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Battle of the Familyland

You like cartoons, don't you? Don't be ashamed... it's okay. We like 'em here, too. We especially liked seeing these things happen.

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Hanna-Barbera Cartoons

  • Ben Ravencroft, played by Tim Curry, revealing that he had been playing the heroes for saps for the entirety of "Scooby Doo and The Witch's Ghost," and then proceeding to summon the Big Bad using real magic. The animation as he casts the spell...just... wow.
  • The climax of most Super Secret Secret Squirrel episodes is basically Secret doing something awesome to outsmart the villain, but Secret beating One Ton, a villainous panda who Secret can't harm, since pandas are endangered and harming them is illegal, was the best. Instead of hurting him, Secret just sits on his head, not doing anything, nonchalantly jumping out of the way every time One Ton takes a swing, causing him to beat himself up instead. One Ton finally decides to smash him with a car, which, of course, just ends with One Ton knocked out and Secret arresting him... for illegally endangering a panda.
    • Also, tricking Hot Rodney. Also doubles as a Funny Moment.

Other Nicktoons

  • The Mighty B!: O Say Can Bess See. Bessie gets rewarded for being the top regional seller of taffy with a strange abstract art. She tries her best to relax in order to see what's in it and goes through a cool sequence of self-discovery to see what the picture was, but her dog Happy reveals it to be, well, a bee.


  • In My Little Pony And Friends, the serial "The Return of Tambelon" involves the Ponies staving off the approach of a city from another dimension — and this was a completely nonviolent adventure show for girls. If stopping an extradimensional invasion without any violence at all isn't awesome, nothing is.
    • By these standards, the Flutter Ponies' defeat of the Big Bad in the episode "Bright Lights" is truly made of Girl Power Awesome:
      We are the Flutter Ponies!
      Now you've met your match!
      Faster than a lightning bolt,
      we're impossible to catch!
  • After Korgoth from Korgoth of Barbaria effortlessly disposes of a group of mooks he is threatened by a Giant Mook. When the big guy goes on for too long, Korgoth responds by ripping off all the skin on the front of his body, (mid-threat, no less) then reaches onto the bar, tosses a batch of alcohol into the open wound, then sets the guy on fire. Scene here.
  • The American Street Fighter cartoon had a few, one comes when Bison is fighting both Cammy and Chun-Li. Cammy attacks, screaming all the injustices Bison has done to her, and he just knocks her away with "Business is business!" Then Chun-Li attacks as well, yelling "You Killed My Father", to which Bison responds:
    "Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women anyway?! I killed my father too and you don't see me whining about it!"
  • Billy and Mandy spinoff special Underfist had many of these for the central characters.
    • Irwin: Unleashing his monster powers and being able to hold his own against Hoss.
    • Hoss: Hoss was a living, breathing Moment of Awesome throughout the entire special.
    • Jeff & Fred: Their "I don't want to grow up" musical number.
    • Mindy: Her witch poition recipe musical number.
    • Bun Bun: Revealing that he was behind every major problem that befell everyone.
    • Skarr: His plan against Bun Bun, which results in Bun Bun's demise.
  • Roger, from American Dad!, after revealing that forcing himself to be nice is slowly poisoning him due to his weird alien biology. The whole family wants him to live, and urges him to be a jerk again. He asks for Steve to perform one of his dance moves for him (he'd spent the entire episode bragging about being a great backup dancer) and tore into him: " If your goal was to inspire a feeling of despair the likes of which hasn't been felt since Whoopi hosted the Oscars, then BRAVO. I can see millions rising up, demanding legislation that would force your legs amputated, incinerated and buried next to Hitler. In short, YOU SUCK."
    • Also, when he accidentally inhaled a lethal (to a human) amount of cocaine and had a shootout with five gangsters (which he would have won if the cocaine had not worn off)
      • Also a crowning moment for Steve: Lavate los manos!
    • Hayley has one in Meter Maid when she gets back at Roger for painting a nude picture of her, let Steve borrow it and not telling him it was his sister, and auctioning it.
      Hayley: You know what Roger? This is all your fault. I'm going kick your ass!
      Roger: Think you got a shot porn star? Bring it! (Hayley punches him in the gut) I wasn't ready. (Falls to the floor in a fetal position, wrapping his arms around his stomach) That how Houdini died.
    • Also Stan's plan to save Roger from an autopsy in "Office Spaceman".
    Roger: He switched the gas. Son of a bitch "Superman II'd" me!
  • In the first Max Fleischer Superman cartoon short, a mad scientist is wreaking terror on Metropolis with his death ray. The Man of Steel acts as a human (well, Kryptonian) shield against the ray's beam, pushing it it back toward its source. When he gains the upper hand against the beam's force, the scientist jacks up the power level, and the ray pummels Supes with blasts of energy, knocking him about noticeably, and eventually slamming him back to the ground (remember, this is the less powered Superman of 1940). But just when it looks like he might be down for the count, Supes gathers up all his strength, and starts punching the beam back up to its source, his punches landing in time with the triumphant strains of Sammy Timberg's theme music.
    • Referenced in Justice League. Along with the iconic changing sequence.
    • For a hilarious re-edit/dub, check this out, still shows how awesome, if impossible that scene was:
    • Another Moment of Awesome for Supes comes in his other Fleischer short "the Bulleteers". Some gangsters with a rocket car are destroying various buildings, and the car has sprouted wings and is heading toward the Treasury when Supes literally punches the car out of the way and sends it flying out of control.
  • In War Planets (aka Shadow Raiders), the heroes are fighting the Beast Planet as it about to fire one of its weapons and destroy one of the Allied worlds while Tekla is refusing to participate while she investigates some strange findings inside one of the planets. At the climax, the heroes are failing, the weapon is about to fire, but Tekla finds out a major secret as the Beast's weapon is fired; each of the planet is designed with it's own propulsion and navigational control system. When Tekla realizes what the planet can do, she orders an evasive maneuver and the heroes in space are stunned to see a whole planet suddenly dodge the Beast's shot! They also realize only Tekla could have brought this miracle about and now they have more options fighting the Beast than they ever imagined possible.
  • In the short-lived request-a-cartoon-series, JBVO, Johnny Bravo actually does a recap of an ENTIRE episode of Dragon Ball Z in fast-forward.
  • G.I. Joe Resolute. Yeah, it's G.I. Joe, bet you didn't expect that. Except Warren Ellis got his hands all over it and you know what happens then. So far it's all awesome after awesome, but especially the scenes with Snake Eyes. After everything else he did during Part 2, the end when Snake Eyes flicks the blood from his blade is pure awesome.
  • In the 2007 TMNT film: Leonardo vs. Raphael. The two franchise-long rivals, finally getting into a real fight where they get to bawl each other out - first with words, then with weapons. And even though the plot demanded a particular winner, both combatants made a good show of it.
    • It's possible that this scene blew the budget on Awesome for the whole film, which could be why that quality only shows up in a couple other scenes, in lesser amounts.
  • Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return: Nick, The Short Guy with Glasses, gets a Moment of Awesome in the first episode already, which may be one of the reasons why he's such a popular character. As Lavor is boasting in front of his own men about his plan to conquer Gorm and the Earth thanks to the Sulphur Stone, and showing off a captured Toby for good measure... Nick leaps up to the Sulphur Stone with a little help from Jessica and proceeds to single-handedly absorb it. For the record, the Sulphur Stone was at least twice as big as Nick in his Lord of Earth self is... and the resulting display is such that Lavor and his minions are sent running away in panic! And when all is finally over, Nick also adds a touch of funny by 'tagging' his brother! Watch the scene in its entirety here.
    • Jessica gets a good one in Episode 9. As Nick is busy trying to save Toby from the Volcano Gormiti (Toby seems to have a habit for getting captured, huh?), and the Sea Gormiti are trying to hold off Magmion's minions, Jessica is forced to fight Drakkon, Magmion's massive pet dragon, in a pitched battle above Mount Volcano... a battle which she handily wins through a combination of superior speed, quick thinking and the right dose of Super Strength! Click here to view it.
  • The Secret Saturdays When Fiskerton saves Zack's life by beating some webbing out of one of Argost's henchmen to stop a train, and is dragged off by Argost afterwards.
  • Wallace & Gromit. The Wrong Trousers. The titular heroes are locked into a deadly train chase with the evil penguin thief Feathers McGraw. The aforementioned dastard switches tracks, leaving our heroes destined for a painful crash. However, at the last possible second, Gromit notices a nearby box of "spare track". He grabs it and begins laying track in front of the speeding train, guiding it to safety, his paws a blur.
    • At the beginning of the scene, Wallace, normally The Load, ends up stuck in his Tencho-Trousers standing on the caboose in the parallel track. As he rolls by Feathers, he snatches the pengiun's gun out of his flipper with a "I'll take THAT, if you don't mind!"
    • The moment after Feathers has pulled off the heist, and locked Wallace in the wardrobe. He turns around, and there's Gromit, with a rolling pin in hand, looking very cross. Of course, the next moment has Feathers pulling a gun, but still...awesome.
    • Wallace gets another one in A Close Shave by regimenting a bunch of usually mindless sheep both to break out Gromit and later form human (or sheep) pyramid while balancing on a motorbike escape.
    Wallace: Get yourselves organized down there!
  • Beethoven urinating on the bully guard dog Killer in Beethoven: The Animated Series.
  • What about the episode of Cyberchase where the Cybersquad gets tricked into going to Tick Tockia because they think Hacker's sent Slider through the portal to the realm in question? Slider manages to pull out a screwdriver and get the floor to fall out from under him without Hacker noticing and then attempts to stop the giant clock to save his friends. Granted he failed at the last bit but it is still AWESOME!
  • Camp Lazlo has many, mostly involving Clam.
    • Edward standing up to his four nasty older brothers in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'
  • Carter from Craig of the Creek managed to create a castle (and a Mini-Mecha) out of cardboard, complete with functional plumbing! His secret? Lots and lots of duct tape.


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