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Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones

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"My mama don't like you and she likes everyone."
Justin Bieber, "Love Yourself"

Even the sweetest and kindest of all the All-Loving Heroes (or any kind character archetype), who may have helped other villains fulfill a Heel–Face Turn and serve as Morality Chains for other characters, has people they dislike and may be one of the few things this loving hero actually hates. Often, the villain has done things that even this hero finds completely unforgivable. The hated character is likely to be a Hate Sink, with the hero's negative opinion allowing them to serve as an Audience Surrogate. A trope that symbolizes how much a villain (which may be Ax-Crazy, The Sociopath, or even a Complete Monster) is morally gone or crossed the Moral Event Horizon in a way that can't be fixed.

Villains that are targets of this trope don't tend to make Heel-Face Turns or at least be Reformed, but Not Tamed like other, more sympathetic, or reasonable villains, since even the archetypes that are known for helping that process are disgusted by them, and the most common way they get out of the plot is through death.

Occasionally, this trope can be Played for Laughs, where the otherwise Loving Hero reserves their hatred for someone who isn't really evil at all and doesn't seem to deserve it; mostly simply for extremely petty personal reasons, in which case see Sitcom Arch-Nemesis.

Sub-Trope to Everyone Has Standards and O.O.C. Is Serious Business. An inverse of Even Evil Has Standards, where a bad guy can't bring themselves to cross some line, and Even Evil Has Loved Ones, where a bad guy has someone he genuinely cares for. Compare Beware the Nice Ones, Even the Dog Is Ashamed, and Jerkass to One. Contrast Even the Guys Want Him and Even the Girls Want Her.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Rentarou Aijou was blessed with 100 soulmates, and does his damnedest to make sure all of them are happy and fulfilled in their polyamorous relationship. He adores his girlfriends and is generally polite to others. The one exception to this is the god that gave him his soul mates in the first place, because it was a complete accident on that god's part, it resulted in Rentarou having to first endure 100 heartbreaks, and if he fails to unite with any of his girlfriends, it could well be fatal for them. He's quick to anger towards that god and is quick to threaten to burn down his shrine. Lampshaded in Chapter 123, where Rentarou compares the way you behave with someone you like against someone you don't like and the only person he can think of in the second category is the God of Love.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura is kindness incarnate, loving everyone and having a streak for giving second chances, but is hostile and cynical toward Touya for being a Big Brother Bully, regularly grinding his foot into the floor for insulting her and fantasizing about getting back at him for it. That all changes when she finds out he knew all along about her activities as the Cardcaptor and had sacrificed his own powers to keep Yue alive; she's reduced to Tears of Remorse over how badly she misjudged her brother.
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tanjiro often expresses compassion for demons, calling them "lifeless beings, sorrowful beings". After Susamaru's death by triggering Muzan's curse, however, Tanjiro declares Muzan a "true demon" for the way he mistreats his own demons. That said, he's hated Muzan from the very beginning for killing his family and turning his little sister into a demon. When he meets Muzan during the Final Battle and he brushes off his family's deaths, comparing his killing of them to lives lost against a natural disaster and telling Tanjiro he should just be grateful that he's still alive and live the rest of his life normally without seeking revenge over something so 'natural', Tanjiro actually goes completely silent out of sheer shock and Tranquil Fury before responding with an absolutely dead look on his face, showing just how much Muzan pushed him past his Rage Breaking Point with his sheer callousness.
    Tanjiro: Muzan... we...cannot allow you to exist anymore!
  • In Dragon Ball, Goku is the kind of guy who can forgive and befriend even cruel former villains, like Piccolo and Vegeta, who came close to destroying the Earth. But when the genocidal Frieza's constant cruelty culminates in him killing Krillin in a gruesome manner and threatening to do the same to Gohan, Goku's subsequent fight as a Super Saiyan sees him not just beat up but physically and verbally humiliate his foe. Even 18 years later, after Goku has faced numerous and stronger enemies compared to him, he proclaims that he still utterly despises Frieza the most.
    • Goku also gains a similar level of hatred towards Goku Black and Future Zamasu, for not only stealing Goku's body but then murdering Chi-Chi and Goten, gleefully attempting to murder their master and then committing genocide across the universes.
  • EDENS ZERO: Shiki is an All-Loving Hero to the extreme, believing it's possible (if not guaranteed) to become friends with anyone when given time, but is always slow to accept those who get their kicks from killing and/or making people suffer, especially if it's directed at machines and other artificial beings. Enter Shura, a psychotically murderous prince with designs to wipe all robots from his neck of the cosmos, immediately making him an enemy in Shiki's books. But what really seals the deal is when Shura takes a liking to Shiki and asks him to be his friend; Shiki is totally blindsided by the thought of befriending a man who embodies everything he opposes, and while he does sincerely consider it, if only to put an end to Shura's plans, Shiki firmly vows to never be his friend once he gets Shura to admit he'd rather have Shiki abandon his beliefs than compromise his own. Things get tremendously worse between them from there.
  • Elfen Lied: Nana is nice to almost everyone and actively defies being a killing machine, unlike most Diclonii. However, she loathes Lucy for being murderous and ripping her limbs off.
  • Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith: For Kururi, it’s the radish-like familiars he summons with Summon Magic. At first it's their awful high pitched voices, and then it’s due to the way they manipulate Iris into hugging them before smiling like a Dirty Old Man. Kururi goes on a few "radish massacres", while he’s pretty much The Redeemer and even a Messianic Archetype otherwise.
  • Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket is a very Nice Girl who's polite and kind to everyone she meets. The only person she ever shows resentment towards is her deceased father Katsuya, whose death made her mother Kyoko neglect her for a time and almost commit suicide. Even then, she realizes that it's wrong to feel that way since her father's sudden death wasn't his fault, and she does have memories of him being a good father towards her.
  • The Garden of Sinners: Downplayed. Mikiya Kokutou is an All-Loving Hero who is able to bring out the best in people, including his love interest, Shiki Ryougi. So it really says something when, despite Mikiya being willing to protect him, Keita Minato earns Mikiya's disgust when he confesses to taking part in the gang-rape of Fujino Asagami.
  • Grenadier: Rushuna is a Technical Pacifist who whole-heartedly believes that any conflict can be solved with an honest smile. However, you know that a villain of the week has crossed the line when she says "I have no more smiles for you" — this usually means they'll get their ass handed to them before long.
  • i tell c is all about a woman who specifically loves all criminals, but even she has one exception: Hikaru Kagamino, who was The Man Behind the Man to her childhood kidnapping and who she absolutely hates.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji Itadori is typically a kind-hearted teenager who wishes to save people from Curses, and is sorrowful when fighting several Curses as well, and tolerating Sukuna despite all his tauntings. Mahito, on the other hand, inspires pure hatred from Yuji due to coldly manipulating Junpei, murdering his mother and then him, and then laughing about the entire incident, which forms the crux of their enmity, which Mahito intentionally worsens by killing Nanami and gravely injuring Nobara. Eventually, Yuji manages to brutalize Mahito after humiliating him, and would have killed him if not for Geto's intervention... which is no better news for the Disaster Curse.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: The titular protagonist's dream is to have a hundred friends, and she's nothing but a sweetheart once she manages to open up. However, out of all the people Komi has befriended, Yamai Ren is the only one she doesn't really like, due to her kidnapping Tadano early on. She merely tolerates her presence since then due to Yamai lessening her Yandere tendencies.
  • Medaka Box: Medaka is an All-Loving Hero who always tries to help everyone she meets improve themself, and convince them to change their ways if they are evil, but Kumagawa is the one person whom even she realizes she cannot change. She had tried to convince him of the error of his ways back in middle school, when Kumagawa was the most tyrannical student council president ever, but eventually saw it was useless once Kumagawa seemingly murdered another student, which brought Medaka into such a rage that she actually fought him physically, holding nothing back and entering her War God Mode for the first time ever. When Kumagawa comes back in the present, Medaka is eventually able to have him do a Heel–Face Turn, but only after taking a direct hit from his own power that allowed her to see from his perspective. Even then, Kumagawa is still a jerk and nobody likes him.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • All Might's strength is only rivaled by his kindness, and he rarely uses excessive force in his fights. But his Arch-Enemy, All For One, is so utterly vile that All Might smashed the upper half of his head to paste in the duel that crippled both of them. The fact that it didn't kill him, and he later demonstrates how he's the most monstrous being in the series by a country mile, showcases that this level of shocking brutality was not only warranted, it wasn't enough.
    • Overhaul, the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, is so vile that the chipper Mirio Togata and the compassionate Izuku Midoriya want nothing but to beat him to a pulp when they realize he's abusing a little girl for his own gain.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Negi Springfield tries to see the best in everyone, even the likes of Evangeline, who repeatedly asserts that she is an unforgivable villain. He even manages to look past the demon that petrified his home town. However, when it comes to Fate Averruncus, Negi repeatedly gets angry even at the smallest things like arguments over coffee vs. tea. His Superpowered Evil Side even kicks in after Fate erases Jack Rakan. However... Negi comes to realize that he doesn't actually hate Fate and wants to befriend him, which he eventually does.
  • One Piece:
    • The Celestial Dragons are so vicious that mermaids, a group known for their kindness and cheer, will gladly let one be killed under their watch as long as no one else suffers, and they're the only group Luffy himself has stated to unequivocally hate with a passion.
    • There aren't many bad guys that Luffy outright despises, but Sakazuki and Blackbeard are the biggest exceptions due to being the causes of Ace's death.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: Tamaki's Evil Matriarch grandmother, Shizue Suoh, is apparently so blatantly unpleasant and cold that Honey Haninozuka, an ultra-friendly Keet and ball of cheer, immediately marks his hatred of her the moment she's introduced.
  • The Red Ranger Becomes an Adventurer in Another World: The protagonist Kizuna Red is downright obsessed with friendship and forming bonds. But the prospect of needing to work together with Professor Uragiris (the traitor who joined the alien invaders and subjected his friend to Unwilling Roboticisation) utterly disgusts him, despite learning that the latter made a Heel–Face Turn after being isekai'd to the same fantasy world as Red.
  • Sonic X: While 'hatred' may be an exaggeration, the anime (and some Sonic the Hedgehog games of its time) tended to punctuate Knuckles' bad attitude and Butt-Monkey status by having even Cream, the almost infallibly polite Nice Girl of the team, take fondness in insulting or manipulating him. In at least one episode, in response to Knuckles not helping willingly, Cream nonchalantly helps steal his Master Emerald to use as a power source and actually leads a group No-Holds-Barred Beatdown onto him when he complains too much about it. For any other character, even a bad guy, Cream has been shown to be horrified by similar coldness.
  • Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: Iruma Suzuki is a major case of an All-Loving Hero who always tries his best to see the good in people, and even performing morally reprehensible actions like attempted murder will normally only make him disappointed. Yet his Extreme Doormat Nice Guy personality has two exceptions: his absurdly neglectful and manipulative Abusive Parents, the source of his self-esteem issues and trauma. To put it in perspective, his parents sold him to a demon for cash and he was made to live in a society where revealing he is human risks him being eaten, and he views it as a massive improvement over living with his parents.

    Comic Books 
  • The Avengers: Captain America may be an All-Loving Hero, but if there is one person he cannot stand, it's Henry Peter Gyrich, the king of Obstructive Bureaucrats in the Marvel Universe. Cap, who is willing to give almost anyone a second chance, is notably short-tempered just having to be in the same room as him. Gyrich doesn't make it any easier on anyone by being smug and snide even on his better days.
  • Beasts of Burden: Downplayed. In "Grave Happenings", Pugsley voices his disdain and suspicion for former enemy Dymphna. The others think he's being too hard on her, but Pugsley retorts:
    Pugsley: Oh, please! I don't see the rest of you cozyin' up to her. Even Miranda don't like her, an' she likes everyone.
  • Judge Dredd. While Dredd doesn't LIKE anyone, he is also tough-but-fair personified. To him, every citizen and visitor of Mega-City One deserves equal protection under the Law... except for Kleggs. The members of this alien race are universally fucking despised by Dredd, and even when Sensitive Klegg, a member of his race who is a law-abiding pacifist, actually saved Dredd and earned citizenship into Mega-City One, Dredd still doesn't like him.
  • Runaways: Karolina Dean is one of the most patient and tolerant teen superheroes you're likely to meet, but she really, really hates child abusers.
  • In Second Coming, Jesus is an All-Loving Hero that has genuine sympathy even towards the worst of mankind, always espousing the values of peace and kindness and turning the other cheek. But even he draws the line at Satan, whom he despises and wants nothing to do with.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
    • By the closing points of the pre-reboot series, Sonic had become laid back enough to make peace with a lot of his past grudges and even re-evaluate ones against homicidal murderers like Eggman during their most pitiful light. However, he had grown to violently hate Silver for pointing fingers at his Freedom Fighter comrades. While this was galvanized a lot by the distress of several of them being collateral damage to the war at the time, even later on, when Silver repented and had gained forgiveness from other factions such as the Secret Freedom Fighters, Sonic very aggressively rejected any apologies from him prior to some heavy convincing from Tails. Questioning his friends' heroism was a very big Berserk Button to ease over.
    • When facing Eggman following the Genesis arc, shortly after Eggman's temporary descent into madness, Sonic begins the usual cocky banter until Eggman reveals his ultimate scheme: to roboticize the entire planet, which would have the effect of detonating all robotic life (and anyone close by). An immediately horrified Sonic and Sally question this, since Eggman would destroy his own forces, which he shrugs off apathetically ("you can't make an omelette without breaking a few Dark Egg Legionnaires"). Sonic, who previously felt sympathy for Eggman following his Villainous Breakdown, is left blinded by rage and disgust, stating outright he regrets feeling sorry for Eggman or showing him any mercy at all.
      Sonic: [charges for Eggman] I never should've showed you a shred of mercy, you sick-!
      [Metal Sonic knocks Sonic away just inches short of Eggman]
      Eggman: Ah-ah-ah! Language, rodent.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW): Even after having his sense of forgiveness tested greatly throughout the comics' run, Sonic maintains some degree of moral code against even his most despised enemies. Doctor Starline, however, having remorselessly restored Eggman and caused the chain reaction that started the Metal Virus plague, is vocally and utterly exempt to any sympathy from Sonic, with him even coldly shrugging off both of Starline's apparent demises (the second one real). To punctuate this, even Tails and Belle, who hate Starline equally and have a more grounded All-Loving Hero code, couldn't help feeling a bit of pity for him upon his death.
  • Superman's most famous enemy is Lex Luthor, but the two at least have a grudging respect for each other and ally on occasion. In contrast, there are some that end up earning Superman's hatred in full.
    • Firstly, Superman hates Darkseid, the brutal tyrant of Apokalips and a would-be Omnicidal Maniac, and over the course of their early history has tried to kill him several times. And if it weren't a comic book, he would have succeeded.
    • In his own Rogues Gallery Superman hates Brainiac the most because, in addition to letting his place of birth get destroyed and terrorizing his cousin, he also caused the death of Superman's adopted father because he was being sore and petty about being bested by the Man of Steel. Superman even had a dream about violently and remorselessly killing a terrified Brainiac in a prison cell. Tellingly, Superman has joined forces with Lex and Zod on a few occasions against a mutual threat but has never done so with Brainiac.
    • Superman also despises Domestic Abusers as they are a twisted perversion to the loving household he lived in and sees them as among the worst criminals he has to deal with. In Grounded, Supes was outright furious when confronting Vincent, an abusive husband and parent who had just slapped his wife and thrown his son in a basement for extremely petty reasons. While he did take Vincent to the police to be charged, Supes does admit to Lois Lane that he would have ripped Vincent apart if it weren't for his strong moral convictions.
  • In Transformers: Shattered Glass, Swoop is an All-Loving Villain who just wants to be everyone's friend. The only exception to this is Star Saber, who he views as whiny and useless.

    Fan Works 
  • BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant: Ruby Rose is as much of a cheerful, kind, and optimistic All-Loving Hero as she was in her home series, but even she has people she just can't stand:
    • While it's downplayed in that Ruby doesn't outright hate Rachel Alucard, she's shown to find her very annoying because of her condescending attitude, outright wanting to leave her castle just a few minutes after meeting her.
    • After he reveals himself to her, Ruby has nothing but hatred for Terumi due to him manipulating things to make Ragna turn into the Black Beast, resulting in the destruction of Vale, alongside him claiming that he killed her mother.
  • Daily Equestria Life with Monster Girl: Fluttershy is (as per canon) the Bearer of Kindness itself. She is capable of befriending and offering forgiveness even to those ponies who have personally hurt or betrayed her. But she hates Cerea for being a centaur, and takes every opportunity to sling verbal vitriol at her.
  • The Dark Lords Ascendant: A Corrupt Corporate Executive spends the story resorting to everything from False Flag Operations to Human Sacrifices intended to unleash an ancient Eldritch Abomination all in an effort to secure Sailor Moon's power for himself. By the end of it, he has proven himself so despicable, Princess Serenity doesn't even give him one final chance for redemption; she just incinerates him mid-rant.
  • The Infinite Loops: Quite literally no one in The Multiverse likes Dolores Umbridge, even the nicest heroes such as Twilight Sparkle and Phineas and Ferb. The reasons for this all boil down to her being a Holier Than Thou Hypocrite who will punish anyone for just about anything they do, whether it's actually worth a punishment or not.
    • Ritsuka Fujimaru is noted to be capable of befriending and being unconditionally caring towards practically everyone, villians included... with the sole exception of Faerie England.
      Ritsuka: The Fae of Britain are horrible, awful existences that I frankly, could not care how horribly someone wants to kill them. I have watched DIO string them up by their entrails and stab them full of knives. I have seen the Doomslayer go on a one man rampage and slaughter every fae in his path until Morgan tossed him into the ocean. Alucard took great pleasure in coming up with individual tortures for every last one he could get his hands on, and I even helped participate in some of them, and then he held a zombie apocalypse war against the final foe of the Lostbelt. There is a long, long list of horrible, horrible things I have watched happen to the fae. They deserve every second of it.
  • Infinity Train: Boiling Point: Luz retains her canon status as an All-Loving Heroine here, being willing to not only give Skara a chance despite her reputation, but extending that to Boscha despite how much everyone hates her. Even so, The Reveal regarding how Odalia forced Alador to rape Persephone, Skara's mother, and his passivity and silence about the incident for the next decade and a half leaves her feeling nothing but contempt for the Blight parents, especially Odalia.


The Hunger Games

  • Cheating Death: Those That Lived: the all-loving Victor of District Seven, Fir Fizz, saw Dirty Coward Logger Barlow torturing his 12-year-old partner to death in order to have the career pack spare him. She is so disgusted by this that she sponsors him a note saying, "You're on your own now. I have no words. Shame on you", indicating he would not receive any help.

Miraculous Ladybug

My Hero Academia

  • One for All and Eight for the Ninth:
    • Izuku is Nice Guy incarnate, and willing to help even Tomura Shigaraki (who has attempted to kill him at least twice) to walk away from a life of crime. But people like Overhaul or Muscular, who are willing to hurt children for little to no reason, earn his utter disgust and hatred.
    • Marcus Cuvier VII, the Cool Old Guy in charge of the Kuraudo Island reserve, is gentle, fun, and a nice man altogether, capable of connecting with the students despite the age difference. His cousin Dawson, however, is the greatest target of his hatred, to the point that the only reason he doesn't call him "son of a bitch" is because he doesn't want to insult Dawson's mother.


  • Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox: Hinata is one of the nicest characters, if not the nicest character, in the whole story, not unlike her canon counterpart, and it takes a lot to get her even mildly aggravated. However, there is one person she openly and resolutely despises without apology—Matsuri, of the LOVE syndicate's Council of the Dawn. This is because Matsuri masterminded Yagura's attack on the Hyuga mansion (which left several of their servants dead, Neji injured and Hanabi traumatized), then personally attacked and tried to kill the Hyugas in their room at the Samsara Hotel (which left both Hinata and Hiashi injured and Hanabi even further traumatized), and then took part in a second siege on their mansion during which Matsuri spitefully destroyed the portrait of Hinata's late mother, all out of a sense of homicidal jealousy and envy. Even Kira, who Hinata publicly denounced and slapped for outing Naruto and Yugito as members of the Kyuushingai, hasn't gotten quite the same level of contempt from Hinata as Matsuri has.

The Octonauts


  • Pokémon XD Enigma Shadow Series: Nando, who is usually sweet, kind and understanding, gets pissed at Paul for mistreating his Magnezone and calling it weak and useless in the middle of a battle.
  • Zorua Trainer: In a surprising twist, Ash has a few people he despises. Damien for one, given how he abandoned his Charmander to die (and that he nearly exposed Ash as a Zorua by accident through getting physical doesn't help either). The other big example is Sabrina, given how she kidnapped Ash's friends and team after she beat him in a conventional battle. Even after beating the snot out of Sabrina and her Kadabra, and learning about her Dark and Troubled Past; Ash still admits that he hates her and probably won't forgive her for a long time.


  • Arc Royale has Grimm, the version of Jaune from White Sheep. He's the kindest of the iterations that have been summoned, abhorring violence and much preferring to talk things out, just like in his home story. Even so, when the topic of Raven Branwen comes up in a conversation, he shows clear disgust and admits he would have few issues killing her; the unspoken reason being that he's in a relationship with the Yang of his universe, and so resents Raven for being an absent mother to the woman he loves.
  • War of Remnant: A RWBY Anthology — Volume 4: Velvet is one of the sweetest and kindest people in the entire series. She never has a bad word to say about anyone and will do her best to be kind to others. All except the abusive mother of Ink Spot, Miranda. After learning that she sexually abused him ever since he was five and mothered seven more sons to replace him after he left, Velvet can't help but feel disgusted by her. Miranda's senseless murderous rampages do nothing to quell the hatred. She is the only person to drive Velvet into a genuine murderous rage and she doesn't hesitate to brutally disembowel her when she gets the chance. Not even her boss, Jax Asturias, can produce this level of hatred from her. Even as Ax-Crazy and megalomaniacal as he is.

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 

  • Discworld: Captain Carrot, during Feet of Clay, encounters one of the guilty parties in a conspiracy to kill the Patrician, and notes he's also responsible for the accidental deaths of two other people as a result. When the man asks if they were "important", Carrot — who knows the names of everyone in Ankh-Morpork and can get vicious street gangs to behave — calmly states he was almost feeling sorry for the man, and if Vimes had been there...
    Carrot: You're a very lucky man.
    Mr. Carry: I am?
    Carrot: Oh, yes. We got to you before Commander Vimes did.
  • In the Frozen Tie-In Novel The Secret Admirer: "Olaf liked everyone and everything but even Olaf did not like Hans of the Southern Isles."
  • In the Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is hardly ever harsh towards anyone, with his enmity towards Voldemort and the Death-Eaters expressed largely in terms of mild sarcasm. We only see true anger and disgust on two occasions — in Goblet of Fire, he shows harshness toward patricidal Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr., and in Deathly Hallows, he shows contempt in a flashback for the turncoat Severus Snape.
  • Have Space Suit – Will Travel: An alien called the Mother Thing is consistently depicted as being loving and friendly. The aliens called Wormfaces are extremely evil by human standards, including kidnapping and eating human beings. When the Wormfaces face judgement before an intergalactic court of justice, the Mother Thing must recuse herself from speaking during their trial because she dislikes them so much.
  • In one of James Herriot's books, he starts a chapter with the words "What horrible little dogs" and proceeds to note that he usually finds positive qualities in every canine patient, but for two Spoiled Brat terriers named Ruffles and Muffles, an exception must be made.
  • Nona the Ninth: Nona, who relentlessly loves even people who shoot her in the head with intent to kill, immediately dislikes Kiriona for her abrasiveness and hostility. However, she picks up that Kiriona has a crushing case of Sour Outside, Sad Inside.
  • Oathbringer: Dalinar Kholin has been undergoing some serious Character Development as of late and even tried to cooperate with his archnemesis Torol Sadeas up until his unexpected murder despite the wrongs Sadeas had inflicted on him. He absolutely despises Meridas Amaram once he discovers everything Amaram had done to Kaladin Stormblessed, one of Dalinar's most trusted men. This, however, does not stop him from treating him like just any other subordinate.
  • In Princess Wennie, Smirinka lives by the Turn the Other Cheek principle and easily forgives everyone who bullies and offends her throughout the book. However, she has nothing but hatred and contempt for Tragimor, the story's main villain, who locks away souls in a supernatural world by forcing their owners to cross the Moral Event Horizon.
  • Keladry of Mindelan from Protector of the Small may not like everyone, but she has ironclad principles that she extends to even the worst people, showing utmost restraint and acting with honor no matter how they've wronged her. That is, until she meets the Big Bad of her quartet, Blayce the Gallan, who has been grooming and killing young children to power his machines, simply because he gets off on it. Kel, who has been dutifully burning enemy corpses up to this point, leaves him and his men for the Stormwings to desecrate.
  • The Screwtape Letters: Discussed. Screwtape notes that if the Patient loves everyone and only hates the universally hated Nazi leaders, it won't be much of a threat to his salvation, especially since he isn't likely to meet Hitler in person and just projects the hatred onto an abstract concept from the newspapers.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Babylon 5: Ambassador Londo Mollari's attaché Vir Cotto is the Token Good Teammate of the Centauri and one of the kindest characters in general, but he has two moments.
    • The first is when he is sent by Londo to meet Mr. Morden. Morden is a servant to the Shadows, an ancient and powerful race, known for asking people a simple question, "What do you want?" and if the Shadows find the drive for that want sufficient, like with Londo, Morden uses their power to help the person achieve it, corrupting them and those around them. At the meeting, Morden tries the same question on Vir. Vir tells him to his face that he hopes that Morden'll be executed as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come at too high a price and that he'd love to wave to his head on a pike (and when his hopes come true much later, he does).
    • The second is when Vir personally meets Cartagia, the sadistic and homicidally insane Centauri Emperor. Before this unexpected meeting, Vir is trying to persuade his boss, friend and mentor Londo that assassinating Cartagia is going too far and there must be a more peaceful alternative. However, Vir and Londo meet Cartagia in a royal garden as he is coming back from torturing G'Kar, who refuses to scream in pain. The Emperor bemoans that their best "pain technicians"note  couldn't make the Narn man give a sound. Cartagia himself got his hands involved and they are now covered in G'Kar's blood. Emperor Cartagia notes to Londo that if G'Kar doesn't scream soon, he'll have him killed. After washing his hands in a bowl carried by a servant and drying them on a towel, Cartagia pours the bloody water on a plant, smiling and saying it will help the plant grow. Once the Emperor and his entourage depart, Vir unhesitatingly agrees with Londo that Cartagia needs to be assassinated.
      • Vir is ultimately the one to lethally inject Cartagia himself, and it's deliberate, though only because Londo isn't able to do it after getting into an altercation with Cartagia and dropping the syringe. Vir feels guilty about it afterwards.
  • Doctor Who: The various incarnations of the Doctor all tend to assume enemies can be reasoned with, sometimes to Admiring the Abomination levels, but he makes a notable exception for the Daleks after the Time War. When the Doctor first meets a damaged, imprisoned Dalek after the Time War in the episode "Dalek", his reaction is to attempt to torture it to death. He tones this down somewhat after Rose gives him a What the Hell, Hero?, but still regards the Daleks as deadly enemies to be destroyed (which almost all of them are, being created to hate and exterminate all non-Dalek life). His infuriation with Daleks pretending to be nice and helpful servants to humans in "Victory of the Daleks" leads to him accidentally giving them access to the Dalek Progenitor by shouting "I am the Doctor and you are the Daleks!" (just as they hoped he would), handing them the titular victory, and in "Into the Dalek" Clara slaps him when she recognizes that part of him is actually happy the "good" Dalek they're dealing with seemingly was Evil All Along (it wasn't).
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: In "Friends", Warren the Eagle is so unpleasant that it only took a few minutes with him Yellow Guy's Brain Friends, a group of beings made of pure positive feelings, to begin to hate him, and one of them even slit his own throat with a shard of broken glass to avoid having to listen to his "business ideas".
  • Downton Abbey: Sybil is the nicest Crawley around (and one of the nicest characters overall), extremely sympathetic towards the lower classes, and even one of the show's antagonists Thomas Barrow breaks down weeping when she dies and says how kind she was to him. However, what does Sybil have to say about her mother's scheming maid O'Brien? "Odious woman".
  • The Flash (2014): As the Paragon of Love for the entire multiverse, Barry Allen takes being an All-Loving Hero to its logical extreme. However, he still reserves a special hatred for his Arch-Enemy Eobard Thawne, who travelled back in time and killed Barry's mother when he was a child. Any chance Barry would ever be willing to forgive Thawne for his many crimes was destroyed in Season 5 when Thawne engineered a sequence of events that led to Barry's future daughter, Nora, being erased from existence, just to save his own life.
  • The Good Place: While Simone is not a main character, she dates Chidi for the first half of Season 3, becoming a recurring character during that time as well as during the start of Season 4. Despite her habit of making snap judgments about people, she is a generally nice person... Then she meets Brent in Season 4 when both of them are part of an experimental "Good Place" neighborhood meant to test whether deceased humans can improve themselves, a person who (in Eleanor's words) "Confirms the accuracy of [Simone's] snap judgments". Brent is a racist, sexist, middle-aged upper-class white man who never had a hard day's work in his life and everyone but him can see clearly doesn't belong in the Good Place, while Simone is a much younger black woman and accomplished neurologist. The friction between them is so intense that it almost derails the experiment.
  • Hannibal: Peter Bernadone is a shy, kind-hearted manchild who quickly distinguishes himself as a Friend to All Living Things and avoids confronting anyone at all costs. However, the activities of psychopathic social worker Clark Ingram prove to be one of the few things that can drive him to an act of violence: after witnessing him murdering sixteen women and then finding that Ingram has killed a horse at the local stables for little more than sick head games, Peter turns on Ingram and sews him into the dead horse's womb just so he can have A Taste Of His Own Medicine.
    Peter: ...I think I hate him...
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Go-Jaraji-Da in Kamen Rider Kuuga, a Gurongi who went out of his way to target schoolchildren, was depraved enough to provoke the previously-All-Loving Hero Yusuke into giving him a vicious No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
    • Kamen Rider Wizard: Haruto is willing to do whatever it takes to save others and get them to hold onto their hope so they won't become Phantoms, but the one human he has decidedly no sympathy for it's Sora Takigawa for how self-centered and incapable of empathy he is. He even outright admits to not viewing him as a human and tells him to his face he forfeited it by being an utter psychopath.
    • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: Emu Hojo is a empathic doctor who takes his job seriously to the point where he goes out of his way to try and save villains like Kuroto Dan and Parado, but even he despises Masamune Dan for how much of a sociopath he is (being more than even Kuroto) and questions whether he has a soul or not.
    • Kamen Rider Build: Sento Kiryu is also a very all-loving hero who was even willing to forgive his previous Arch-Enemy, Gentoku Himuro, and help him defect, but if there's one figure he absolutely reviles it's Evolto. And for good reason too, given all the destruction he's caused and how he's gone out of his way to torment Sento and the gang for the fun of it. Only his brother Killbus was capable of being worse, resulting in an Enemy Mine where Evolto only pretends to double-cross the heroes as part of a short Batman Gambit to finally bring him down, and ultimately wasn't interested in doing it for real afterwards.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: In "Red Zone Cuba", Dr. Clayton Forrester gets severely beaten by mobsters and spend the rest of the episode on the verge of death. As he's hospitalized, several well-known pacifists send their regards. Leo "Dr. Love" Buscaglia writes a note to say he hopes Dr. Forrester burns in Hell, Jimmy Carter phones and excitedly asks if he's dead yet, and Mother Theresa sends a wreath of wilted flowers with a banner reading "HOPE YOU DIE".
  • Riverdale: Whilst his encounter with the Black Hood forever damaged his status as an All-Loving Hero, Archie Andrews nevertheless remains a decent, compassionate individual who tries to be friendly even towards those who are jerkish or corrupt (generally only getting cooler in proportion to their actions). Nick St Claire's sheer egotistic smarminess and transparent classism was so extreme that he is the only person Archie was genuinely hostile towards from pretty much their first encounter. This only grows worse as he learns more about how depraved Nick really is.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: Kirk protects refugees and famously refuses to consider any casualty acceptable. He has even impressed multiple Sufficiently Advanced Alien species with his capacity for mercy and civility. However, he's much more of a Deadpan Snarker around Mudd and Baris, and the Klingons were an Arch-Enemy even before Kruge killed his son (not that previous Klingons hadn't nearly killed people he loved before).
  • Superstore: In "Sandra's Fight," everybody in the store resents Garrett for accidentally losing Dina's birds and then lying about it and having Sex for Solace with her, including Glenn, who usually has good faith in everybody. It doesn't help that Glenn is already averse to knowing his coworkers' sex lives. Glenn does ease up on Garrett when Garrett claims he performs anonymous good deeds, however.
  • Ultraman Cosmos: Though Cosmos and Musashi are both pacifists who don't really harbor hatred, even towards most of their enemies. Not so much with the Alien Nowars, whose enslavement and transformation of Kaiju into cyborgs against their will makes any sympathy either could have towards them go away. In fact, Nowar's last appearance in Episode 53 has Cosmos kill the last invading force without hesitation once their actions cause the death of the Baby Arados he was trying to protect from them. Later on, in Ultraman Saga, Alien Bat proves despicable and cruel enough that Cosmos and Musashi forego any diplomacy and doubtlessly help the other Ultras kill Alien Bat once and for all.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: The normally cheerful and childlike Kimmy has nothing but utter contempt towards Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, for kidnapping her and locking her in a bunker for 15 years. She initially didn't want to go to his trial because she wanted to dissociate herself from him, only relenting when it started to go in his favor. In the interactive movie, there are three situations where she straight up murders him (leading to a Downer Ending).

    Pro Wrestling 
  • CM Punk took this role during his time as a heel in WWE, especially during his Straight Edge Society time, when he tortured the All-Loving Hero Rey Mysterio by threatening and humiliating his family during their feud, being genuinely hated by Mysterio and becoming one of his few nemeses in his time in WWE.
    • Ditto for Seth Rollins, who not only treated the Mysterio family with equal disdain and malice, but also rather infamously put out Rey's eye.

  • Cabin Pressure: Arthur is a Kindhearted Simpleton who loves and is kind to everyone, and regards everything and everybody as "brilliant." However, not even he can defend his father, though he tries. However, he chokes on the word "brilliant" when describing him, and can only muster up a weak "He's alright" when pressed. Martin immediately concludes that he must be truly awful. And he is.
  • Old Harry's Game:
    • The Professor usually goes to great lengths to find the good in everyone and everything, but he still holds a massive grudge against his former colleague Dicky Freestone for stealing his research.
    • Played for Laughs in one episode, where the Buddha makes a brief appearance. For unexplained reasons, Buddha apparently hates Richard Nixon, to the point that he considers the desire to hurt Nixon as the one exception to his general belief that all desires are evil.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • Baten Kaitos: Sagi is a powerful swordsman and spiriter who's willing to forgive and show mercy for just about anything, and spends most of the game on a mission of peace. He also loves his mother, the angelic matron of his homeland's orphanage; he enrolled in the military of Alfard prior to the start of the game just so he could kill the Emperor for conscripting so many people in his homeland and forcing so much work on her. Throughout the game, while he fights passionately against his enemies, his hatred only belongs to people who hurt his mother.
  • Bug Fables:
    • Kabbu, who is normally the Ideal Hero that's always willing to help everybody for the sake of it and is a Nice Guy in general, loses it when Mothiva and her henchman Zasp attempt to upstage Team Snakemouth in the Termite Colosseum in hopes of supplanting them as the team that would defeat the Wasp King and gain all the fame; he even goes on to call them out on their stupidity and points out that their plan is very poorly thought out and would doom all of Bugaria if they succeed. Plus, when Mothiva brushes off his concerns as him "overthinking it", he reminds her that they saved her life before and even outright calls her a witch. He doesn't even hesitate to gloat his victory in their faces once Team Snakemouth wins the ensuing battle. Despite everything, this is more of a Downplayed trope, as even in the ending, Kabbu holds no ill will and says that they were instrumental towards the defeat of the Wasp King.
    • A straighter example of this would be The Beast, as it has the honor of being one of the few enemies in the game that Kabbu forgoes his Reluctant Warrior nature towards, and is dead set on finding and killing it. This attitude comes from the fact that the creature killed his mentor and friend.
  • Dragalia Lost:
    • Euden does what he can to see the best in everyone, including his Jerkass brother Emile. He has invited a lot of people to the Halidom regardless of their quirks, moral code, or past. However, following the events of Chapter 15, Euden finds himself unable to forgive Nedrick for his actions of murdering innocents, kidnapping Zethia, and revealing Euden to not be royal blood solely to break him. The end of the chapter involves the rest of the main cast having to calm Euden down to keep him from hunting Nedrick in vengeance. Subverted come Chapter 21, where Euden becomes sympathetic with Nedrick when he learns his past.
    • In a similar vein, the prankster Luca is the second most idealistic of the cast, is willing to gather volunteers of every race to build a single village together out of a desire for harmony, and helps Euden with his more questionable recruits and actions, the above-spoilered incident notwithstanding. He's even willing to provide medical supplies to Dyrenell soldiers he just fought to try to end the conflict on amicable terms, understanding that the rank and file are mostly punch-clock villains. The sole exception to all of this is Kai Yan, whose first encounter with Luca is after slaughtering everyone in the village the latter helped build and recalling it like an afternoon stroll; after that encounter, Luca wants little more with Kai Yan than to break every bone in his body, as many times as it takes, to get him to stop his wanton faux-Darwinian slaughter. Emile is given very low regard by Luca (and just about everyone else on the planet), but Luca never wanted to hurt him, which only helps accentuate how much of a monster Kai Yan is in comparison.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: Cole is a Spirit of Compassion in human form, and often gives surprising insights into seemingly vile characters' motivations that make them more relatable or at least understandable. However, when asked for such insight regarding Magister Erimond, he just outright states that Erimond is "an arsehole".
  • Fatal Fury protagonist Terry Bogard is known as a friendly, fun loving hero who treats even anti heroes and outright villains with the same jovial nature he shows his friends. The sole exception is Geese Howard, the power hungry crime boss who murdered his adoptive father. Even still, this did not stop Terry from trying (and failing) to save Geese's life... though his main motive there was to avoid rendering Geese's son Rock an orphan.
  • Fate/Grand Order:
    • Mash/Galahad is extremely tolerant toward everyone, can live with and be friendly toward villains who have tried to kill her before, even Mordred... but she cannot spend more than a minute in the presence of Galahad's father Lancelot without starting to angrily yell at him.
    • Beryl Gut is an even bigger example as while Mash only really dislikes Lancelot thanks to Galahad's influence, Mash dislikes Beryl due to actions he committed against her personally which includes coming into her room, and breaking all of her fingers out of a sick desire to see emotions from her. To put that into perspective, Mash always showed hesitation or regret at the thought of fighting any of the Crypters, yet not once does she show any hesitation or signs of regret confronting Beryl.
  • Aerith in Final Fantasy VII is a sweet and Nice Girl who sees the good in everyone, including Cloud; but even she hates Professor Hojo, not only due to experimenting on her and her mother when she's young, but he also indirectly caused the latter's death before dissecting her remains for experimentation and then gloating it to her daughter.
    Aerith: I hate that man. I really do.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach:
    • From the moment he first speaks, it's clear Glamrock Freddy is an incredibly Nice Guy. He usually tries to convince Gregory that the other band animatronics are better than current circumstances make them look, and he's polite and non-aggressive towards Vanessa, despite her grumpiness. However, even he doesn't like the Daycare Attendant.
    • Cassie in the Ruin DLC adores the animatronics (even the Daycare Attendant) and is sympathetic toward their various predicaments and their rundown states. However, she has no love at all for Montgomery Gator: finding a Monty plushie has her say that it's 'hard to look at' and when she puts on the V.A.N.N.I. mask, vending machines with Monty on them get replaced with Roxy. This is possibly justified: Monty replaced Glamrock Bonnie in the band, who had been her father's favorite animatronic, so in her eyes he's an In-Universe Replacement Scrappy. What's more, it's strongly implied that Monty had murdered Bonnie in order to steal his spot in the band (via the suggestion that Monty's claws used to be Bonnie's, and finding huge gouge marks in Bonnie's chest when Cassie finds the broken animatronic), although it's unclear if Cassie knows that.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Sora is famous for his selfless and laid-back nature, and has hundreds of allies across countless Disney (and Nintendo) franchises. He has nothing but sheer hatred for a handful of villains, such as Maleficent (for countless mass murders, kidnapping, and turning Riku against him), Shan Yu (for destroying an entire village), Hector Barbossa (for leaving him tied up inside a gunpowder-rigged ship), Clu (for reprogramming Tron and forcing the two into battle), Prince Hans (Hate at First Sight because he detected great darkness within him) and Master Xehanort (long story).
  • Mary Skelter: Unless you count Ripper Jack, it's really hard to make Jack genuinely angry. Dude either likes or pities basically everybody (he's even empathetic towards the Jail), and this remains a fact even after becoming a Nightmare in Mary Skelter 2. Then Yuuto Gatou shows up and truly earns his honest-to-god ire just by being that much of a scumbag.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect 2: Dr. Gavin Archer tortured his autistic brother in the name of a scientific experiment. There is a Paragon option that allows Shepard to Pistol Whip Dr. Archer in the face and threatens to kill him if he ever harms his brother again. When they meet again in 3, even a Paragon Shepard won't bother to hide their total disgust with him.
    • Mass Effect 3: After the party defeats Kai Leng in a boss fight, a dying Leng will attempt to sneak up behind Shepard with his sword and stab them from behind. Shepard, sensing this beforehand, can react to this with a button prompt. Though slightly different, both prompts will end with Shepard giving the Bond One-Liner "That was for [character Leng murdered], you son-of-a-bitch!".
  • In The New Order Last Days Of Europe, a Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Valery Sablin is shown being courteous to other defeated warlords (even such a brute as Yagoda, who was OTL involved in brutal purges, is only submitted to the equivalent to community service), but executes the brutal Fascist genocidal Konstantin Rodzaevsky, saying it was to ensure peace returns to the Russian Far East.
  • Near the very end of Night in the Woods, the gang are walking away from having accidentally sealed a group of cultists in an abandoned mine when one of them attacked them. It occurs to them that they've more or less doomed them to death by starvation and dehydration, and aren't sure how to feel about that. Aside from the quiet, responsible Gentle Giant Angus, who says after everything they did ( i.e. multiple murders which they're completely unrepentant for, including of their missing friend Casey), he'd do it again and feels no remorse about saving Mae by dropping the lift the one who attacked her was in, tearing off his head and arm.
  • Octopath Traveler:
    • Ophilia Clement is such a sweetheart, but even she does not hesitate to use lethal force against two cultists who kidnap and attempt to murder the local bishop's young daughter. She also makes it her aim to stop and kill Mattias for taking advantage of her adoptive sister's grief at their father's death to manipulate her into helping him corrupt the Sacred Flame, by lying to her that he can resurrect their father.
    • Alfyn Greengrass is incredibly kind and compassionate, and makes it his aim to treat the sick no matter their background. However, his ideology backfires when he treats Miguel, a wanted criminal, only to be "repayed" with Miguel kidnapping and nearly killing an innocent boy after promising to reform. At this point, Alfyn decides that Miguel is Beyond Redemption and resorts to using lethal force to save the boy's life.
  • In The Outer Worlds Parvati Holcomb is easily the kindest character of the game, meaning that it takes a special type of person to earn her antipathy. Most notably is the seemingly good-natured Adelaide McDevitt, who quickly gets on her bad side by trying to bring up Parvati's deceased father to appeal to her as well as Chairman Rockwell, a corporate suit who treats everyone with sneering contempt.
  • Pathfinder: Kingmaker: Tristian, the party cleric, is a sweet-natured follower of Sarenrae (one of her angels under a Forced Transformation curse in fact), and in keeping with her philosophy of redeeming evil will almost always press the Player Character to spare the lives of defeated enemies. But even he will occasionally tell the PC to just deliver a Coup de Grâce if he believes them unrepentant and irredeemable.
  • Sly Cooper is a heroic, wisecracking Gentleman Thief who tries to be civil with everyone, even most of his foes. However, there are some exceptions.
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon: Shiela, Sgt Byrd, and Bentley are extremely friendly and calm natured creatures working to help Spyro save his herd's eggs. They also show absolutely zero restraint pummeling Moneybags for selling out to the Sorceress and charging for their freedom, however. It says something when Agent 9, the Heroic Comedic Sociopath of the freed captives, offers the least painful punishment for Moneybags.
  • Stellaris: Rogue Servitors are, for the most part, incredibly friendly to organics - albeit in a rather twisted way. Think "With Folded Hands" and you're close. They're also friendly to other AI Empires... with one major exception: they freak the hell out if they encounter Determined Exterminators.
    "What did you do to your creator, <<MURDERERS?>>"
  • Sword of Paladin: Sophie is normally limited to using her elemental spirit abilities for pure support, since she'd rather use her powers to help others than harm them. However, she makes an exception for Berienstahl, who had many of her family members killed and kidnapped her as a child. In the Wolfpack Boss fight in the Ginnungagap, Sophie is scripted to finish him off with Elemental Bursts, showing that she hates him enough to use her powers offensively. That said, she still apologizes to the spirits of Gaiastir for using them to kill.
  • Wandersong: Towards the end of the game, the Bard, player character and Friend to All Living Things, and Audrey, a Nominal Hero who wants to fulfill her quest (which will end the world) at all costs, both end up stuck with each other at the bottom of a ravine in Act 6. The bard openly considers leaving her behind, straight to her face. While they ultimately help her after making her promise not to end the world (a promise she soon breaks), they were quite seriously considering leaving her behind.
  • Just before you fight Alhazad for the final time in Wild ARMs, he reveals all of his atrocities were committed for his own amusement. Cecilia, who has become a lot more loving and compassionate over the course of the game, says this.
    I've never fought someone with hatred in my heart. You are now the exception Alhazad.
  • Kazuma Kiryu, the stone-faced albeit idealistic protagonist of the Yakuza series, usually holds a degree of respect even for each game's main antagonists. However, that is decidedly not the case with Tsuneo Iwami, the Psychopathic Manchild main villain of Yakuza 6: his mixture of insatiable ego, extreme cowardice, and willingness to throw even his most faithful underlings and his closest family under the bus makes him the only other villain outside of Kyohei Jingu to gain Kiryu's deepest antipathy. Even Keji Shibusawa was at a time where Kiryu was a little more hotheaded.
  • Yandere Simulator: If Senpai, the resident Nice Guy, catches Yandere-chan doing something terrible (i.e. killing someone), he will hate her, triggering an instant Game Over.

    Web Animation 
  • Minilife TV: Snowball is a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who wants to learn more about people, but he doesn't like Malifios for tempting him to join the side of evil.
  • Red vs. Blue: Caboose is a Kindhearted Simpleton who's friendly towards whomever he meets, even his enemies. The sole exception is the time-travelling villain of the Shisno arc, who manages to drive Caboose into an Unstoppable Rage when he possesses one of Caboose's friends. When the villainous AI Genkins possesses Caboose's late friend, Church, Caboose goes berserk with rage and mercilessly beats him until he leaves Church's body.
  • RWBY: Cinder Fall is the one villain who has driven two of the nicest characters in the show to drop their equanimity in favour of no mercy. Ruby Rose is the pure, optimistic hero that appeals to the best in everyone, and tries to understand, reason with, or reform her enemies. Jaune Arc is outgoing, cheerful, kind and even befriends both his Love Triangle rival and the girl who repeatedly rejected him; like Ruby, he tries to be reasonable even about his enemies. Neither of them have any tolerance, patience or sympathy for Cinder. Cinder destroyed their school, killed their headmaster, and murdered Jaune's Love Interest Pyrrha right in front of Ruby. Even when Ruby hasn't mastered her innate powers, they still instantly activate against Cinder; Cinder is also the only villain who can trigger the strategic, even-tempered Jaune into berserk, reckless fury.

  • The Great Wizard Transcendent: Mikhail is kind to everyone but every time he even thinks of Sigfried and how he failed to save the world, he went into a rage to the confusion of everyone around him.
  • Kaiten Mutenmaru: During the Pensieve Flashback to Sick's past, Mutenmaru fearfully equates the poverty-stricken rebels with inhuman monsters for being motivated by hate after one of them thrusts little Anne away in the belief that she's a spy for the aristocrats. Mutenmaru often expresses compassion for the actual monsters he fights, making his reaction to the humans stand out.

    Web Originals 
  • In Brig Scarlet Flamingo, Isabel Ernscott is one of the kindest and friendliest characters overall, tending to see good in everything and everyone. However, she utterly loathes Manipulative Bastard Simon Canter, one of the story's arc villains. After Canter makes the mistake of threatening to kill Isabel's daughter, she, together with her husband, begins plotting his downfall and death.
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-3764 is a sentient burlap sack that produces delicious loaves of bread that heal whoever eats them, along with personalized notes signed "a friend." When D-4561, a convicted child rapist and murderer, uses it, it gives him a charred loaf with a note reading "Sweet dreams. -Not your friend." Immediately afterwards, he falls into a 14-hour-long coma where he is tormented by gruesome nightmares, and this keeps happening every time he goes to sleep.

    Web Video 
  • Played for Laughs in Dragon Ball Z Abridged, where every villain is Easily Forgiven by Goku (heck, he doesn't even realize half of them are villains at all), except for harmless Starter Villain Pilaf, who he refers to as "that monster Pilaf" with his face momentarily flashing to rage.
    • A more serious example rears its head in the finale, where Gohan flat-out tells Cell that he hates fighting and hurting people and always has, but presently hates Cell far more and fully intends to kill him. And part of that was the Super Saiyan 2 talking, but part of it was definitely Gohan.

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Rocky is a friendly and cheerful dude. He mentions in "The Ape" that he likes everyone except for Miss Simian, who is cruel to her students (especially to Gumball), uncaring about her students' education and all-around mean-spirited.
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Gaia and Captain Planet are friendly, incredibly patient sorts (given that they are physically harmed by human carelessness quite regularly), but even they don't like Zarm. Given that Zarm is a sociopath who makes it his business to destroy them and everything they care about, odds are no one (except maybe those who like Rooting for the Empire) will blame them.
  • Casper from Casper's Scare School is usually friendly to everyone (including jerks like Thatch, Alder, and Dash). However, in the episode "Master Blister", even he agrees that the eponymous Master Blister is intolerable after he forces him to dig 10,000 holes in the athletics field for no reason.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Muriel is always kind to people she meets and invites them into her home. And she loves Eustace of all people despite his Jerkass personality. However, Eustace's mother is so much of a scumbag that even Muriel dislikes her and is quite vocal in her distaste.
  • The Dreamstone: Played for irony. The overly messianic heroes are perfectly convinced Zordrak's meek and unwilling minions, Frizz and Nug, are evil and conniving villains and punish them very harshly. This trope got dialed down in later episodes, likely due to the Kafka Komedy making it difficult for the heroes to look sympathetic.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Jimmy is an innocent child who believes in fairy tales, gets along with all the other neighborhood kids, loves sing-alongs, and happily attempts to get others to join hands in friendship. But he deeply hates the Eds (mainly Eddy), wishes they would disappear every birthday, and has even gone out of his way to make them suffer if they piss him off enough. It does come as no surprise that he would still be horrified by Eddy's brother's abusive treatment that he'd actually want Eddy to stop getting hurt for once.
    • Ed is a Kindhearted Simpleton who almost never gets angry and seems to love everyone and everything, including people who constantly abuse him, like Eddy, Sarah, and Kevin. He used to worship Eddy's brother and was initially happy to meet him... until he realizes that he was brutally bullying Eddy For the Evulz: we see Ed's face changing from happy to angry and disgusted, then he removes a bolt from the door, causing the door to smack into Eddy's brother's face. This may be the first time Ed intentionally hurts someone.
    • Nazz is the nicest of the kids, and usually acts polite and friendly to everyone, including the Eds (though there are times when even Nazz expresses distaste for them). However, Eddy's brother is such an abusive Jerkass that even Nazz comes to hate him.
  • Felix the Cat: Felix is an altruist who's always willing to help out other people, even the Professor. Master Cylinder, on the other hand, is the one person he hates, and not without reason; he's nearly destroyed the world and is always out to get Felix, unlike the Professor, who has a fluctuating relationship with him and has trusted him a few times.
  • The Ghost And Molly Mcgee: Molly is friendly towards just about everyone she knows, but a handful of episodes show she still has a bit of a grudge against Andrea Davenport for the events of "First Day Frights", from mockingly exaggerating her pronunciation of "AHN-dree-ah" to deliberately getting Scratch to frighten her. "All Systems No" reveals she also isn't fond of stage magicians, perceiving them as cruel con artists.
  • Hey Arnold!: After all of the humiliation that Iggy put Arnold through in "Arnold Betrays Iggy", Arnold ended their friendship and subsequent episodes show that it stuck.
  • Justice League: In "Twilight", Darkseid asks the League to help defend him against Brainiac; Superman is perfectly willing to sit back and let Darkseid be destroyed partly out of animosity toward Darkseid and partly because he correctly suspects a trick. Later in the episode, Superman engages Darkseid in a fight to the death that would have killed them both if Batman hadn't pulled him away. Though to be fair, this is after Darkseid brainwashed Superman to enforce his will in Superman: The Animated Series.
  • Kaeloo: Nobody likes Pretty due to her Alpha Bitch attitude, not even Kaeloo, the Friend to All Living Things. At the end of Episode 118, Kaeloo comes to accept that Pretty can't be changed for the better.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • Bugs Bunny said he loves everybody a few times, like in Horse Hare. However, at the end of Devil May Hare, this is his opinion about the newlywed Tasmanian Devil and his wife:
      Bugs: All the world loves a lover. But in this case, we'll make an exception.
    • Spaced Out Bunny starts with Bugs walking around and complaining about why people hate each other, while he loves everybody. To demonstrate, he tells everyone "Hello". However, when a butterfly is somehow offended by that and wants to start a fight, Bugs corrects that he loves nearly everybody.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Marinette, the titular Ladybug, is a Nice Girl and sympathetic toward most of the Akumatized villains she encounters, as well as her Alpha Bitch classmate Chloe Bourgeois. The one exception to this is Lila Rossi AKA Volpina, as unlike the other victims of Hawk Moth's Akuma, Lila is a genuinely rotten person who went out of her way to demean Marinette before she was Akumatized, and continues to be a rotten person after being de-evilized. Additionally, Lila has been Akumatized multiple times, but unlike other villains, all subsequent times are willing. Marinette eventually gets fed up with Chloe when it becomes apparent that Chloe will never become a better person, even after getting the Bee Miraculous and appearing to undergo Character Development. This is cemented when Chloe tries to team up with Hawk Moth to retain the Bee Miraculous, as Marinette as Ladybug makes it clear the two are no longer going to be allies.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
    • Exploited. In the early parts of their Heel–Face Turn, Twilight Sparkle still hated Discord and Trixie. This was largely because, in spite of turning from actual villainy, they still tended to act like smug jerks towards her, and often used this as a means to take advantage of her, knowing the official Princess of Friendship would be self-conscious about looking like a grudge-bearing hypocrite if she pulled a Heel–Face Door-Slam on them. Despite this, Twilight still had moments of compassion towards them after they realized this didn't pay off, leading to these relationships becoming relatively warmer (if still somewhat vitriolic).
    • In "Friendship University", Twilight has nothing but contempt for the Flim-Flam Brothers, who have constantly tried to swindle the citizens of Ponyville out of their money in the past (and in this instance, have opened their own friendship school to compete against Twilight's own). Flim and Flam take advantage of this by claiming Twilight is a Hypocrite who's threatened by a little "friendly" competition.
    • Subverted with the mild-mannered Fluttershy towards Discord. Even though she is a sweet Friend to All Living Things, she did not approve of him turning the world into chaos in "The Return of Harmony". The thought of Discord winning was one of the few things to make her truly angry ("That. Big. Dumb. MEANIE!!"), but as of "Keep Calm and Flutter On", she and he have become friends after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • The Owl House: Luz Noceda is always willing to extend an olive branch to people that she has had previous negative run ins with, such as Amity, Lilith, and Hunter, to the point that after they repent and reform, she eventually falls in love with Amity and the two become girlfriends, while she considers Lilith and Hunter part of her family. There is one exception to this however, chiefly her Arch-Enemy Philip Wittebane aka Emperor Belos. Luz never shows anything other than hatred and vitriol to Belos, even before she learns that he is Philip and he tricked her into helping him meet the Collector and orchestrate the genocide of all life on the Boiling Isles. After she learns this, she doubles down on her hatred of Philip, taking any opportunity she can to debunk Belos' ideology, and call him out on his monstrous actions, due in no small part to the sheer scope of his numerous atrocities, and his delusional belief that he is the hero for commiting said atrocities. Case in point, at the end of the Grand Finale, "Watching and Dreaming", when Belos tries to get her to spare him, Luz instead coldly summons some boiling rain to melt him down, implicitly to watch him die an absolutely agonizing death and doesn't make any effort to stop Eda, King, and Raine from finishing him off.
  • Rocko's Modern Life's titular Australian marsupial is such a doormat that he rarely, if ever, shows any hostility towards others, even his next-door neighbor Ed Bighead, who vehemently despises him for little to no reason. So who is the one character that Rocko openly dislikes? His boss Mr. Smitty, who constantly treats Rocko with no respect at all and has, at one point, even overworked him to a point of lethargy. Rocko even went as far as to insult Smitty to his face in one episode where Smitty showed him no gratitude for making his business successful.
  • South Park:
    • Butters Stotch is an All-Loving Hero who normally doesn't hold any hard feelings towards anyone, including his parents who treat him poorly and even his grandmother who terrorizes him. That being said, he has admitted to hating Eric Cartman and seems to mostly side with him out of fear and pity. Of all the people who mistreat him, Cartman is usually the first one he will openly retaliate against, as shown in "Christian Rock Hard", "AWESOM-O", "Super Fun Time", "The Return of Covid", and "DikinBaus Hot Dogs".
    • Stan Marsh is a Knight in Sour Armor who normally gets along with most people. He even manages to tolerate Cartman (at least compared to Kyle). However, one notable exception is the man behind the Cash n' Gold foundation who scammed his grandfather (and plenty of other seniors) out of their life savings. When confronting him, he actually had no issue telling the guy to kill himself.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The only resident in Bikini Bottom who SpongeBob outright dislikes is Bubble Bass. While SpongeBob often likes Plankton which is usually Depending on the Writer, he and Bass have an old personal grudge with each other as shown in "Pickles" where Bubble Bass made SpongeBob lose confidence by telling him he forgot the pickles. It was later revealed that Bubble Bass hid the pickles under his tongue to mock SpongeBob. In "F.U.N.", Bubble Bass sat on Plankton when they and SpongeBob were in the cinema.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Kevin is apparently so much of a pushy and sleazy Jerkass that Steven, the All-Loving Hero who's forgiven past murder attempts from his Gem friends and various enemies, can't help but immediately tell Greg he hates Kevin for how he sexually harassed Stevonnie (the fused form of Steven and Connie) when they first met. Downplayed in Kevin's last appearance; Steven does sincerely thank Kevin for inadvertently playing matchmaker for him and Connie.
    • Marty, Greg's former manager, was said to be controlling and only in the business for himself. When Steven and Marty's neglected son, Sour Cream (raised by his mother Vidalia and stepfather Yellowtail), meet him, Steven, whilst giving Marty the benefit of the doubt, is also suspicious of him to the point where he is able to figure out shilling the awful tasting Guacola at Sour Cream's concert near the end of the episode was all Marty and that Sour Cream had nothing to do with it.
    • Steven Universe: Future: As soon as the Crystal Gems meet her, it's obvious that Bluebird Azurite is a fusion of Eyeball Ruby and Aquamarine (while she hilariously thinks that no one can see this), two Gems that both tried to kill Steven at some point. Steven, who is normally all about giving second chances, does not trust Bluebird at all until the other Crystal Gems try to convince him otherwise. Steven is right; Bluebird only exists because of her two components' mutual hatred of him, and she refuses to change.
  • In Tangled: The Series, it's telling how much of an annoying know-it-all Calliope is when even Rapunzel is barely keeping her temper in control while around her.
  • Thomas & Friends: While Annie and Clarabel are nice to most of the engines, they dislike Daisy due to Daisy calling them and Henrietta "rubbish" when she first came to Sodor.
  • Total Drama: Owen is optimistic, fun-loving, and one of the friendliest contestants in the show. He made a lot of friends in the series, including Chris to an extent, and Chef, since he is usually the only one who likes his food. However, although he was nice to her at first, he comes to dislike Heather in "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon" after insulting his girlfriend Izzy, to the point of cursing her in the confessional (one that they shared since they were hand-cuffed). He also teams up with Gwen to eliminate Heather in the semi-finale episode. However, this is downplayed, since in later episodes, from the minimal interactions they have, Owen doesn't show a particular grudge against Heather.
  • In one of the first episodes of Transformers: Prime, Optimus Prime expresses disappointment that Megatron seemingly died without redeeming himself. After Megatron awakens from a half-season-long coma and nearly kills Optimus's human friend Raphael near the end of the first season, however, Optimus resolves to kill Megatron. If not for a long and complicated Enemy Mine situation and several instances of Diabolus ex Machina, Optimus would have indeed executed a weakened and exhausted Megatron on at least two separate occasions.
  • The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Ronald McDonald as always is very personable and rarely gets mad at anyone, but the one person he's openly shown animosity towards is Professor Pinchworm, the antagonist of "Birthday World". Pinchworm is notably the only villain in the series who's made Ronald visibly angry (which may be due to the villain getting Ronald and the gang involved in his plot during the clown's birthday).
  • Wander over Yonder: Wander is normally an absolute master of The Power of Friendship. However, there are two characters whom he does not employ his usual methods on.
    • Played for Drama when Wander realizes to his horror that the Knight of Cerebus Lord Dominator is a highly effective Omnicidal Maniac whom he should not and cannot befriend. However, by the finale, he still does not hate her, thereby proving her statement that even he can have hate in his heart wrong.
    • Played for Laughs when Wander takes a seemingly harmless villain named Dr. Screwball Jones deadly seriously, making no attempt to befriend him. It's not actually a "bit"; Screwball is a Well-Intentioned Extremist Evil Counterpart of Wander himself, trying to force people to be happy instead of just showing them how.
  • Grizzly from We Bare Bears is the nicest of his three brothers. However, he has his limits with these awful people.
    • Ralph, even though he is patient with the yeti's obnoxious bigotry to humans, he will quickly lose it when he starts treating his younger brothers like crap, to the point where he discourages Charlie's friendship with him.
    • Despite Ranger Norm's civility, he has nothing but contempt for him because he is Tabes's substitute, even before he turns out to be Evil All Along.
    • Ari Curd, because she made him believe Panda died by putting him and his brothers in a nested VR simulation and he blows up at her for traumatizing them, but she innocently dismisses him.
    • Agent Trout from the Grand Finale is the very one person that Grizz truly hates, because of his cruel speciesism against all animals, especially when he attempts to separate his brothers and imprisoning so many of his kind. Later attempting to kill all of them in a forest fire cements Grizzly's hatred for him, considering him Beyond Redemption.