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  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius:
    • Jimmy is this through Necessity. His intelligence and pride in it make him unpopular with the other kids, and he gets little to no empathy from his friends when he's made fun of or bullied.
    • Cindy, through Audience Popularity and Proximity. She's a bitch who always makes up excuses for her actions. Libby and Brittany are the only kids who genuinely like her.
    • Sheen constantly annoys everyone with his ramblings about Ultra Lord, low intelligence, annoying shouting and the fact that he can be insensitive. Sure makes you wonder why they don't go looking for him in Planet Sheen.
      Sheen: Hey Bro-bot! If the Junkman turns your parents into gravadiscs, can I have one?
      Jimmy: Sheen!
      Sheen: But they look so cool.
      Bro-bot: [to Carl] I don't like Sheen.
      Carl: Tell me about it.
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  • American Dad!: Klaus is often ignored and openly disliked by the Smith family, but they are stuck with him (Proximity and Supervision) due to the CIA turning him into their pet goldfish. Roger has bouts of this due to being a Token Evil Teammate.
  • Archie's Weird Mysteries: Reggie fills this role, being a jerk who mostly looks out for himself. This is even lampshaded in one episode where the gang wonders why they should bother saving him when he's possessed by a ghost. But most episodes show that when the chips are down, Reggie does look out for his friends and family and will save the day when it counts.
  • Arthur has Ladonna Compson. She has a tendency to stretch the truth in a way that makes her the least tolerated kid in Arthur's group. There's an episode about this. Ladonna's case is one of proximity, but it never seems to harm anybody in a situation where people are truly stuck with her, such as in class.
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  • The eponymous character of Beetlejuice is a double example. Whether in the Neitherworld or the world of the living, Lydia Deetz is his best friend. At best, the rest of his acquaintances tolerate him; he's even voted the "Most Hated Guy in the Neitherworld" in one episode. Among the living, his Gender Flip human disguise of Betty Juice is disliked by every single one of Lydia's other friends, who put up with "her" for Lydia's sake.
  • Beverly Hills Teens: Alpha Bitch Bianca. How she's friends with anyone is a total mystery. To a lesser extent, Pierce.
  • The Boondocks:
    • Uncle Ruckus, whom everybody (especially Robert) inexplicably tolerates despite being a massive Boomerang Bigot.
    • Tom Dubois to a lesser extent, as his needy and straitlaced tendencies make the Freemans reluctant to deal with him. Even his wife frequently gets annoyed with him.
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  • DuckTales (1987) has Webbigail (Webby), Mrs. Beakley's granddaughter and Scrooge's pet. Huey, Dewey and Louie, being the prepubescent boys they are, are often annoyed at having to hang out with a girl. They really do care about her, however.
  • DuckTales (2017) has two cases of a variation in which the despised individual is hated by their families, rather than their friends:
    • In The Beagle Birthday Massacre, the Beagle Boy clique known as the Tumblebums are Monster Clown-themed and so creepy that the rest of their family wants nothing to do with them; their own mother is heard audibly shuddering in disgust when she welcomes them to her birthday, and their brothers keep speculating that they're adopted, because they don't want to believe they're really related.
    • Word of God asserts that one of the few things that unite the estranged Donald and Scrooge is their mutual disgust for Gladstone Gander, on account of how he shamelessly revels in his ability to coast through life on luck alone. After the events of ''The House of the Lucky Gander', this stems to Huey, Dewey and Louie as well, having learned just how selfish, shallow and self-absorbed their "cool" uncle really is.
    • To a much lesser degree, both Huey and Dewey have quipped that Louie is this, as he's often greedy, lazy and, in Huey's words, "bad at most things."
  • Family Guy:
    • Meg is sometimes treated as this by the family, depending on the episode.
    • Peter, as his friendships with Joe and Quagmire have been surely diminishing since Cleveland's departure.
  • Final Space: KVN was meant to serve as a Robot Buddy to help keep Garry sane on his five year sentence alone on the Galaxy One, but due to his obnoxious personality, he if anything, had the opposite effect. On top of Gary openly hating him from the moment they met to nearly five years later when the story begins, the other members of the Galaxy One crew (with the exception of one time where he actually managed to save them) are at best indifferent towards him, but are just as often annoyed by him. At one point, the ship's A.I., HUE even admits he thinks KVN's a jag-off to Garry.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • Bloo. Mac (his creator) genuinely likes him; at best the others tolerate him due to Proximity and Supervision. Admittedly, he was more likable and the others enjoyed being with him during the early days before Flanderization occurred.
    • A more extreme example would be Duchess, who is a friend through Proximity (she lives in Foster's).
    • The biggest example has to be Cheese, who none of the cast (with the exception of Goo) can stand, and yet somehow keeps spending time with them anyway.
  • Futurama:
    • Zoidberg, Trope Namer for My Friends... and Zoidberg. He's a friend through Proximity (he works for Planet Express) and all his co-workers are quite verbal in their dislike of him. "A Tip of the Zoidberg" reveals that the Professor genuinely cares for him, which is why he keeps his job despite being a totally incompetent doctor (to humans).
    • Bender is a subversion. Despite being a notorious Jerkass and the Token Evil Teammate, most of his friends seem to like him, all while knowing how evil and rude he is.
  • Green Eggs and Ham: Downplayed with Sam. He's a popular customer at his local diner and makes friends easily with everyone he meets, but his overly-chipper (and occasionally annoying) attitude make it difficult for anyone to want to spend time with him by choice.
  • Hey Arnold!:
    • Helga is this because she's a bully. Only Phoebe and Arnold truly like her (and there are times that even Arnold can't stand to be around her). Everyone else tolerates her out of fear (because she'll beat their ass if they piss her off) and/or proximity (she's a classmate and lives in the neighborhood). Audience Popularity also helps.
    • Harold was this in the early seasons. The episode "Harold's Kitty" establishes that nobody really likes Harold due to his bullying ways. He ends up taking care of a lost kitten who happens to belong to an old lady he makes fun of. After showing this Hidden Heart of Gold, he develops genuine friendships with the other kids, but since they still show some annoyance towards Harold in later episodes, this status never goes away entirely.
    • Among the adults, there's Oskar Kokoshka, one of the residents of Arnold's boarding house. He is a lazy, selfish bum who mooches off his wife and everyone else. If Arnold of all people thinks he's a "huge loser", you know Oskar's a pretty rotten human being.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: In the series version, none of the teen teachers of the Dragon Academy particularly like Snotlout Jorgenson, thanks to him being a dim-witted, bullying, arrogant, brash, hotheaded, smug pest.
  • Jem: Jetta, to the Misfits. She's constantly lying, is almost always on Roxy's bad side, picks on Stormer, and generally is the Token Evil Teammate in a band predominantly made of jerkass Vitriolic Best Buds.
  • John Callahan's Quads! has Blazer who is almost universally disliked and mistrusted by the rest of the group. They'll mistreat him but will never outright betray him out of fear of what the surprisingly capable head on a skateboard is capable of.
    Griz: Double-cross Blazer?! Not on your life! He'd have me arse!
    Lefty: I barely want Blazer as a friend. I definitely don't want him as an enemy!
  • Josie and the Pussycats: Alexandra does nothing to help out the gang and deliberately tries to sabotage anything they do when she gets the chance. She's a Proximity example, and a Necessity example to a lesser extent; Alexander is the wealthy manager of the title band, and Alexandra is tolerated basically because she's Alexander's sister and the band members' classmate.
  • Justice League: In the episode "Flash and Substance", it's evident that the other Flash villains reluctantly tolerate Trickster's presence and have absolutely no respect for him. They seem to associate with him out of Pity; while all the other villains chose their particular jobs, the Trickster is only evil because he's insane and no longer taking his medication.
  • Kaeloo: The main four's annoying neighbor, Pretty. Everyone hates her, barring her sister and Kaeloo to some extent.note .
  • King of the Hill:
    • It's been noted on more than one occasion that Hank's friends generally only associate with Peggy because she's Hank's wife: Dale's made it clear several times that he can't stand her. Bill is about the only one who likes Peggy and this is only because he's openly infatuated with her.
    • Bill is considered (at best) a nuisance by everyone he knows. Between his disgusting habits, pathetic neediness, frequent Acquired Situational Narcissism, tendency to butt into people's lives, and Stalker with a Crush tendencies to the whole Hill family (especially Peggy), the whole cast openly hates him. The main reasons everyone still associates with him is seniority (they've known him since high school. Bill was The Ace when he was younger, and genuinely liked by everyone) proximity (he's a neighbor), supervision (he is incredibly incompetent and has attempted suicide multiple times) and of course pity. Like with Peggy, Dale is the most openly contemptuous of Bill and it comes to a head in one episode where Bill and Dale get into an argument over an empty beer can Dale left on Bill's lawn and refused to pick up. The fight ends with Bill admitting that he hadn't liked Dale for years and the only reason he hung out with him was because of Hank and Boomhauer. However, considering how the two embraced at the end of the episode, it's highly unlikely that Bill meant it.
      Dale: Then how come last week, you said you were my best friend?
      Bill: I pretended you were Hank when I said it!
    • Dale is often like this as well; he's an unstable paranoid maniac with a very loose grasp of reality. In spite of this, the group tend to hang out with him due to a mixture of Seniority (also a schoolmate), Proximity (he lives in their neighborhood), Supervision (Dale is a nutjob with guns but is really only a threat to himself) and Necessity (Dale's lifestyle has given him a very weird collection of skills which the rest of the cast occasionally find useful).
    • Kahn and Mihn Souphanousinphone are also examples, since they openly insult their "redneck" neighbors and behave as though they are superior to everyone else. Despite this, however, Kahn has admitted more than once that he considers Hank to be his best friend and Minh not only became friends with Dale in one episode due to their mutual love of shooting, but has admitted that for better or worse, the Rainey Street residents begrudgingly accept them and refuses to move away because of it. The friendships thrive on Proximity (since they're neighbors, the others try to get along with them the best they can), Necessity (Kahn is shown to be highly skilled in many areas and the guys have exploited this from time to time) and Pity (Kahn's Manic Depression, exclusion from the Laotian community for being "too white" and poor family life make it easy for the others to feel sorry for him).
    • Cotton Hill. Just about everyone in Arlen hates and/or fears him, even his own son. Dale and Bill seem to have a modicum of respect for Cotton (the former probably due to his firearm frenzy, the latter for his service in WWII), but even they are scared shitless of the man. Bobby is the only character that Cotton has a halfway decent relationship with, but even then, he's a horrible role model for Bobby.
  • The Legend of Korra:
  • The Looney Tunes Show: Daffy Duck is portrayed as a penniless, lazy, narcissistic leech with no stable source of income and mooching off his more sensible roommate Bugs Bunny. Foghorn Leghorn, Granny and Gossamer are the only ones who genuinely like Daffy and accept his antics without complaint. Porky Pig's strained friendship with Daffy is due to guilt and pity because Porky used to bully Daffy in high school and he likely feels at least somewhat responsible for how Daffy turned out. Even Tina Russo, Daffy's girlfriend, only dates him out of pity, believing that she can change him for the better. Everyone else just tolerates him because of Bugs. Even Bugs isn't sure why he's friends with Daffy, but he does genuinely care about him.
  • Metalocalypse: William Murderface. Despite being the unlikable sociopath and butt of the joke in the band, Murderface's presence in the group is necessary, as Nathan said that their music sounds too good and too positive, and that's it's missing "something fat and stupid and negativity". Additionally, Nathan mentions later on that he would risk his life to save Murderface in Doomstar Requiem.
  • Mike Tyson Mysteries: Pigeon. Mike is the only member of the team who likes him.
  • Rocket Power: Josh Grody, one-shot character from "All About Sam", temporary becomes this to the Rocket gang. He annoys the gang with his lame attempts at slang, his sucking up to Otto, and his picking on Sam, while justifying it by saying he was just messing with him. When Josh tries to replace Sam at a game and it becomes clear how little he thinks of Sam, Otto, Reggie, and Twister make it clear to Josh that the only reason they hang around him is because of Sam and unfriend him.
  • Scary Godmother: Harry the Werewolf is obnoxious, annoying, selfish, lazy, rarely stops talking, rarely stops eating, and is basically a general nuisance to everyone else.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Moe is this to his loyal customers, the closest thing he has to actual friends. Sometimes it becomes a plot point in later episodes ("My Fare Lady", "Singin' in the Lane"). Lampshaded in "Pygmoelian".
      Moe: Okay, I get it. I ain't pleasant to look at.
      Lenny: Or listen to.
      Carl: Or be with.
    • Homer himself, Depending on the Writer. Probably a plot point in "Homer the Great" when he complains about people who don't like him and the "No Homers Club". Sometimes, for the sake of the plot, he's shunned by his drinking buddies for little to no reason ("Fear of Flying", "Don't Fear the Roofer") which will be forgotten in the next episode. Also played with, while his "friends" have no problem hanging out with him most of the time, if Homer is in trouble, they would turn against him at the drop of a hat, like in "Homer Badman".
    • Chief Wiggum's wife Sarah is rarely seen with any of the town's other wives, who pretty much dislike her for some reason. Heck, even Marge of all people can't stand her.
  • The Smurfs: Brainy Smurf is hugely unpopular amongst the other Smurfs, due to being an arrogant Know-Nothing Know-It-All, and as a running gag he gets tossed out of the village at least Once an Episode. The only Smurf who actually admires Brainy and enjoys his company is Clumsy, but all the others can't stand him most of the time.
  • Sonic Sat AM: Antoine, sometimes. While the other Freedom Fighters don't exactly hate him (Sonic might, but that's debatable), he does tend to annoy them at times due to his cowardly and arrogant nature. The fact that he rarely contributes to the team and often screw up doesn't help.
  • South Park:
    • Eric Cartman, due to Proximity, Seniority, and occasionally Supervision (at least on Kyle's part). Not only do his three closest "friends" insult him behind his back and actively question why they still hang out with him, but as stated in "Breast Cancer Show Ever", the entire fourth grade class hates him almost as much as Stan, Kyle and Kenny do. Even Butters occasionally lets it slip that he doesn't truly like Cartman very much, being friendly to him presumably out of goodwill and fear. The boys are often divided on whatever keeps Cartman a part of their group; Kenny personally explains that he pities Cartman as an unfeeling, horrible person and so allows him to stay because he knows he'll have no other friends otherwise, while Stan and Kyle seem to have no idea. Lampshaded in "Scott Tenorman Must Die":
      Kyle: We just wanna warn you: Eric Cartman, the fourth grader, is goin' to try and trick you somehow into getting your wiener bitten off by a pony who lives at Denkins' ranch.
      Scott: How do you know?
      Kyle: 'Cause we're his friends.
      Scott: Then why are you telling me?
      Kyle: 'Cause we hate him.
    • Stan's diagnosis of cynicism causes him to become this in "You're Getting Old."
    • Craig claims that the whole group are seen like that by the rest of the 4th graders. Technically, they're still friends, but their Weirdness Magnet antics are getting old in the eyes of the others.
    • Butters, to an extent (or just Depending on the Writer), though in this case it's because he's an overly-cheerful loser. This is especially evident while he was "the new Kenny" and the others constantly abused him. Tweek suffered from this for a while after replacing him. In both cases, however, the other boys end up admitting some preference to them over Cartman.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jar-Jar Binks. Even the people who like him are aware he's a clumsy idiot who is probably going to mess things up. And then there's the Clone Captain assigned as Jar-Jar's bodyguard who finds him completely obnoxious but also useful in a fight, mistakenly believing that Jar-Jar is doing it on purpose. Some fans consider this portrayal as a step up for him compared to the films, as the characters now actually acknowledge that he's a pain to deal with.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Chopper. Despite being oddly lazy for a droid, his skills are very useful. But since he's an asshole (also very unusual for a droid) who's actually sometimes put their lives in danger with his pranks, nobody actually likes him and Hera has to prevent the rest of the crew from dismantling him.
  • Steven Universe: Peridot is this right after her Mook–Face Turn; between her massive ego, constant histrionics, Hair-Trigger Temper, and total lack of tact, it's unsurprising that Steven is the only one who can really get along with her at first. It takes until partway into season three for the Crystal Gems to start actually liking her rather than merely tolerating her existence, and even then, Steven and Amethyst are the only ones who hang out with her regularly. It's pretty telling that the other two Sixth Rangers — Lapis and Bismuth — both have an easier time settling into the team than Peridot did, despite arguably having done far more to alienate the Crystal Gems prior to joining.
  • Robin from Teen Titans Go!. The other Titans are generally annoyed by him for his insecure Control Freak tendencies and seem to allow him to be leader out of pity. Raven even admits that he's her least favorite friend in "Thanksgiving," and in "Robin Backwards," they freely admit that they find nothing likable about him.
  • Summer Camp Island: Betsy Spellman is this amongst the counselors. Since Betsy is the nicest, she is the one who stops Susie and Alice from overdoing it, much to Susie's displeasure. Downplayed, as Alice does not seem to care when she stops her from overseeing it and despite Susie's dislike of Betsy's stopping her from going too far, she still cares for Betsy.
Susie: You know, sometimes I really hate you, Betsy...
  • Thomas the Tank Engine: Even in a group as close as they are, the Steam Team have these types of engines. Gordon, James, and Henry are the most prominent examples due to their collective narcissism and Jerkass behavior. Thomas was also this in the early episodes, being a cheeky Bratty Half-Pint who wanted attention; while Character Development kicked in, that didn't stop him from falling into his old ways time and time again, to a degree.
  • Total Drama
    • Even in Island, when Courtney is at her most civil, she doesn't get along with most of the other contestants due to her bossy nature and selfish attitude. When she protests that her elimination was unfair because Harold rigged the votes, the other eliminated campers give her No Sympathy.
    Eva: Didn't see it. Don't care.
    Lindsay: You just would have been kicked off in another episode. No one liked you that much.
    Noah: You're here! You lost! Get over it!
    • Downplayed. Due to how Harold rarely respected, and how he's always boring or annoying people by telling them facts they don't want to hear, he can come off as this sometimes. However, when he pulls through and wins a game, Harold's teammates do respect and appreciate him.
      • People generally seem to like him so long as he's not spouting off irrelevant knowledge, as he's fairly polite and at least tries in challenges.
  • Transformers:
    • Transformers Generation One:
      • The Dinobots for the Autobots in general, since they’re perpetually violent Blood Knights who only just barely respect the authority of their superiors. They truly believe in the Autobot cause, they just have their own way of doing things and don’t especially care what others think about it. They’re mainly kept around because they’re incredibly powerful and, despite rarely getting along with other teams, steadfastly loyal.
      • Mirage, Jetfire, and Drift are all generally viewed with distrust and unease by the other Autobots. The latter two used to be Decepticons before defecting, and few are willing to let them live it down. The former has always been an Autobot, but his dislike of violence and not-so-secret wish for the two factions to make peace has led to others suspecting him of being a Decepticon sympathizer.
      • You’d be hard-pressed to find a Decepticon that likes Starscream; rightfully seen as The Neidermeyer, his backstabbing and general Jerkass personality means he has few consistent allies, and those he does have are mainly in it for their own gain. His competence as Air Commander is the main reason he’s kept around, and even that only gets him so far.
    • Beast Wars:
      • None of the Maximals really get along with Depth Charge, due to him being a brooding, antisocial Jerkass who cares more about his personal mission than fighting Megatron. It doesn’t help that he’s also the Sixth Ranger, meaning he disrupted the dynamic they had settled into. Optimus is the only one who’s significantly affected by his death.
      • Tarantulas is this for Megatron’s crew, due to being a scheming backstabber who regularly tries to manipulate the others, as well as his sadistic tendencies being seen as creepy even by Predacon standards. There’s also the tiny detail of him being The Mole for the Predacon Secret Police. The only member of the team that seems to get along with him to any degree is Quickstrike, but that’s only because Quickstrike is too dumb to realize when Tarantulas is manipulating him.
    • Transformers Armada: Thrust for the Decepticons, since he’s a rude, backstabbing coward who ends up trying to side with Unicron. Blurr is this for the Autobots at the start, due to being stand-offish and having (self-admitted) trouble working with others. None of them outright hate him, but Side Swipe and Hot Shot are the only ones who consistently get along with him.
  • Young Justice: Nabu, the real Doctor Fate, who needs a host for him to inhabit. Nobody really likes him because he's no longer willing to release his hosts; even if they're dead, their souls are trapped in the helmet until he gets a new host. Captain Marvel flat out argues for Fate's expulsion from the Justice League at one point, since despite his tactical usefulness, Fate is essentially performing a Demonic Possession on one of their old teammates. Interestingly, Nabu admits that he's mostly hanging out with the League for his own Supervision—his host doesn't trust him, and Nabu apparently feels compelled to prove his trustworthiness.

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