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Awesome / The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

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Scared Silly

  • Ronald being able to get past all of Franklin's tests is awesome in its own right. This especially applies to when he's able to answer the riddle, prompting Franklin to have a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Franklin is actually a pretty awesome antagonist since he's created an entire test in his father's mansion and able to get ahead of the gang for most of the events.

The Legend of Grimace Island

  • Ronald manages to transform a ship in a bottle into a fully-sized, seaworthy vessel.
  • Ronald saves the gang from a giant squid by tying its mouth shut with one throw of a rope.
  • Grimace manages to prove himself in "Legend of Grimace Island", when, following a failed attempt at stopping them, he courageously manages to force One-Eyed Sally and Blather into surrendering the treasure and leaving. By using a feather and the threat of Tickle Torture, which One-Eyed Sally had previously used on him, no less.


The Visitors from Outer Space

  • Ronald saving Grimace by hitching a ride on a comet.
  • Hamburglar is able to outsmart the gang about three times in a row. It is rather impressive for the bumbling Anti-Hero.

Birthday World

  • Ronald and the gang manage to thwart Professor Pinchworm's plan for world domination, even when they have been turned into toddlers.

Have Time, Will Travel

  • As Ronald pointed out near the end of the video, the McDonaldland gang were all able to go on the different adventures they wanted to in the same day thanks to Dr. Quizzical's time machine.
  • The gang being able to outsmart a T-Rex and a group of Western civilians when they end up getting stuck in the past.


The Monster O'McDonaldland Loch

  • Simon the Monster battling the robotic monster Stiles and Pip created.