) can't stand the memory of him, let alone meeting him in person, considering him a cancer that deserves to die (again) because of the nuking of Metropolis, which caused Superman to become a demented and paranoid tyrant, led the Regime's rise, and ultimately gave everyone endless misery. More to the point, all of the other bad guys do whatever they do because they have an agenda, but they all get ticked off at being compared to The Sociopathic and brutish Monster Clown that had no other reason to perform terror but spread wanton chaos all for It Amused Me and For the Evulz.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, Kenji is a misogynistic conspiracy theorist who apparently cannot find anyone else to join his cause, but he won't accept people who like futanari porn. It's also indicated that he had a girlfriend once, possibly Yuuko, and that he doesn't have a problem with women in general, but feminists.
  • Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2: While Raziel starts out the game cherishing his humanity and believing vampirism is a plague, he's nonetheless disgusted with the brutality of Moebius' soldiers.
    Raziel: In this era, vampires were clearly not the uncontested predators we had been... these creatures were hunted mercilessly, and oppressed. And while I still believed that vampirism was a plague, and had to be wiped out, there was nothing noble or righteous in this crusade – this was simply ruthless persecution.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Nabooru may be a thief, but she makes it clear to Link that she draws the line at stealing from women and children, as well as murder; since Ganondorf has no such restraints, Nabooru is disgusted by his methods and states outright that despite Gerudo law stating that every lone male Gerudo must become their king, she will never bow to such an evil bastard.
  • In Mass Effect, Ashley Williams is somewhat distrusting of aliens, inasmuch as she wants humanity to not have to rely on them. Even so, she doesn't support the Terra Firma party, and she's particularly strongly against Cerberus.
    • The asari are prejudiced against those of their kind who were born from unions between two asari, rather than an asari and another race, but hardly any of them are racist enough to use the term "pureblood." The fact that Tela Vasir does this to Liara is treated as a Kick the Dog moment for Vasir.
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: Despite the depths Miller, Snake, Ocelot and the Diamond Dogs in general go in pursuing their revenge all are in agreement that what Huey had been doing was far beyond the pale, and don't hold back in expressing disgust with what Huey did to his wife and tried to do with his son. Even the villains revile him.
  • Mortal Kombat 9: in Stryker's arcade ending, he doesn't particularly mind the attention lavished onto him for saving Earthrealm, getting a key to the city, having a popular line of action figures, and having the paparazzi hound him. When word comes that Hollywood wants to make a movie of him, however, he puts his foot down, because he absolutely refuses to be portrayed by Johnny Cage.
  • In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, Henry offers help with a particularly troublesome multi-form boss. When he sees the (incredibly ridiculous) final form, he just up and leaves.
    Henry: I can't be associated with that travesty. I've got standards, for fuck's sake.
    • Similarly, Travis is perfectly fine with wiping out virtually anyone he meets, but while's he willing to fight children and teenagers (and even cause lasting damage, such as cutting off a limb), he refuses to kill them (a standard that other members of the United Assassins Association don't share).
  • Persona 5:
    • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, despite stealing the "hearts" of corrupt adults to make them confess to their crimes, never kill anyone. This becomes a plot point when Goro Akechi, a detective on the Thieves' case, notes that while he doesn't approve of their methods, he points that they have never killed before and ergo, someone else must be behind the murders of the principal of Shujin Academy and Kunikazu Okumura. Upon finding out the identities, he proposes an alliance to solve the case due to the desperation of the police making them resort to drastic measures, something he can't abide. Painfully subverted since not only does he sell you out, he's the one that has been murdering people and used the whole thing to try and get close. The Thieves outsmart him and end up confronting him in Shido's Palace.
    • While Sae Niijima is a borderline Amoral Attorney who prioritizes winning cases over actually pursuing justice, to the extent that she's willing to twist the truth and manipulate evidence to make innocent people look guilty, she's disturbed by the Police Brutality that was visited upon the protagonist and seems legitimately concerned about him when he nearly blacks out at a few points. It's also implied that for all Sae's cynicism, she hasn't yet crossed the line into actually forging evidence. It's a plot point in that she has a Palace and ties into events with Goro Akechi, since he points out she may start falsifying evidence in her attempts to find the Thieves. They do infiltrate her palace and her sister, Makoto, talks sense into her.
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: Rei may be a borderline Extreme Omnivore, but even she can't handle Yukiko's cooking; said cooking knocks her out cold and makes her dream that she was being held down while someone poured sand in her mouth. Furthermore, the moment she sees the horror that is Mystery Food X: The Final Edition, a mixture of Fuuka, Chie, Rise and Yukiko's horrible cooking in one brutally lethal package, her eyes burn from that insult to existence.
  • A few times in Rakenzarn Tales:
    • Daffy Duck, the duck with a "me first" money-making attitude, shows this if you meet the conditions for the Ultra Boss fight in the Inn of Evil sidequest. Mainly because what's going on is people being fed to an army of giant insects.
    • Autolycus, king of thieves, avoids unnecessary bloodshed and even left clues to the Knights as to worse criminals.
    • Mitsuba admits to being a conwoman, but she doesn't cop to murder and sticks up for the people she cares about, as shown during her Ultra Boss fight against her friend, Jeane.
  • In Sands of Destruction, Morte has a loud personality and bright pink wardrobe to match, but eventually the Serial Escalation of the dresses the Feral women want to trade with her gets to be too much. The final one really gives her pause because it's see-through, but she does eventually decide to wear it - "a dress is a dress", after all.
  • Hikawa's backstory in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne has him get rejected by The Gaea Cult because they considered his beliefs too extreme. To elaborate, this is a cult of demon worshippers we're talking about!
  • Star Control II: The Spathi, as a whole, are already a race of cowards who would gladly surrender to a slave-taking race if it meant never having to face another enemy, whose navy has to be Press-Ganged in its entirety because no one would ever volunteer to face a threat, and whose ships are explicitly designed to fight while running away. But even by the Spathi's standards, captain Fwiffo is just too cowardly to be respectable. Their high council doesn't even need to ask to figure out who gave you their secret password once they see him with you (and they're right about it; he gave you the code as soon as he saw your warship, assuming you were going to torture him horribly and wanting to get that out of the way).
    If you held a weapon to Fwiffo's head, he would say anything you wanted him to say. In fact, if you held a vegetable to his head, he would probably say anything you wanted him to say.
  • Super Robot Wars X
    • Klim Nick doesn’t like Julio at all, calling him a “sheer bundle of incompetence.”
    • Nestor may have went along Dr. Hahn brainwashing Ple into think that Nestor was her big brother, but he didn't seem to be completely comfortable with the whole thing. After a brief moment of shock when X-Cross broke the brainwashing, he admits to himself that they should've never used methods like that to begin with. Him having his own little sister (according to the Buddy Complex mobile game) might have something to do with that.
  • Thief: Garrett is mostly amoral, and whatever atrocities other people get up to, he'll ignore it as long as it doesn't affect him personally. The very fact that he's a professional thief should give an indication of his opinion towards the law as well. However, Garrett will honor his promises (though he rarely makes them) and repay his debts, and he sometimes gets indignant upon seeing other criminals take advantage of the poor and helpless. He also dislikes killing, viewing it as "unprofessional", though he will kill if he really has to.
  • For The Witcher 2, a meta example with the game's fans. There are various software pirates that're adamantly against pirating this game, vindicating CD Projekt RED's "no DRM" and "sales through good PR" policies.
  • In World of Warcraft, during the quest chain that leads you to the Temple of the White Tiger, Horde players can ask Sunwalker Dezco, a tauren paladin, whether it would be a good idea to capture Anduin Wrynn, prince of Stormwind, right then and there, as he's negotiating with Xuen, one of the August Celestials, for the right for the Alliance, Horde and Pandarian refugees to enter the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Dezco does not approve, saying this would make you no better than Garrosh, and that he has no desire to fight against an unarmed child, do so in the temple of an August Celestial or bring harm to someone who has earned his chieftain's respect.
    • Garrosh Hellscream himself has a considerable list of tactics he considers unacceptable; blowing up civilian settlements, recklessly launching a surprise attack on the Alliance and undermining the efforts against a mutual enemy, using fel magic, raising the dead, using the Plague of Undeath, and various others such as Mind Control. However, it seems he may be abandoning at least some of those standards considering that he has enslaved molten giants, blew up Theramore and plans to weaponize the power of the Sha.
    • Despite being empowered by consuming the souls of demons and willing to do anything to stop the Burning Legion, the Illidari are nonetheless disturbed that the Fel Hammer is powered by souls. The one explaining it to the player is quite emphatic You Do Not Want To Know what it does to them.
    • Darion Mograine, a ruthless Anti-Hero who, like the Illidari above, is willing to do anything to defeat his enemies, is horrified that the new Lich King (Bolvar Fordragon) has asked the Deathlord to raise Tirion Fordring from the dead as the last of the Four Horsemen. Since Darion respects the person in question and believes that person deserves better, he's horrified, and while he reluctantly agrees to go through with it, he believes he's crossing the Moral Event Horizon by doing so.
  • In XCOM Enemy Within, EXALT takes Bio-Augmentation to levels that even Dr. Vahlen won't touch.
  • In Yandere Simulator, Info-chan won't accept upskirt photos of corpses, as they would be too incriminating against her should she be approached by the authorities. Also, her clientele are perverts, not necrophiliacs.

    Web Animation 
  • Death Battle:
    • Wiz is portrayed as a Mad Scientist who has no qualms in doing morally-dubious things, there are two moments where even he was appalled. The first was when Boomstick mentioned that The Joker cut off his own face for a laugh. The second was learning of Doomsday's Dark and Troubled Past, not calling it science, but "baby murder". And this is after saying that he only turned down Boomstick's baby cannon because it was just impractical.
    • Despite being a known pervert, even Boomstick is creeped out that M. Bison created a female clone of himself to possess if his current body was destroyed. He also draws a line at making suggestive comments about underaged girls, considering during the Tifa Lockhart vs Yang Xiao Long episode, as he refrains from making suggestive comments about the 17 year-old Yang as opposed to the older Tifa. Additionally, after Wiz points out that Toph Beifong in her debut was 12, he stops a joke about her ability to change the density of dirt and he also avoids such jokes about Taokaka, who's frequently referred to in-universe as "kitten". Also, despite being a proud alcoholic, Boomstick is against driving while under the influence.
  • Played for laughs in If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device. High Lords of Terra spend most of their time debating whether laxatives and air should be restricted for their use only and aren't above constantly mocking one of their own, but mentioning the name of Old Folks' Home and even suggesting that one may go there is too much for them.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Sarge, despite being a Blood Knight and a Bad Boss who regularly tries to lead his squad on unnecessarily suicidal missions, puts his foot down when Carolina all but admits she plans on using The Blood Gulch Crew as Cannon Fodder in her and Church's senseless vengeance quest against The Director, and calls them out for trying to drag the rest of them down, for their own personal revenge, when they had caused the Blood Gulch Crew nothing but trouble. He also refuses to kill women regardless of sides and seems to believe that the bodies of fallen soldiers should be treated with respect, even if they belong to the enemy. Plus in season fifteen, after briefly making a Face–Heel Turn just so he can continue to fight someone instead of just laying around, he immediately changes his mind after being ordered to kill a couple civilians.
    • After Tex decides to side with Wyoming and Omega/O'Malley and go along with the latter's plan to use Tucker's alien son as a tool in the war against the aliens and possibly enslave the aliens, Church, of all people is shocked and tries to stop her. Later after Agent Washington (with Delta's implied support) executes the already injured Agent South Dakota so she doesn't "slow them down", Church responds by calling him a "cold motherfucker". Though in Wash's defense, Church didn't know the type of person South was.
    • While Simmons and Grif's relationship is rather... complicated, Simmons has repeatedly shown that unlike Sarge, he would not outright abandon Grif. Also, while Simmons may be a Professional Butt-Kisser who's desperate to please Sarge in hope that one day Sarge will grow to see him like a son, even he has his limits with his superior, most notably when Sarge writes him off as crazy for claiming to have seen a tank, just because Sarge didn't see it himself.
    • Tex may be something of a jerk, but even she was horrified by the experiments/torture Alpha was put through by the Director.
    • Agent Washington/Recovery One may be willing to do some cold things, but killing Agent South Dakota, while she was mourning her dead brother was not one of them. Sadly, this was what command and South were counting on.
    • In the short "Unreal Estate", Grif is initially indifferent towards and ignores Simmons' complaints about his sister's attempts at a real-estate scam, where she intends to sell people homes in completely unlivable parts of the world, but even he joins in with Simmons on shaming her, when she tries to sell a home in the woods occupied by white supremacists. They eventually compromise on just using the scam on the white supremacists
  • RWBY:
    • While Sun Wukong is a kleptomaniac and fond of casually breaking the law, he does not support the actions of the White Fang, outright describing them as a "cult" that makes all Faunus look bad.
    • Raven Branwen is a self-absorbed, pretentious Social Darwinist and leader of a Bandit Clan who's willing to kill the previous Spring Maiden due to her "weakness", attack villages and kill innocent people, abduct Weiss to get a huge ransom, abandon her daughter for most of her life, and make a deal with Salem's forces to kill Qrow, her own brother, to save herself. Despite all this, she's appalled by Cinder Fall's sadism and how far she's willing to go for the sake of power, going so far as to openly call her a monster.
  • Terrible Writing Advice: The series runs on Stylistic Suck, with J.P. Beaubien giving intentionally bad advice. Normally, he sarcastically tells rookie writers they should just copy the works and writing styles of other famous authors like J. R. R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. However, he warns the audience not to copy everything from H.P. Lovecraft since his outdated racist views will just land them in hot water.

    Web Comics 
  • Ménage à 3 draws most of its humor from the fact that most of the cast are self-absorbed and sex mad. However, they almost all retain some sympathetic features, and it's clear that they have lines they won't cross. For example:
    • Zii objects to Gary attempting to "pimp her out" to Amber (it's a long story); she may be very sexually active and broad-minded, but it's a question of consent. Some readers have suggested that her standards there are a little ambiguous, given her own past behavior, but they do exist.
    • DiDi, whose capacity for empathy is questionable and whose quest for an orgasm is dangerously obsessive, becomes wildly sentimental about any kind of sob story, and makes some effort to avoid hooking up with people who are already in serious relationships.
    • Amber may trick Gary into giving her oral sex, and use her sexuality to scam herself a free apartment, but she's a nice person really, just very uninhibited; the idea of someone manipulatively withholding sex disgusts her.
    • Matt may be a hopelessly vain jerkass Casanova, but he's reliably decent to his friends and treats Ruby (from the spinoff Sticky Dilly Buns) notably kindly during their one brief meeting.
    • And even total jerkass Nathan has some lines he won't cross — for example, he can see that actually realising his twincest fantasy would probably be traumatic for the twins.
  • In Motherly Scootaloo, Jet Set and Upper Crust may be jerks, but the only reason they accused Scootaloo of murder in the Trial was because their attorney had assured then Scootaloo was 100% guilty.
  • In Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger, while it should be noted Dweebly is an Only Sane Man compared to the other Fedorks we've seen so far, he takes one look at the shuttle schematics presented to him and burst out laughing, thinking that it's some kind of joke! Even his species, which flies around the galaxy in structurally flawed (they have something else holding them together) ships fueled by antimatter (which is obsolete in the title character's civilization), wouldn't rate the shuttle safe for flying above 1,000 feet, let alone space (this is due to the fact that there are no backups or spares of any kind, something that every good engineer includes), even saying that the Fedorks would consider this design suicidally insane! Cue an epic Oh, Crap! when he realizes that it's not a prank, and that the shuttle actually exists!
  • In Sonic the Comic – Online!, even Sonic is pretty disgusted when he gets a chance to see just how much of an ass he was in the past.
  • Darths & Droids: Pete views killing NPCs as a chance to grab bonus XP, but even he finds Annie's sheer glee in killing them during the "Revenge of the Sith" intro to be unnerving, and views the plan to use their half-dreadnought's fuel and all its missiles as a braking method to be too insane even for them.
  • One of the tentacle monsters in Ghastly's Ghastly Comic thinks it's wrong to sexually assault human women, although this is at least in part due to a personal distaste for them.
  • A meta example for Homestuck. Hussie intentionally put the webcomic on hiatus before Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3 due to the events that transpired during it. He admits in the newspost after he put the update up that even he isn't that cruel.
  • Parodied in this page of XKCD, where the Black Hat Guy's standards are rather arbitrary.
    Black Hat Guy: I plead the third.
    Congressman: You mean the fifth?
    Black Hat Guy: No, the third.
    Congressman: You refuse to quarter troops in your house?
    Black Hat Guy: I have few principles, but I stick to them.
  • Porn star Bimbo of Exploitation Now has slightly more morals than Ralph when it comes to a sexual lifestyle. She finds his excessive nightly masturbation sickening and feels there's "something wrong" with watching porn while eating breakfast.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: In the prologue, Michael Madsen's boss threatens to fire him if he doesn't come back from his personal ferry trip to Bornholm island by the next day. Because of this, Michael suggests various solutions, including taking a night ferry. His boss, despite his insistance of having him back as soon as possible, hesitates about that option as it sounds like "something smelly" to him, and suggests seeing if he can hire a helicopter instead.
  • Tagon of Schlock Mercenary has few moral standards beyond getting paid, but while he may not be a particularly good person, he refuses to be a bad commander and is A Father to His Men. In the original charter for the Toughs, there's a note that death benefits for both enlisted troops and officers come out of the captain's dividends, to ensure that lives are spent responsibly.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Roy is surprised when Hayley is on-board with a plan to stop and help some poor villagers who couldn't realistically pay them anything in return. She actually gets annoyed by this, noting that just because she loves treasure doesn't mean that she's opposed to doing anything for free.
  • Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger has a Courtroom Episode arc that is an extended Take That! to The Cold Equations, and one of the invited witnesses is a Fedork engineer. The Fedorks are a parody of the United Federation of Planets that do things believed In-Universe to be Too Dumb to Live, such as utilizing antimatter for their ship reactors and an over-reliance on energy shields. Even they believe wholeheartedly in having backup systems and extensive safety margins on their ship designs, and the engineer has a Freak Out! when he's told that the shuttle design he's been told to review is not some kind of a joke, it actually exists, it has been mass produced, and someone had to be jettisoned out of one (and was nearly killed) because her weight critically compromised the ship's already hair-thin performance. It turns out that the whole she-bang of the plot, from crappy security to death-trap design, was all part of a scheme by the company's leading Corrupt Corporate Executive circle to bait and kill galactic hitchhikers and try to legally get away with it.

    Web Original 
  • In Achievement Hunter Minecraft Series, the boys have no qualms about murder, trickery, and even outright cheating - but if there's one thing that's agreed on, it's that Ryan's imprisonment of Edgar the cow is fucked up.
    • And in some of their Let's Plays of other games, they've had to censor certain answers to quiz questions because they cross the line that far - they still laugh at the audacity of them, but they refuse to put it out for their viewers to see.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd is well known for his vulgar humor and foul language, but somethings disgust even him:
    • During the Bible Games episode, the nerd shows us one of his limits (though he had said the first sentence straight in an earlier review, so he was probably trying to make up for that).
    Nerd: You would rather listen to your own infant child puking to death. That is, choking on his own puke chunks... That's disgusting, I apologize.
    • He also apologizes for something he says in his Indiana Jones review. "I'd rather drink buffalo shizz! That's a combination of shit and jizz. Yeah, that's foul. I apologize."
    • In the Atari Porn episode, the Nerd is utterly revolted at the sight of an old witch shooting milk out of her breasts, calling it "fucking nasty, man!"
    • While reviewing the Sega Genesis version of Action 52, he was shocked to see a dog in the game Freeway being ran over by a car, in surprisingly graphic detail. He also demanded to know what was the deal with "dead cats" in another game on the same cart.
    • The Nerd is infamous for making heavy jokes involving bodily fluids, but when he says the title of the game Seaman, he simply looks at the camera with a blank stare and shakes his head before saying "No, I'm not going there".
    • He's also disturbed upon seeing, what looks like a screenshot of an actual dead body, as the game over screen in Hong Kong '97.
    Nerd: (Looks in disbelief at the game over screen) No. That better not be a real dead body. There's.. no way they would have such bad tastes. (Looks unsure.) Or may that's someone who died on that date and time, in 1992.
  • Atop the Fourth Wall:
  • Bad Movie Beat Down:
    • Despite his dislike of Twilight and its fan base, Film Brain still thought Breaking Wind: Part 1 jabs at the the fandom was harsh.
    • In his review of Blade: Trinity calls Wesley Snipes laziness "Seagal-level bad", but also point that at least Steven Seagal kept that level of laziness to his direct to video movies and not a theatrical movie.
  • In Brad Jones' Demo Reel, Henrietta is willing to do many things if it will get her a heroin fix, but not have dirty sex with a guy while she's wearing an E.T. costume.
  • Despite his love for explosions, mayhem, killing, and destruction, The Courier in Courier's Mind: Rise of New Vegas, still thinks The Boomers are out of their minds, and understandably feels that their plan to restore a pre-war bomber will either end in complete failure or a disaster for everyone else in The Mojave. Also, while The Courier enjoys killing and can even be sadistic a times, he is still disgusted by indiscriminate killing, and makes it a point to give The Legion a taste of its own medicine after seeing their overly cruel massacre of Nipton.
    The Courier: (After killing a Legion officer) Boone you want the right testicle or the left one.
    Boone: You sick son of a bitch.
    The Courier: Fine! have them both, you greedy prick!
  • In Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged President Shinra is a Corrupt Corporate Executive who's willing to kill hundreds of innocent people and waste a large amount of resources just to get rid of AVALANCHE, whose membership is about six people plus a child of one member. When he hears Palmer, head of the space technology department has been literally burning one billion gil thinking that it will let him buy parts of outer space (and has done this ten times), Shinra removes his budgeting privileges.
  • Hat Films typically style themselves as morally grey, if not outright villainous. However, Ross commits genocide against villagers because their Speaking Simlish annoys him in Hat Pack. This unnerves the other two, although Trott mentions he's both horrified and aroused. The trio have also become known for forcing one another through horrible challenges on their birthday, but ruled out making Ross eat mayonnaise because Smith felt he couldn't bring himself to do it.
  • In DarkMatter2525's If Muhammad Replaced Trump:
    • The Right-Wing is willing to support Trump (or rather, Muhammad disguised as Trump) when he displays barbaric sexism, misogyny, antisemitism, hatred towards outside religions, and support of torture. But when Muhammad-disguised-as-Trump claims he will bring back Black Slavery, the voices on the Right-Wing start to die down.
    • Parodied near the end of the clip, when everyone finds out that "Trump" is actually Muhammad in disguise. At that the point, the Left-Wing, who was disgusted at Trumps intolerance were suddenly afraid that this made them Islamophobic, whereas the Right-Wing, who went with nearly everything Trump said, was horrified at the fact they were supporting Muhammad.
  • Amir of Jake and Amir is a selfish, manipulative, idiotic, obsessive narcissist with No Social Skills, incredibly bad hygiene, virtually no empathy for anyone, and a penchant for doing insane (and often illegal) things. In "Gay Marriage," he assumes that people are against marriage equality because if it becomes a reality, everyone in the United States will be forced to marry someone of the same sex. When Jake explains that this isn't the case and that "some people just don't believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry," Amir bursts into laughter, but upon learning that Jake isn't kidding, remarks, "Jesus. That's fucked up." When Amir thinks something is bad, you know it's awful.
  • The Key of Awesome has this in their video "Modern Monster Mash", where Frankenstein's monster tries to update his party by inviting modern movie monsters such as Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lecter, only to be disgusted by how violent they are.
  • The Music Video Show had the host get angry when R. Kelly for pulling a gun out on a female couple. This is the same host who makes jokes about child abuse, child murder and abuse towards women.
    • An earlier example is in Episode 25, when the music video shown is so bad, the host drops all jokes and states that this episode was supposed to be shown earlier but he couldn't go through with it so soon.
  • The My Little Pony: The Mentally Advanced Series versions of Rarity and Twilight (especially the former) are racist to non-unicorns ponies, but they still seem to at least try keeping racism away from the children, as shown when Rarity was happy her little sister Sweetie Belle had made friends and doesn't even bring up the fact that they are not unicorns.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter has reviewed some of the most disgusting, mean spirited, and just downright horrible animations in his Animated Atrocities series, Where the Dead Go to Die was just too horrible to qualify as an atrocity or be reviewed by him in general.
  • In Noob the reason Omega Zell hates Gaea is multi-layered. On the surface, he's a misogynist and Gaea happens to be a woman. Just under this, he and Gaea are Too Much Alike. Careful study of his rants reveal berating of the fact that Gaea is an immoral Dirty Coward, Manipulative Bastard and greedy penny-pincher, which suggests that he'd be holding these things against her even if she were male.
  • The Nostalgia Critic:
  • SF Debris was noting a particularly sexist scene in a Star Trek episode, and said he was offended, even though he thinks porn should be on the food pyramid.
  • Roboshi, the infamous fav'ing machine of the Ponibooru Crufavers, has notoriously low standards, but there are still images so poor in quality or distasteful that he will never fav. There's even a tag called "No favorite from Roboshi" on Derpibooru. It currently has about 180 images.
    "No fav for you, goo man chu!"
  • Hilariously lampshaded by Mexican mock-newspaper (like The Onion) El Deforma: When Enrique Peña Nieto was featured on the cover of Time Magazine with the caption "saving Mexico", Mexicans were outraged at what they perceived was a propaganda stunt. El Deforma then issued a statement that said that "there was a fine limit to the jokes" a newspaper can publish and that Time Magazine had taken it too far by "mocking our President with such a sarcastic cover" and that even they "would never have the courage to come up with such a controversial title that would cause anger to the Mexican people".

    Triples as Hypocritical Humor and Hilarious in Hindsight because El Deforma had done exactly just that a couple of weeks before when they published that the Mexican National Anthem's copyright had expired and therefore had no official owner because "the Secretary of Interior had forgotten to renew the contract", setting off many Mexicans' anger to the point that even serious newspapers thought the story was real.note 
  • In Todd in the Shadows' One Hit Wonderland episode on "Beds Are Burning", Todd says that Midnight Oil is so political that even Rage Against the Machine would tell them to talk about something else.
  • Web Animation/Homestarrunner:
  • Kirito in Sword Art Online Abridged is at best a Jerkass and at worst is The Sociopath, and once killed someone who was all but incapable of harming him because she made the mistake of slamming several of his Berserk Buttons. But in Episode 6, he explodes with an outraged "The Reason You Suck" Speech when he learns that the Villain of the Week murdered his wife because she once spent an evening planning a raid with her guildmates instead of making him dinner.
  • r/React Girls might be a subreddit to appreciate the female cast of React, but their very second rule is "Any kind of inappropriate or suggestive content regarding minors will be removed."
  • is equally disgusted about Carbombya from The Transformers episode "Thief in the Night" as the late Casey Kasem. Likewise, the site features a Preemptive "Shut Up" about Hiroshima Prime and is of the opinion after seeing the design for Thunderblast that the animators of GONZO need a cold shower and to see their wives.
  • Played for Laughs in the Abridged Series Ultra Fast Pony, who's creator is known for relishing in indecent lowest common denominator humor, purposely poking fun at very controversial issues, throwing in sexual innuendos, and playing his own poor/lazy editing and lip syncing for laughs, but even he adamantly refuses to have uncensored swearing in his show.
    • Despite being far from a good pony herself, Twilight is still marginally better than the rest of The Mane Six, as while they are more or less indifferent about anything that does not directly concern them she at least tries to be a hero if she has to. Also, she is possibly the only pony in Ponyville who is not racist. Or the very least, willing offer non-ponies friendship.
    • Though he is usually too much of a push over to stand up to his "mother" and will often just go with what ever she wants of him, Spike will sometimes try to call out Twilight for some of her actions, like when she made Sunset Shimmer cry at the end of The Movie.
    • Applejack, despite being an amoral Jerk Ass on the best of days, she finds making fun of Rainbow Dash's illiteracy a little too low.
    • Rainbow Dash herself is an unrepentant jerk that never thinks of anyone but herself, but she was also the only one who tried to call out Twilight, when she killed the real Pinkie Pie and just replaced her with one of the clones.
    • Discord of all people finds Fluttershy's utter lack of logic annoying.
    • And of course, every single character in the show will lampoon any and all possible Unfortunate Implications, that maybe found in the shows writing and morales.
    Applejack: The important thing is, no matter what someone does, you should forgive them if they say they're sorry.
    Applebloom: That sounds like great advice for either a beautiful relationship or an abusive one.
  • In Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil's horrified reaction to the blood-and-guts covered recording booth in Desert Bluffs really gives perspective to how horrible it must be, since he is used to calmly reporting on awful situations and gruesome deaths (including but not limited to: ritual sacrifice, vaporization, and being eaten by dinosaurs).
  • While pretty much every character is an Adaptational Jerkass in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series, that doesn't mean they're not without standards:
    • While not exactly the All-Loving Hero he was in the original, Yugi was still the only who had a problem with Yami's willingness to kill Kaiba. He also repeatedly criticizes his friends for trying to keep people as slaves and at end of Battle City, tried to convince Yami to go easy on Joey in their duel, not that Joey needed any help.
    • Joey repeatedly tries to politely tell Yami to stop making sex related jabs at Mai, while she's in a coma. Joey is also not pleased with Tristan and Duke's attraction to his underage (but surprisingly developed) sister, despite not being nearly as great an older brother he was in the original series.
    • All of the guys, even Yami were shocked, when Mai pretended to have died for good, just to mess with them.
    • By the time of their second match, Yami has had it with Raphael's hypocrisy and double standards towards them sacrificing monsters, and tells him off for taking his personal issues out him and the rest of the world.
  • The Last Podcast on the Left:
    • The hosts are not typically ones to shy away from going into the nitty-gritty of the depravities of serial killers. They'll often discuss the specifics of a murder in graphic detail. One notable exception to this is Pee-Wee Gaskins. The main source of the man's misdeeds is the man hismelf, and the hosts note that he really likes to exaggerate how far he went in certain acts in ways that are impossible to confirm. Partly for this reason, the third of their series on him features the hosts deliberately shying away from describing the process of a murder Gaskins talks about. The farthest Marcus Parks will go will be to say to imagine the "worst scene" in A Serbian Film taking place in the back of a hearse and realize it might have taken place in real life.
    • They're also much more somber when discussing the victims of a heavy hitter's crimes. For all the Black Comedy Rape thrown around making jokes about how the Children of Gods' founder, David Berg, was a Dirty Old Man pedophile, they're more serious in the fourth part of the series, focused on describing the life and death of a young man raised within the church and sexually abused growing up.
  • Joe Rogan was the host of Fear Factor, a show where contestants were often challenged to eat disgusting things like buffalo testicles or rat stew. In 2007, Rogan made a 2 Girls, 1 Cup reaction video and had to turn away several times. Let that sink in.
  • In The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles, the people of Nova Scotia are so desperate for a football team of their own, they launch a massive naval offensive as a gambit to get a team. Leland Melvin tries to reward their assistance by pulling some strings to have an existing football team move to Halifax: the Browns. The Nova Scotians reply that they may be desperate for a team, but they're not that desperate—and they hold out until Melvin offers them the Titans instead.
  • In Trapped In The Birdcage when the team goes to the bakery where young Strix works Everyone but Wilis very concerned that the children who work there might be being exploited.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • Ice King is forever trying to kidnap princesses to become his "wife". When Princess Bubblegum is de-aged from 18 to 13, he declares his lack of interest and leaves the room immediately.
    • Lemongrab doesn't have a problem with hurting children and attempting to eat people. But he wouldn't dare do anything to (intentionally) harm any of his own children, whom he loves dearly. However, by "Too Old," Lemongrab's standards seem to have... slipped.
    • Finn himself. While a Blood Knight, he largely refuses to kill anyone or anything that's not evil, to the extent that, in "The Enchiridion," he let out a Big "NEVER!" to being ordered to kill a "neutral" ant. Also, in "What Have You Done?", despite being enemies with Ice King, Finn made it clear that he wouldn't beat him up when Ice King hadn't actually committed any recent crimes, stating it as "against his alignment."
  • American Dad!: Bullock, despite being a selfish, crooked, and slightly unstable drug addict who runs the CIA like a daycare, is not a pedophile, as confirmed by Word of God. He's also deeply horrified when he recovers from the effects of a CIA brain scrambling chip and realizes that he stole a nuclear submarine. He chews Stan out for not stopping him:
    Bullock: (in response to Stan saying that he couldn't let Bullock get mind-wiped) You don't work for me, you moron, you work for your country! *looks around* Did you let me steal an armed nuclear sub?!
  • Archer:
    • The titule character is the biggest man whore you will ever meet, but he refuses the 16-year-old Anke's advances, even though she's legal where they are (in Switzerland).
    • Agent Holly may be something of a jackass, but he appears genuinely horrified by the way that Malory denies baby AJ food, angrily demanding that somebody get them something substantial to eat. His buddy Slater isn't much better, but is similarly disgusted by the idea of sleeping with Dr. Kovac's mistress while inside him, flat-out saying the lady has problems.
  • Beavis and Butt-Head:
    • Even David Van Driessen has limits if anyone touches any student, Beavis and Butthead included. This was shown in "Manners Suck" when Beavis calls Mr. Manners/Candy a pervert upon being attacked, causing Van Driessen to take actions that goes against his 'hippie' ways.
    • Out of all their actions, Beavis and Butthead themselves have limits. Butthead can’t stand seeing another guy’s privates, especially Beavis. This was demonstrated in "Tainted Meat" when Beavis has a problem with his privates and being told by Butthead not to show him... to the point Butthead gives suggestion like telling him wash it which, rarely happens, cured Beavis's problem. Also, while Beavis is generally an Extreme Doormat to Butthead, even he has his limits. When Butthead pushes too far, like calling him Butt-knocker one too many times, Beavis beats him up, such as kicking him in his privates as seen while watching some music video.
  • In Celebrity Deathmatch murder and torture are totally fine while in the ring (and sometimes even outside), but in Fandemonium II when Ozzy Osbourne enslaves Rob Zombie and makes him give him a pedicure, even Johnny and Nick think he's crossed the line. The referee, Mills Lane, has no such reservations, however.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • The KND aren't fans of adults and fight adult tyranny, but what the bullies do to them in "Operation: M.A.T.A.D.O.R." (trapping them, giving them Klatchian Coffee until they fly into a rage, and then fighting them in an arena) is a line they will not cross. Numbuh Four is scolded by his teammates for participating in this demented pastime. Specifically, they acknowledge that for how anti-adult they are, the ones they go after are clearly insane super-villains. They fully refuse to go after adults that they know are just innocent bystanders.
    • Captain Stickybeard hates the KND and has battled them more than once. However, he's willing to aid them sometimes because even he thinks that eating vegetables is too cruel, and once saves them from getting eaten by a giant white asparagus.
    • While being Soopreme Leader is such a hard and tedious task (to where it is deciding with an extreme version of tag), when Numbuh 13 is tagged and announces he will become Soopreme Leader, the surrounding kids proceed to dogpile him to get tagged, since while no one wants the job, they know it still needs to be done properly, and not by a well-meaning but clumsy doofus like Numbuh 13.
    • One episode features the kids heading to the villains' grocery store (yes, the bad guys actually have a dedicated grocery store) to get the last box of Rainbow Munchies Cereal in town. Turns out all the villains like it, too, and the entire plot is the two factions working to get the box and keep it for themselves. In the end, the Depraved Dentist Knightbrace is the one to finally take the cereal—and he plans to destroy it because of its high sugar content. The prospect of such an amazing cereal being destroyed is enough to get the KND and villains to agree to a truce (specifically "until breakfast is over"), and they work together to pummel Knightbrace into oblivion and share the Rainbow Munchies with each other.
  • Daffy Duck may have an extreme Money Fetish, but even he has limits in his greed. In "His Bitter Half," he marries a shrewish woman, but after being forced to become a Henpecked Husband and suffering constant torment from his Bratty Half-Pint stepson, he decides that no amount of money is Worth It, and ends the picture by walking out on them without looking back.
  • In one episode of Darkwing Duck, Darkwing has fought Megavolt, causing the villain to flee, and he and Launchpad prepare to give chase on their motorcycle. However:
    Darkwing: Come on, Launchpad! Let's get dangerous!
    Launchpad: Hold on, DW!
    Darkwing: What?!
    Launchpad: You aren't wearing your helmet! That's a little too dangerous!
    • Naturally, Darkwing ignores this advice, and an accident happens, leading to a Dream Sequence while he's out cold where he believes his own death. When he wakes up, he decides maybe he should have the same standards.
  • In Daria, the titular character and her best friend Jane have their first falling out, after Daria continued to take shots at Jerk Jock Tommy Sherman, after he died. Although this is subverted in that Daria clarifies she was only being honest about what a jerk Tommy was and acknowledged that, while it sucks that he died, she's not going to hypocritically act like he was a good person just because he died. Jane later admits she was on edge due to how they joked about him dying moments before it happened and felt like she'd been responsible, misconstruing Daria's honesty as Lack of Empathy.
  • In Drawn Together, Spanky Ham is a crass and repugnant individual, even by the standards of the of the Drawn Together household. However, whilst he laughs happily at most of the other exhibition cages full of racist caricature toons, he gets depressed on looking at the American Indian cage, proclaiming that they're "not funny" and "got a raw deal".
  • DuckTales (1987)
    • In the Series Finale, Flintheart Glomgold falls victim to his own machinations and is turned into a statue of gold. Scrooge is upset, saying "Ah wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! Come to think of it, that's what he was."
    • Also in "Master of the Dijini", Scrooge is vocally worried after Glomgold slides down a cliff during an avalanche, despite it being caused by Glomgold in the first place in his efforts to kill Scrooge.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy : Although the cul-de-sac kids (usually Kevin and Sarah) despise The Eds (usually Eddy), they are frightened, appalled and even outraged when they see Eddy's brother enacting violence on Eddy as well as seeing the sadistic smirk on his face and just how scared Eddy is of him. This makes their standing up for Eddy and buying the Eds enough time to take the Big Brother Bully down all the more satisfying.
  • Family Guy:
    • While Glenn Quagmire does a lot of perverted things, there are some lines he won't cross, like sleeping with Meg when she's desperate for affection (and underage). Of course, once she's 18, she's fair game. Quagmire also doesn't like when a woman is attacked, especially when he learns his sister, Brenda, was being abused. He goes so far as killing Jeffery Fecalman, Brenda's abusive boyfriend, for this.
    • Mayor Adam West is an incompetent lunatic, but even he feels that Peter shouldn't be allowed to be his own country. Although, he was much more sane at the time.
    • The Simpsons Guy makes it very clear that even if Springfield is an extreme World of Jerkass that has often been compared out-of-universe to Quahog in its horribleness, there is nobody in it that can withstand the extremes that the Griffins reach.
      Bart Simpson, to Stewie: You creep me out! (this is after Stewie prank calls Moe and tells him that Moe's mother is being raped and kidnaps everybody that could be considered Bart's enemy in one way or another (even Apu) with the goal of killing them alongside Bart, as a gesture of their friendship).
    • Vern and Johnny, the recurring vaudeville duo, are shot to death by Stewie with the latter winding up in Hell. Vern's explanation says it all:
    Vern: You're probably wonderin' why he's in Hell... (stern expression) Johnny liked little boys.
    • A meta-example: the show has no shortage of annoying, one-joke characters, but even the writers admitted they couldn't stand Paddy Tanager (the Caddie Manager) and his mannerisms ("Big whoop, ya wanna fight about it?"), so they deliberately killed him off.
  • Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends may be a Jerkass, but even he can't stand how snooty and rude Duchess is.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy has Fred Fredburger, one of the other stupid characters on the show besides Billy. In comparison however, Fred is beyond idiotic and Billy (who has an I.Q. of -5) finds him to be absolutely insufferable.
  • Hey Arnold! : While Arnold is an All-Loving Hero, even his forgiveness and compassion have limits:
    • Mainly whenever he's dealing with Oskar Kokoshka, Arnold will be pushed past his breaking point and call Oskar out for being a hopeless, lazy loser. Normally, it's knowing that he managed to get Arnold to lose faith in him that gets Oskar to realize just horrible he is.
    • Arnold can only tolerate so much of Helga's bullshit before he snaps, such as in "Girl Trouble" where he threw yellow paint on her after constant torment during an art project.
    • When Stinky keeps rubbing in the fact that Lila prefers Arnie instead of Arnold, Arnold tells Stinky to shut up.
    • But the biggest example comes from "Arnold Betrays Iggy," when it's only after trying to do everything he can to gain Iggy's forgiveness for leaking his secret (which wasn't even his fault, but Sid and Stinky's) and humiliating himself in front of the whole city does Arnold sever ties with Iggy; the next day, Iggy has realized that Sid and Stinky were the true culprits and tries to make amends with Arnold, but by that point, Arnold refuses to even give him the time of day.
  • Kaeloo:
    • Mr. Cat may be a jerk, but even he won't let Kaeloo feel bad about something which wasn't her fault.
    • In the episode "Let's Play Trap-Trap", Quack Quack becomes a crazy cannibal and the only way to cure him is to give him some yogurt. Mr. Cat suggests that Stumpy goes to him to give him the yogurt, but it turns out that even Stumpy isn't dumb enough to confront an insane cannibal, so Mr. Cat is forced to do it himself.
    Stumpy: I may be nuts, but I'm not crazy.
  • King of the Hill:
    • In an episode, Hank loses faith in George W. Bush just because he has a weak handshake. Even Dale thinks he's crazy.
    • Dale also stands up to Peggy when she gains a reputation as "Paddlin' Peggy". Her spur of the moment spanking of Dooley gains her a reputation as a fearsome disciplinarian, which goes to her head and causes her to almost hit Dale's son Joseph for stealing her paddle. Dale intervenes and says he took it, because "Somebody had to stop you! You're crazy!"
    • Similarly, for all his faults, Dale simply will not cheat on his wife. Not even when a smoking hot female exterminator who also happens to be his personal hero comes onto him. This is, of course, contrasting the fact that Nancy had been shamelessly cheating on him with John Redcorn for over a decade (although she had stopped by the time of this episode), which only Dale and Joseph are unaware of.
    • There are plenty of people who have earned Dale's scorn or fear, like Jimmy Wichard, or Bill, when he tried competitive eating.
    • Also John Redcorn who, although a womanizer, will not sleep with the wives or relatives of his friends. He tells Hank this in the season 3 episode "Peggy's Headache," and him becoming friends with Dale plays a role in his and Nancy's breakup.
  • Luan Loud may be willing to go to extreme lengths for a laugh, especially on April Fool's Day, but she would never film someone in an embarrassing situation and then post it without their permission and is clearly disgusted when her little brother Lincoln does just that.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Pinkie Pie is a prankster and loves pulling one over on her friends. However, she absolutely will not prank the sensitive Shrinking Violet Fluttershy, acknowledging that even her softest prank could potentially hurt the shy pony's feelings. As a result, a massive Broken Base emerged when Pinkie broke her own rule in "Filli Vanilli".
    • The Mane Six's pets unintentionally cause havoc for Spike in "Just for Sidekicks" but if there's one thing they all have in common, it's that they share an extreme dislike for Angel, Fluttershy's bunny, who deliberately makes him miserable. Twilight's owl, Owlowiscious, gives Angel an Implied Death Threat and even Opalescence, Rarity's cat, can't stand him.
    • Even when corrupted by the Alicorn Amulet, having enslaved and trapped all of Ponyville, and being willing to unleash all manner of nasty spells on ponies for anything from talking back to just for kicks, Trixie still doesn't harm the group of beavers that are angered by her force field around the town: she rolls her eyes and lets them go instead.
  • In Phineas and Ferb, Perry the Platypus had thwarted many of Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Evil Plans, no matter how silly they would get. But when his scheme was learning whale speak, just so he could insult a whale for stealing his girlfriend, Perry left in disgust.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • The original series episode "Curses" features a giant potty-mouthed monster whose swearing is so vulgar that even a pair of bikers and a convict are offended by its foul language.
    • A similar gag occurs in the 2016 reboot in the episode "In the Garden of Good and Eddie". When the Powerpuff Girls chew out Eddie for eating their giant tomato, Bubbles cusses up a storm (which is censored by a truck backing up). Buttercup, the resident Jerkass, comments that not even she would say that.
  • Rick of Rick and Morty is almost a completely Sociopathic Hero and unrepentant Jerk Ass who constantly endangers/traumatizes his grandson and other family members for often selfish reason. But even he occasionally has lines he won't cross:
    • After being transported to the perverted dreams of a women in Morty's math teacher's dream, (It Makes Sense in Context) Rick has no problem what so ever in engaging in her fantasies, but even he's disgusted when Summer, his own granddaughter is revealed to be part of her depraved fantasies.
    • Rick also complains about his family spending Christmas on their phones and other devices, on Jesus' birthday, despite not exactly being the wholesome type.
    • Despite Rick being happy for any chance to prove Morty's idea for an adventure sucked and win their little bet, when Morty almost gets raped by King Jelly Bean and admits that Rick was right Rick immediately tries cheer him up by consenting the victory to him, before taking him home, and shoots his would be rapist on the way out.
    • While he has no problem hosting a wild party against his daughter's wishes and ignoring Morty's protests, Rick criticizes his granddaughter for only wanting to hold the party to increase her standing with the popular kids and later, trying to get rid of her old unpopular friend, instead of just partying for its own sake like himself.
    • Also in one episode parodying The Purge, Rick is at first excited to see the lower class citizens of a race of cat people slaughter each other... at first, but even he is disgusted after a minute of seeing this and helps a young cat girl turn the tables on the upper-class who have been using The Purge as a means of staying in power.
    • In general, Rick seems to dislike discrimination, as he has little to no issue with helping a cat girl turn the tables on her oppressive and elitist government, despite just wanting to get off planet minutes earlier, and after Morty criticizes him for looting a (seemingly) abandoned ship and leaving some graffiti to make any police that come by think it was the work of an unrelated alien species, the only thing Rick seems to think is wrong, is that the police would pen the blame on said species, just because they found some graffiti.
    • Though it doesn't stop him from crafting the Love Potion (his standards waiver in the face of getting rid of an annoying Morty), nor does he exactly care when said potion causes The End of the World as We Know It, he never the less is disgusted by Morty wanting to use a love potion on Jessica, equating it to a date rape drug and calling Morty "creepy" for even considering it.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Lots of people have this attitude towards the title family, either towards individual members or the whole group. A great example would be in "The Cartridge Family", where Homer joins the NRA, a group notoriously in favor of the right to own guns. After seeing him fire guns in an extremely reckless way and endangering everybody, they kick him out and try taking away his gun.
    • In a Valentine's Day anthology episode of The Simpsons, ("Love, Springfieldian Style") Marge and Homer play Bonnie and Clyde, while Flanders is their unwitting getaway driver. Upon seeing that they're outlaws, he is shocked, but cuts them some slack. It's the Depression, and people are desperate. However, once Flanders learns they are an unmarried couple, he decides to turn them in.
    Wiggum: "Even I'm offended by this. And I'm a fat Southern sheriff."
    • In "A Fish Called Selma", Troy McMcClure hasn't acted in twelve years, so he's anxious to accept the offers that his agent says are "pouring in". Except the one from Paramount for "a buddy comedy with Rob Lowe and Hugh Grant". ("Those sick freaks?" he shouts.)
      • In that same episode, Selma ends up marrying Troy, but learns it's just a ploy by Troy to improve his career. She is convinced to continue the marriage, citing all the perks, until Troy decides to have a baby with Selma. She leaves Troy, not wanting to bring a child into a loveless marriage.
    • Ned Flanders often acts like a crazy Fundamentalist, and turns everyone else off by doing so, but he can usually count on his family to back him up. But even Rod and Todd won't support him in "You Kent Always Say What You Want", after his crusade against Kent Brockman (who cusses once on the air, when nobody is watching, which he apologizes for quickly) results in poor Kent being fired and fined $10 million dollars. They even tell him "you should find a new mommy."
    • "Kamp Krusty" established Krusty the Clown to be the type of corporate whore that would sponsor anything (and that is anything), no matter how horrifyingly unsafe, as long as he got paid for it. He still burst out in tears and tried to make things right when he heard how badly children were treated on the titular camp, including a child being eaten by a bear (although he went there because they had taken over it Apocalypse Now-style, and still burst into tears when Bart corrected himself and said that it was only the child's hat that had been eaten (it was a Nice Hat, though)).
    • In "King-Sized Homer", Homer willingly makes himself morbidly obese to be able to work from home. However, he gets offended when a movie theater owner tries to bribe him with a garbage bag full of popcorn to get him to leave.
    • Bart Simpson may be an unrepentant serial prankster of a caliber so huge that at one point Lisa says he has officially become a sociopath, but there are just some things that he either finds too unsettling to try to do in the first place or at least has the kindness to regret having done after the fact. For one, he always regrets upsetting Marge. As well, he's pretty comfortable being "just a petty crook" and the idea of becoming a full-blown member of organized crime (or being believed that he would become one when he grows up) or doing such things as stealing from the church upsets him. Finally, as much as he has zero problems swindling people into saying funny words or doing funny things and laughing at them when they do (such as his constant prank calls to Moe), he prefers just regular Toilet Humor and he draws the line at rape jokes and full-blown "attempted murder" levels of violence (which is why in a crossover with Family Guy, Bart pretty quickly comes to see Stewie as a horrifyingly creepy kid rather than a kindred spirit).
    • The plot of At Long Last, Leave happens because even if Springfield is the self-proclaimed (and very proudly at that) "meanest town in America", they still make a pretty good point with being fed up with the Simpsons' antics, which have gone past "mean" and have actually endangered the town and the lives of everybody in it several times over.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: J. Jonah Jameson may be a big-time Jerkass who hates Spider-Man with a passion, but there are still lines he won't cross. In "The Alien Costume," he was thrilled when he thought he had evidence of Spider-Man robbing the shuttle, but then he learned that the Rhino was actually responsible and Eddie lied about it to get his job back. He immediately turned on Brock in a fury for playing on his prejudice to make him commit libel, firing him before publicly announcing his mistake and retracting the reward he offered for Spider-Man's capture.
    Jonah: I can't have someone who works for me coloring the truth and leaving out facts! It's against everything I stand for. You're history, Brock! Outta here! Fired!
    • Likewise, when Spider-Man rescues him and other "tormentors" of Norman Osborn from the Green Goblin, he's aghast when Wilson Fisk tries to blow both Spidey and the Goblin up; even if he does distrust the vigilante, he's not that ungrateful.
  • Spongebob Squarepants
    • In "Pizza Delivery", after Spongebob and Squidward go through hell and high water trying to deliver a pizza to a customer, the customer chews Spongebob out for forgetting his drink (a drink he didn't even order). Squidward, who doesn't like Spongebob at the best of times, is infuriated by the guy making Spongebob cry and ends up telling the customer he can have his pizza "on the house".
    • In "Born Again Krabs", Mr. Krabs is willing to sell Spongebob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for all the money the ghost has in his pocket at the time, a mere 62 cents. Squidward, who'd normally be happy to be rid of Spongebob, is absolutely disgusted with Krabs for doing so, especially since the entire reason the Dutchman offered said money to Mr. Krabs for Spongebob in the first place is because Spongebob stuck up for Krabs to save him from the Dutchman, and flat-out tells him that he should be ashamed of himself for doing so.
    • Speaking of Mr. Krabs, he's normally so obsessed with money and profits that he doesn't care about his employees, but when Squidward's rival Squilliam comes to town with the express purpose of humiliating him in "Squilliam Returns", Mr. Krabs reveals that even he doesn't like the snobby Squilliam, and offers to help Squidward turn the Krusty Krab into a gourmet restaurant to "wipe the floor with him."
    • As the series went on and on, Mr. Krabs went from a well-rounded character who cared about money a little too much to a character who hardly cared about anything except money. But the one thing that no amount of money could change his mind over is the love that goes into making Krabby Patties. In "Selling Out", he barely hesitated to sell the Krusty Krab to a corporation for an obscene amount of money, but after coming back and finding out that they used synthetic goo to make the burgers on a conveyor belt, he sabotaged their operation and didn't hesitate to spend every cent they gave him to buy the restaurant back, even when he only needed half.
  • South Park:
    • The remaining Goth Kids and the Vampire Kids team up and summon the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, the founder of both their subcultures. Even they can't stand his constant whining, smoking, and the fact that he insists on being called "Nightpain."
    • When Mrs. Garrison rants about same sex marriage being against the sacrament of holy matrimony, she's met with applause. But when her plan to get that message across is by having a Fag Drag, the audience stops cheering and suggests they should instead appeal to the governor about vetoing the bill.
      Man: We don't "hate" homosexuals, we just don't want them to be able to marry.
    • Pre-op Mr Garrison also had a moment of this in "Trapper Keeper". Despite being as prone to Serious Business as every other South Park civilian, when a harmless kids school presidential debate escalates into ceaseless fights and convolution, he calls out the ridiculousness of the situation. He also furiously rebukes Rosie O'Donnell for exacerbating the situation as well as venting her discrimination for "country bumpkins" by having bias towards her nephew's side.
      • Mr. Garrison may be an extremely Depraved Bisexual, but even he draws the line at pedophilia.
    • In "Fun With Veal", the South Park kids (except Cartman) are horrified by the idea of eating baby cows.
    • In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA," the episode ends with the head of the titular organization (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) delivering a speech about how he and others like him are being persecuted for something they can't change. The kids of the town refuse to accept this, outright saying: "Dude—you have sex with children." They remark that while they do believe in equality for everyone and "all that gay stuff," there's nothing redeeming about people who trick kids into sex.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine:
    • In the episode "Dirty Work", Diesel blames Duck for making the troublesome trucks laugh at him in the previous episode "Pop Goes the Diesel". Henry points to Diesel that Duck wouldn't do such a thing, and states that while all the engines have their differences, they would never talk about them to the trucks, which would be seen as (in Gordon, James, and Henry's words) "disgraceful, disgusting, and despicable".
      • Note that what caused Diesel to blame Duck was that he sent him on a fool's errand with some broken trucks after Diesel had boasted too much for him to bear. When the other trucks start mocking Diesel relentlessly however, Duck is shocked and shuts the trucks up before apologising. He thought Diesel needed a good humbling, but not to be bullied himself.
    • Since Diesel's antics from "Dirty Work", many steam engines have gained a contempt and distrust for him and even the whole diesel line. Thomas got into a rather vitriolic competition with him in "Misty Island Rescue" in particular, but when Diesel's war with Thomas leaves him dangling on unfinished tracks over a cliff, Thomas is horrified and wastes no time trying to rescue him.
  • On Total Drama, Duncan is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold at best, but even he is appalled at Heather backstabbing Lindsay after tricking her into thinking they were best friends. He also gets offended when Heather tries to call him a Hypocrite.
    Duncan: Ooh, that's cold, bra.
    Heather: Oh, like you're such a team player! All you do is go around scaring the crap out of everyone.
    Duncan: At least I'm straight with people!
  • In the special Why, Charlie Brown, Why?, Linus, normally weak, builds up the bravery to defend Janice, who was sick with leukemia. First, his sister, Lucy, after giving her a drink when she yells at him for having contact with a sick person, Linus, who knows cancer isn’t contagious, yells at her for that. When Janice is a target of a bully because the chemotherapy made her lose all her hair, Linus almost gets into a fight with him, forcing the bully to return Janice’s hat and apologize.

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