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Vinyl City, are you ready to rock?!
(singing) This is our city. Vinyl City. We play our music. Play freely. Until they came. It was NSR. An empire of EDM! They took over the city led by Tatiana! Oh Tatiana! She's the big boss. And has a crew. And they're so bad. And they smell bad. They must be stopped!

Ta-da-da-dum ta-da-da-dum da-daaaaaa-daaaaaaa-dadhjashdkjasbdkjasbnfqwertyuiopasdfghj!

It's time we stand up and fight against NSR/ We'll battle with them to the very end/ Fight for our rights! The music revolution about to start! NSR you better watch your back! We are gonna come for you tonight! We will face your EDM with Rock! But first let me finish this song! Take a piece of this—BAM! And a slice of that—POW! It won't be easy—WOO! It's okay because we ROCK!
Bunk Bed Junction, "Welcome to Vinyl City"

Vinyl City. A groovy, colourful rocking place for music and artists everywhere, where you are free to express yourself however you wish—until NSR came, taking over the city with their vast financial resources and influence, doing everything it can to restrict and crush all other forms of music except for their artists and their EDM.

Enter Bunk Bed Junction, an indie rock-duo comprised of guitarist/singer "Mayday" and drummer "Zuke." Disgusted and angered by NSR's predatory pracitces, they vow to crash their artists' concerts and performances, take down their CEO, Tatiana, and free their city and its people with The Power of Rock!

No Straight Roads is an upcoming rhythm-based action-adventure game developed by Malaysian independent studio Metronomik and published by Sold Out. The core of the gameplay revolves around its soundtrack, enemies and attacks all timed to the beat of the music, and the protagonists fighting them by firing notes like bullets, transforming props and objects into machine-guns and useful devices by playing epic solos, or simply smacking them with their instrument. It is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2020.


This game provides examples of:

  • Crosshair Aware: In the "Mother and Child" demo, a crosshair on the ground indicates whenever an attack is about to drop in from above.
  • Double Jump: "Mother and Child" demo has the player jump twice to overcome tall obstacles early on.
  • Gatling Good: Mayday is able to turn the stage props in the demo into golden gatling turrets by playing music near them.
  • Homing Projectile: In the "Mother and Child" demo, the player character picks up notes off the level and is then able to shoot them. These projectiles will then home in on the closest target.
  • Propaganda Piece: Invoked by the Boss trailers, which are styled as NSR commercials presenting the bosses in a good light: for instance, they make Yinu look like an Innocent Prodigy or show DJ Subatomic Supernova giving a rousing speech about music.
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  • Shockwave Stomp: Yinu's mother in the demo is able to have a shockwave resonate across the entire stage by slamming her hand into the ground.


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