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Funny / The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

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Scared Silly

  • In the beginning, Ronald and Sundae are watching a scary movie about dinosaurs. In the movie, a man and woman are trying to hide from the dinosaurs. Then this exchange occurs:
    Woman: "If you hadn't sat on that dinosaur egg...!"
    Man: "I did it for science!"
  • When Grimace explains why he's too afraid to watch television, he says it's because there are always movies about vampires, monsters, and baby ducks. The icing is Ronald mouthing "baby ducks" while showing a face that pretty much screams "You need serious help, Grimace".
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  • During the hike, Tika informs Ronald that she's pretty sure they're heading off-trail, to which he responds that for a first-time camper, she sure knows her way around. She proceeds to stop and snark "I do know one thing. You're off the trail.", at which point Ronald realizes he's walked off the trail onto thin air and steps back with a sheepish chuckle.
  • Sundae chases a squirrel only to be snarled at by a larger anthropomorphic squirrel in camouflage pants.
    • He sounds almost traumatized when he says, "You're right it's just a squirrel. A very...nice squirrel."
  • The McNuggets come over to Grimace and offer to be "extra buddies" to get a free ride, complete with complaining that there's no ice for a soda when everyone complains about the hike being tiring and urging Grimace to run faster in the moment below.
  • When the Hamburglar uses a bear call and states that he hopes it works, a bear appears behind him and says "Oh, it works, alright!"
    • Adding to that is when Hamburglar runs out immediately after, shrieking "BEAR!", Grimace breathes a sigh of relief that it's not the Phantom...then the entire gang realizes what was said and runs off with a panic.
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  • Sundae is more concerned that the maze riddle only mentions hands than that he doesn't know the answer.
  • When Franklin is revealed to be behind everything, he's ranting about how Ronald cheated. Tika rebuttals "You're just mad that somebody beat you." and he snaps back "They haven't beaten me yet! And anyway you never even made it past the second level." Tika shuts up but is most decidedly annoyed with him, especially since she doesn't appear to want to admit that between that incident and her not only wrong and overly complicated but also bizarre answer to one of Franklin's riddles, he has a point.
    • When Franklin gets caught out, Ronald challenges him to say 2 words. Franklin asks what they are and Sundae quips "Nice hairdo?"
  • Ronald's car is alive, and unhappy with the amount of passengers he has to carry. Sundae is rather dismayed by the car's attitude, even hoping Ronald merely leased the car.


The Legend of Grimace Island

  • The video begins with Ronald getting a call from Grimace.
    Grimace: Guess what I've got!
    Ronald: A new shower cap?
    Grimace: No.
    Ronald: A sock puppet?
    Grimace: No!
    Sundae: A baby duck?
  • When Grimace tells the rest of the McDonaldland gang about how most of the treasure of Grimace Island was stolen by people who were mean to the Grimaces, everyone agrees that the worst part of the incident was that the people who stole the treasure didn't say "Thank you".
  • This exchange.
    Grimace: (panicky, covers his eyes) I can't look! I can't look!
  • The McNugget kids annoying One-Eyed Sally by incessantly singing "We're a bunch of pirates, we're a bunch of pirates!"
  • Blathers realizes he forgot to pack the torpedoes when asked to fire them, so One-Eyed Sally fires him out of the torpedo tube instead.
  • One-Eyed Sally's secret weapon is a cannon that fires fish.
  • When Blather tells One-Eyed Sally what he thinks...
    One-Eyed Sally: Don't think, Blather! You're not good at it!
  • It turns out that One-Eyed Sally still has both her eyes and that Blather has both his legs even though they both have an eyepatch and a peg leg respectively.

The Visitors from Outer Space

  • When Ronald activates his alien alarm
    Ronald: Do you think they can hear it?
    Sundae: People in space can hear it!
  • When we see the other residents of McDonaldland hear Ronald's alien alarm, we see Grimace getting a haircut, Birdie taking karate lessons, and the McNuggets at an audition. In spite of how swiftly Grimace, Birdie, and the McNuggets abruptly leave, the barber, the karate teacher, and the director just smile and wave as they leave.
  • When Hamburglar pranks the McDonaldland gang by lying about seeing aliens, the gang repeatedly sing a song to welcome the aliens. By the third time Hamburglar lies to them about where the aliens are, they are so exhausted that they give up and toss their instruments in the air. The McNuggets panic and run out of the way when they realize they are about to get crushed by some of the instruments.
  • Org pranks Ronald and his friends by putting dessert toppings on top of his rocket, most of which he gives an alien name for the dessert topping used. When Hamburglar asks what Org calls the third topping he's blasting onto the rocket, Org simply replies with "Sprinkles. What else?"
  • After saving Grimace from being ejected into space, the asteroid the two land on gets used as a baseball by some gigantic aliens. They end up getting eaten by a two-headed alien, which then spits them out through the other head. Ronald quips "Good thing it had a head on both ends!"
  • Hamburglar is eventually made to apologize for all that's transpired.
    Hamburglar: I fibbed!
    McNuggets: We know.
    Hamburglar: I stole burgers!
    McNuggets: We know!
    Hamburglar: I painted Sundae's tail!
    Sundae:(looks at his tail and notices it painted black with white spots) Huh?
    Ronald: Didn't know that..

Birthday World

  • Annoyed by them calling him a madman, Pinchworm shows off the giant ray he built to turn the world's populace into babies, and then asks the gang (turned into toddlers) if a madman would make such a thing. While the others are in complete awe, Ronald, unimpressed, simply shrugs and answers, "Yeah, probably."
  • After the McDonaldland gang make it to the center of the garden maze Ronald summoned so they could hide from Professor Pinchworm, Sundae complains about being surrounded by bushes, then he grins and says that he'll be back in a minute.
  • Professor Pinchworm throwing a tantrum after he's turned into a toddler.

Have Time, Will Travel

  • In this video's opening live-action segment, Ronald is seen dangling from an outstretched hand from a giant clock. We pan out to reveal that he isn't even that far from the ground!
  • On two occasions, a bug gets offended by someone saying "bug" in a negative light. The first is when Franklin remarks that his dad's time machine still has some bugs to work out, the second being when Birdie complains about the dungeon she ends up in during medieval times.
  • After King Murray sends the McDonaldland gang to the dungeon, Ronald gets freaked out by everyone talking like they're in a play by William Shakespeare.
  • The fact that they reunite with an old favorite of McDonald's commercials, Mayor a disco.

The Monster O'McDonaldland Loch

  • In the beginning of the video, Birdie accidentally reveals that Hamburglar sleeps with a teddy bear. The McNuggets waste no time in making fun of him for it.