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Heartwarming / The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

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Scared Silly

  • Ronald is able to successfully answer the final riddle in "Scared Silly" after figuring out the answer by Grimace's prompting, so he wouldn't leave Grimace all alone.
  • Before that, a reluctant Hamburglar is chosen to answer a riddle, but Birdie is permitted to help. And so, Birdie goes to take his hand in her wing and sweetly reassures him, "Come on, Hamburglar, we've gotten this far together". It's an especially nice moment given how often they bickered before this scene.
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  • When the truth of why the events of the video happened comes out, Tika timidly admits that she tricked Ronald into coming camping so he could beat Franklin and asks if he still wants to be her friend. His response? "Do you still want to go camping?", to which she enthusiastically says yes.
  • At the end of the video, Ronald and Sundae are watching a sequel to the dinosaur movie that they were watching at the beginning. Ronald expresses concern that Sundae will get nightmares, but Sundae assures Ronald that he has no reason to be afraid as long as he's around.


The Legend of Grimace Island

  • The entire McDonaldland gang make it clear to Grimace that they like him even if he is a coward and are certain he is capable of being brave.
  • When the McNugget trio go back to the others and asking if they can hang out with them even though they were playing henchmen for One-Eyed Sally in her submarine, Ronald just says 'sure', showing he knows they didn't mean any harm at all. Shows the level of trust they have for each other in McDonaldland.


The Visitors from Outer Space

  • Ronald defending Hamburglar and convincing the rest of the McDonaldland gang to rescue him after he gets abducted by Org and his parents.
  • When Org's parents ride on Ronald's rocket, Sundae makes a remark about the rocket having excess weight because of the million-pound aliens riding on it. Org snaps that his parents are the appropriate weight for people their size. It's small, but it's kind of touching that a mischievous prankster like Org would take offense to someone indirectly saying that his parents are fat.
  • While they are understandably upset about Hamburglar pranking them, the gang realize quickly how much they'll miss their friend when he gets kidnapped by aliens so they go after them.
  • Nobody gives Hamburglar any crap for stealing hamburgers, because, as Ronald points out, it's right there in his name and he just can't help it.

Birthday World

  • Hamburglar is initially concerned that Ronald is mad at him for being deceived by Professor Pinchworm, but Ronald assures him that he isn't mad and likes his gift because it allowed everyone to spend time together.

Have Time, Will Travel

  • The McDonaldland gang bonding with their prehistoric counterparts, complete with singing a musical number about how they aren't that different from each other.
  • When Birdie is captured by some knights, Ronald summons some horses that he and the rest of the McDonaldland gang can ride to her rescue. Grimace, however, has a horse too small to carry his weight. When Grimace realizes this, he decides to let the horse ride him instead.
    • During the trip to the 1970s, we see the gang run into Mayor McCheese (an original member of the McDonaldland gang who was retired from the ads in the mid 80s due to the infamous Krofft Brothers lawsuit). Ronald is simply overjoyed to see him again!

The Monster O'McDonaldland Loch

  • The titular monster, whose name is Simon, doesn't want the people to know he exists because he is worried that they will harm him. Birdie tells him that they might actually like him, and she turns out to be right.
  • Ronald encouraging Birdie with her secret-keeping in the beginning. Later, after he saves her in the fake monster's rampage, he convinces her to get Simon's help, telling her that he knows what has been going on. When Birdie asked why he didn't tell her sooner, his answer:
    Ronald: I know how to keep a secret too.
  • Before the gang say their goodbyes, Grimace is given a sweater by the sheep that mistook him for their mother.