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"Why are you only ever this harsh towards me...? You're always making fun of me! I hate it! Even though you're so nice to other people...!"

People don't often treat everyone the same way to the same degree. Often the resident Jerkass is more of a jerkass to some people than to others. The poor guy who bears the brunt of it is often the Butt-Monkey, in some cases normally friendly characters may be given the Jerkass Ball for the sake of causing misery to the Butt-Monkey.

Comes in two different flavors:

  • Cruel to One: The Jerkass is (relatively) nice to everyone but there is one person that they can't help but pick on or can't stand at all. Can overlap with Bitch in Sheep's Clothing. May also overlap with Tsundere (the B type).
  • Crueler to One: The Jerkass is cruel to everyone but focuses their viciousness on one target. They're commonly the Arch-Enemy or The Rival of The Hero.

Compare Even the Loving Hero Has Hated Ones, when it's the All-Loving Hero who openly dislikes one person. Contrast Hates Everyone Equally (when they mistreat everyone to the same extent), Morality Pet (when they're a jerk to all but one), Bully Turned Buddy (when the person they become friends with is the only one they don't still bully), and Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (where a group mistreats everybody except their own members). If the Jerkass is a teacher and the one is the student, see Teacher's Unfavorite Student. If the Jerkass is a boss and the one is an employee, see Boss's Unfavorite Employee. For a similar trope with a different perspective, see Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond. See also Sitcom Arch-Nemesis. Can be a sign of O.O.C. Is Serious Business if the motivation is a plot point. If you choose to only torment your target when others are not around, then it's Jerkass at Your Discretion.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Mei Meido is a maid with undying loyalty to her master Hahari and their boyfriend Rentarou. She is rarely, if ever, seen without a calm smile on her face, she will obey any order without question, and never has an unkind word to say about anyone. The sole exception to this is her junior subordinate maid, Mai. When Mai joins Rentarou's Family, she tells Kurumi and Chiyo of how she would often be scolded by Mei for one screw-up or another, much to their surprise given how Mei is normally. Indeed, soon after this scene Mei would put Mai over her knee and spank her because of her behavior throughout that chapter. Chiyo regards it as a sign of how close they are, since Mei doesn't express herself to anyone else like that.
  • The Aquatope on White Sand: Chiyu isn't the nicest of individuals when introduced to the Gama Gama Staff, though she at least kept a polite, professional facade while working as a part-timer in their aquarium, even if she's internally disdainful of everyone there. However, she has a special kind of contempt for Kukuru in particular, as the latter was nothing but antagonistic towards her during her stay there so she pays her back in kind by telling her off before she leaves. As of the Tingarla arc, they are clearly still not in the best of terms because of this. Inverted when it comes to Fūka. Of the former Gama Gama staff, Fūka is the only one Chiyu doesn't have any negative opinions or remarks over. This, along with Fūka's kind and empathetic nature, allows Chiyu to open up to Fūka alone when it's revealed that she's having problems at work due to being a struggling single mother. After Fūka helps her out, Chiyu becomes a much nicer person and even takes steps to be slightly more amicable to Kukuru, even if they're not necessarily friends by the end of the day.
  • Attack on Titan: Porco Galliard is generally fairly nice to most everyone in the Warrior Unit, but he's never been on good terms with Reiner. In the past the root of it was him wanting to knock down Reiner a peg due to him being a Boisterous Weakling. In the present, he's resentful of Reiner being the cause of his brother's death (Marcel pushed him out of the way and saved him from being eaten by a Titan, getting eaten himself) and feeling that their mission would've been successful if Reiner didn't "steal" his rightful place as the Armored Titan (in reality, Marcel manipulated the results so Reiner would be chosen to keep Porco safe). Porco learns the truth after seeing Marcel's memories, and sacrifices himself by allowing a Titanized Falco to eat him instead of Reiner, allowing Falco to turn back to human and inherit the Jaw Titan.
  • Battle Athletes Victory: Cold and aloof Jessie Gurtland is especially mean to Akari Kanzaki, the daughter of her idol Tomoe Midou and the academy's lowest-scoring student.
  • Bloom Into You: Downplayed. Sayaka is on good terms with most of Toomi East's student council and is best friends with Touko, but there's some largely unspoken hostility between her and Yuu since Sayaka is jealous of Yuu's closeness to Touko. The two of them do eventually work things out.
  • In Bokurano, Ushiro has relatively cold relationships with the other pilots, apart from his best friend Kanji, but he isn't nearly as cruel to them as he is to his little sister Kana, frequently hitting her whenever he's upset.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX: While Mitsuru is a snide, bitter jerk to virtually everyone, Hiro and Ikuno tend to get the worst of his cruelty. Best displayed in the third episode, where when Chlorophytum is unable to function, he blames Ikuno and unhesitatingly agrees to pilot Strelizia with Zero Two to show up Hiro. Needless to say, once he goes too far, Zero Two lives up to her reputation as the Partner Killer and nearly kills him, and later on, Mitsuru buries the hatchet with Hiro after he found out about his Laser-Guided Amnesia that erased most of his childhood memories, including their childhood promise to pilot together.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • While pre-Character development Vegeta's a bitter, cynical asshole who looked down on everyone in general, he's much ruder and nastier to Goku than he is to everyone else, unable to tolerate being Always Second Best to him since he's the Saiyan prince while Goku is a weak Saiyan born at the bottom of the pecking order. By the end of Z, he's gotten over it, and in Super, they're friendly rivals and Vitriolic Best Buds. However, this gets revisited once again in Super at a time when Vegeta had become The Atoner who saved a Namekian child from Moro, earned the respect of Z fighters like Piccolo who praised him for how much he had changed and selflessly gave up his own energy to help Goku defeat Moro in a previous arc. When Goku attempted to fight Grandolah in Vegeta's stead after Vegeta was weakened, Vegeta angrily cheap shotted Goku away and told him he'd rather die than team up with him, edging him closer to a Cruel to One example during this time period.
    • Android 16 is a Cruel to One example. While a Non-Malicious Monster and Nice Guy both before and after his Heel–Face Turn, he remains cold and distant toward Goku even after joining the Z-Fighters, having been created specifically to kill him. During the Cell Games, when Goku approaches him and wishes him luck, 16 responds to his kindness with an Implied Death Threat. That being said, in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, he recognizes that Goku is a noble person and admits that he would prefer to be free of his programming.
      16: I was created for the sole purpose of killing you, Goku. Do not forget that.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Due to his circumstances as the Rat, Yuki keeps people at a distance until he bonds with Tohru, but he's still generally civil to those he interacts with. Whenever he's around Kyo, however, Yuki becomes very demeaning and condescending, sometimes going so far as to act somewhat like a bully, even after Kyo starts controlling his temper better and isn't antagonistic towards Yuki like he was at the beginning. Yuki acts this way because he's jealous that Kyo can freely express his emotions and show signs of improving himself faster than him, so he takes out his frustrations by shunning Kyo like almost everyone in the Sohma clan does.
    • Yuki also acts similarly hostile towards his older brother Ayame. In this case, Yuki resents Ayame for never standing up for him when their parents and Akito were abusing Yuki and denying him a normal childhood. In comparison to Kyo, though, Yuki begins reaching an understanding with Ayame sooner.
    • While Ren is bitchy, immature, and cruel to virtually everyone, she's even more cruel and abusive to Akito than anyone else, hating her since before birth simply out of petty jealousy that her husband Akira could love anyone else. Everything bad that happens to the Sohma family, and in the series as a whole, can be traced back to Ren's Irrational Hatred of her own daughter and the lengths she's willing to go to in order to make Akito's life miserable.
    • Shigure is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who likes teasing others, but generally gets along with most people. However, he hates Kureno and openly tells him as such to his face, bitter and angry that Kureno slept with Akito despite full knowledge of Shigure's own feelings for her and played a role in his exile from the main house.
      Shigure: "You've got that right. I hate you. I truly, truly do. You really ought to thank me for putting it so bluntly. It'll make it that much easier for you to play the poor, pitiful martyr. Your favorite role."
    • While nobody in the Sohma family is truly safe from Akito's Yandere behavior, she tends to treat Isuzu even more poorly than the rest of the Zodiac solely because her long black hair reminds her of her Abusive Mom, even spitefully nicknaming her "Rin" because it sounds like Ren. As a result, Rin receives some of the most horrific abuse any of the Zodiac suffers from Akito, being verbally bullied to tears, thrown out a second-story window, suffering a Traumatic Haircut, and locked in the Cat's Room for weeks where she nearly starves to death. By the end of the series, while the other Zodiac members choose to forgive Akito for her treatment of them, Rin doesn't.
  • In Girls und Panzer, Erika Itsumi, vice-captain of Black Forest Peak, is cold and condescending to most people besides Maho, although it's unclear whether she makes an exception for Maho out of respect or merely because Maho outranks her. Erika's especially harsh on Maho's younger sister Miho, whom Erika blames for their losing the tournament last year because Miho abandoned the flag tank to save a tank crew from drowning (in the light novel, Erika was one of the ones Miho saved). The fact that Miho was Erika's predecessor as vice-captain implies that Erika may have been jealous of Miho due to being chosen over her.
  • Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu: Nako is generally quite nice, especially to Bocchi, but enjoys pushing Aru's buttons by sometimes refusing to refer to her by name, or calling her "unfortunate". As a result, the two end up having a Vitriolic Best Buds relationship.
  • Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Lefiya is usually a Nice Girl to anyone she meets, but she holds nothing but contempt for Bell due to their mutual attraction for Ais Wallenstein, treating him with coldness and hostility instead. She is also envious of his strength, her contempt for him growing for every accomplishment he gets.
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War:
    • Ishigami acts this way to Iino. He's normally a nice guy (if somewhat inclined to put his foot in his mouth), but she notes during a drunken rant at Tsubame's Christmas party that he seems to exclusively be mean to her. The irony of this being that he's actually been looking out for and protecting her ever since middle school, he just doesn't tell her because it wouldn't be truly altruistic to hold good deeds over people's heads.
    • Mikado Shijo is stated by the narration to be the only person that Shirogane could ever feel hatred towards due to them besting him in the nation mock exams. This only lasts until they actually meet each other, and their similarities lead the two to become fast friends.
    • Kei is a lot harsher towards her brother (and to a lesser extent, her father) than everyone else. This is mostly a result of her venting all her frustrations towards her absent mother on them.
  • Lucky Star: Minami's Big Friendly Dog Cherry dislikes Hiyori. This can't even be chalked up to animals hating Hiyori, since Hiyori has a pet dog herself.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Katsuki Bakugo, in general, is a total prick towards everyone, but he's especially crass towards Izuku Midoriya. It gets so bad, almost nobody likes him in-universe, even if they do admire his power — and one of the things that puzzles everybody, In-Universe and out, is Midoriya's unrelenting drive to continue to white-knight Bakugo as a former friend even if by the time the series starts he's been mercilessly bullied for a decade and in the very first chapter Katsuki even told Midoriya to kill himself in order to reincarnate with a Quirk. The author more or less regrets making Bakugo that nasty early on.
    • Inasa Yoarashi is jovial, upbeat, passionate about heroics, and a Nice Guy to almost everyone... except for Shoto Todoroki. In the past, he tried asking Todoroki's father Endeavor for an autograph, only to be coldly rebuffed and told to "stay out of [his] way". He tried being nice to Shoto, but was rebuffed and told the same thing. This cold attitude flies in the face of everything he believes a hero should be. As a result, Shoto's the only student at the License Exam that Inasa is outright caustic towards. After the two end up clashing, which results in both of them failing the provisional exam, Inasa apologizes. From then on, he makes an active effort to befriend Shoto, despite still not liking him.
    • Sir Nighteye isn't the most pleasant individual, but he's exceptionally harsh with Midoriya, due to believing him to be an Inadequate Inheritor of One for All compared to Nighteye's own protégé Mirio. While he does allow Midoriya to intern under him, he does so largely in hopes of getting him to realize that Mirio is more deserving of One for All. Nighteye eventually comes to regret this behavior, especially as he is dying.
    • Natsuo Todoroki is usually a relatively friendly individual, but he refuses to forgive his father Enji "Endeavor" Todoroki for his past misdeeds. Compare his older sister Fuyumi, who wants to reunite the family, and Shoto, who's still bitter about what Endeavor did but acknowledges that people can change.
  • Naruto: Neji Hyuga regards most of the Leaf ninja he knows with indifference or mild disdain, but he doesn't hate them as much as he does his cousin Hinata. This relates to the internal politics of his clan, in which Hinata was the heiress to the head family, and Neji is a branch family member kept in line by a Curse Mark (which the main family members can activate, causing the bearer excruciating pain or killing them). Neji also blames Hinata for Neji's father's death, since Hinata's father killed a foreign ninja who tried to kidnap Hinata, and Neji's father was killed and passed off as Hinata's father. Later, Neji realizes that his father wanted to protect his brother, and begins treating Hinata better.
  • New Game!: Tsubame "Naru" Narumi gets along well with most of the Eagle Jump staff, but is fairly hostile to Nene Sakura, since Naru believes (not without reason) that Nene got her job due to connections with her boss Umiko, and doesn't take said job seriously. The latter strikes close to home for Naru, who's desperate to prove herself and get a job in the gaming industry in spite of her parents' opposition to it. It's lampshaded in a conversation between Momo (Naru's best friend) and Nene — after the former says that Naru's like a caring older sister figure, Nene ruefully notes her own status as the one person Naru's mean to. Naru eventually gets over this when Nene offers to help fix the bugs in Naru's minigames, and Naru apologizes to Nene for how poorly she treated her.
  • One Piece:
    • Leo says that the Tontatta princess, Mansherry, is a cruel, selfish, and spoiled hellion. When we actually see her, she's clearly an extremely kind and compassionate Nice Girl to everyone... except Leo. The reason why she's mean only to him is clear to everyone... except Leo.
    • The entire Vinsmoke Family are a group of ruthless mercenaries (except for Reiju) who could care less about any one else but themselves especially Judge. They do get along with each other for the most part, however, when it comes to Sanji, it's borderline inhumane. Judge in particular orders his three other sons to ruthlessly beat up Sanji every chance they get and even punishes Sanji by locking him in the dungeon while wearing a heavy iron mask with barely anything to eat. There is a good reason that even into his adulthood, Sanji wants nothing to do with them anymore and could care less if they live or die (except for Reiju).
    • Arlong was a ruthless Fish-Man that took great pleasure in tormenting humans and only treats his fellow Fish-Men with any respect. That said, Arlong was particularly cruel to Nami by not only killing her foster mother in front of her, but forcing her to write out sea charts for him for over a decade! Nami eventually agreed to do this until she is able to pay back Arlong to leave her island, but Arlong pretty much has her money stolen just so she can continue to work for him. Arlong, so far, is the only character to have made Nami cry because of his actions.
  • Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita has a downplayed example in Ruriko, who's nice to just about everyone, but is blunt and informal, almost to the point of rudeness, with her friend Rio, since Rio, while relatively pleasant, tends to mooch off of her. Despite that, Kurumi quickly notices that Ruriko actually cares for Rio a lot.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • At times, Ash Ketchum, an otherwise All-Loving Hero and Nice Guy, can be this to the Team Rocket trio. In "Wake Up Snorlax", Ash blasts off the trio in a Pokémon battle simply over the right to capture a wild Pokémon. While Team Rocket are thieves, Ash is rarely if ever shown acting that vitriolic towards other people who commit the same kind of crimes as them; notably, in "So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd", Ash and company easily forgive a far more competent Pokémon thief. During throughout the Johto arc, Ash started to constantly call Team Rocket "losers" and even by "Team Losers" on a few occasions.
    • More notable is Gary, who consistently treated Ash like crap over the Indigo League. After he undergoes Break the Haughty, he's nicer to Ash...but moves on to Goh in Pokémon Journeys: The Series (though it's possible this is to motivate him into proving himself, as Goh initially didn't want to be involved in Project Mew).
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets: Nino and Itsuki start out as this towards Fuutarou, albeit to different extremes. Itsuki tried to ask for Fuutarou's help in her studies only to be coldly rebuffed, which she didn't take kindly, and from there on out she refused to accept his help out of pride. Nino on the other hand seemed to have a blatant case of Hate at First Sight and just wanted him out of their home, thinking of him as an interloper. Itsuki gradually starts to accept him upon learning of his financial situation and after a few months, she seems capable of being civil with him (unless he pushes her buttons), while Nino continues to do everything in her power to sabotage his attempts at teaching, until she ends up falling in love with him, dropping the trope altogether.
  • Rosario + Vampire: In the anime, Kokoa is more of a straight-up bitch than a Tsundere as she was in the manga and is generally rude, disrespectful, and bitchy to everyone (except Inner Moka), causing trouble for the rest of the cast on two separate occasions due to her attitude. However, she's especially a Jerkass to Outer Moka, openly preferring Inner Moka to her and refusing to acknowledge Outer Moka as her sister.
  • In Sakura Quest, Chitose Oribe is a cranky old woman who's rather suspicious of outsiders, but is especially harsh on Yoshino Koharu, even more so than she is with Ushimatsu Kadota(who, unlike Yoshino, gives as good as he gets). She distrusts Yoshino for being an outsider, criticizes her more misguided efforts to help the town such as scheduling a culinary event on the same day as a local festival, and refuses to let Yoshino visit Ririko — Chitose's granddaughter and Yoshino's friend and coworker — when the latter is sick.
  • Seraph of the End: Mikaela is a "crueler to one" example. He treats everyone (but his adoptive mother Krul and his childhood best friend Yuuichiro) with complete disdain and clear hostility, but it especially applies to Ferid — kind of hard not to loathe someone who kills almost everyone in your family.
  • In Spy X Family, Fiona Frost, aka Agent Nightfall, has a selfish infatuation with Loid Forger, aka Agent Twilight, and dispassionately views most people as assets or obstacles. The one exception is Yor Forger, Twilight's wife- Yor and Loid married each other for the sakes of their missions but gradually develop feelings over time. Fiona has little but contempt for Yor and tries to lie to her by claiming that Loid sees her as a burden.
  • Time Bokan: In the series that helped codify the Terrible Trio trope, it wasn't uncommon for the heroes to be kind and forgiving to everyone, but the incompetent villain trio, who would always be given a painful slapstick comeuppance.
  • Transformers: Energon: Kicker is an arrogant loudmouth all around, though his teammate Ironhide tends to get the bigger brunt of it, being ordered around, insulted, and even physically abused to a degree. Perhaps due to dealing with him far less often, everyone else tends to just think it's funny (par Ironhide's fanboy team, Kicker's treatment lightened after a Death Glare from one too many kicks to the shin).
  • Tweeny Witches: While aloof at best and faithless at worst to Arusu and her friends, Sigma treats Eva with special contempt, repeatedly warning Arusu and Sheila not to take her to the Warlock Realm across the desert lest she be The Load on three of them. When Arusu and Sheila become covered with grey paints rescuing her from the warlocks, he tells them that her incompetence has doomed both of them to die of "deadly grey" in 24 hours, causing Arusu, who is normally a Genki Girl, to call him out for his callous treatment of her with Tranquil Fury.
  • Yuri is My Job!:
    • Mitsuki Yano/Ayanokouji gets along reasonably well with her coworkers at the salon but despises Hime for most of the first two volumes. Initially, it seems to be because of Hime's slip-ups on the job and because she doesn't seem to take her work seriously, but it turns out that it's because Mitsuki believes that Hime betrayed her by quitting the piano recital they were both supposed to play at.
    • Kanoko is close with Hime but despises Mitsuki out of jealousy of her closeness to Hime. She mostly keeps those feelings inside, but when Mitsuki tells Kanoko about confessing to Hime (something Kanoko refrained from doing out of fear of it threatening her friendship with Hime) and claimed to be as special to Hime as Kanoko is, Kanoko loses her temper and hits Mitsuki.
  • Zatch Bell!: When the horse Mamodo Ponygon is first introduced, he easily gets along with Zatch, Tia, and all of Kiyo's classmates... but has an instant dislike of Kiyo. It's later revealed that Ponygon only felt hostile towards him because Kiyo was already Zatch's human partner, so he found no reason to try to get along with him, since all that Ponygon was thinking of was finding his own would-be human partner, feeling lonely and distrustful of people otherwise; after this point, they get along better, especially after Ponygon finally finds his human partner, Kafka Sunbeam.
  • Played with in Zombie Land Saga. While Kotaro is tough on all of Franchouchou, he's especially hard on Sakura and not only singles her out for bullying more than any of the other zombies but only acts his age and shows Hidden Depths when she's not around to see. Late in the series though, Yugiri observes that Kotaro is kindest to Sakura, implying that this is just Tough Love. He was one of her classmates when she was alive, so this might primarily be an attempt to keep her from recognizing him.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes:
    • School bully Moe is only seen antagonizing Calvin, and no one else suffers his wrath. When Calvin asks him why he doesn't pick on anyone his own size, Moe simply states that they'd hit back.
    • While Calvin himself is typically a Bratty Half-Pint and causes mayhem for anybody around him, his preferred target of torment is Susie Derkins. (Although it almost always immediately comes back to bite him in the ass.)
  • Luann: Bernice is generally polite and friendly (albeit a bit of a wet blanket) to most people. But to her supposed best friend Luann, it's a different story. There is almost nothing Luann can say in Bernice's presence that isn't met with a snide remark or passive-aggressive putdown, to the point where Luann's already tenuous self-confidence has been shattered numerous times merely by confiding in Bernice. This trait wasn't so pronounced in the strip's early days, making it appear to longtime readers that Bernice's patience with Luann simply ran out over the years, and now they stay friends mostly out of habit.

    Fan Works 
  • The Ace Savvy Extended Universe: Lady Killstrike is an example of the "crueller to one" variety — she antagonises the entire Full House Gang, but despises the High Card/Lori even more than the others.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Akio's generally a decent person, but he's unusually cold toward Maho. This is because he believes that Maho isn't supportive enough of her younger sister Miho since he doesn't realize how many sacrifices Maho has made for her sister. The only other person he's this hostile toward is Miho and Maho's mother Shiho, but after Shiho disowns Miho, practically no one likes Shiho.
  • Danny Phantom: Stranded: Joy Strong is presented as a kind and doting grandmother to Star and is very friendly and hospitable to Danny and his friends. However, she does not have a positive opinion of her former daughter-in-law, Stella, mainly because of how she left her son for another man. She's forced to see her actions aren't justifiable even if she doesn't forgive her.
  • Limitless Potential: Roll is usually nice to everyone, but she maintains a cold attitude towards Zero, owing to the fact that he kidnapped her during his time as a Maverick and put her brother in danger. While she's not outspoken about it, her inner thoughts often show that she doesn't like that X remains friends with Zero even after the ten-year Time Skip. Her attitude softens up after he saves her from Sting Chameleon during the riot at the Maverick Hunters HQ, though.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • While the girls that Danny has the option of choosing as his girlfriend are normally nice people, it's his eventual friendship with Deadpool they don't accept, and it's because of Deadpool himself. Most, if not all, barely hide how they don't tolerate him at all.
    • Makoto Kino is normally a very gentle person and fell in love with Danny Fenton quickly. However, she's outright rude and short-tempered towards Ben Tennyson because he didn't choose her friend Ami Mizuno, who has a crush on him, as his match. It gets extreme to the point that, unlike Danny, she actively tries to discourage the two bonding. It takes being called out for her to realize how unfair she's being to him.
    • While disliked by everyone except Danny, Deadpool is openly friendly to uncomfortable levels. However, because he unintentionally pressed Deadpool's Berserk Button by saying Betty White is not more precious than the Dallas Cowboys, Hank Hill has become the one person Deadpool hates to the point where he loves screwing with him.
  • Many characters qualify in The Night Unfurls.
    • Claudia Levantine is on good terms with the people she meets, except Kyril Sutherland, mainly because she sees him as a dangerous presence, as well as her disapproval of his brutality.
    • Lily is generally respectful to people, except Alicia. Ever since the Feoh/Ur Arc, she loathes the Knight of Iris for surrendering her fortress because she thinks that can save Lily and her sisters from being taken hostage. Considering how Lily and her sisters end up being raped, she sees Alicia as an Accomplice by Inaction for that atrocity.
    • Grace Campbell is usually a Nice Girl, but it takes her considerable effort to be cordial to Olga Discordia. Her grudge towards the Dark Elf Queen stems from the time where Olga sacrificed Loraine, Grace's home, to the orcs, for them to Rape, Pillage, and Burn. She lost both her home and her husband because of that, and the grudge ceases to wane.
    • Alicia (remastered version) is on good terms with her colleagues of The Alliance, as well as a respected figure among the populace, judging from the way the crowds cheer and wave at her during her arrival at Ken. The one person she heaps scorn on is The Protagonist Kyril, due to the following reasons: his aloofness, his disrespect towards people of higher status (including herself), and him being a better fighter. Her later assault of Soren is because of his association with Kyril, rather than something Soren himself did.
  • The Doom Slayer in Remnant Inferis: DOOM is this of the crueler-to-one variety. On a normal basis, he's rather unpleasant and a complete dick to almost everyone around him. To Ozpin, he's a lot more spiteful and petty than normal. Much of this stems from Ozpin keeping him in the dark on what he knows, which is something he despises.
  • Renegades: By this point in the Arrow timeline, Oliver has thrown Laurel's addiction struggles in her face twice (including telling her to drink herself to death), been completely unsupportive when she was starting as the Black Canary, and has said very demeaning things to her. Laurel at one point laments to Felicity how bad her relationship with him has become:
    Felicity: He just snaps at you and gets so angry with you. He’s not like that with anyone else. We all see it. I don’t know why, but I want to believe it comes from some place of caring about you. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t be so angry, right?
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: Arial Kuyumaya is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and tends to be snippy and bitchy to everyone save for Dark, Felucia, Sun, and Complica. She's especially a Jerkass to Mizore, and spends most of Act VI making things difficult for her and being rude and bitchy even as Mizore is trying to be nice to her, to the extent she completely blows it off when Mizore saves her life.
  • Where Talent Goes on Vacation: Yuichi Asakura is a Jerkass to most of his classmates, but he's especially hostile to Chiyuri Nagato, who has the same talent that he does, and whom he believes got her talent because she's the teacher's daughter. Unsurprisingly, it's eventually shown that even Nagato dislikes him, making her an example, too. Nagato forgoes honorifics on Asakura despite otherwise being exceptionally polite, gets into a fistfight with him in Chapter V, and barely feels anything when he dies.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Beauty and the Beast, Cogsworth is a Deadpan Snarker to everyone, but most of his insults and all of his physical fighting seem to be directed at Lumiere. Granted, they're Vitriolic Best Buds, and Lumiere dishes it back too.
  • Lampwick from Pinocchio, from what we see of him he is generally friendly to most but he dislikes Jiminy Cricket because he represents authority, he presumably acts this way towards other authority figures, he makes fun of Jiminy and shoots pool balls at him which angers him.
  • While Miguel O'Hara in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is always aloof and serious-minded, he does show he cares about the other Spider-People in his own way. That is, with the exception of Miles Morales, who he treats with thinly-veiled contempt before turning outright violent when Miles decides not to play ball with the rest of the Spider-Society due to Miguel seeing Miles as an inter-dimensional anomaly whose very existence threatens the stability of the multiverse, even though Miles became such through events outside of his control or knowledge.
  • In Turning Red, Tyler bullies Mei but not her friends.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Dawn of the Dead (2004): Monica seems constantly irritated by Nicole and unafraid to show it, but doesn't clash with anyone else in the group, and does pull her weight whenever something needs to be done.
  • Full Metal Jacket: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman is of the Crueler to One variety. No one is immune to his malice, but he has a special loathing for Private Lawrence, or as Hartman maliciously nicknames him, Private Pyle. Very early on, he singles out Pyle for his incompetence and both directly and indirectly abuses Pyle in every way that he can, which causes Pyle to go off the deep end and murder Hartman.
  • The Green Mile: Percy is an immature jerkass who treats everyone like crap, but his favored target is Del. He breaks several of Del's fingers with his nightstick, steps on his pet mouse Mr. Jingles (with the mouse being revived by John), calls Del a "faggot" multiple time, scares him so bad that he falls to the floor hard, and deliberately puts a dry sponge on Del's head so that his execution will be longer and more painful than it should be (the wet sponge conducts the electricity directly to the brain, resulting in a faster, less painful death).
  • Lake Placid: In the fourth movie, Brittany can be acid-tongued to her romantic rival Chloe while seeming mellower around everyone else.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thanos is rather abusive to his children but he has a form of twisted love towards them in that he believes he is doing what's best for them. However, he is infamously cruel to Nebula whom has shown to be a failure to him in that he openly declares Gamora as his favorite daughter right in front of her, is fully willing to torture her just to extract the Soul Stone's location from Gamora, and later declaring that the only reason he didn't kill her is that it would have been a waste of parts.
  • Reap the Wild Wind: In her admittedly limited screen time, Alpha Bitch Ivy seems to get along well with everyone except Loxi (who is drawing the attentions of the man Ivy is interested in).
  • In Office Space, Bill Lumbergh is a petty, passive-aggressive nightmare of a boss who's despised by everyone at Initech. For whatever reason (possibly because he knows his target won't fight back), he chooses to pick on Milton, a mousy, obsessive nerd. He repeatedly moves Milton's cubicle (eventually moving him into the basement), doesn't inform Milton he's no longer being paid (a glitch in the payroll meant Milton kept getting paid, despite having been laid off five years prior...which nobody ever told Milton about), and takes his beloved red stapler. Laser-Guided Karma strikes back, as Milton proceeds to burn the building down (which he'd been threatening to do the whole film) and if a Deleted Scene is canon, kill Lumbergh.

  • Artemis Fowl: Commander Root is fairly unpleasant to be around in general, but he reserves the worst of his vitriol for Foaly, the LEP's tech expert. Then again, it's implied Foaly deliberately winds him up for cheap laughs, since he knows full well he's basically irreplacable.
  • Captain Underpants: Mr. Krupp openly hates kids in general, but he's particularly nasty to George and Harold due to their love of practical jokes and blatant disrespect for authority.
  • Inverted in The Hammer (2022). Tiny is often flippant and mouthy, taking pleasure in annoying others and beating the crap out of common crooks. But he feels indebted to Chloe for her kindness and generosity, giving him hope when he had none as a beggar in his former life. Because of this, Tiny is always respectful to her and does everything in his power to make her happy after she was trapped by The Chains of Commanding in the Bad Future.
  • Harry Potter.
    • Snape is a Crueler To One. He's a Sadist Teacher to all his non-Slytherin students but is particularly nasty to Gryffindors, namely Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, and, to a lesser extent, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.
    • Like Snape, Draco is a jerk in general but focuses his attention on fighting with Harry, Ron, Hermione, and other Gryffindors in general.
    • Sirius is normally a decent person, even kind, but he is uncharacteristically vitriolic towards Kreacher, on account of the house-elf reminding him of his horrible childhood.
    • James Potter was considered the Big Man on Campus by most of everyone at school, even if he was a show-off who also indulged in a load of pranks. However, he was only really a jerk to one person, Severus Snape, who loathed him as much if not more. Severus despised James immensely, being The Resenter Driven by Envy. Severus was born in a poor home with an abusive father and neglectful mother while James was born in a happy wealthy home. James was not only Severus' equal in being a skillful student of magic, he was a successful athlete and quite popular to boot while Severus was good at neither. James meanwhile hated Snape due to Snape's interest in Dark Magic, support for Lord Voldemort and his followers' anti-Muggle ideology, and envy of the fact Snape was friends with Lily Evans in spite of all this. Lily in return did not like James for being a show-off and for how he antagonized Snape. However, given how she went from disdaining him in fifth year to dating in seventh year, the common fanon is she actually did harbor some feelings, but she didn't explore them until James grew a bit humbler and matured a bit as Lupin and Sirius explain. In fact, a short memory shows Lily rolling her eyes yet with a smile at seeing James hoisted in celebration for his Quidditch victory, something Harry smiles fondly at when he compares it to Ron having his own victory.
  • Holes: Mr. Pendanski is a self-centered man deep down, but he tries to motivate the campers under his authority by playing friendly uncle towards them. The exception is Zero, whom he considers too stupid and passive for the act to be necessary. As a result, he makes no effort to hide his disdain for Zero or butter him up.
  • Mog:
    • The only character who Mrs. Thomas has ever insulted in the whole series is the eponymous cat.
    • While Mog herself has argued with other cats, the person she's been most mean to is Debbie's friend Emily from "Mog's Amazing Birthday Caper". For no apparent reason, Mog calls Emily "crybaby" when the latter cries and smiles while dreaming about Emily being eaten.
  • In the book A Smart Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations, the page on what to do if your teacher hates you has an illustration of a teacher listing all her good students and the single bad student. She also has a poster of the unfortunate girl saying, "The bad child — this could be you."
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Crueler To One with Alliser Thorne, who picks on all the recruits but has a particular disdain for Jon Snow and Sam Tarly. His focus on Jon is due to a combination of Jon being the son of one of the men who defeated his side in the last civil war leading to his exile in the Night's Watch and Jon's unwitting arrogance over the fact that despite being a bastard he actually had a very good education in comparison to other recruits. His focus on Sam is due to the fact that Sam is very averse to physical violence despite being in a militant order (not willingly) and by association of his friendship with Jon.
    • Catelyn Stark is Cruel To One to Jon Snow. Though she usually acts like a Proper Lady, she can't seem to help being cold at best, malicious at worst, to her husband's bastard son, seeing him as the living embodiment of Ned's infidelity.
    • Tywin is Crueler To One to his son Tyrion. While Tywin has no problem treating everyone around him as pawns, the fact that Tyrion's birth killed his mother, whom Tywin genuinely adored, means that he is the only person Tywin exhibits outright hatred towards, alongside Tyrion's disability being a cause of shame in Tywin's eyes.
  • Used darkly by Jade Feldman from the Seniors miniseries of the Fear Street books. She doesn't antagonize anyone besides head cheerleader Phoebe Yamura (given that Jade feels she should have been head cheerleader instead), with her campaign against Phoebe becoming downright vicious after a while, and Phoebe finding difficulty getting anyone to help her given how everyone else likes Jade.
  • In Socks, when Nana comes to visit, she's on good terms with her son and daughter-in-law, and adores the new baby, Charles William. The only one she doesn't like is Socks the cat, afraid that he'll scratch the baby or give him an allergic reaction.
  • Summus Proelium: Cassidy is puzzled when she sees her longtime bully Paige being nice to others and even sticking up for Jae when she's being bullied. As it turns out, Paige doesn't really hate Cassidy, but she's an Artificial Human whose creator programmed her to bully Cassidy and eventually murder her. Fortunately, Paige is adept enough to find a way around the order.
  • Wayside School:
    • During her time as a substitute for Mrs. Jewls, Mrs. Drazil is nothing but kind to most people, even laughing off some of her students asking very intrusive questions. The exception is Louis the yard teacher, who she still holds a grudge against from the time he was one of her students. It's precisely because of this that her current students eventually decide she has to go.
    • Mrs. Jewls herself is generally a very kind teacher but is often uncharacteristically harsh towards Todd, who she always gets sent home from school early for minor infractions.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Cooper is an insufferable know-it-all who likes to belittle people for not being as intelligent as him. Especially Howard, due to him "only" possessing a Master's Degree in Engineering (Sheldon once called it a "trade school diploma") instead of a PhD in physics like Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard. Oddly, Penny has no college degree at all, but Sheldon doesn't insult her intelligence nearly as much as he does Howard's.
  • In the first episode of Blackadder, King Richard III is a kindly and popular king, but even he dislikes Prince Edmund (the eponymous Black Adder) at first sight, and is fine with him being used as "arrow fodder" in battle. After Edmund accidentally kills him, the ghost of Richard follows him around, mocking him and trying to expose his crime.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Captain Holt is a subversion of Cruel To One. In the earlier episodes, Jake thinks Holt just wants to make him miserable, but Holt is actually using a Tough Love approach to making him a better cop.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Principal Snyder is a Sadist Teacher and Child Hater in general but focuses quite a bit of his venom on Buffy and the Scooby Gang. He's always fully prepared to believe the worst in Buffy, to the extent that he admits to getting "tingling pleasure" out of messing with her. It's to the extent that in the season 2 finale, when Buffy is believed to be a murder suspect, Snyder, despite full knowledge that she didn't kill anyone, lies to the police and says that Buffy is always behind any trouble.
    • Xander is generally a goofy Nice Guy, but he outright hates Angel and Spike, taking every possible opportunity to throw their past sins in their faces and disapproving of Buffy's relationships with both. This is in large part motivated by Fantastic Racism against vampires (who are almost Always Chaotic Evil) and, in Angel's case, jealousy due to Xander's crush on Buffy during the high school seasons; come Season 10, he's taken therapy and managed to curb his anger issues, befriending Spike and making peace with Angel.
  • Cheers: Carla is acerbic, bitter, insulting, and generally nasty to just about everyone (with the exception of her Morality Pet, Coach) but she definitely has one particular nemesis who attracts the majority of her invective. Initially this is her fellow barmaid Diane, but after Diane leaves she starts focusing her ire on barfly Cliff.
  • Drake & Josh:
    • Megan is a "Jerkass to Two". She is an evil, conniving brat to the titular characters, but acts sweet and adorable to everyone else.
    • Helen, the manager of the local movie theater, is a fun-loving woman who's generally friendly... but for some reason, she sees Josh as an incompetent buffoon and isn't shy about vocalizing her disdain for him. To her credit, however, she does get on better terms with him as the series goes on.
    • Mrs. Hayfer, Drake and Josh's English teacher, is generally reasonable with her students... except for Drake, who she openly hates. While Drake is a terrible student, she often goes too far with her hatred and mistreatment of him and none of his other teachers are as nasty towards him as she is. At one point, she tells him he's wrong about what his personal favorite book is. In another, she tells Drake he's wrong for an answer to a question, then immediately after tells another student he's right for the exact same answer.
  • Friends
    • Monica and Ross's mother, Judy, is pretty polite and nice towards everyone except Monica. For no reason given, Judy is incredibly snide and passive aggressive towards Monica while she coddles Ross. Even when Monica calls Judy out for her behavior and suggests that said behavior might have stemmed from how Judy's mother treated her, Judy doesn't get it or see anything wrong with how she treats Monica.
    • Susan gets along with everyone, but she absolutely loathes Ross due to him formerly being married to Carol (who Susan is together with). The two of them take every chance they get to insult each other until Carol gives birth to Ross's son. From there, Ross and Susan ease up on their hatred towards each other.
    • Gunther is polite to everyone except Ross because both of them love Rachel and Gunther thinks he deserves her more than Ross. When Ross cheated on Rachel with the copy girl, Gunther tells Rachel about it just to get Ross in trouble.
  • In House of Anubis, Patricia was, at first, downright nasty to Nina when she arrived at the school. Though she got into issues with her other housemates as well, everything stemmed from the way she treated Nina. Eventually, she got better, and even when she went on to be a bit of a Jerkass to both Eddie and KT, it never reached the same level as it did with Nina.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Robin, who is normally blunt and sarcastic but still nice to her friends, tends to treat her co-worker Patrice with extreme hostility. Also a case of Irrational Hatred, since Patrice is a Nice Girl who genuinely likes Robin and never does anything to provoke her, at least until she starts dating Robin's ex Barney, which, as we later learn, is part of a ploy to get Robin and Barney back together.
  • iCarly:
    • Sam is mean to everyone except Carly and Spencer (usually), but Freddie is her most prominent target. When Sam and Freddie briefly dated each other, Sam transferred her Freddie tormenting over to Gibby instead.
    • Chuck Chambers is a psychotic little brat but is good at hiding it from most. Spencer, however, is Chuck's sworn enemy who he unleashes all his fury on, all because Spencer got him grounded by his father for playing in the lobby.
  • iCarly (2021): Freddie's stepdaughter Millicent was initially a jerkass to everyone in earlier episodes, but antagonized Carly the most. Even after Millicent became kinder to everyone else as the series went on, she's still snide to Carly.
  • Kaamelott: Perceval is a shining example of Dumb Is Good, but after his best friend's wife pulls a Love Ruins the Realm on Arthur, he always singles her out for childish insults.
  • Kenan & Kel: Roger is regularly hot-headed and rather tight-fisted, but he loves his family altogether and is shown to get along with other people. That being said, he is often shown to be bitter and resentful towards Kel, threatening to beat him up more than once and occasionally insulting him. Although this mostly has to do with Kel constantly getting him injured and destroying his stuff during his visits, as well as making blunt remarks about his bald head.
    Roger: I was never his friend.
  • Lab Rats:
    • Principal Perry is a Sadist Teacher who delights in torturing all of her students, but is especially cruel towards Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo.
    • Eddy, Donald's home computer system, seems to hate everyone except his creator, but especially despises Donald's wife Tasha.
  • Married... with Children: Marcy is an unpleasant Straw Feminist in general, but she has it out for her neighbor Al Bundy in particular. This is largely due to him having a similarly abrasive and surly personality, combined with beliefs that are very different from hers; conflict between them was probably inevitable.
  • Merlin: After the first few episodes, Prince Arthur evolves into a benevolent, kindhearted good guy... who still teases, insults, and belittles Merlin nearly all the time. However, these scenes are largely Played for Laughs since deep down he cares about Merlin and is also willing to risk his life to protect him.
  • The Office (US):
    • Michael comes off as an obnoxious, selfish jerk most of the time but it's mostly due to his lack of self-awareness and he really tries to get along with people. However, when it comes to Toby, he's never Innocently Insensitive, as he intentionally and constantly treats him like dirt for no reason.
    • Jim is a pretty easygoing, likable guy, but he always teases and pranks Dwight (some of his pranks are pretty mean). Dwight, on the other hand, is never really nice to anyone, but he's mostly hostile towards Jim.
  • Leslie in Parks and Recreation is always overbearingly nice to everyone except Jerry, who she treats like an annoying pest and to whose rare actual accomplishments she seems absolutely blind (e.g., if he plays the piano beautifully she still calls it a "racket"). No reason for it is ever given - certainly Jerry never fights back. There just appears to be something about Jerry that seems to attract abuse.
  • Saturday Night Live: Played for Laughs in a sketch where the head waiter at an Italian restaurant (host Pedro Pascal) passionately flirts with all the women at a table except one. Turns out it's a regular ploy he uses to manipulate the women he flirts with into giving him big tips.
  • Scrubs:
    • The Janitor is a Crueler to One example. While he's not above tormenting other people, J.D. is always his favorite target, mocking or pranking him almost every time they interact.
    • JD himself is generally a very Nice Guy but takes an instant dislike to Keith in season 5. He jokes, encourages, and has fun with all of his other interns, while consistently taking subtle jabs at Keith. After Eliot and Keith start dating, JD begrudgingly agrees to be nice to him out of respect for his friend.
  • Smallville: Jonathan Kent is generally a good man and supportive parent, but he openly despises the Luthors, especially Lionel, and is almost constantly rude and cruel to them. Justified with Lionel, since he's an openly evil Corrupt Corporate Executive who everyone hates, but with Lex, he basically hates him and blames him for everything just for being Lionel's son. This bites him in the ass come "Suspect," where he's rather easily framed for an assassination attempt on Lionel.
  • Star Trek
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Data's cat Spot. While he does break Geordi's vase, that may have been an accident, and he gets along fine with Troi, Reg, and Data himself. Riker, on the other hand, he scratches. Truth in Television — Riker admits to hating cats, and cats often act cold towards people who dislike them.
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Odo is broody, but the only person who he actively insults is Quark.
    • Star Trek: Voyager:
      • Neelix is usually a Nice Guy, wanting to make everyone happy, but in earlier seasons, he was antagonistic to Tom Paris, even having a Food Fight with him. This was due to Paris having an unrequited crush on Neelix's girlfriend Kes, and Neelix being afraid that Paris would steal her from him.
      • Neelix is also the victim of a Jerkass to One, namely Tuvok. Tuvok's generally a non-expressive, diplomatic man, but towards Neelix, he can be borderline snide (such as asking him not to be himself in "Tuvix").
  • True Jackson, VP: Max Madigan is a kooky, yet affable boss who treats his employees well. Except for Kopelman, who he is quick to banish from staff meetings and place into humiliating situations. It's unknown why Max hates Kopelman so much, especially since Kopelman never utters a single word in the entire show.
  • Victorious: Jade is a Crueler to One example. She has the bad girl attitude down pat, but her specific vitriol is aimed at Tori, often going out of her way to torment Tori and taking much delight in her misery. This is due to her fear that Tori will steal her boyfriend Beck (especially because of Tori's "Take That!" Kiss to Beck in the pilot which was in retaliation for being bullied by Jade in the first place), and Tori's tendency to get acting roles over her. Later episodes also extend this behavior to both Beck due to them regularly breaking up and getting back together again, and Cat due to her Cuckoocloudlander behavior, with her becoming Jade's new main target by the middle of Season 3.

  • Kat McSnatch: "You are a Cunt" says that the singer tries to be nice and get along with everyone, but makes an exception for the listener.
  • Sublime: "Doin Time" has a line that suggests the protagonist's girlfriend is a type one (loving towards everyone else, but a nasty bitch to him.)

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • Ace Attorney
    • Wendy Oldbag is rather unpleasant to anyone she doesn't have a crush on, but she's especially nasty to Will Powers, being rather convinced that he's the culprit of 1-3 for the first two days of the trial.
    • Godot is usually coldly professional toward most people, save for his condescending and borderline misogynistic treatment of Franziska in 3-5, but he loathes Phoenix Wright, rudely calling him "Trite". His reasons are complicated, since he blames Phoenix for not protecting Mia, though this is mostly Psychological Projection on his part since he really blames himself for Mia's death. Phoenix finally manages to win his respect by outing him as the culprit of 3-5, at which point Godot calls him by his proper name.
    • Maggey Byrde is friendly to most people, but she can often be rather cold to Detective Gumshoe, since, he, as a detective, testifies whenever she's on trial for murder, which tends to help the prosecution.
    • Dahlia is a minor Crueler To One case, as while she doesn't care for anyone but herself, she's a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who pretends to be a sweet, demure young woman. Even in that façade, Dahlia doesn't even pretend to be nice to Mia, making derisive remarks about Mia's age despite the fact that Mia is only a few years older than her. This is probably because Mia is defending people whom Dahlia wants to see convicted since they're accused of the murders that Dahlia herself committed.
    • In Spirit of Justice, Nahyuta is generally a polite person, but he's got it out for defense attorneys (Khura'inese belief is that all defense attorneys are evil) and frequently insults them and calls them "sinners". Subverted; he actually realizes that this line of thinking is stupid and was the result of Queen Ga'ran having a grudge against them and conducting a propaganda campaign to that effect. He's just putting on an act because Ga'ran is holding his little sister hostage.
  • BlazBlue: Jin Kisaragi is normally prideful and condescending towards most people, but he's more jerkish to his subordinate Noel because she looks like his little sister, whom he hated when he was a child.
  • Danganronpa
    • In the second game, Sonia is a Cruel to One. She's generally a Nice Girl but tends to be unusually mean to Kazuichi. Considering that Kazuichi is her Stalker with a Crush, it's not hard to see why she treats him differently, but expressing disappointment that he's not the culprit and won't be executed is a very cruel thing to do.
    • Hiyoko, on the other hand, is a Crueler to One example. She tends to be a Jerkass to everyone besides her best friend Mahiru but seems to be especially cruel to Mikan. After Chapter 2, she becomes highly abrasive toward Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, whom she very rightly blames for Mahiru's death, and for a while, he becomes the one she hates most.
    • Speaking of Fuyuhiko just like Hiyoko, Fuyuhiko treated everyone like shit but in particular, went after Mahiru Koizumi due to her feisty nature and not being afraid of him eventually Fuyuhiko's hatred towards Mahiru ended up with him indirectly killing her when Monokuma framed her for involvement in the cover up of the death of his sister. Said sister was also a bully of Mahiru's
    • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Kokichi is a Jerkass who alternates between saying very cruel things and acting in a dishonest and manipulative manner. Miu, however, seems to get the brunt of his hostility and is the target of several rather over-the-top insults, which she seems oddly aroused by. Unsurprisingly, Miu plans on killing Kokichi in Chapter 4.
  • Ensemble Stars!:
    • Kanata is generally a very nice, if very dreamy sort of guy, who has a (very justified) grudge against certain other characters but rarely expresses that beyond treating them coldly. Then there's Souma, who he is openly and gleefully cruel to, to the point of holding his head under water so he can barely breathe, while Souma politely begs him to stop. This is likely a result of his very complicated feelings towards him — while he genuinely likes him and wants to be friends, he feels betrayed that Souma returned to Akatsuki even after what they did to Kanata, and still continues to praise Keito.
    • The Audience Surrogate Anzu is generally a typically nice and friendly girl to most of the characters, she seems especially fond of teasing and lightly bullying Shinobu, doing things like pulling at his cheeks when he tries to provide her with 'sweet words' in the Halloween event.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem Fates
      • Takumi is mostly a brusque but good-hearted young man, but he's unusually cold toward Corrin, who spent much of their childhood being raised in the enemy nation of Nohr, and Azura, whom he regards as an outsider. In the Birthright and Revelation routes, he eventually warms up to them, even calling Azura "Sister" after she saves him in the former, but on Conquest, in which Corrin returns to Nohr, he only gets worse.
      • Hana gets along well with most of her countrymen, apart from having a rivalry with Sakura's other retainer, Subaki, but is hostile toward Corrin, blaming them for making Sakura sad, even though it wasn't their fault.
    • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
      • Seteth. While not the friendliest individual, he's not as cold to others as he is to Byleth. His supports have him explain his position to them: While he would like to trust them, it's hard for him to put his faith in someone who seemed to come out of nowhere and gained an important position despite not being able to remember certain details, like whether or not their father really IS their father. He does begin to warm up to them after they rescue his sister Flayn. Depending on which route you take, it can even be a case of Properly Paranoid.
      • Ferdinand is usually a Nice Guy, albeit Innocently Insensitive, and even his competing with Edelgard is largely out of a belief that he can help her improve. However, he is openly antagonistic with Edelgard's retainer Hubert, over their conflicting approaches on how to help Edelgard.
      • Dorothea is usually a relatively friendly person (albeit willing to be passively aggressively snarky with Sylvain and Lorenz), but she's unusually hostile to Ferdinand, admitting to his face that she hates him. Their A support reveals that this is the result of a past misunderstanding.
      • Felix is rather abrasive to most people besides Annette, although in Dimitri's case, it's implied that he still inwardly cares about Dimitri despite being on bad terms with him. Felix is outright hateful toward Dimitri's retainer Dedue, calling him a "dog" and other insults for what Felix perceives as Blind Obedience to Dimitri.
      • Hanneman is usually nice to other characters, if a bit Innocently Insensitive, but he frequently bickers with his colleague Manuela. This could also apply to Manuela herself, who is a fairly friendly and welcoming person but clashes with Hanneman due to their differing personalities. That being said, it is still clear that they at least care about each other.
    • Fire Emblem Engage
      • Alcryst is, despite his abysmal self esteem, kindhearted and polite to others. However, he is initially hostile toward Ivy, crown princess of the enemy nation of Elusia, because Ivy was indirectly responsible for the death of his father King Morion. After Ivy does a Heel–Face Turn and helps the heroes, Alcryst briefly lashes out at Ivy, but Alcryst's brother Diamant apologizes to Ivy on Alcryst's behalf. He does soften up toward her a little when Ivy apologizes to him in their C support, and their support chain involves working through their feelings of resentment toward the other nation.
      • Hortensia is a good person at heart, even if she sometimes pushes people's buttons without knowing better. However, she's by far the most hostile to Veyle out of all of the cast when the latter joins toward the end of the game, and there's a reason for that. Hortensia witnessed Veyle's evil personality laughing as Veyle's father Sombron devoured Hortensia and Ivy's father King Hyacinth. Despite knowing that Veyle's evil personality was in control, Hortensia refuses to forgive Veyle unlike Ivy, who insists that Sombron was the only one responsible and Veyle should not blame herself. Despite her initial hostility, Hortensia apologizes for her harshness in their B support and is willing to try being friends in their A support.
    • Alear is generally nothing but polite and friendly to their allies, but they have an initially strained relationship with Nel, a new character they meet in the Fell Xenologue. Nel herelf is an example, as while she's kind to her brother Nil(both the original and Rafal) as well a her suborinates, the Four Winds, sh is rather cold to Alear for the first half of the campaign. As a result, there is tension between the two, with Alear calling her out for her attitude, as well as some of her actions, such as killing the royals of the alternate Elyos(which turns out to be justified due to the fact that all of them are Corrupted). It turns out that Nel's attitude is because she was in love with the Alear of her world, who died some time ago, and she does not wish to see Alear as a Replacemen Goldfish for her world's Alear. She and Alear get onto friendlier terms later on in the campaign, and can work through their issues in their supports.
  • Madison from Heart of the Woods is usually friendly to others, even if her friendship with Tara is going through a rough patch at the start of the game(due to announcing her decision to quit Taranormal once they're done with a month-long trip to Eysenfeld), and she's at her most temperamental in the first chapter. However, Madison is also somewhat suspicious of Morgan, the young woman who invited her and Tara to Eysenfeld, being unwilling to believe her claims of paranormal phenomena. Morgan doesn't hold it against Tara, though, making an effort to clear the air early in the game, trying to get Tara to see things from Madison's perspective later on, and finally making peace with Madison just before the climax.
  • Downplayed with Marina from Highway Blossoms. She's generally a Nice Girl who even gets along with Mariah, of all people, but her POV segments in the Next Exit Downloadable Content, which reveal her pent-up negative emotions, show that she doesn't really like Cassi, the girl from the candy shop. At the time Marina first meets Cassi, she's feeling insecure about her relationship with Amber and gets upset when Amber agrees to help Cassi make alien-style candy for the convention, despite the fact that Amber and Cassi only spoke once during the main game. That fact, along with Amber and Cassi's cynical personalities making them a good fit for each other ends up making Marina jealous. Ultimately, Marina never goes beyond occasional passive-aggressiveness towards Cassi, and after having a heart-to-heart with Amber that starts to work out her issues, she befriends Cassi.
  • Francis in Left 4 Dead is a prick towards Bill and Louis while he's pretty chill with Zoey. It would make sense for Francis to have dislike towards Bill since Francis is an outlaw and Bill was a soldier, but Francis's dislike towards Louis seems to be only based on Louis's annoyingly (in Francis's eyes) positive and chipper attitude while they're fighting for their lives in a zombie outbreak. Regardless of Francis's attitude towards Bill and Louis, he will still look out for them and will sound genuinely upset if either is killed. When Francis meets the other survivors in Left 4 Dead 2, he's pretty jovial towards Ellis and Rochelle, but is quite hostile towards Nick, which makes sense given Nick's very sour attitude. Nick himself is pretty much rude at best with all of his fellow survivors, but he's extra rude towards Ellis due to his stereotypical redneck tendencies.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Princess Zelda was shown to act rather courteous and open with others. However, due to her own issues and misunderstandings, she acts rather distant at best or openly rude at worst with Link, only speaking with him when she needs to. After he saves her from the Yiga clan, she regrets acting this way and ends up being closer to him than she was with others.
  • Luminous Plume: Emilia's initial interactions with Raven are genuinely cordial, but once she confirms that he's the one who killed her lover Jade, she treats him with contempt for the rest of the game. This implies that she's normally benevolent towards strangers as long as they aren't her revenge target.
  • Mari and the Black Tower: Morgoth is normally Affably Evil even towards his enemies and is willing to entertain Mari's questions, but he shifts to a condescending attitude towards Abbie, who he considers an abomination for being an Artificial Human.
  • Zuke from No Straight Roads is a very chill, level-headed guy. He's the one to take most things in stride and was even willing to give NSR the benefit of the doubt before he saw the full extent of their corruption. The one person he shows genuine rage to is DK West, his older brother, due to a past full of West ignoring or humiliating Zuke.
  • Downplayed example with Hikari from Octopath Traveler II. He's normally unfailingly polite and supportive to everyone, but he's noticeably blunter when it comes to Kazan. While Hikari states that he trusts Kazan, he also criticizes Kazan's drinking and gambling problems, and mentions that it sometimes feels like Kazan is manipulating people who are supposed to be his allies.
  • Overwatch: Lucio is the definition of Nice Guy, he's very upbeat and friendly to everyone. Even he can try to befriend dangerous, psychotic anarchists like Junkrat and Roadhog. However, he gives absolutely no quarters on Symmetra, since she still works for his most hated organization, Vishkar Corporation, in which they were responsible in trying to rennovate his home while employing unethical methods that Lucio had to rise up with his own rebellion just to drive them away. He doesn't care about (or being unaware of) Symmetra's growing conflicts about the organization itself or that she's been trying to get some personal enlightenment out of it (with the help of Zenyatta), she's the only person Lucio keeps treating with ire based on her association with Vishkar.
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Seelah is a jerk to Ember, because of their wildly differing views on religion. Ember is an anti-nihilistic alatrist who cheerfully admits to believing that the difference between gods and mortals is just one of power levels, and uses the fact that several gods, including Iomedae, were mortals who ascended to godhood as proof of this. Seelah, on the other hand, is a deeply devout paladin of Iomedae who was saved from both death and damnation by her goddess' direct and personal intervention, and takes what she perceives as Ember's badmouthing of her divine patron as a personal slight. That said, she doesn't actually dislike Ember, and is relieved to recover her no worse for wear after she's kidnapped in chapter 3.
  • Persona 5:
    • Ryuji's generally a Nice Guy, but he has a tendency to mock or get into arguments with Morgana, who gives as good as he gets. Ryuji eventually goes too far when Morgana's at his lowest point, which, combined with his other issues, causes Morgana to temporarily leave the group.
    • Morgana isn't very innocent either. Out of everyone in the group, he has a habit of poking fun at Ryuji the most and calls him a bunch of nasty names. You can say that they are both jerkasses to each other and only each other.
  • Persona 5 Strikers:
    • Mariko Hyodo is welcoming and motherly to everyone... except civil wards. She's almost cartoonishly harsh to them, such as forcing one to work when he's clearly sick and telling another to watch over a flower bed for 24 hours because a flower wilted. This is because of EMMA's influence on her, exaggerating and preventing her from moving forward from a traumatic event where a civil ward's negligence resulted in a child's death.
    • Akane is resentful toward her father Zenkichi but is relatively polite toward the Phantom Thieves when they come visit her. She thankfully drops this after her Character Arc.
  • Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: For all that he has the Face of a Thug, Hugh is normally polite and courteous. But show him a member of Team Plasma, and his hostility goes off the charts.
  • Project SEKAI: Shiho Hinomori comes off as cold and antisocial towards most people, but she's especially cold towards her older sister Shizuku. In spite of this, Shizuku frequently dotes on Shiho, much to her chagrin.
  • Rave Heart: Klein isn't the nicest of the party to begin with, but he's especially cold towards Chad, despite how the latter is his liege Ellemine's fiancé. This is because Klein distrusts humans after his adopted human father abused him, though he later admits that it's unfair to blame Chad for this and buries the hatchet with him.
  • Re:Kuroi: Marie is a jerk to everyone due to her lack of empathy, but she'll at least try to be polite as long as she can maintain her patience. However, she's especially disdainful of Remy, who she sees as an inferior replacement to Sora as a military leader. The fact that Remy is usually oblivious or uncaring of Marie's insults only serves to increase the latter's ire.
  • Sakura Wars: While a bit of a snobby Rich Bitch, Sumire Kanzaki is generally a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. However, at least early on, she's especially jerkish and mean to Sakura Shinguji; in the first game alone, when Sakura accidentally causes her to faceplant by stepping on her kimono during a rehearsal, Sumire immediately explodes on her before unnecessarily degrading her for being a "rude" and "vulgar" Country Mouse.
  • Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair has Kamen Eiga, who's unusually nasty to the protagonist, Raiko Shinpuku, frequently mocking the latter's gloomy demeanor. It turns out that in the past, Raiko had helped save Kamen from being accused of shoplifting and offered to meet up a week later, only to end up standing Kamen up and returning to Kamen's life a totally different person (both of which are implied to be because of Raiko's sister's death). In the good ending, after Raiko clears Kamen's name, Kamen realizes how unfair she was to Raiko and apologizes. Interestingly enough, Kamen is noticeably ruder to Raiko than Kotoba(a pervert who stalked Kamen's best friend Momoko), and Hiro(perhaps the biggest jerk in the cast, who was planning on cheating on Momoko), and while she snarks at the latter, it almost comes off as good-natured teasing.
  • In Street Fighter 6, Luke and Jamie are generally friendly people with everyone. Well, except towards each other. Any time these two meet, they would find any excuse to throw down and it has been like this for years.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Tenebrae loves to pick on Emil. Tenebrae does occasionally pick on the others (usually if they say or do something stupid), but Emil gets it constantly.
  • Valentina in Super Mario RPG is mean and rude to everyone, but she's more abusive towards Dodo, who works for her.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, Sodia gets along reasonably well with most of Brave Vesperia, except for Yuri, whom she dislikes for his vigilante actions, as well as for being a bad influence on Flynn, Sodia's superior and Yuri's best friend. She even goes as far as to try to kill Yuri just after the fight with Alexei. After the incident, she mellows out a bit, possibly because Yuri chose not to report her.
  • In Undertale, Toriel is a kind, caring and motherly monster, but she's unusually hostile toward Asgore, warning the Player Character about him. It turns out that Toriel used to be Asgore's wife and queen of the monsters, but she left him when he vowed to gather seven human SOULS to break the barrier, only to choose to wait for seven humans to fall into the realm rather than using the first human SOUL to cross through the barrier and claim the other six, vastly prolonging everyone's suffering of being trapped in the Underground and making him look like a spineless coward in Toriel's eyes who's neither brave enough to properly follow through on his vow nor strong enough to admit that his vow was made as a spur-of-the-moment decision after both his biological and adoptive child ended up dead the same day with one of them being killed by humans, apologize to everyone for making it in the first place and that he doesn't have enough courage to accomplish it in a more sensible way. In the True Pacifist ending, Toriel coldly refuses to forgive Asgore, but Asgore being shown working at Toriel's school in the credits seems to suggest that they made some progress at reconciling.
  • The World Ends with You
    • In the original game, Beat was hot-tempered and somewhat abrasive, but got along well with his little sister Rhyme and Shiki. The only exception is Neku, whose cold and abrasive pre-Character Development personality caused them to get off on the wrong foot. Beat and Neku gradually become friends over the course of the game, especially after Beat saves Neku's life by partnering with him during the third week.
    • In NEO: The World Ends with You, Nagi dislikes Fret for most of the game, partly because she finds him obnoxious, but largely because she realizes he isn't being true to himself. She warms up to him over time, though.
  • Yandere Simulator: Osana Najimi is a nice girl for the most part, but she can get pretty abrasive towards Taro Yamada (aka "Senpai") because of her feelings for him.

    Web Animation 
  • The Amazing Digital Circus: Jax is snarky and rude to everyone, but he seems actively malicious towards Gangle, deliberately stepping on her already-broken comedy mask and shoving her out of his way when using an escalator.
  • Among Us Logic: While Player is generally a Nice Guy, he has a pathological hatred for Captain and even fantasizes about slowly murdering him on occasion. Justified, since Captain has claimed Player as his best friend and actively, if ineffectually, tries to push away his actual best friend Veteran, and is generally annoyingly clingy and possessive, so Player has good reason not to like him.
  • Hazbin Hotel: Despite being one of Hell's most feared overlords, Alastor is generally a surprisingly friendly guy. The exception is his bitter rival Vox, who he doesn't bother trying to hide his contempt for. Notably, a run-in with Vox causes him to let loose with a stream of swears; Alastor's language is normally squeaky-clean.
  • Helluva Boss:
    • Barring a handful of Pet the Dog moments, Loona is rude, surly, and unpleasant just about all the time. But she seems to have it out for Moxxie in particular, stealing his food, insulting his weight, putting a "kick me" sign on his back and using a phone app to Photoshop ridiculous costumes onto him.
    • While Fizzarolli is kind of a prick towards Moxxie while at Ozzie's club, he's largely a performer who is trying to appeal to the patrons and has shown to be quite kind to others. Prior to their reconciliation however, Fizz becomes generally hostile whenever Blitzo is in the room and gets a kick out of getting under his skin as a result of their history working in the circus together. This even extends to his replica, Robo Fizz, due to the two having developed a rivalry when Blitzo took a job at Loo Loo Land.
    • Striker is very good at acting friendly and genial, but he has it out for Moxxie and doesn't bother keeping up his usual persona towards him. He even goes so far as to write a country song with lyrics insulting Moxxie and perform it in front of a crowd. During their second encounter, Striker specifically targets Moxxie despite Millie fighting him as well.
  • Mappy: Goro treats most of his workers fairly well, but he'll take any opportunity to mock Mappy, both over the intercoms and to his face. Somewhat justified, as they used to be rivals as criminal and cop, respectively.
  • RWBY: Dr. Arthur Watts is a completely ruthless high-functioning sociopath aiding Salem's campaign of terror and genocide, but he usually acts at least moderately polite and well-spoken when interacting with others. With his ally Cinder Fall, however, he goes out of his way to verbally disparage her and try to make her feel insignificant, whenever they're within each-other's line of hearing. Cinder likewise despises him.

    Web Comics 
  • In Anecdote of Error, Shimei is the Alpha Bitch and is never shown bullying anyone other than Atshi, and as if to make up the deficit in a perverse way, she’s really harsh with her, constantly reminding her that as a housekeeper, Atshi is a second-class citizen, treating her like a child (despite supplemental material revealing that Atshi is actually older) and making it abundantly clear that Atshi is not welcome. This stems almost entirely from her fully believing in their society’s caste hierarchy, in which housekeepers are not expected to do anything but mind the house and take care of the children, and especially not do magic, so the fact that Atshi sucks at magic is enough to confirm her biases. She has some amount of antipathy towards other housekeepers, but nowhere near as much as against Atshi. Ironically, when Atshi decides to infiltrate an enemy base by herself, Shimei goes with her entirely because she refuses to let a housekeeper wander around unsupervised. And she still doesn’t stop her snide remarks.
  • Cursed Princess Club: Jamie is one of the nicest and most supportive characters in the cast. However, he decides to "haunt" Leopold when the painter insults his appearance as Sickeningly Sweet (also because he can tell Leopold is making moves on his sister Gwendolyn even though she already has a fiancé). It shows off a petty and vindictive side to Jamie he rarely shows.
  • Filthy Lies: Joel, good Christian that he is, tries to love all his fellow human beings. Except...
    Joel: I don't love Ted. Jesus himself would be hard pressed to love Ted.

    Web Videos 
  • In campaign 3 of Critical Role, Chetney Pock O'Pea is introduced as somewhat of a Grumpy Old Man, although it mostly takes the form of snide comments and mild mockery. His attitude towards Dorian, however, is insulting and borderline hostile, to the point where Dorian asks why Chetney is being so mean to him with baffled sincerity shortly after they meet. This is mostly because Chetney's player decided on the spot that being really mean to Dorian for literally no reason would be really funny. By the time Dorian needs to leave the party, they've reached something resembling Vitriolic Best Buds; it just took some time to get to that point.
  • Spirit Of The Law loved to poke fun at the Saracens from Age of Empires II in his early videos:
    • He frequently pokes fun at their team bonus (archers getting +1 attack against buildings) during his civilization overviews despite other team bonuses such as the Incas' faster farm building time being worse than the Saracens':
    "Saracens, you call that a team bonus? That's adorable, get outta here."
    • He pulled a Pet the Dog moment when he did the Chinese civilization overview in regards to the Saracens' team bonus having strong synergy with the Chinese Chu Ko Nu. Plus, in no more than five minutes later in that same video, he went back to poking fun of that team bonus for being unable to help Chinese scorpions to win a scorpion fight.
    "Good job Saracens! You did a thing."

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
  • American Dad!: Roger isn't particularly nice to anyone (due to his alien biology, being nice to people will literally kill him), but he especially takes pleasure in mistreating Klaus (who all the Smiths hold in contempt, but again, Roger is the one who is meanest to him).
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Master Shake is already obnoxious and unpleasant in every possible way, but he takes special pleasure in being straight up abusive to Meatwad and very rarely lets up on this cruel treatment.
  • Archer: The title character is known for being a Jerkass to everyone, but is especially cruel to two people. One is his butler Woodhouse, as Archer treats him as if he were subhuman. The other is his submissive co-worker Cyril Figgis, their dynamic is almost identical to a high school bully picking on the class nerd.
  • In Arthur, the only character who Pal consistently antagonizes is Nemo, due to being irritated by the latter's snide personality.
  • Big Hero 6: The Series: Karmi doesn't belittle most people (even though she thinks she's superior to most of them), but does belittle Hiro because she thinks he's upstaging her.
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • At first, Teddy was amiable with Mort, as the two were Bob's regulars and his closest friends. In later seasons, Teddy Took a Level in Jerkass; not only is he obsessed with being involved in the Belchers' lives, he's become hostile and impatient with Mort for being their friend, despite that Mort does nothing but continue to remain cordial to Teddy.
    • Jimmy Pesto overall is not pleasant to be around (not even to his own kids or his Only Friend Trev, and it's implied he's divorced). This particularly reigns true for titular business rival Bob, who Jimmy is obsessively arrogant and condescending towards way beyond business competition.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Eustace Bagge is a grumpy, selfish, cruel old man, and an all-around asshole to everyone, to the extent that the episode "Curtain of Cruelty" had him labeled "the meanest creep in Nowhere". However, he's especially an asshole to Courage, constantly insulting him, scaring him, physically abusing him to a degree, and refusing to show him a bit of gratitude no matter how often Courage saves his worthless butt. It reaches a head in "Ball of Revenge," where Eustace gets so sick of Muriel constantly pampering Courage and ignoring him that he arranges a Villain Team-Up specifically to have Courage killed. Of course, every time he mistreats Courage, Muriel is quick to give him a quick whack in the head with a rolling pin or whatever else may be handy.
  • Wayne Cramp from The Cramp Twins is a Crueler To One example as he bullies nearly everyone he comes across. However, most of his hostility is reserved for his twin brother Lucien Cramp where bullying him is the show's Running Gag.
  • Danny Phantom: Dash will bully just about anyone below a certain popularity level, but Danny seems to be his favorite target. While Sam and Tucker do get some flack from him, it's usually collateral damage from him picking on Danny. Even when Sam gets the school cafeteria to adopt a new vegetarian menu he hates, it's Danny he takes his anger out on, not Sam who's actually to blame for the change. One episode even opens with Danny commenting that Dash's default response to a bad grade is to take it out on him.
  • On DC Super Hero Girls (2019), Giganta is a jerk and a bully to virtually everyone, but she especially takes delight in picking on Karen Beecher. Given how she's a meek, nice girl, this stands out.
  • The Dreamstone: The Land of Dreams is Cruel To One, it's people are usually messianic and peaceful, and only aggressive towards bad guys. The Urpneys, Frizz and Nug however are The Drag-Along that unwillingly assist in Poke the Poodle levels schemes, while the heroes treat them as Villain Ball Magnets and ironically utilise far more merciless vitriol and brutality on them than even the genuinely evil villains. This was likely an unintentional case of Designated Villainy however, later episodes at least tried to make the heroes only proportionately nasty towards the Urpneys.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Kevin is often seen by fans as the resident bully, but he actually has a good relationship with the other kids most of the time, and is mainly a jerk to the titular characters. Sometimes it's justified, other times...not so much. However, while he is antagonistic to the Eds, he has shown tolerance for Edd and sometimes even Ed. He really clashes the most with Eddy. Granted, given how Eddy is the prime reason behind the scams, it makes sense why he does so and Eddy returns the favor. Hilariously enough, they're both not that different from the other, given they both are kinda macho meatheads with short tempers.
    • Sarah is shown to be unpleasant and bad-tempered to the other kids, except for Jimmy, Nazz, and sometimes Edd (who she has a crush on, though more often than not she's a tsundere towards him — the harsh type). The two people she is horrible to the most are Ed (her brother) and Eddy. Sarah also yells at/insults/attacks Jonny much more than all the other kids and treats him almost as badly as she treats the three Eds.
  • The Fairly OddParents!:
  • Family Guy:
  • Final Space: Gary has his faults, but is ultimately a heroic Jerk with a Heart of Gold. That is, setting aside his relentless contempt for KVN, whom Gary berates and maligns at every given opportunity like Micheal Scott does Toby. It's to the point it hurts Gary to show KVN some form of appreciation when he actually does something right, and he cries Tears of Joy one episode later when KVN is seemingly killed in battle.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Mr. Herriman is uptight and strict with just about everyone, but he generally doesn't cross the line into meanness...except when it comes to Bloo. This is partly because of Bloo's troublesome nature, and partly because he's irked that Bloo can't be adopted out unless his creator Mac stops visiting him.
  • Futurama:
    • Hermes is generally a nice guy, despite being an obstructionist bureaucrat, but he hates Zoidberg and picks on him whenever he has the chance, even more than most other characters do.
    • Zapp Brannigan is a callous dick in general, even going so far as to start unnecessary wars and sacrifice his own troops in droves, but he's particularly abusive to his personal assistant Kif, insulting him and having him do menial labor. Notably, it's implied that his treatment of Kif is motivated by genuine dislike rather than being a product of his ego and lack of forethought like his behavior usually is.
  • Glitch Techs has Mitch Williams. While he is a complete jerk to all his coworkers, that's just his egotistical personality. When it comes to Hi-Five and Miko though, he'll intentionally go out of his way to rile them up thanks to their tendency to show him up (both unintentionally and not) in matters both work and video game related.
  • Gravity Falls: Ford Pines is a Cool Old Guy to be around and is enthusiastic about oddities. But his treatment towards his brother is a different story, as he held a grudge over an incident with his science fair project that happened years ago, and had refused to acknowledge all the good deeds his brother had done. They do eventually reconcile, though.
  • Hey Arnold!: Helga is a complex case due to her Sour Outside, Sad Inside personality: she's generally curt and abrasive towards everyone, though she obsessively picks on Arnold, largely due to her crush on him that she seems unable to express in any other way. When a therapist observes her behavior, she very quickly fathoms what's going on just by the excessive amount of time she spends harassing Arnold.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures:
    • Tohru's mother started out as a "Crueler to One" example in her debut episode, being extremely demeaning to her son and the Chans, with Uncle getting the worst of it. At the end of the episode and carrying on into her subsequent appearances, she became much more loving to Tohru and respectful towards Jackie and Jade, but she would still trade insults with Uncle.
    • Uncle himself is Crueler to One in the sense that he's quite grouchy most of the time, but as noted above, he cannot stand Tohru's mother and insults her as much as she does to him.
  • Josie and the Pussycats: Alexandra Cabot follows the band on their tours since her brother is their manager. Alexandra is a Rich Bitch who's snippy and thorny to almost everyone, but she has special guile for Josie. Josie is the band's lead singer and also has the arm of Hunky Alan Mayberry, both of which Alexandra covets. Alexandra has no qualms about using sabotage and subversion upon Josie, though she avoids The Starscream-level malice and firmly remains the Token Evil Teammate of the group.
  • Kaeloo:
    • Kaeloo is a nice person who acts kind and caring to everyone except Stumpy, to whom she does things like deliberately ignoring him as he is drowning, cruelly smiling as she watches him fall off a cliff, and openly mocking him for losing a game.
    • While Mr. Cat is rude and cruel to everyone, he mostly leaves people alone unless they really annoy him. His really Ax-Crazy, sadistic side mostly comes out around Quack-Quack.
    • Cramoisie is a jerk who insults everyone around her, but she is particularly horrible to her sister Violasse, who is notably the only person she resorts to using actual physical violence on.
  • Kenny the Shark: Peter Cassidy is in general a Nice Guy with a loving family and runs a healthy grocery store. It's his daughter's pet shark Kenny he can't stand, mostly due to Peter ending up a recurring victim of the slapstick and chaos Kenny causes. He even tried to sell Kenny to a spoiled boy, only for Kat to refuse and ruin the deal.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Kahn is pretty neurotic and generally makes everyone miserable, but he goes out of his way to be extra rude towards Hank through name-calling and gloating whenever he's more successful than him at something. Despite the vitriol, Kahn has said on at least two occasions that he considers Hank to be his best friend.
    • Cotton Hill is cruel to everyone except Bobby, but, again, Hank gets the worst of it, with Cotton expressing multiple times how disappointed he is in his son.
    • Dale is a Jerkass to Two example. While he's a nutjob who tends to annoy his friends, family, and neighbors with his antics, he isn't intentionally mean most of the time. However, he goes out of his way to be mean to Peggy and Bill because he hates them.
  • The Looney Tunes Show:
    • Speedy Gonzales tends to come off as rather dismissive of Porky Pig, to the point of constantly calling him "Pinky" even when others say his real name out loud. The episode, "Beauty School" begins with Porky desperately looking for someone to hang out with. Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are busy with their girlfriends, but Speedy tells him he has no girlfriend or plans. When Porky asks enthusiastically if he wants to hang out, Speedy nonchalantly says "not really" and just walks off.
    • Daffy is a jerk who leeches off of everyone, but like Speedy above, he's meanest to Porky. It turns out that Porky was Daffy's bully in high school, so payback probably has a lot to do with it (that and Porky's Extreme Doormat nature means he's more willing to put up with Daffy's abuse than anyone else is).
  • Martha Speaks: While Martha has several rivals/enemies, the only one she really insults back is Nelson the cat. This remained true even after she shed her cat prejudice in "There Goes the Neighbourhood".
  • In Miraculous Ladybug, Class Princess Marinette is kind and helpful to everyone she meets, with only two viable exceptions in Chloé Bourgeois, the mean and thoughtless jerk to everyone (particularly Marinette) who isn't A) one of her parents or B) her childhood friend Adrien and Lila Rossi, the sociopathic lying Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who has no problem trying to destroy anybody who wrongs her and is explicitly the sworn enemy of Marinette and Ladybug who will do anything to make her life hell, even become The Dragon to Hawk Moth, endanger all of Paris to bait Ladybug or even try to get her killed.
  • My Little Pony Tv Specials: Sparkler from Escape From Catrina is really only mean to Sundance due to her clumsy nature. She is not seen apologizing after Sundance proves herself either.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Candace is generally snide to almost everyone, but she particularly singles out Phineas, even when she typically goes after both him and Ferb.
    • Susie Johnson puts on a sweet face in front of everyone but Candace, whom she routinely torments for trying to get close to her brother Jeremy. Though considering that Bufford is terrified of her, it's implied she might've tormented him too.
  • The Proud Family:
    • Oscar is a jerk to pretty much everyone but antagonizes Suga Mama the most, often insulting her for no reason, which usually results in her hitting him in retaliation. It doesn't help that Suga Mama was abusive towards Oscar during his childhood.
    • On the flip side, Suga Mama is generally a Cool Old Lady, if a bit cantankerous, but she can't seem to stand her own son Oscar and often insults him or beats him up.
    • Dr. Payne is a large, tough, but nice man who's affectionate towards the Prouds, with Oscar being the exception yet again. Oscar often provokes him, though, with his stubbornness when it comes to taking his medical advice.
    • Wizard Kelly is a Jerk Jock and Corrupt Corporate Executive who loves to flaunt his wealth and success and belittle others while doing so but he especially loves to torment (you guessed it) Oscar over the fact that he has everything that could have been Oscar's.
    • LaCienega is a stuck-up snob who likes to belittle everyone (who's not an adult at least) but Penny is her main target.
    • Bebe and Cece are normal, affectionate babies most of the time, but they like to torment Suga Mama's poodle Puff.
    • In the reboot, the Prouds meet Suga Mama's father, Pa Towne. He's naturally an ill-tempered man, but he's even less pleasant to his daughter, sometimes going out of his way to verbally demean her. When he shows actual respect to Oscar of all people, he gives the only "compliment" he ever gave his daughter, that she did "one thing" right, namely having a son.
  • Rick and Morty: Rick Sanchez is a sociopathic, destructive, nearly irredeemable Insufferable Genius who isn't shy about proclaiming his nihilism. His special disdain, though, is reserved for Jerry Smith for being a pathetic son-in-law and becoming so through impregnating his daughter Beth when they were teens. Rick even had Beth divorce Jerry as payback for Jerry merely suggesting they turn in Rick for all the misery he gave them.
  • In Rocket Power, Lars loves to bully and belittle the main Rocket gang. However, being the Big Brother Bully he is, Lars loves to pick on his younger brother Twister the most.
  • Rugrats: Angelica bullies all the babies but seems to take special fondness in picking on Chuckie, the Nervous Wreck of the group.
    Tommy: [angrily] Angelica, why do you always have to pick on Chuckie?
  • Scooby-Doo: The monsters always chase the gang around, but chase after Shaggy and Scooby (the most cowardly members of the gang) the most.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Homer's infamous dislike of his good-natured, religious neighbor, Ned Flanders. Homer can often be a jerkass, especially in the later seasons, but he holds a large disdain in particular to Ned and even in the episodes where he's friendly to Ned or even gone out of his way to try to help him this hatred comes back in quick gags and in such ways as Homer daydreaming that Ned suffers something horrible or hoping that he ran over Ned... while Ned is in the passenger seat. It's rooted mainly in Flanders' better life.
    • Homer is also this to Bart. He's never physically or (at least voluntarily) mentally abusive to Lisa, Maggie, or Marge (in one episode he's Driven to Suicide at the idea of having been violent to and actually hurt Marge) note  With Bart, it's different, since he often strangles him as a Running Gag, is deliberately neglectful in general, and on several occasions, it's mentioned that he has no problem telling Bart that he was an accident right to his face. Bart in return is disrespectful to him and a notorious prankster. Part of it seems genetic as apparently this has gone back to Abe's grandfather of Simpsons men being antagonistic to their sons (though Bart averts this pattern with his own sons, if one takes the future episodes in canon.) In Barthood, a Simpsons homage to the film Boyhood, Homer (under the influence of weed) confesses to a teenage Bart that the reason they never saw eye to eye came from how Bart's birth forced Homer into maturity.
    • Marge's sisters Patty and Selma are usually apathetic and not very pleasant company for anyone. However, they are absolutely hostile and hateful towards Homer and never miss a chance to insult him or even hurt him. Their reaction to Homer Faking the Dead was buying a tombstone with "Homer J. Simpson. We are richer for having lost him" and in one episode they exploit the fact that because of plot reasons Homer and Marge are not currently married to kidnap him and torture him à la Saw.
    • Helen Lovejoy is an overall scrutinizing Gossipy Hen, but she likes to pester Marge in particular, talking down to her on how she runs her family or what she does in general.
    • Superintendent Chalmers really, really hates Principal Seymour Skinner, to the point that in several episodes (such as "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song") it's showcased that he enforces George Jetson Job Security on Skinner and his antics whereas he's okay with any other principal or teacher being an abusive asshole that drives the school into the ground (the only three things he considers an absolute limit being getting blackout drunk during school hours, being physically abusive to the students and leading students in prayer).
    • The episode "Black Eyed, Please" has as its B-Plot Lisa getting a substitute teacher (Ms. Cantrell, voiced by Tina Fey) that turns Lisa's school life into a living hell while treating all of the other kids in her class well.
    • Bart's kindergarten teacher in "Lisa's Sax" treated most of the children fairly, but she was a snide, apathetic bitch towards Bart, to the point where she openly claimed that everyone is capable of succeeding in life except him. She's actually revealed to be the reason Bart became a troublemaker in the first place.
    • While it doesn't turn up as much as the other examples, Homer has shown consistent disdain towards Milhouse; unlike Patty and Selma or Ned Flanders (whom Homer has occasional positive interactions with), not once has Homer ever spoken of or to Milhouse with any respect, usually referring to him as a "little wiener." In one Treehouse of Horror episode, after Marge accidentally runs over Ned and gets away with it, Homer suggests running over Milhouse next.
      Homer: Hey, we just got away with murder. And it was so easy! [sees Milhouse crossing the street] You know, I never liked that little wiener Milhouse. [steers toward him]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons:
  • South Park: Eric Cartman is a jerkass in general when he's not being The Sociopath, but he likes to rip on Kyle more than everyone else, especially for being Jewish. In the first few seasons, however, it was often Kenny that Cartman would single out for unprovoked prejudice. When it comes to scheming and manipulation, expect Butters to be his go to fall guy.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • While Squidward is generally a snide, rude asshole to everyone around him, and has personally admitted to hating everyone in Bikini Bottom on more than one occasion, he's much ruder and meaner to SpongeBob than he is to anyone else. To be fair to Squidward, much of his attitude toward SpongeBob comes from the sponge constantly bothering him and his antics often ruining Squidward's day. It doesn't help that they're not only neighbors but also co-workers at the Krusty Krab, putting them in close proximity nearly 24/7.
    • SpongeBob is typically the only person whom Mrs. Puff holds a grudge against. Aside from him, she's usually outgoing and friendly to everyone. Like Squidward, it's easy to see where her aversion towards him comes from considering the number of times he has endangered her with his reckless driving and gotten her arrested.
    • While Mr. Krabs alternates between a money-grubbing but fairly likeable guy at best and a cold-hearted, greedy jerkass who only cares about making money at the expense of everyone else at worst, one thing that's consistent is that he seems to have a special hatred for his business rival Plankton, making efforts to actively sabotage Plankton when he's making legitimate profits or simply trying to make him miserable. He's at his lowest in "One Course Meal," where Krabs relentlessly torments him psychologically by dressing up as Pearl (since whales eat plankton), to the extent that Plankton is nearly Driven to Suicide, all for the sake of a cheap laugh. When he’s not dealing with Plankton, he does tend to show a lot of contempt towards Squidward, which is understandable given Squidward's constant apathy towards his job.
    • Squilliam Fancyson is an arrogant, elitist snob in general, but he takes particular delight in tormenting Squidward, whether by rubbing his wealth and success in his face or by setting him up to be publicly humiliated. This is because the two have been bitter rivals since high school, and Squilliam knows his wealth, success and popularity make him everything Squidward — a struggling artist and musician who has to work as a cashier at a fast food restaurant to pay his bills — dreams of being.
  • In the Tangled Somebody Doesn't Love Raymond episode "Rapunzel's Enemy", part of the reason Rapunzel gets so obsessed about why Uncle Monty hates her is because he gets on so well with everyone else. She eventually learns his reasons (he's a traditionalist who thinks the kingdom has been changing too much since her return) and decides neither of them is going to change, so she just has to accept that they're not going to be friends.
  • Teen Titans (2003): Intergalactic hero Val-Yor from the episode "Troq" is friendly towards all of the Titans except for Starfire, as he is a racist who hates Tamaranians. The Titans are ignorant of Val-Yor's racism at first, but they eventually find out the truth and lose all respect for him. Even after Starfire saves his life, Val-Yor doesn't renounce his racism, merely giving a backhanded compliment to Starfire before declaring Earthlings to be as bad as Tamaranians when the Titans reject his "compliment", revealing himself to be a pure Jerkass.
  • Total Drama:
    • Though not without a Hidden Heart of Gold, Duncan is already a rebellious malcontent who takes pride in his label as "The Delinquent". The one he especially likes to antagonize, though, would be resident dweeb Harold. Similarly, the generally uptight, perfectionistic Courtney showed low tolerance for Harold specifically. Eventually, Harold got fed up with the abuse and changed the ballots to get Courtney, who just started a relationship with Duncan, kicked off the team as payback; in turn, this ends up having the two singling him out even more.
    • Heather is a major Alpha Bitch who openly despises nearly everyone in the series. However, if there is one person that Heather loves to go after the most, especially in the first season, it's Gwen. Leshawna is second to Gwen in often running into personal conflict with Heather, but while she hates her just as much as she hates Gwen, she doesn't pick on her as much because she can and does give as good as she gets. While not above retaliating herself, particularly when pushed too far, Gwen will often take the abuse. Heather not only basically threw a challenge to read Gwen's personal diary to the entire world, but she even personally caused the breakup of Gwen and Trent. It should be noted that these actions even disgusted Chris.
    • Eva, known for being pretty much known for being Hated by All and Hates Everyone Equally, was downright hostile towards Bridgette in the episode "No Pain, No Gain." This was because Eva felt like she was betrayed by her "backstabbing Killer Bass team" (even though it was her own fault for her elimination due to her blind rage). Eva made it her mission to make Bridgette's life hell and, at one point, even forces Lindsay to make Bridgette do a painful dare.
    • Alejandro, who is the Big Bad of World Tour, is a major Manipulative Bastard who admits he views everyone as players in his game and, while he is just as hated as Heather, is not one who'll have a personal grudge against anyone, and there are at least a few characters he's at least on neutral terms with (Tyler, Lindsey, and eventually Heather). However, if there is one person that Alejandro despises more than anyone (besides his brother), it's Owen. This is mainly because of two things: Owen calling him by "Al" which is a major Berserk Button for Alejandro since his brother constantly teases him with that name and Owen's overall disposition of being a living fart machine. Because of this, Alejandro took many opportunities throughout the season to humiliate and even injure Owen to the point he managed to hypnotize him on a whim.
    • Scott, the Big Bad of Revenge of the Island, Took a Level in Kindness in All-Stars, behaving much more politely towards his fellow competitors and no longer throwing challenges to vote them off like he did before. That said, he's still mean to Cameron and continues to antagonize him whenever he can.
    • Sugar in Pahkitew Island can be a jerk toward anyone when she feels like it but she especially has it out for Ella purely because she can't stand the latter's overbearing niceness and eagerness to be friends with her. Sugar even went out of her way to get Ella eliminated from the show when she tricked Ella into singing (Chris recently banned Ella from singing because her songs always calmed the animals and Chris, being a massive sadist, hates when he loses opportunities to torment the contestants).
    • Also from Pahkitew Island, Amy treats everyone like garbage, but her treatment of her twin younger sister Samey is borderline criminal.
    • Emma from Island (2023) forms a friendship with Bowie at first and she calls out MK on being rude to Nichelle instead of encouraging her in episode 3. However, when it comes to her ex-boyfriend Chase, she's delighted to see him suffer.
  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race: Stephanie is shown to be extremely irritable towards most of the other contestants on the show, but for the majority of her time there, she's especially vindictive to her ex-boyfriend Ryan, to the point where her treatment of him can be seen as abusive. She eventually realizes the error in her ways, however, and makes up with Ryan before the two are eliminated.
  • In most Transformers interpretations, Megatron is a Bad Boss all around, but saves most of his vitriol for The Starscream of his crew. Especially evident with G1 Starscream, who got the worst of Megatron's abuse, if for good reason since the former is famed for relentlessly insulting, defying, disobeying, and even trying to overthrow the Decepticon leader.
  • Verminious Snaptrap from T.U.F.F. Puppy is the leader of D.O.O.M. and has genuine friendships with its members, except for his brother-in-law Larry, whom he constantly abuses (most especially dropping him in his shark tank). In "Snap Dad", Snaptrap briefly quits D.O.O.M. and becomes a T.U.F.F. agent when he falls in love with Peg Puppy, Dudley's mother. At one point, Snaptrap has to fight his former teammates, but can't bring himself to do so. He admits to Dudley and Kitty that while he refuses to shoot Ollie and Francisco, he has no problem with shooting Larry.


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