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Awesome / Monster House

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"We gon' light it up, like it's Dynamite!
  • Mr. Nebbercracker manages to escape the hospital, outrun (and stand up to) a demonically possessed house. All while in his sixties at least.
    Mr. Nebbercracker: You stay away from those kids, Constance!
    • The fact he even tries to talk down to Constance makes it even better. Granted it doesn't work, but it's a try.
  • Chowder and the excavator.
    • Bear in mind that Chowder is clearly the most frightened of the house of all the kids.
    Chowder: Get your grubby braches off the old man! AHHHH!
  • DJ delivering the final blow to Constance near the end of them film thanks to the dynamite.
    • Bonus points for him swinging on that crane, plus the big damn explosion at the end of the battle.

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