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You like cartoons, don't you? Don't be ashamed... it's okay. We like 'em here, too. We especially liked seeing awesome stuff happen in these cartoons.

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Other Nicktoons
  • The Mighty B!: O Say Can Bess See. Bessie gets rewarded for being the top regional seller of taffy with a strange abstract art. She tries her best to relax in order to see what's in it and goes through a cool sequence of self-discovery to see what the picture was, but her dog Happy reveals it to be, well, a bee.


  • After Korgoth from Korgoth of Barbaria effortlessly disposes of a group of mooks he is threatened by a Giant Mook. When the big guy goes on for too long, Korgoth responds by ripping off all the skin on the front of his body, (mid-threat, no less) then reaches onto the bar, tosses a batch of alcohol into the open wound, then sets the guy on fire. Scene here.
  • Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return: Nick, The Short Guy with Glasses, gets a Moment of Awesome in the first episode already, which may be one of the reasons why he's such a popular character. As Lavor is boasting in front of his own men about his plan to conquer Gorm and the Earth thanks to the Sulphur Stone, and showing off a captured Toby for good measure... Nick leaps up to the Sulphur Stone with a little help from Jessica and proceeds to single-handedly absorb it. For the record, the Sulphur Stone was at least twice as big as Nick in his Lord of Earth self is... and the resulting display is such that Lavor and his minions are sent running away in panic! And when all is finally over, Nick also adds a touch of funny by 'tagging' his brother! Watch the scene in its entirety here.
    • Jessica gets a good one in Episode 9. As Nick is busy trying to save Toby from the Volcano Gormiti (Toby seems to have a habit for getting captured, huh?), and the Sea Gormiti are trying to hold off Magmion's minions, Jessica is forced to fight Drakkon, Magmion's massive pet dragon, in a pitched battle above Mount Volcano... a battle which she handily wins through a combination of superior speed, quick thinking and the right dose of Super Strength! Click here to view it.
  • Beethoven urinating on the bully guard dog Killer in Beethoven: The Animated Series.
  • Camp Lazlo has many, mostly involving Clam.
    • Edward standing up to his four nasty older brothers in 'O Brother Where Art Thou?'