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The Friend Nobody Likes

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"Hey, I'm relevant, too!"
"It's like that friend who's an asshole, but he's our asshole."
Nick Webber, Hot Tub Time Machine

In a group of otherwise good friends, there's one character who's an unrepentant Jerkass to everyone else. Or, if they aren't downright mean or cruel, they may be so stupid, annoying, or just plain weird that it's embarrassing to be seen with them. In any case, asking a member of the group "Why are you even friends with him?" is a perfectly legitimate question. It can usually be answered with one or more of the following explanations:

  1. Seniority—The group members have known this person for a long time. They might have even genuinely liked him or her at one point, but years of maturity and development (either by the disliked "friend" or by the others) resulted in this member no longer fitting in. Despite this, they continue to hang out with this person out of obligation, loyalty or familiarity.
  2. Proximity—They're neighbors, classmates, family members, coworkers, landlords or spouses/partners and the group simply can't be rid of them. So they might as well tolerate the nuisance to the best of their abilities in order to keep peace.
  3. Necessity—They're worth keeping around because they're useful. Oftentimes, they possess skills or resources that no one else can provide or have qualities that hold everyone together in times of crisis. (Examples include the Bunny-Ears Lawyer, the Indispensable Scoundrel, The Team Benefactor, the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder or the Team Mom/Team Dad).
  4. Control—Someone with power over the group (parents, teachers, bosses, etc.) is forcing them to include this person, who is likely a spouse/partner or relative to said higher power. The disliked friend could even be that authority figure themselves.
  5. Fear—The last thing you want to do is piss this person off by telling them they can't join in. Similar to this is:
  6. Goodwill—in which the others will allow the disliked "friend" to tag along not necessarily because they're afraid of his or her wrath, but because they are too nice to tell them to sod off.
  7. Pity—They're such a pathetic loser that the group just can't bring themselves to kick them to the curb. Alternatively, the group might keep them around because they are pathetic since hanging out with the loser makes everyone else feel better about themselves. At its darkest extreme, it can lead to:
  8. Abuse—The group wants to keep this person around because they see them as a punching bag. Commonly, the group would have to be utter Jerkasses or bullies who seek pleasure in pushing them around. If the disliked friend gets fed up with the treatment and leaves the group, expect them to get treated in the wrong for doing so. Because Status Quo Is God, the disliked friend will be back in the group by the end of the episode. And while the group may have a Heel Realization and apologize for their bad behavior, they will go right back to mistreating their "friend" in subsequent episodes.
  9. Audience Popularity—Sometimes a jerkish Ensemble Dark Horse will start hanging around the group just to feature them more prominently.
  10. Supervision—The disliked character is too dangerous or irresponsible to be left to their own devices.
  11. CaringDeep down, the group (or at least one member) really does care (or the disliked character cares about them), and the issues all boil down to difficult behaviour. Even the closest of friends fight with each other from time to time, but at the end of the day, they are still True Companions.
  12. Deserving—Even if they don't care, per se, the group does recognize the character has some redeeming qualities despite their faults, or else they've done something to earn a place in the group.

It's not even that their friends aren't aware of their behavior, either. They're perfectly aware that the person is a jerk, or a geek, or a ditz, and will frequently treat them as such based on their behavior. They still get included in the group nonetheless, with the group often defending them if any outsiders insult or mistreat them.

In some cases, it's discovered that the group really does care about this friend and vice versa. In other words, "They may be a pain in the butt, but they're our pain in the butt." Often uttered right before such lines as "You mess with them, you mess with all of us!" or "We're not leaving anyone behind!" The character may have a breakout episode that explains the reason for their attitude or reveals a human side that never showed before (such as a cute hobby or a Hidden Heart of Gold).


More tragic examples may lead to the disliked character Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, and their former "friends" bitterly regretting that they tolerated someone so obviously malicious for so long. Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal can be at play if the friend gets fed up with the way they treat him.

This is Truth in Television. Chances are you have a "friend" like this (or multiple "friends"), or you may even be that "friend" yourself.

Compare Vitriolic Best Buds and With Friends Like These..., where this kind of attitude is usually limited to one or two select members of the group as opposed to being the opinion of the group as a whole (though the latter trope can compliment this one if one friend is actively disrespected enough by the others).

This trope may overlap with Loser Friend Puzzles Outsiders. However, in this trope the whole social circle hates the "loser" rather than an outsider to the group, and the person may actually have some cause for being disliked. In the other, the person is usually presented as being an innocent victim of prejudice, whether it's related to social Darwinism, jocks vs geeks, Slobs vs. Snobs, or racism, fantastic or otherwise.

If The Friend Nobody Likes is a protagonist or otherwise portrayed sympathetically, he may instead become The Woobie. The Friend may also be The Gadfly if they aren't an up-and-out jerk.

If someone is disliked to the point that people won't associate with them, All of the Other Reindeer is in play.

See also My Friends... and Zoidberg, The Complainer Is Always Wrong, No Accounting for Taste (when a romantic couple are similarly incompatible), and Token Evil Teammate.


Other Examples:

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    Fan Works 
  • An Incognito Query: Discussed. When Question and Reagan are driving, Reagan asks why none of the League is helping him. He comments that they don't get involved with his work, making Reagan realize that they think he's plain nuts.
  • Devin, from the Torchwood fanfic A Thousand Years, could apply. Upon being anonymously contacted by Jack (long story), his friends dismiss his concerns of it being a trap. They are also shown to be unsympathetic (even smug) when Jack tells them what his idol, Gwen Cooper, was "really like".
  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: In "What if David never betrayed them?", the Animorphs split up to do missions so that some of them can avoid David, especially Rachel and Tobias.
  • In Amazing Fantasy, Bakugou's middle school classmates admit behind his back that they can't wait to be rid of him and only fall in line out of fear rather than respect. He loses almost all of his social clout after Izuku manages to humiliate him twice by accident. Bakugou himself is shaken by this and falls back on old habits rather than trying to correct his behavior because he doesn't understand what he's doing wrong.
  • In An Apostate? Me? Varric claims that Emma Hawke's bickering group is united mainly in their dislike of Sebastian, who became a party member by accident and refuses to go away.
  • In Avenger Knight, Batman to a certain extent seems to be this to the Avengers. Nick Fury does not like how little he knows about him, though he does believe that the Dark Knight cares for Gotham. Hawkeye really doesn't like Batman though he does accept that Gotham would have fallen apart without him. Tony just outright thinks he's a lunatic.
  • In the Twilight fanfic Before The Dawn, while Joham was invited to attend the current vampire conference due to his unique knowledge of hybrids, it is made increasingly clear that nobody likes him, ranging from the other vampires treating him with contempt for raping his 'test subjects' to one vampire 'compelling' birds to leave their droppings all over his tent.
  • As seen in Chapter 29 of BlazBlue Alternative: Remnant, Terumi, despite being a member of Salem's inner circle, is loathed by pretty much everyone there. The more vile members like Cinder and Tyrian are unable to stomach his presence for very long (it's even noted that their mutual hatred for him is one of the few things they seem to agree upon), and despite Hazel's attempts to be courteous, it's made clear that even he can't stand him either. Of course, with how much of a sadistic asshole he is, Terumi relishes in every moment of being so despised by his "allies" in Salem's group.
  • In Boys und Sensha-do!, Heishi is this among Shark Team, which is entirely composed of male OCs. The team isn't especially close (in contrast to most Oarai crews, which are composed of clubs or close friends) — only Akio and Masaru are friends with each other, as are the other two boys — but none of the two pairs of close friends especially like Heishi, thinking of him as an annoyance. He's a Necessity example, though, since they need him to load their tank.
  • C Listers: None of the C-Listers like Mr. Camera, on account of him being a massive pervert who uses his powers to creep on women, something even his fellow supervillains take offense to.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series:
    • Sherman starts out as this (though Andy, his owner, puts up with him), but he later strikes up a friendship with Calvin. He's still not too good with Hobbes or Socrates, though.
    • Ironically, the latter is this as well, being a very annoying prankster.
  • Children of Remnant: While Ironwood's status in the Ozluminati is shaky at best, nobody likes Winter. Summer notes that the Atlas forces in Vale have all but become an occupying force under her charge, all of them are selectively picking what information she sees out of fear that she'll start a war, and even her own specialists have started to get nervous around her, which Summer notes is a recent development.
  • In The Choices of Earth, while the Doctor allows Tom Milligan to stay with them to investigate what's happening to the children despite Tom having cheated on Martha, it's made clear that nobody else in Torchwood forgives him for cheating and he's mainly there because the Doctor, Martha, Jack, Ianto and Gwen don't dislike him enough to want him dead.
  • Bela Talbot starts as this in The Corrupted Innocent as the Winchesters don't like or trust her and only keep her around at first to find out why she was released from Hell along with Dean. As Bela learns more about the current stakes of the situation and commits herself to helping the Winchesters, all parties grow past this initial tension, to the extent that Dean and Bela end up falling in love.
  • Earth's Alien History: The Cardassians and the Breen become this to the rest of the Pact of the Raptor after their failed invasion of Klingon space during the Praxis War ruins the Romulans' attempt to install a Pact-friendly Klingon government. They just barely avoid being kicked out of the Pact, are forced into debt to the Romulans when they pay off their reparations to the Klingons for them, are made to accept demilitarized zones in their territories, and are made to surrender colonies to the Shield Alliance.
  • Eugenesis has Mirage and Prowl, neither of whom are liked by most (if any) of their fellow Autobots. Prowl is worse off because of his total lack of people skills or leadership abilities.
  • While Genesis, Angeal and Zack like Sephiroth in The Fifth Act, they don't trust him at all. Angeal and Genesis kept their terminal illness a secret out of shame and resentment. Genesis and Zack initially keep Sephiroth out of their investigation of Cloud's disappearance in fear Sephiroth would turn on them as he is loyal to ShinRa and Cloud's disappearance is a company cover-up. Sephiroth himself notes how no one trusts him.
  • For the Glory of Irk:
    • Everyone agrees that CB is an obstinate Jerkass and only put up with him because of his usefulness.
    • Everyone dislikes Therron due to his laziness and stupidity. Any respect he does manage to get is just because he's a Tallest and the shorter Irkens are obligated to show it to him.
  • In Ghosts of the Future, Metal Sonic joins up with the heroes and is immediately relegated to this role. Since he was previously being controlled by the Big Bad, crippled Silver's little sister during that time, and was a supervillain even before all that, their distrust and scorn isn't surprising. Even Metal himself never faults them for hating him. The only exceptions to this are Sicily (who becomes best friends with him) and Sonic (who used to hate him, but reconsiders after seeing him acting selflessly).
  • Ron is this in Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. Harry keeps thinking mean things about him, such as "Ron's Ron shirt was just as bad as Ron himself".
  • A Hero's Wrath: It is implied that Endeavor is still the No. 2 hero despite his toxic personality and various scandals is because the Hero Commission has a vested interest in keeping him. Otherwise no one could stand him. Deus even compares him to Asura and makes a point that Asura was at least an honorable man who actually cared about other people, Asura himself having hunted Endeavor down and roughed him up when he found out about Shoto and his wife.
  • How the Light Gets In has a more somber version of this than usual. In one flashback, Laurel remarks to Dean that she's pretty sure that the members of Team Arrow don't like her. She's pretty sure they don't dislike her, but she's still sure they don't like her. Another flashback reveals that she's absolutely right. As far as Dean's concerned, even after they accepted her, they still considered her an outsider. In the present, she and Diggle even talk about it.
    Diggle: You know, when you first joined the team. I didn't like you. Did you know that?
    Laurel: Uh, yeah, no shit.
    • Even after they accept her, they don't like Dean, with opinions varying between dismissing him as a civilian and viewing him as an unstable threat. After he pummeled Oliver and killed Darhk, this has only increased.
    • On the flip side, Dean and his extended family all clearly have a very low opinion of Oliver, and the only member of Team Arrow Dean has any trust or respect for is Diggle.
  • The Infinite Loops:
    • The MLP Loops: Angel Bunny. He's a jerk on his best days, usually far worse, has conquered multiple worlds, and is a freaking Sith Lord. Fluttershy is the only one who can stand him.
      Celestia: Of all the creatures I have encountered in the defense of the realm, you possess the blackest heart.
    • The RWBY Loops: Most of the villainous loopers. In order of activation: Roman and Neopolitan Torchwick, Cinder Fall, and Raven Branwen. While they all start off as examples of supervision, they each seem to develop into care and proximity examples. Yang, Raven's biological daughter, sums it up best: "I might not be willing to call you my mom, [but] I still think of you as part of my family."
  • Olrox from Joys of the Parenthood - The Țepeș Edition is the one most prone to issue complaints to Dracula for one reason or another. When he brings up Adrien's "antics" in the castle and calls them a problem, no one else in the council backs him up, a few even requesting play-time with the young prince.
  • In La Squadra Special Mission: Seduce the Boss, overlapping with Even Evil Has Standards, La Squadra is disgusted by Melone for his perverted tendencies and nasty habit of impregnating random women to produce juniors for his Stand.
    Footnote #23, Chapter 2: Incidentally, Melone is the exact sort of person that gives you way too much information about his pregnancy fetish approximately ten minutes after you first meet him. There are so many things the team wishes they could forget.
  • Deconstructed in let's go out with a bang!: Miu's well aware that none of her classmates particularly like her, aside from Kaede. Kokichi doesn't help; she's one of his favorite targets, and the others commonly berate her for letting herself get baited by things like him casually telling her to kill herself. This fuels Miu's paranoia and persecution complex, as she clings to the notion that none of her problems are her own fault — it's all his doing!
  • In The Lightning Strike- featuring Harry Potter being sent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Voldemort killed him- Madame Hydra is the only member of Hydra's leaders to have been enhanced herself, but Baron Strucker notes that there are almost certainly half a dozen black projects set up to take her out even though she's ostensibly on their side and the only reason none of them have been put into practice is that nobody had the chance to do so yet.
  • Deadpool in the sequel and spin-offs to The Many Dates of Danny Fenton. Owing to his insanity, career, or his overly friendly attitude, he's not well liked by most people who associate with him. This includes Danny's dates and girlfriends in other timelines, including Supergirl, Kim Possible and even Phantasma. Danny Phantom, on the other hand, whether it be cluelessness on what Deadpool does or just because he's nice to him, considers him a friend.
  • The Mountain and the Wolf: The Wolf almost instantly becomes this to Daenerys' closest allies due to his overbearing manner, cheerfully-assumed violent nature, and his constant way of indirectly insulting people on his own side without seeming to intend to (and because he's even bigger and scarier than Gregor Clegane, no one can do much about it). His genuine talent for warfare gives another reason to keep him around, but once King's Landing is taken he becomes entirely insufferable. Oddly enough, he's genuinely friendly with Tyrion of all people, something Tyrion is not exactly happy about.
  • Mr and Mrs Gold: Due to her ambiguous alliance and the incident involving Cinderella, Belle decided not to attend Snow White’s baby shower, sending her gift by mail and appearing after everybody else left.
  • In My Huntsman Academia, Katsuki Bakugou is still this. Everyone is flabbergasted at Izuku's ability to treat him kindly despite the horrendous bullying and abuse he piled on him all the way up to the point that they both entered Beacon. Shouto and Ren tolerate and snark at Katsuki, while Yang, Pyrrha, and Nora are all tempted to beat the crap out of him for his treatment of Izuku and Ruby. In time, several heapings of Humble Pie and Laser-Guided Karma start to mellow him out, and Ruby can usually hold a half-decent conversation with him after taking Izuku's and Mitsuki's advice on how to handle him.
  • In the "A Common Enemy Without A Common Cause" omake of Perfection Is Overrated, Hitomi and Shizune prove to be this to their fellow SUEs, standing out from the rest of the already dysfunctional team. Hitomi is an Ax-Crazy Jerkass murderer and deconstruction of the Jerk Sue who openly states her intentions to kill the others For the Evulz; the others, despite having poor morals, find her repulsive. Shizune is a religious extremist who wants to kill everyone who doesn't agree with her — which means all of the SUEs, for one reason or another. They're all cases of Proximity, since they don't have any choice in the matter, though.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Ash's Pokédex of all things, is this to Ash and the rest of his group. With its Insufferable Genius and Deadpan Snarker tendencies, Ash and the others never miss the chance to voice their annoyance at it.
    • A more serious example is Red's Clefairy, whose Ax-Crazy personality makes it that none of Red's Pokémon are able to tolerate its presence, except his Pikachu and Charizard.
  • Precipice: Despite all the help he has provided the Rebel Alliance with, Hondo isn't really well liked among them, mainly due to him being an unrepentant scoundrel and because many consider him to be annoying.
  • Prison Island Break:
    • The group initially treats Shadow this way. His only friend is Sonic, and it takes Silver a long, long time to warm up to him.
    • Absolutely no one likes Scourge. The only reason he sticks around is because there's very little the group can do to get rid of him.
  • In Prodigal Son, despite being the new heir of the Hairy Hooligans — being the typical Viking the tribe wanted to be Stoick's successor — Snotlout's Know-Nothing Know-It-All Narcissism has caused everyone to lose all confidence in him, usually trying to ignore him or keep him busy.
  • The Raven's Plan: House Lannister is this among the nobility of Westeros, due to their (especially Tywin and Cersei's) actions in the original timeline. The only reason that no one is waging war against them is due to a combination of Tyrion having taken over and the greater threat of the Others looming on the horizon.
  • Regaining Perspective also portrays Laurel as this to Team Arrow. Oliver eventually comments on it, acknowledges his role in it, questions what exactly Felicity and Diggle's problems with her are, and demands that it stop.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness Act VI: Arial Kuyumaya has a Hair-Trigger Temper and constantly acts like a Spoiled Brat, with every attempt to berate her and get her to mellow out falling flat because she Can't Take Criticism and will physically attack anyone who tries. Throughout Act VI, only Dark, Complica, and Sun can actually stand to be around her; everyone else in the group barely tolerates her at best and has no qualms against calling her crazy, stupid, or otherwise badmouthing her to her face.
  • RWBY: Epic of Remnant: The Servants all hate Angra Mainyu because he's an ass. The only reason why they tolerate him is because he's Gudako's boyfriend.
  • Syaoran in Shatterheart. Because of his clone's betrayal of the group, he is tolerated at best hated at worst by the rest of the group due to misplaced blame.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, neither Sonic nor any of his friends like Eric very much due to how crazy and annoying he is, and how he apparently nearly got all of them killed several times in the past. Even Sonic himself, who is a bit more sympathetic to Eric, simply tolerates him at best.
  • The Stalking Zuko Series:
    • Mai is a Dating example, as while she's Zuko's girlfriend, her abrasive attitude gets on everyone else's nerves. Interestingly enough, she starts getting along better with the rest of the cast after (albeit not as a result of) her final breakup with Zuko.
    • Aang, possibly unintentionally, is a downplayed example, being a mix of necessity (since he's the Avatar) and Pity (since, for all his flaws, he's a Nice Guy). The Gaang keep him around, but they, particularly Katara, feel bad for him more than they enjoy his company or respect him and can be fairly harsh with him when he makes a decision with which they don't agree, even if they don't say it to his face.
  • Danny Phantom: Stranded: Stella isn't very well-liked by Danny's parents, but it's justified, given that they had met while their kids were missing during Lost and everyone assumed that their disappearance was due to Stella badmouthing Danny and arguing with Star over it. Combined with Stella's thoughtlessness/lack of responsibility about the situation, they begin to dislike her. Even when Stella apologized to Danny, they did not forgive her and made it clear that they only associate with her due to her daughter being Danny's girlfriend.
    • It is more prominent during Bonding, where Maddie and Jack barely hid their dislike of Stella and seemed to bond more with Jonathan. When Stella and Johnathan started arguing, both Jack and Maddie took Johnathan's side and admitted how they really feel about Stella and her past actions. Thankfully, after the ghost attack and Stella risking her life to save Star, they acknowledge what she did and let bygones be bygones. By Sick, they are much more civil with Stella.
  • In the There Was Once an Avenger from Krypton series, Nick Fury is this to the Avengers and their other allies, due to his abrasive personality and his habit of morally grey actions taken behind their backs supposedly for the greater good. Pepper jokes that everyone hates him, even Fury himself.
  • Matt is this in Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything. Everyone just seems to tolerate his presence to various degrees even his wife.
  • Where Talent Goes to Die, being a Danganronpa fic, has a few examples. Like Danganronpa, they're cases of Proximity.
    • Shiro Kurogane, the Ultimate Shogi Player. He bears a grudge against the protagonist, Kaori Miura, for defeating him in a shogi match by virtue of her beginner's luck, and repeatedly antagonizes her, even when she tries to apologize. Virtually no one who spends much time interacting with him has a positive opinion of him, and when Sakuragi murders him in order to frame Miura and graduate, most of the cast is more focused on finding the killer to stay alive than mourning his death.
    • Sora Hoshino, the Ultimate Astronomer, is brutally honest, and doesn't hesitate to say what's on his mind, regardless of how offensive it may be, resulting in him frequently butting heads with Reiko Mitamura, and virtually anyone else who disagrees with him on any point. Murdering two of the more well-liked members of the class purely so he can graduate does not win him any favors, to say the least.
    • Downplayed with Anzu Sugiura, the Ultimate Waitress. She's not nearly as unpopular as someone who secretly has the title of Ultimate Poisoner would normally be, but while Hoshino is the only one who openly detests her, she isn't particularly close with most of her classmates. She calls Miura her Only Friend, and says that she has an "understanding" of sorts with Iwasawa, whom she trusts enough to cooperate with on a plan to sacrifice themselves in order to satisfy the requirements for Monokuma's motive.
    • The sequel, Where Talent Goes on Vacation, continues this trend.
      • Yuichi Asakura is a Jerkass to just about everyone, especially Nagato, since he hates her for getting the same Ultimate Title that he has, and supposedly diminishing its value. Azuki concludes by the end of their Free Time Events that they'll never be friends, and even Nagato implies that she can't stand him.
      • Satoshi Karita, the Ultimate Con Artist, is also disliked due to his untrustworthy personality, and how his talent indicates that he has no qualms with lying to or manipulating others for his own benefit. He tries to downplay this trope by remaining relatively civil to others so that they won't hate him enough to kill him, but his relationship with his roommate Asakura is bad enough that they had to divide their cabin into sides.

    Films — Animated 
  • Bobby from A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie is a goofball, always happy, and not self-conscious in the least. His friends, Max and PJ, who can both be described as serious, angsty, and awkward but to different degrees, are far more likely to be disgusted, confused, and/or mortified by Bobby's behavior than they are to actually appreciate having him around. When they meet another friend in college, Beret Girl, who is also serious and angsty but not awkward, she goes even further, thinking Max and PJ are "cool" and that Bobby is a "fool." Max and PJ are closer to each other than they are to him in both movies. So why is it that they keep him around and treat him like a True Companion in the sequel? Because he's a Bunny-Ears Lawyer who is good at both rigging stage equipment and playing extreme sports, which helps the other two achieve Max's goalsnote . However, Bobby is closer to the two of them in the sequel, and while they may be weirded out by his behavior, they do regard him as a good friend.
  • In Ice Age, Sid the Sloth is this. Out of a combination of pity and the acknowledgement that he holds the herd together, nobody kicks him out. If there's one thing they can agree on, it's that Sid is a loser. However, they do care about him.
  • The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie:
    • Hal Jordan to the Justice League. Even Superman himself tries to avoid him and makes it clear he can't stand him, yet he's still a part of the league.
    • Batman himself comes across as prideful, self-obsessed, antisocial, and trying way too hard to be cool. He makes up for it with his impressive competence and is considered famous and beloved by the general populace, but it's suggested that most of the League doesn't really like having him around. Fortunately, he does mellow out.
  • Exploited in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks. Ex-Big Bad Sunset Shimmer considers herself to be this among the Rainbooms, who are the only people willing to interact with her after the previous movie, since the rest of Canterlot High School still hates her guts. When the Dazzlings infect the school with a Hate Plague through Mind-Control Music, they taunt Sunset about her past as the Alpha Bitch of Canterlot High, preventing Sunset from speaking up about what she knows of the Dazzlings' plans.
    • In the same film, Rainbow Dash consistently gets on the nerves of her bandmates in the Rainbooms. The Dazzlings' influence causes nearly everyone to voice out their frustrations with their friends and allies, but Rainbow does a very good job at alienating everyone on her own.
  • Shrek: Donkey annoys everyone (especially Shrek and Puss) with his constant singing and talking and they can't stand him sometimes and consider him a bit of a nuisance. However, he remains an important member of the team and they do in fact care about him and the three are quite close.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • A Wedding (1978): It's implied that Briggs and Tracy are only invited to the wedding and the reception due to being the bride and groom's respective exes and Briggs being Dino's roommate. They miss the wedding itself and arrive late with excuses that may or may not be true. When Briggs dies after stealing Dino's car and it's speculated that Tracy was with him, most of their peers are unconcerned and resume partying. Granted, they did just think that Muffin and Dino died and are overcome with relief to find them alive, but Luigi is the only one to show any concern over telling their families what happened.
  • While Stifler is more of an outright antagonist in the first American Pie, he becomes this in American Pie 2 since they're staying at his place in the summer, and works to redeem himself in the third movie American Wedding. By the reunion movie American Reunion, Stifler plays dumb when the other friends offer lame excuses as to why they didn't call him to hang out with them. Later, after they yell at him for mocking Finch's arrest, he calls them out on this, forcing them to realize that even though he's a jerk, he's also a true friend to them by virtue of being a dick and making things much less boring.
  • Beau Geste: Gussie hangs out with his adopted cousins a lot, but they view each other with mutual annoyance. Gussie is actually pleased to role-play as King Arthur's betrayer Modred when Beau is role-playing as King Arthur.
  • The Big Lebowski: Donny. Walter and The Dude only seem to tolerate him because he's on their bowling team; the Dude almost never talks to him and the most common lines Walter says to him are "Shut the fuck up, Donny" and "You're out of your element, Donny". This is not due to a failing on Donny's part, but because Walter and The Dude are varying degrees of assholes. The only time they showed care for him was when he was dying from a massive heart attack, and even then his funeral was mostly spent with Walter going on a tangent about the Vietnam War and him improperly dumping Donnie's ashes.
  • Birds of Prey (2020) reveals pretty much the entirety of Gotham's criminal underworld hates Harley Quinn's guts, but are forced to put up with all her bullshit and abusive behavior because she was the Joker's girlfriend and everyone was terrified of crossing him. The second they're certain they've broken up, everyone in town starts coming for her head.
  • Dazed and Confused has O'Bannion (a very young Ben Affleck), a hot-tempered sadistic bully. He is at best tolerated by his fellow seniors for a combination of reason 1-3. They've known him forever (he's actually been in school longer than they have), they're all stuck in the same high school, and as Randall "Pink" Floyd admits, he's a really good offensive lineman in American football.
  • Cameron in Dead Poets Society is a fairly unpleasant individual who kisses up to the school staff and mocks people behind their backs. The others only hang out with him because he's part of the study group and Charlie's roommate. In the end he's the one to betray them and Keating.
  • Barry from Four Lions is kept around by the group because he's by far the most idealistic and enthusiastic about jihad. He's also a very charismatic preacher, and adds a fifth member to the team by radicalizing him at an outreach event. Unfortunately, he's also a stupid, cruel, violent psychopath whom Omar cannot control.
  • Deadpool 2: Wade lampshades that none of the big-name X-Men ever seem to be around. While the out of universe reason (which Wade points out) is that the studio didn't have the money, in-universe it seems they're all intentionally avoiding him for being an annoying, murderous Anti-Hero. The main cast can be briefly seen for a few seconds... and they quickly close the door before Wade notices them.
  • Alan in The Hangover. He's immature and screws things up. His group membership is based on being the bride-to-be's brother.
  • In Happy Birthday to Me, Alfred is one of the Cameron Top Ten, but nobody in the Ten actually seems to like him; Ginny and Ann show him pity and the others play pranks on him.
  • As shown in the page quote, Hot Tub Time Machine has Lou, who is a both a big jerk and a loser that no one seems particularly fond of, but he's been ostensibly a friend of two out of three of main characters for years and they still run out to the hospital after hearing he attempted suicide.
  • Richie Tozier seems to be this in It (2017). His friends always leave him as a lookout when they're doing something important, and they tell him to shut up all the time, due to his trashmouth. But deep down he's really a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, and does have an Undying Loyalty towards all of his friends.
  • Leo Getz from the Lethal Weapon movies. Introduced in the second film, Leo was originally a federal witness that Riggs and Murtaugh are assigned to protect. The two cops not only hated the fact that they had to play babysitter but also that Leo was very obnoxious. Leo later returned in the following two sequels, now a friend of Riggs and Murtaugh but the two are still annoyed by him and sometimes even abuse him. In spite of this, Leo remains very loyal to them, and the two cops have shown to genuinely care for him at times.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Tony Stark can be this guy to the other members of the eponymous The Avengers (2012). He's deemed selfish and arrogant by most of his peers (and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s dossier on him as well) and particularly Steve Rogers finds him to be abrasive and an un-heroic glory hound. However, he's a good member of the team and did ultimately come around and win the respect of his fellow members. Funnily enough, Tony's abrasive, casual attitude does get him the friendship of Bruce Banner, since Tony is the only person who treats him like a human being instead of a ticking time bomb. This comes back to help him at the end of the film, where Tony nearly dies falling to Earth and the Hulk, recognizing their friendship from his time as Bruce, saves his life.
    • It becomes especially pronounced in Avengers: Age of Ultron where Tony gets the lion's share of the blame for creating Ultron, despite the fact that Bruce had quite a bit to do with it too. Of course, this is mostly because Bruce admits he was in the wrong and apologizes (and was a lot more cautious about the whole thing to begin with) while Tony thinks he was still in the right and keeps trying to justify his actions.
    • Black Panther (2018): The Jabari are this in the beginning. When M'Baku and his fellow tribesmen first appear, nobody is happy to see them and Zuri treats him as an unwanted guest as the Jabari have been pariahs in Wakanda for over a thousand years, and the Jabari are also unfriendly towards the rest of Wakanda. Part of why M'Baku initially refuses initially to send his army to help T'Challa in his fight against Killmonger is that up until T'Challa accidentally came, no Wakandan king had been bothered enough to visit Jabari-land in centuries. In the end of the movie, attitudes appear to have changed as M'Baku and by extension, the Jabari, are given a seat on the Ruling Council.
    • Avengers: Endgame: Ant-Man is treated as this and is even a little hurt when the kids who came into the diner him, Professor Hulk, and Black Widow were having lunch at would rather take a picture with Professor Hulk than him.
    • Loki appears to have been this to his peers on Asgard. In Thor, Sif and the Warriors Three crack jokes at his expense and only seem to tolerate his presence because they're friends with his brother. In a memory seen in his spin-off series Sif once delivered a brutal "The Reason You Suck" Speech after Loki cut off her hair as a prank. Thor does care about Loki but also expresses irritation at his manipulative behaviour and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Jack Sparrow realizes he's this trope. It doesn't help that he has Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
    "Did no one come to save me just because they missed me?"
    (None of the main characters reply. Calypso and Gibbs exchange long-suffering looks. Marty the dwarf, Pintel and Ragetti, Cotton the mute and the Monkey Jack raise their hands)
    "I'm standin' over there with them!"
  • Charlie is this in School Ties. Everyone knows he's a Jerkass, but all of his friends — including his girlfriend — are with him because of his family name and to get in good with his father. The protagonist, David, is well-liked and has friends who actually like him, and he steals Charlie's girlfriend without even trying. So Charlie exposes David as a Jew to turn everyone against him, which works until Charlie gets exposed as a cheater and gets expelled from college.
  • In Sheitan, it is hard to see why Bart's friends hang out with him. He is whiny and obnoxious, won't take any kind of hint, starts trouble that Ladj and Thai have to bail him out of, and has bad breath. He even hits on their girlfriends. Ladj and Thai constantly insult him and, in the dream he has while unconscious, they both abandon him and tell him he's on his own.
  • Star Wars:
    • Anakin Skywalker is shown to be widely disliked and/or distrusted within the Jedi Council, especially by Mace Windu. This is deconstructed as their distrust and distance with Anakin along with the Clone Wars and his tragedies that led him to become Darth Vader in the first place. However, he does have plenty of positive interaction with the lower-level Jedi, his clone troopers (which got carried over to the storm troopers when he became Vader and it's implied their deaths gave Anakin more issues), Obi-Wan, Padme, and his padawan Ahsoka.
    • Even after Anakin becomes Darth Vader, he remains this trope among Imperial forces who tolerate him solely out of fear, necessity, or in Tarkin's case, begrudging respect. Palpatine holds a small quantity of affection for the fallen Skywalker, but being pure evil, he doesn't truly care about Anakin and is more than willing to cast him aside if he can find a stronger apprentice.
    • C-3PO in the original trilogy. Han, Leia, and Chewy find him to be annoying and insufferable and R2-D2 belittles and bullies him most of the time (though to say they are True Companions is an understatement). Luke Skywalker is the only member of the group that 3PO has a friendly relationship with most of the time, and even Luke loses patience with him sometimes.
  • Begbie in Trainspotting clearly terrifies his "friends" with his Hair-Trigger Temper. When Renton flees his former lifestyle, Begbie tracks him down and becomes The Thing That Would Not Leave. In the sequel we learn that Begbie has a learning disorder and was held back at school and this is when Renton befriended him, but by the time of the movies he is an extremely violent paranoid lunatic and they are just afraid of him...though, ironically, he's the only one of the group that isn't anaddict and he keeps telling them they need to give up the drugs.
  • Trumbo: Hedda Hopper, as played by Helen Mirren, is a Type-5 one of these. She's an utter Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, and everyone hates her for her Affably Evil narcissism and holier-than-thou attitude, but because she's also one of the most famous gossip columnists in Hollywood who can ruin lives with a single article, no one wants to piss her off, not even the big-time studio execs like Louis B. Mayer.
  • Unfriended has Val, an Alpha Bitch the rest of the cast doesn't like but tolerates. It's suggested she can do a lot for them that other people can't.
  • Played with in Wine Country. Catherine feels like the others exclude her, and distances herself somewhat from them as a result by throwing herself into her work. The others point out that this only increases the feeling of being left out.
  • In The World's End, Gary is an alcoholic selfish Jerkass who never outgrew his teenage mentality, and his friends find him irritating and wearisome. It's also played for tragedy, because they all hoped he'd eventually grow out of his immaturity, and he never did. Although in the Distant Finale he seems to be making progress.

  • Ciaphas Cain has an unusual example in Major Toren Divas. An odd example since he also manages to be Cain's best friend (or as close as he gets to one). Cain dislikes him for constantly putting him in danger, being an idiot (and thus putting him in danger) and calling him "Cai". On the other hand he's reliable, not bad company, terrible at playing poker and usually knows the best gossip and drinking spots.
  • In A Clockwork Orange, the protagonist Alex is this to his three droogs, though it's not played sympathetically because Alex is a Villain Protagonist; he's the youngest of the four and the meanest, with a stuck-up Wicked Cultured demeanor and a tyrannical idea of authority over his "friends". Of course, The Dog Bites Back when the droogs temporarily blind him and betray him to the brutal police force.
  • Semi and Miranda in Dr. Franklin's Island don't really have a choice, since they and argumentative, petulant Arnie are the Sole Survivors of a plane crash and must survive together on a desert island. Arnie resists any plans Miranda comes up with, even though he has to go along with them because they're usually good, refuses responsibilities put on him, eats their stored food and lies about it, comes up with insulting nicknames for both girls, and spends hard-won resources trying to build a poor excuse for a raft. Semi notes that in their time together she considered him a friend, but didn't often like him.
  • Harry Potter:
    • In the backstory of Harry Potter, Peter Pettigrew is at least perceived as this by outsiders. He was the least able and respected of his group of friends. He eventually turned on them to serve Voldemort, and even worse is that it's clear that the Marauders themselves really loved him, to the point where the Potters trusted him with their lives, which just makes his betrayal all the more heartbreaking. Incidentally, Pettigrew apparently continues to be this trope amongst the Death Eaters, who respect him even less than the Marauders did — after all, they know he's a traitor.
    • Slytherin House is also this in Hogwarts. While the other houses are on good terms with one another, nobody likes the Slytherins. It doesn't help Slytherin's case that most of its students, i.e. the majority of those we see, are arrogant, racist, elitist snobs that come from pureblood families that think that they're better than anyone else. Pretty much every well-known Slytherin character's parents were also Death Eaters that only got out of going to Azkaban by claiming they were "bewitched."
    • Snape, among the Hogwarts Faculty and the Order of the Phoenix. Everyone finds him to be a very unpleasant person, and Snape doesn't particularly try to deny that image. Still, he has Dumbledore's trust, and therefore everyone else tolerates his presence and gives him their trust as well. It also helps that he is a legitimately brilliant potions brewer, combatant, and a Double Agent among the Death Eaters. This is part of why he can so easily rejoin the Death Eaters; his reputation for being unpopular with Dumbledore's allies is so well-known that nobody questions it.
      Lupin: It all comes down to trust. I trust Dumbledore, and Dumbledore trusts Snape, therefore I trust Snape.
    • Zacharias Smith is part of the Dumbledore's Army, but the only reason he was invited was because he overheard Hermione telling Hannah Abbott and Ernie Macmillan about the first meeting. During the meetings, all he ever does is whine and complain about Harry's lessons and Hermione's organizational skills. Understandably, everyone gets really sick of him.
  • In Sven Hassel's novels, Julius Heide fills this role. He's a would be Niedermeyer, a true-believing Nazi, and generally hard to live with. What keeps him from being fragged is the fact that he's quite useful, and the others know about his past.
  • In The Hearts We Sold, most demons seem to be on at least civil terms with each other, working together and treating each other respectfully. However, in the case of the Daemon, he's treated dismissively at best, and outright insulted at worst. Apparently, other demons don't like how closely he's willing to work with humans.
  • Jeeves and Wooster:
    • In Right Ho, Jeeves, Cloudcuckoolander Bertie admits he is one when his Aunt Dahlia wants him to come at once:
      Bertie: But why, Jeeves? Dash it all, she's just had nearly two months of me.
      Jeeves: Yes, sir.
      Bertie: And many people consider the medium dose for an adult two days.
      Jeeves: Yes, sir. I appreciate the point you raise.
    • Being the embodiment of Unwanted Assistance, there are some reasons to put up with Bertie: Seniority (going with someone to school together is Serious Business in Wodehouse's universe), Pity, Supervision (Jeeves), and most of all, he is The Team Benefactor, providing the solution to all problems:
      Bertie: Ah, well, we must see what can be done. Things may brighten. At any rate, you will be glad to learn that I am behind you in this enterprise. You have Bertram Wooster in your corner, Gussie.
      Gussie: Thanks, old man. And Jeeves, of course, which is the thing that really matters.
  • In Malazan Book of the Fallen it's not surprising that Clip's jerkass attitude doesn't endear him to the other Andii of Nimander's group, but they do care for him while he is in a coma and even risk their lives to get his soul back. Mostly because they are decent people and feel they have to help him, after journeying with him for months.
  • Nevermoor: Baz Charlton is a member of the Wundrous Society, but is disliked by everyone for being a bigoted, loudmouthed boor who never thinks before he speaks. Other Wunsoc members also frown on his habit of scooping up dozens of candidates each year, regardless of whether or not they're truly ready, and entering them into the Trials in the hopes that one of them will make it through — a strategy that works "maddeningly often." He does have at least a few candidates that genuinely like him and follow his example, much to the distress of their teachers. However, his latest "star candidate," Cadence, openly hates his guts and pretty much stops interacting with him after he successfully gets her into Wunsoc.
  • In A New Dawn, none of the other characters are particularly fond of Skelly, but they keep him around anyway, mostly because he actually knows what he's talking about when it comes to explosives.
  • In Prophecy Approved Companion one of the party members, renamed Definitely Bad Guy by the player character, is liked only by Qube, who likes everyone. Even the team pet, Squiggles, dislikes him.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • The Freys are this to their Northern allies and the Rivermen. Robb Stark only grudgingly agrees to marry a girl of their house to cement their allegiance since the Freys control the only reliable river crossing for hundreds of miles, but he breaks this off and marries another girl soon after. It's telling that they're less popular than another allied House, the Boltons, who regularly flay people alive. Even after betraying the Starks in the Red Wedding, a sickening breach of Sacred Hospitality by Westerosi standards, the Lannisters, their newfound allies regularly make their distaste for them clear. If anything it made things significantly worse, as the Freys' actions have made them a by-word for treachery across much of the continent, rather than just being seen as greedy, jumped-up latecomers.
    • Stannis Baratheon was this among the leaders of the Rebellion, partially because he spent most of the Rebellion under siege, which held the loyalist Tyrell army at Storm's End but meant he didn't take an active part in Robert's "glorious" battles, and partially because he generally acted like a cold and antisocial loner.
  • Spy School:
    • Zoe is the only person who really gets along with Warren. In the third book when listing the various skills of everyone she picked to come on the mission with her, Zoe admits she only brought Warren because he would have sulked if she didn't.
    • Erica herself is an odd example. While everyone appreciates her skill set, her strict professionalism and reluctance to socialize mean that her eventual boyfriend Ben is the only one to get along with her well on a personal level (especially in the earlier books).
  • In The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, Harvey hangs out with Tommy and co but does nothing but whine and argue with them. It's pretty obvious that none of them like him because of his behavior, yet they keep him around anyway. This goes further in the sequel, where Harvey goes from obstructive friend to antagonist, and even gets one of them suspended from school.
  • Bar-temah from This Other World is an immigrant from Earth, like Vonika. He insists he's completely assimilated and is a true Temian at heart, but his attempts at adopting the local culture are so aggressive and tacky that he mostly ends up alienating people. Vonika finds him annoying, but she ends up spending time with him anyway because of their shared background.
  • Arrogant chauvinist Charles Tansley from To the Lighthouse, whom most of the characters tolerate out of Edwardian politeness alone.
  • Francis Begbie in Trainspotting. Renton and the rest of the gang basically pretend to be Begbie's friend because they're scared of him. Renton details a list of lies that one must pretend to believe in order to hang out with Begbie and not get beaten up. The sequels established that they had all been friends at school, but by the time of the story he had just become psychotically violent and domineering.
  • Lauren and Jessica fulfill this role to some extent in Twilight.note  Both are generally looked on with distaste by most of the other human friends Bella has (and by Bella herself, for that matter), yet the two continue to participate in group outings and the like. In fact, Jessica is one of the human friends who hangs out with Bella the most. What makes this all rather strange is that according to Stephenie Meyer, Lauren was the most popular girl in the school, before Bella showed up.
  • P. G. Wodehouse's Ukridge infuriates everyone on a regular basis, but somehow still manages to bounce back. People like Corky and George Tupper do seem to be genuinely fond of him, but that doesn't mean that their backlog of exasperation about him can't boil over from time to time.
  • Unseen Academicals:
    • Andy Shank is described as having friends solely because it's marginally safer than being his enemy. It's specifically stated, also, that people follow him because it's safer than being in front of him.
    • Carter "The Farter", who is described as not easy to like. Even Trev doesn't like him much, but he at least feels sorry for him and tries to give him some advice.
  • In Vampiros do Rio Douro, the Seven get along with each other just fine... Except with Sétimo. They are scared shitless of him because he was the one they sacrificed to the Devil to become vampires, but he rose as one too being the strongest, most dangerous and capable of withstanding the sun. The one who fears him the least is Gentil, but that is because Sétimo was his biological brother when they were humans.

    Myths & Religion 
  • In the Arthurian Mythos there is Sir Kay. While knights’ characterizations tend to vary wildly, most of the staple members at least get a chance to be presented as brave, courteous, strong, chivalrous as well of protectors of the weak and slayers of evil. Sir Kay is instead, with the exception of very early Welsh myths, shown to not be a very good fighter, jouster or at all chivalrous with multiple instances of him harming or insulting the weak and being knocked off his horse by one of the other knights because of it. The only knight who may have it worse in terms of mostly consistent bad portrayal is probably Sir Agravain, and even he is usually presented to at least be an okay fighter, and even Sir Mordred is also usually a competent fighter at least, is sometimes shown to at least appear charming, and can even come off as a Tragic Hero depending on the story; plus those two are almost always villains, Kay is just a jerk. Even in the earliest tales which show him favorably, there’s scenes like Arthur roasting him so hard with a poem that he runs off in anger in Culhwch and Olwen and Guinevere all but gives him the medieval equivalent of “kys” in The Lady of The Fountain. He is almost always presented as King Arthur's foster brother and one of the first knights of the round table, so the reason everyone puts up with him appears to be seniority; and because for all of Sir Kay's faults, disloyalty is not one of them.
  • Loki in Norse Mythology fits this to a T, with his insatiable need to play tricks and pull pranks on the other gods shown to be very tiresome and annoying to them. However all the other gods understand just how clever Loki is and have more than once used his wiles to get themselves out of bad predicaments. They put up with his more annoying aspects because they've seen what he can do to their enemies and they're just glad he's on their side, though even this sours when he and they learn he is prophesised to destroy them all in Ragnarok. It seems that Odin befriended him in his youth and they got on so well that he adopted him into his family as a brother, and the other Aesir got on with him initially but gradually his behaviour got too malicious for them. Compounding this is that the Aesir were terrified of his monstrous children and had them variously imprisoned or exiled out of fear even though none had actually done anything yet, so Loki had plenty of reasons to despise the Aesir right back and wasn't afraid to tell them such.
  • In Greek Mythology, the gods are largely a Big, Screwed-Up Family (many are related to one another), but the one thing they all agree on is that they don't like Eris, the Goddess of Chaos and personification of disorder and discord. Notably, the gods once threw a grand party to celebrate a wedding and invited every divinity except Eris, who promptly decided to crash the feast. She claimed she wasn't offended at all and even offered a gift: a beautiful golden apple marked "To The Fairest." She then "accidentally" dropped the apple among Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, who promptly began fighting over which of them deserved it, and...well, ever hear of theTrojan War?

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Wimpy from Popeye is a lazy, cowardly mooch, who would sell anyone out for safety, money, or a couple of hamburgers. As a result he is openly hated by most of the other characters, especially Geezil, who has gone so far as to try and kill him on a couple of occasions. The only ones who seem to like him are Popeye (and even he has his limits, like once paying off a cop to have Wimpy arrested because he wouldn't stop bothering him), and Olive (although she more than likely just tolerates him for Popeye's sake). That being said, because of his intellect and quick thinking skills, he does prove to be useful on occasions.

  • Brimstone Valley Mall: Misroch fears they're this to the rest of the band, aware they're sort of a loser who is incredibly difficult to get along with. Asmoraius points out that it's not true; sure, Misroch annoys the crap out of them, but no one's forcing them to stick around. They're True Companions through-and-through, and while they won't hesitate to call them on their shit, they are still a dear friend to all of them.
  • S-Town: Discussed in regards with John B's social life. John B claims that all his friends are dead. He is also something of an outsider, being a fiercely intelligent and educated man with an interest in some very obscure topics who lives in rural Alabama. He mostly hangs out with local ne'er-do-wells, but is significantly older than them, has a very different world view and has a tendency to go off on long-winded rambles on whatever catches his ire that day. The ne'er-do-wells, on the other hand, admire his skills with practical chemistry and metalwork and humor him in his intellectual musings, but think he is weird and kind of creepy. They are very quick to squash any idea that they don't like John, but are equally quick to point out that when it comes to socialising with him "a little goes a long way".

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Holidead was this in World Wonder Ring STARDOM. Her debut match saw her own Tag Team partner and the opposing team, who were members of her own Power Stable, joining forces to kick her ass before Alex Lee realized she would be losing too. And Act Yasukawa's Bad Boss tendencies aside, Oedo~tai are otherwise True Companions most of the time. However, during outside STARDOM excursions Holidead would establish a friendship, if a somewhat vitriolic one, with Thunder Rosa, and they seemed to bond with La Rosa Negra when they took her on as a manager.
  • Michael Cole was this for the announcer team during his heel run in WWE.
  • Byron Saxton is this among announcers. Every broadcast partner he has, even the babyfaces such as Cole and Tom Phillips, makes jokes at his expense and not the light-hearted kind either.
  • Corey Graves is often this as a heel colour commentator, due to his constant vindicative jabs at other commentators and creepy obsession with beautiful blonde heel wrestlers like Mandy Rose. He would often get into back-and-forth arguments with Byron Saxton (who isn't popular with the commentators himself as explained above) and/or Renee Young while Michael Cole tried to play peacemaker by calling the match, and Byron noted he was happy not to have to listen to him go on about Mandy at one point.
  • Sam Roberts is often this to the other announcers/commentators during the pre-shows on WWE PPVs due to his Insufferable Genius attitude. That said they will acknowledge his Jerkass Has a Point moments.
  • El Satánico Dr. No is one of the least popular luchadors of CMLL, among the other luchadors of CMLL. Los Sicarios del Ring Averno and Mephisto never fully recovered from the brainwashing he subjected them to but nonetheless it did not take long for them to turn on him and follow their own agenda. Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero kicked Satánico out of Los Nuevos Infernales, which he was largely responsible for the existence of.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Jacob is an uptight Commander Contrarian who frequently complains and drags his feet when it comes to getting involved with the main group. Still, he got superpowers like the rest of him, which binds him to them through better or worse.
    • Finn is in the same boat. He's an unrepentant and arrogant jerkass, who nevertheless received superpowers and thus is invited to join the group. He does at least try to help stop events from spiraling out of control.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Named for one of Dane Cook's stand up routines. He finishes it by stating that if you don't know which one of your friends is this, then that's because you yourself are this trope.
  • Gabriel Iglesias often tells stories of one of his oldest friends, Felipe, whose inability to know when to stop messing around is frequently the cause of whatever mess Gabriel ends up describing.
  • Louis C.K. sets up a bit about Time Travel by mentioning a friend of his whom he hates talking to, but can't really avoid "because you can't break up with your friends."
    • He also has a routine in which he talks about both a kid and the parent of said kid who he both utterly despises, the kid for being an unrepentant monster who makes life hell for all his other classmates and the mother for being a "weak piece of shit" who does nothing to discipline her child and is similarly unpopular with all the other parents.

    Tabletop Games 
  • A very common occurrence in Fiasco because you are encouraged to play Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist characters, and the way the Relationship mechanic ties characters together in a circle. Even if two characters have a friendly relationship, one will usually have an unfriendly or power-unbalanced relationship with someone else, who will therefore end up getting pulled into the social group as soon as the chaos kicks off, and proceed to ruin everything. Of course, this is the aim of the game.
  • Among the Pentacle in Mage: The Awakening, the Guardians of the Veil and the Free Council are the most disliked. The Guardians of the Veil are the Secret Police of mages, working to contain knowledge that's too dangerous and willing to go to great lengths to do so, while the Free Council are radicals who reject the Diamond Orders' fixation on Atlantis, belief in hierarchy and subtle disdain for Sleepers. Naturally, their vastly different belief systems lead to the two least popular orders not really getting along with each other, either.
  • The Court of Mirrors in Princess: The Hopeful are this to the Radiant Courts. Unlike the other Twilight Courts the court of Mirrors are merely narcissistic and solipsistic. Thus they are the easiest Twilight Court from the Radiant Courts to work with, however it's clear that the Radiant find the Court of Mirrors to be very very annoying.
  • The fluff of Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution gives us Mama Bear: A scary, jerkass, drug dealing, stoner with a bad temper, who is also letting the main characters stay at her safe house. Proximity, necessity, and fear keep them around.
  • The heroes in Sentinels of the Multiverse mostly don't like Setback or Guise much, although Setback has at least one fan (his girlfriend, Expatriette). Both are kept around and allowed to team with other heroes because they're useful and Setback at least means well; they're unpopular because Setback has a bad luck curse that keeps screwing with him and everyone around him, and Guise keeps nicking their stuff, claiming to be them, and Breaking the Fourth Wall.
  • Warhammer 40,000:
    • In backstory, most of the Traitor Primarchs got on poorly with their brethren. Magnus's cocky use of warp power meant he wasn't trusted; Lorgar's desperation for something to believe in meant he didn't have many friends among the militantly atheistic Imperials even before he embraced Chaos; Angron was a brutal berserker whose Legion slaughtered everything in its path; Konrad Curze was a sadistic maniac who led a similarly vicious Legion; Mortarion got along badly with any of his brothers who endorsed the use of psychic powers; Perturabo was always cold and distant from the rest of the family; and nobody ever really got to know the militantly secretive Alpharius, with only Fulgrim and Horus himself really being well-liked. Among the loyalists, Jaghatai Khan's insularity and remoteness, Russ's studied brutality, and Lion El'Jonson's politicking meant that they were not well-liked; in the early stages of the Heresy, the Khan and the Lion were the ones everyone considered to have a high risk of siding with Horus.
    • A chapter with absolutely no warm will among others are the Marines Malevolent (who, despite the name, are actually loyalists). Notorious among Astartes chapters for their callous disregard for civilian life, and general asshole nature. Game Workshop themselves hate them.
    • The Minotaurs are a close second to the Marines Malevolent above in terms of "Space Marines nobody likes", being willing to let their allies die to make their job easier and steal gear from other Chapters. And to top if off, they're the High Lords of Terra's attack dogs.
    • The Lamenters are hated due to being one of the Chapters from the "Cursed Founding" with everybody believing they're a bad omen despite being the closest thing Warhammer 40000 has in terms of "good guys".

  • In Jekyll & Hyde, Sir Danvers Carew is the only person who can stand Simon Stride, a sexist jerk who works to bring Jekyll down at every opportunity. Simon gets invited to Jekyll and Emma's wedding, where Hyde kills him.
  • Jersey Boys: Tommy DeVito falls under the "Necessity" category as nobody can stand his jerkass attitude and illicit habits, but he's good at getting things done.
  • Michele in The Saint of Bleecker Street is a bitter, resentful man, nearly a Hollywood Atheist in his cynical attitude towards religion. Nobody really trusts him, even before he murders his girlfriend Desideria, yet he still gets invited to sing at Carmela's wedding while Desideria does not. This may be because his beloved sister, Annina, is Carmela's best friend and was invited to the wedding.

    Visual Novels 
  • The Ace Attorney series has Larry Butz, a loser who blunders through life without a clue and develops a crush on every attractive woman he sees. Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth tolerate him because he's their childhood friend (seniority), plus he's not actually a bad person, just oblivious, unfortunate, and irresponsible (pity), and he really shouldn't be left to his own devices (supervision). Additionally, nearly every time he appears, he manages to provide a clue that helps crack the case...eventually.
  • Highway Blossoms has Mariah Pastorius, leader of "the Trio," a group of rival treasure hunters who repeatedly end up running into Amber and Marina. While the two groups end up forming a friendship of sorts, virtually everyone besides Marina considers Mariah a nuisance, as a rude, hard-drinking and immature woman.. Mariah's case is a mixture of Seniority (she and Joe have known each other a long time, perhaps even longer than Tess has been alive), Supervision in Joe's case(since as he puts it, Mariah "needs someone to look after her") and Caring (because Mariah has a few moments in which she shows she really does care).
  • Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair has a few examples who aren't well-liked but still manage to get invited to the party.
    • Kotoba Gaikoku, a notorious pervert who hits on both boys and girls. Even Taiko, his best friend, freely admits he's an idiot, and after it's revealed that Kotoba not only got manipulated into helping out with the murder plot, but had been stalking Momoko for some time, Taiko is unable to say anything in Kotoba's defense. In Taiko's case, Kotoba is an example of Seniority, since they've known each other for a long time, and Caring, since Taiko has seen times when Kotoba has proven to be a decent individual.
    • Hiro Shiratake is an arrogant Jerkass who thinks most people are beneath him. The only people who seem to like him are Runa, whose crush on him blinds her to his faults, and Momoko, his girlfriend, the latter of whom ends up killing him for cheating on him. He's a Dating example, as well as a minor Control example, since the only reason Rie invited him and Momoko was because Runa asked her to.
    • Mika Tamashii is a fairly obnoxious prankster who loves scaring people, having set out to scare 108 people so that her dad will buy her ice cream, and most characters are exasperated with her. She's the only character besides Hiro who doesn't have a best friend at the party; the other pairs are Raiko and Nobara, Runa and Rie, Momoko and Kamen, and Kotoba and Taiko. In the good ending, however, she manages to befriend Kamen, who'd previously written her off as not worth her time, by virtue of being there for Kamen when she's grieving for Momoko's death.

    Web Animation 
  • Bone from Animated Inanimate Battle is hated by the other contestants for an unknown reason. So much so, that they put a restraining order on him where he is only allowed to go at least twenty feet apart from everyone else. Oodle's the only guy who actually likes him.
    • Apparently, Bone is absolutely okay with being pushed around and being shunned by almost everyone.
  • Bowser's Kingdom has Steve, a nerdy, none-too-bright Piranha Plant who keeps butting in on whatever Hal and Jeff are doing.
  • Dreamscape: Nik for Jenna and Aseir. Although its more that Jenna and Aseir are abrasive themselves, rather than anything Nik is doing wrong. That being said, he does love provoking them.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Dave is The Bully of the group, so naturally nobody is fond of him. The feeling is very much mutual, though.
  • Girl-chan and Swirly Glasses in Girlchan in Paradise!!. The two almost never appear alongside the other party members, but when they do they're almost never acknowledged except in disgust and annoyance. At least until Swirly Glasses turns out to be "Captain Taisho Bushido Blaster Buster #1".
  • The Most Popular Girls in School has Jonathan (Than) who is homophobic and in the closet. Nobody likes him until the later seasons, but he sticks around anyway.
  • Puffin Forest: Abserd, the multiclass adventurer with only one level in every class in the game. He has an extremely nasally and annoying voice, which justifies why every group he ever joined (from wizard circles to thieves guilds) quickly dumped him at the earliest opportunity. Sure enough, the party get rid of him at the end of their mission by allowing an evil elf queen to take him hostage, in exchange for the person they came to rescue.
  • RWBY: While "friend" may be pushing it, Cinder Fall has few genuine allies among Salem's forces, even counting the people she brought into the fold. Tyrian and Watts both take delight in mocking her failure at Beacon and her scars, Hazel treats her with cold indifference, Neo can barely stand Cinder and is reduced to rolling her eyes behind Cinder's back, while Mercury openly hates her and thinks she's "a pain." Emerald is the only person who likes her, and it's expressly pointed out that Emerald is a victim of abuse and gaslighting at Cinder's hands to make her feel this way. Even Salem finds it hard to tolerate Cinder at times, and admits that while she knows Cinder survived the Battle of Haven, she won't let Cinder rejoin their ranks unless she can actually prove herself.
  • Teen Girl Squad:
    • What's Her Face in is explicitly called the "pity friend" and is the one the other three are most likely to ditch or relegate to the least-desired roles. Generally, this just makes the other girls look mean, especially Cheerleader. She's a deviation from the trope because there's nothing particularly wrong with her personality. She's actually the nicest (and arguably sanest) of the four. This is why the other three look mean when they interact with her; it's because they are.
      What's Her Face: Can I not get stuck playing bass?
      Other Girls: NO WAY!
    • For that matter, none of the other girls really seem to like The Ugly One either. Not to mention, the others are delighted whenever Cheerleader dies. In fact, none of them seem to like each other at all, although What's Her Face gets it the worst.
    • In the main Homestar Runner universe, Coach Z applies most of the time. Bubs and Homestar are the only ones who can tolerate him with in any consistency, and even they think he's a creepy, depressing, weird, disgusting loser to be avoided when possible — which he is, to be fair.

  • Awkward Zombie has this characterisation for Roy. His oldest friend — Marth — finds him actively unbearable, and, after being absent from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the other residents of the Smash Bros do too. House quickly forgets he exists, culminating in the 400th comic, featuring Mewtwo and Lucas' triumphant return to the roster (after being announced as DLC), with Peach happily declaring during the ensuing party that the gang's all back together... while Roy gazes inside in tears from outside in the rain. Even when he gets back, his return party is almost completely overshadowed by the arrival of Ryu. Robin mistakes him for a different annoying goofball sidekick from Fire Emblem; he suffers an existential crisis when he meets Marth's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-greDESCENDANT Lucina, wondering how long he was away; he's relegated to hanging out with irrelevant side characters like Roy Koopa, Grey Fox, and Waluigi, and the only person who recognises him and seems happy to see him... is his replacement, Pit.
  • Better Days:
    • Rachael serves as this for her housemates. Lucy initially doesn't think highly of her cheating on her boyfriend, then Rachael exasperates the others with her hatred of Lucy after Lucy steals her boyfriend away. The reason she's kept around mostly seems to be necessity, namely for financial reasons. ("Are we sure she's worth one fifth of the rent?")
    • The sequel, Original Life, has Angela serve as this. She gets on the nerves of her friends and even Elizabeth by expressing a support of her parents' new-age spiritualism, global warming, Justin Bieber, and many other things the author dislikes. She herself doesn't seem too attached to Janie, but justifies keeping their friendship as knowing the value of having connections. It's unclear exactly why Janie remains friends with her, though.
  • Da Pukas has Ali Pines, a goat who's idiocy is only rivaled by her ego. She constantly causes anyone she comes in contact with misery and is completely unaware of it. Ali sees herself as a great hero, despite the fact everything she does fails. Even the optimist of the main characters, Alegre, finds that she can't stand Ali... and she likes practically anyone.
  • Debugging Destiny gives us Morton, who has a special ability that makes people dislike him. Most of the time, he is also the Only Sane Man and the only one capable of competently running the kingdom. As a result, nobody likes him, but no one is willing to get rid of him.
    • May also involve blackmail, since Morton has shown an aptitude to make sure people owe him favors.
  • Does Not Play Well With Others: Naga the lamia is, hands down, the Villain Protagonist in a webcomic series about a World of Jerkass. None of the other protagonists like her at all; her roommate Francesca has taken advantage of her being seemingly dead to skin her scales at least once, and the rest would not bat an eyelid at her death. Since she's a jerkass troll on her best behavior, and a Literal Man Eater at her worst, the disdain she's held in is justified. The only reason she's allowed to hang around the group, if not wiped out, is because everyone else is so messed up that they can just barely tolerate her. In particular, her roommate Francesca is such a lonely, friendless, sexually-messed up loser that even having a slutty cannibal as a roommate is better than being alone, whilst reluctant neighborhood vampire Nikki likes having somebody around who she can use as evidence that she's not a total monster, despite regularly drinking human victims to death.
  • Drowtales has this in the Five Girl Band of Chrys'tel's group of friends, with her "protector twin" Shinae clearly only being there because of her duty to Chrys requiring her to, and her rather abrasive personality makes it extremely unlikely any of them would hang out with her on their own.
  • Black Mage from 8-Bit Theater fits for almost all of the reasons listed above, except that nobody would ever think about dating him, and, if it wasn't for Fighter, nobody would care about him either. He's a dangerous, genocidal sociopath who would sell out his team for gain/fun, and he smells too. But he's just so ineffectual and pathetic about it that his friends would feel bad about leaving him behind. And every once in a while, when he's pointing his powerful magic at the enemy instead of his teammates, and he's actually aiming properly, and he hasn't wasted all of his spells for the day on petty annoyances, he can almost come close to being as big of a help as he is a hindrance.
  • Sam Starfall has managed to make himself this for an entire planet in Freefall. Nearly every character has at some point expressed frustration towards him and his antics, which default to petty theft and the general creation of chaos. On the other hand, they also recognise that while he is a madcap scoundrel with an ego and a lack of forward planning skills, he's also extremely useful when you can get him aimed correctly: he's quick-witted, cunning, a surprisingly good social engineer and perversely honourable, so there's not really a concerted effort to get rid of him, even though, for robots, "after shaking hands with Sam, count your fingers" is meant entirely literally.
    Sawtooth: I don't want Sam on my side. However, I don't want Sam on the other side even more.
  • General Protection Fault has Trent. Virtually everyone in the eponymous company dislikes him for trying to kill Dwayne with a safe in order to frame his ex-girlfriend Trudy, and the few people who don't dislike him at that point (e.g. Sharon, who'd barely even met him when he got hired), soon realize that he's an arrogant Jerkass who's purely out for himself. His feud with Fred gets bad enough that the two threaten to sue each other, and Trent tries to kill Fred with cleaning fluid. He's a Necessity example, since the company needs a marketing person... at least until Dwayne gets fed up and fires him.
  • Candy from Girls with Slingshots is in the same boat as Sheldon above; no one really likes her all that much, but she's attached to Jameson, whom they do like, so they have to live with her. At least until her repeated efforts to sabotage his relationship with Maureen come to a head at the wedding and he wakes his ass up that Candy is possibly the worst friend in existence.
  • Gai-Gin's Kitsunefoxy is a compulsive liar who makes a hobby out of attempting to break up the relationships of the rest of the gang for no apparent reason. Pyon hangs out with her out of pity.
  • Slade Chasme, from Heartcore, is the second-ranked Overfiend (only one rank below the Lord of the Overfiend's Dragon), and is feared and/or despised among his fellow demons for being a sadist who would like to cannibalize his fellow Overfiends and would betray his comrades at the drop of a hat.
  • Homestuck:
    • Eridan, pre-flipout. It says something about him that even Kanaya and Equius can't stand him and Feferi actively resigns from being his Morality Pet. Among their ancestors, Eridan's counterpart Cronus is the sleaziest scumbag anyone has ever seen, and nobody willingly hangs around Kankri if they can avoid it, due to his interminable lectures.
    • Even after being talked down from his psychotic killing spree, the only thing anyone has to say about Gamzee is "fuck that guy". He even ruined the one semi-positive relationship he still had by ending his moirallegiance with Karkat. In the timeline where John prevented Terezi from killing Vriska, everyone ended up just locking Gamzee in a chained up fridge and trying to pretend that he doesn't exist.
    • Vriska by the time the trolls get to the meteor. It's especially clear during the Alterniabound segment, where the only person who seems to get along with her is Equius. Everyone else either hates her, distrusts her, or is just scared of her. To seal the deal, John Egbert has confessed that after meeting her in person, he really kinda hates her for being so incredibly unpleasant. Opinions vary as to whether she really deserves the treatment she gets from the other characters.
    • Equius is also on the lower end of popularity among the trolls, mostly because he's a sweaty pervert who gets off on both obeying and disobeying the troll caste system, and also has a thing for being strangled because why not at this point.
  • Kill Six Billion Demons: The Seven Black Emperors have taken a lot of hits to their cooperation over the years, but they’re still able to tolerate each other and avoid going back to open war... With the sole, pointed exception of Incubus, whom the other six all despise. It’s bad enough that he’s a smug, self-obsessed dickhead, but he’s also a pretender wielding a power that wasn't his by right; the Key in his head was Maya's by right of conquest and Incubus only got it because she decided to walk away, a fact that the others are all too glad to remind him of. Even Jagganoth, his erstwhile 'ally', doesn't respect Incubus and ultimately undercuts him by starting his omnicide early, forcing Incubus to side with the Six out of sheer survival.
  • Kiwi Blitz: Tigris hates everyone and isn't afraid to say it, so no one is particularly fond of her. When she tells everyone that the new boss tried to kill her, her coworkers just say "eh, she probably had a good reason."
  • Never Satisfied has Lucy and Sylas, for different reasons:
    • Lucy puts up a superior act to hide their feelings of inadequacy, and most of the competitors don't read too deeply into it. Only Broom Girl and Philomena make (unsuccessful) attempts to reach out to and connect with them.
    • Sylas is autistic, and the other competitors shun him for being emotional (January calls him "Crylas"), awkward, and nebulously "weird". January goes as far to assume that Seiji feels the same way, saying outright she believes he only hangs out with him as a joke. He takes this very poorly.
  • Head Over Heels has the Class Clown Jung Jiwon. His friends don't hide their disdain for him, missing his talent show performance and making a group chat without him in Chapter 17. When he complains, Suh Woohyun says "don't tell him about the group chat without him or we'll have to make another one". The only one who seems to tolerate his presence is Joon-Hyuk, and that's because of proximity.
  • In The Order of the Stick:
    • Miko Miyazaki is this for her entire Paladin order. She's a loyal and skilled Paladin, but her Knight Templar nature and Jerkass tendencies prompt her fellow Paladins to send her on long missions far from home whenever possible.
    • The Order's Token Evil Teammate Belkar invites this, but it's his unrepentantly boorish, Ax-Crazy, uncooperative tendencies that really cement it. Roy keeps him around only to sic him on even worse people until Belkar's prophesied death. This is actually an important plot point, as Belkar gradually builds a slightly more respectful relationship with Vaarsuvius and the rest of the team while actively trying to be more of a team player.
    • He also actually felt guilty about Durkon's Death, and when he was eventually raised apologized for hitting him with a palm tree
    • Differences of opinion lead the Order of the Scribble to disband, but the group seemed to unilaterally despise both Soon Kim (whom Dorukan and Girard nearly came to blows with) and Girard Draketooth (whom only Serini seemed to get along with).
  • Gnoma from Pewfell — an extremely self-centered, rude, obnoxious gnomenote  who is only tolerated in the Pewfell housefold because she helped Tina — Pewfell's wife — through a rough patch when they were schoolmates (what that "rough patch" was has yet to be revealed).
  • Seth from Sorcery 101 is more or less tolerated by the characters because one of them is bonded to him and he's pretty good at manipulating people in a way that's beneficial (though usually very messy, and in poor taste as he is almost always the last resort).
  • Walkyverse:
    • Mike from the is a bizarre example — his relationship with other characters is so strong because he's a major Jerkass. Hell, he married a character who loves him for (or possibly in spite of) who he is.
    • When Mike and Amber were Put on a Bus to Denver, this spot was filled by Malaya, a foul-mouthed misanthrope who lacked Mike's Chaotic Good/Jerkass Has a Point attributes. She was only tolerated for her roommate (and would-be love interest) Ken's sake. And later via her "relationship" with Ultra-Car. Her Dumbing of Age incarnation, while toned down in personality, still fills this role within Sal's circle of friends.
  • Weenie Licked: Implied with Mugen, given how Jeffory and Chuckles are fascinated with the idea of Paul beating the shit out of him yet still let him hang around, much like the site hosting the comic.
  • White Dark Life:
    • Collin is stupid, greedy, and incapable of seeing anything but his selfish views, he genuinely thinks he is friends with the cast and there is literally nothing they can do to get rid of him. He does however get better after the timeskip. Not that anyone notices.
    • An odd version is Caroline. She has a reasonable(if gloomy) personality and wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for the fact that of her "friends", one is The Maid, who Hates Everyone Equally, Rebecca, her childhood friend even, sees her as a tool to be used, and Leon is a Straw Misogynist.

    Web Original 
  • Played for Laughs in The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Power Rangers video games. The episode has a parody of the show's opening theme, and introduces five nerds who combine to form the man himself: the Angry Nintendo Nerd, Atari Nerd, Sega Nerd, Playstation Nerd, and Tiger Electronic Wristwatch Game Nerd. The disgusted glare he gets from Nintendo Nerd and his own fading smile make it pretty clear the rest don't like him and he knows it.
  • The crew in Binder of Shame is a group made entirely out of these people. Since they're the protagonist's only social contact, though, he actually goes into denial for a time and convinces himself that this is what friendship is (he gets better).
  • Jonathan in Board With Life. Not only does he openly deny his geeky tendencies and his friends and is constantly late to the group's game nights, when he finally shows up, he's constantly on his phone, zoned out, or distracted in other ways. And when it's his turn to host the game night, he only wants to play one game, the only one he's good at: Risk. I mean, Risk: Lord Of The Rings.
  • SuperMarioLogan: Cody is this because Junior and Joseph are often making fun of him.
    • Bowser Junior is also this in "Stuck!" Joseph and Cody admit they don’t really like him and just use him to watch TV.
  • Maizono is this in Danganronpa Abridged Thing, most likely because she's a total weeaboo, with only Naegi and to a lesser extent Fujisaki tolerating her (enough that Alter Ego is hard-coded to use her weeaboo speak style).
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged:
    • Yamcha isn't any more a jerkass than most of the other characters and less a jackass than some, but everyone likes to belittle him because they see him as weak. On the other hand, Goku doesn't aim to belittle him as much and even quietly dissuades him from committing suicide in the future.
    • Raditz and Guldo are treated pretty much the same on their respective teams, leading to the line "I don't know what this Yamcha is, but it sounds a lot like Raditz".
    • Vegeta's status as this is lampshaded in Episode 38, after Future Trunks realizes just how much of a jerkass his father is:
      Trunks: How are these people friends with you!?
      Tien: Makin' a lot of assumptions there.
      • This ends up getting deconstructed in Episode 5 of Dragon ShortZ, where Vegeta's desire for a fight goes unfulfilled because the only two people that could tolerate him long enough (and survive the experience) for one are dead (Goku) and in the future (Future Trunks), and everyone else that could give him a challenge flatly tells him no because they're busy living their own lives and/or hate him and refuse to fight him out of spite, complete with back to back The Reason You Suck Speeches from 18 and Gohan. This puts his actions in the Buu Saga, namely going Majin and forcing Goku to fight him, in a sadder light.
  • In Escape the Night:
    • Matt Haag AKA The Professor becomes increasingly disliked by everyone over the course of the show. To the point where he only has one friend left in Episode 7.
    • In Season 2, we have DeStorm, who was a massive pain in the ass to everyone, but especially Alex, who’s girlfriend got killed because of him.
    • An even bigger example is Teala from Season 3. She proved to be absolutely useless to the point were everyone cheered when she died.
  • Fictosophy: "Jedi Coworker." Everyone's had it up to here with Tom's shenanigans. The only one who's okay with it is Shannon, who also happens to be the manager.
  • Friendship is Witchcraft:
    • Spike is near-universally loathed, especially by his friends. Twilight outright treats him like a slave, though he seems content enough.
    • Twilight is a less obvious example but she isn't well-liked by her friends. She's a narcissist, has creepy fangirl tendencies, and as the series goes on it becomes more obvious that she is a Villain Protagonist. Celestia in particular finds Twilight both annoying and unnerving.
  • Bladezz in The Guild, at least in the first season:
    Clara: He's like the retarded cousin of the Guild! The right thing to do is to let him play tag, even though he runs around hitting people.
  • Amir in Jake and Amir. Although Jake often denies that they're friends, at other times he doesn't and there are multiple episodes that feature them doing something together (be it with more people or just the two of them), so they at least have something resembling friendship going on. All reasons except for dating and necessity apply to Amir in some way.
  • Sgt Ducky: Tony is depicted as one as he gets the most negative portrayals in the videos.
    • Tony cheated on his girlfriend and then he got vomited on immediately afterwards. During the party, Ducky and his friends decided to help their new friend Dan have sex with Emma because he hasn't had sex in 2 years and they felt bad for him. After failing the first time, Tony was asked to distract Emma while they prepped Dan for a second chance but Tony started making out with her instead. While they were trying to cheer up Dan, Emma threw up on Tony while they were kissing and it apparently got in his mouth. From then on, that moment was seen as evidence why you should never break a pact with the lads.
    • In The Head Casey, he overdosed on cocaine during a party and had to be taken to hospital (where he then had to walk home for 7 hours after his recovery because his phone ran out of battery and he had no money for a taxi). Nobody felt too bad for him because Tony nearly got everyone arrested because the police came to the house to investigate the incident.
  • In The Key of Awesome's parody of "Somebody That I Used to Know", Tony gets this through Necessity, since, while he's sold all their other instruments and at least one person's set of shoes to pay his drug debts, he's the only one able to drive the van. There's also a measure of Supervision:
    "Hey, guys, where did Tony go? You all know that Tony can't be left alone."
  • Discussed in "20 Reasons Why NOT to be 'In Da Club'" by Matthew Santoro. Matthew talks about that one friend who's a total downer and nobody likes, but who the group feels like they have to invite because they're part of the group. Matthew then says that people should just not invite that person anymore.
  • In Monster Island Buddies, Gorosaurus was one of the original Monster Island Buddies, but Godzilla and company didn't care much for him and didn't even give a crap when he was kidnapped by Kong and taken to Skull Island. Even after he's back, the other characters still seem to dislike him, Rodan even says he scares the shit out of him. On the villain side, there's Gigan, who constantly tries his best to make friends, but is perceived by everyone else as annoying and stupid. Titanosaurus counts as well, due to his insane, psycho behavior.
  • The Onion once had an article implying this about a man who was considered the "funny" guy in their group of friends, even to the point where he not only was totally insensitive to his friends' feelings and was more than willing to kick them while they were down, but unwilling to allow for any details from his life to ever come out, save for one that the friend telling the story had only heard about: that he was getting divorced for the second time.
  • Resident Evil Abridged: None of Wesker's subordinates respect him, because he's a smug douchebag. Chris describes him as, "a jackal who's married to his sunglasses", Jill thinks he's condescending, and Barry's only working for him because he has to. In the end, even the Tyrant turns on him!
  • Puddy in Tales of MU is this to Mack for as long as she's Mack's roommate.
  • In Todd in the Shadows' review of From Justin to Kelly (crossed over with The Nostalgia Chick), he wonders why girls always have a "Token Evil Friend."
    Kaya: Why are we friends with her, again?
    Todd: That's a good question. That's an excellent question.
  • The Tumblr and Tickld name for this type of person is "Moon Moon", due to a post where someone got "Moon Moon" on a wolf-name generator and commented that she would be the wolf no one likes ("OH SHIT WHO BROUGHT FUCKING MOON MOON ALONG?").
  • Ultra Fast Pony:
    • Rainbow Dash, being an annoying, idiotic, crazy, Jerkass, with No Social Skills is on a good day tolerated by the rest of the cast, any other, they openly hate and abuse her.
    • Twilight Sparkle is barley treated better than Rainbow, if at all by the rest of Equestria. But unlike Rainbow, while Twilight does have plenty of flaws (she can be Jerkass to the others, she's a Know-Nothing Know-It-All, she mistreats her son/slave Spike, and she has an egonote ) she's also the only one that regularly tries help and does occasionally save the day, making her mistreatment by the rest of Equestria seem comparably undeserved.
  • Whateley Universe: Dr. Venus says this to Dr. Macabre as she gave him both barrels in her "The Reason You Suck" Speech. As a Mad Scientist, you know you've screwed the pooch when Professor Guinea Pig says you've gone too far.


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